Hidden Machines

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Chopping Vegetables

"Dawn, we don't have any more soy sauce. I'm off to buy some, but could you chop up those vegetables on the cutting board for me?"

Johanna slipped her feet into her shoes as her daughter replied with an affirmative, "Yes!" Johanna grimaced, knowing that she wanted to get the vegetables cut, but did not want Dawn to have the task. Then again, Lucas was visiting as well. He would be able to keep her house safe.

"Don't cut yourself," warned Johanna as she stepped out.

"I won't."

Dawn slowly flopped into the kitchen and paled at the sight of a veritable avalanche of vegetables. Yes, the huge mountain loomed overhead, the stack of two carrots and an onion.

"I'll never finish in time!" she bawled.

Lucas, who followed her, rolled his eyes and reached for the knife.

But Dawn then thought of an idea. And when Dawn thought of an idea, it usually meant nothing good.

"Wait, you won't need to do anything! It's my job, so, Paras, I choose you!"

The small, mushroom crab thing popped out of its Poké Ball in a flash of silver light onto the counter.

"Use Cut on those vegetables!"

Paras blinked several times.

"Uh, Dawn, I don't think that's a good idea," Lucas said anxiously. "Just let me cut the vegetables."

"No, you don't need to," Dawn said, flapping a hand at him. "It's fine. Come on, Paras, it's just like chopping down a tree! Just chop like you normally would until the vegetables are diced, please? I'll do something nice for you later!"

Paras quivered, but nodded. Dawn leaped for joy and left Paras to itself, dragging Lucas with her to play some absurd game. Paras turned to the onion (which was almost bigger than it was) and apologized to the vegetable. Considering the fact that the Pokémon was already basically a vegetable, it was understandable. The Mushroom Pokémon jumped to the task.

Johanna returned ten minutes later.

"Did you cut the vegetables?"


Lucas gulped as Johanna looked to him for confirmation. He shook his head imperceptibly, but Johanna understood.

Johanna grimaced and entered the kitchen.

Even Lucas's warning did not prepare her for the sight in front of her.


Paras sat on the table, tired from its exertion, unnoticed as Johanna mourned the sight of her destroyed kitchen.


Well, thought Paras wryly (Lucas privately thinking the same thing), at least Dawn was the one getting blamed.


"Explain this," seethed Johanna gesturing to the remains of the cutting board, sink, stove, oven, and vegetables. Lucas attempted to shrink into the shadows of the cabinets.

"Well… I guess Paras actually used the strength he normally uses to chop down the trees to chop the vegetables… And it was too much…"

"I tried to tell her that," Lucas interjected quietly.

"Yes, well, it's understandable that you couldn't control her, Lucas. I don't blame you in the slightest."

The professor's assistant felt somewhat relieved.


"At least the vegetables got chopped?"

Lucas smacked his head on the cabinet.