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(Chapter 11)

Julia has been home three days when Daisy came in from the Boar's Nest and found pulling a chair over to the kitchen sink and a pile of towels on the table.

"Julia…what are you doing honey?" Daisy asked her.

"Well, since I can't shower or take a bath right now, I figure I could wash my hair in the sink. I can't take no more of that waterless shampoo stuff from the hospital." Julia said.

"I don't think the chair is high enough." Daisy said.

"I know, I just don't know what else to do." Julia frowned.

"Why don't me and you go into town to the beauty parlor and get a wash and set? That way they can wash your hair and they have the equipment." Daisy said, knowing Julia was very independent and stubborn.

"That is a terrific idea. I would love to get my hair done. Just let me get dressed and bandage down my breasts." Julia said.

"Do what?"

"I figure, since I can't wear a bra right now and I refuse to go into town without one….I can just bandage down the girls when I bandage my ribs." Julia chuckled. "Thank goodness I ain't built like Dolly Parton."

"Do you need any help?" Daisy laughed.

"No, a lot of the soreness is leaving so I am able to do a little more. Give me 15 minutes and we can go." Julia said and made her way to her bedroom.

Daisy went to the phone. "Mabel, this is Daisy, could you get me the Duke farm?" Daisy waited a few minutes and then she heard Luke come on the line. "Luke…have you talked to Cooter? How is Lonely Blue Boy coming?"

"He said he should have him ready by this afternoon. We were all gonna surprise her around supper time. Even Uncle Jesse is excited." Luke said.

"That is great. Julia and me are headed into town to the beauty parlor. Shouldn't be more than a couple hours." Daisy said.

"We'll be over for supper as usual. Uncle Jesse is making some barbeque ribs. He knows how much Julia likes them." Luke said.

"Sounds good. We'll see you then." Julia said.

Daisy hung up the phone and waited for Julia to finish getting ready. Blossom hopped up on her lap, demanding attention. Daisy rubbed the kitty's head. Julia finally emerged from her room, walking carefully on her crutches. She had put on a summer dress, Daisy assumed because it was easier than fussing with pants and her cast.

"You know Daisy, I think I am gonna get a manicure while I am there. Might as well go all out." Julia chuckled.

"I think I will too. It can be like a girl's afternoon." Daisy chuckled.

When the girls walked out of the house, Julia locked the house and they both climbed in Daisy's car.

"Maybe when I get this cast off, I can get a pedicure. I fear for what my leg will look like when this comes off." Julia said.

"I have heard your skin will be dry and scaly." Daisy said, pulling out onto the highway.

"What are the boys into today?" Julia asked.

"After chores, they were going to the old airstrip and practice some for the county fair race. They are the odds on favorite to win." Daisy said.

"I can't wait to see those boys race." Julia smiled.

Daisy drove them into town to the beauty parlor and parked outside. She helped Julia out of the car and they walked inside. It wasn't too crowded.

"Hi Julia, Daisy, what brings you two out today?" Lulu asked, she was sitting under a dryer.

"We're here to get a wash and set and a manicure." Daisy smiled. "How are you today Miss Lulu?"

"Oh just fine. How you coming along Julia?" Lulu asked.

"Pretty good, glad to be at home. And Daisy has been staying with me in case I need anything." Julia said.

"You seem to be doing much better. I am so glad you are doing well." Lulu smiled.

"Thank you." Julia sat down in a chair as Daisy took her crutches and one of the beauticians wrapped a cape around her.

"How did a sweet lady like Miss Lulu ever wind up with a polecat like Boss Hogg?" Daisy whispered, making both girls giggle.

Julia relaxed as the beautician set about washing and styling her hair. She watched as Daisy got her hair washed and styled as well. A few other ladies came in and out of the shop.

"Sweetie, you ever thought of shaping your eyebrows?" the beautician asked Julia.

"Why? What's wrong with them?" she asked.

"Nothing….but they have a nice natural arch that you could really bring out." She smiled.

"What do you think Daisy?" Julia asked.

"Yeah, would look nice. Really frame those baby blues." Daisy smiled.

Julia smiled. "Well since I am here, we'll just get my eyebrows shaped."

"Getting this much done, you would think we had hot dates." Daisy laughed.


Bo and Luke were at Julia's farm when Julia and Daisy arrived back at her home. Luke was brushing Cannonball and Bo was mucking out the stall. Daisy helped Julia out of the car.

"Well, look at you two. You two look pretty enough to be going out on a double date." Luke walked up to them.

"I get the redhead, you take Daisy." Bo joined them.

"Why do you get Julia?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, why do you get Julia?" Julia giggled.

"Looks like you girls had a fun day at the beauty parlor." Bo said.

"You should stop in sometime; they might be able to help you out." Julia winked at Bo.

"Real funny." Bo rolled his eyes.

"Uncle Jesse should have dinner just about ready, we should head in. He somehow managed to get Elvis to let him in the house." Luke said.

"I think he is familiar enough with all of you that he doesn't attack." Julia said.

"No, but he sure stands and watches for us to make a mistake." Bo shook his head.

The four of them walked into the house and found Jesse in the kitchen taking cornbread out of the oven.

"Well, there are my girls." Jesse smiled. "Don't you two look awful pretty."

"Thanks Uncle Jesse. Anything I can do to help?" Daisy asked as Julia eased herself into a kitchen chair.

"No, we're just waiting on….something special and then we can eat." Jesse said.

"Really? What you making special?" Julia asked.

"Oh not me…..Cooter is bringing something special." Jesse said.

"Cooter? I hope its iced tea. I don't trust his cooking." Julia giggled.

"I hope you don't mind Cooter joining us for dinner." Jesse said.

"Not at all. I enjoy all the company." Julia said.

"We better get washed up if dinner will be ready soon." Luke said as he and Bo walked into the bathroom.

Julia sat quietly watching Daisy and Jesse move around the kitchen. She saw Elvis standing guard at the door, watching outside. When he started to bark, she knew that Cooter must be there.

"Elvis, it is okay. It is just Cooter." She told him and he quieted down but kept growling. "That ain't like him. Elvis, what is the matter with you?"

Elvis kept growling and began pawing at the door trying to get out. Bo and Luke came out of the bathroom and eyed Elvis, not wanting to upset him further.

"Baby, it's just Cooter. What is the matter with you?" Julia carefully got up and hobbled over to the door, petting Elvis, but he refused to stop growling. "I dunno what is wrong with him? He usually calms down when I tell him."

"Maybe you should lock him in the bathroom." Luke said.

"Good idea. Elvis…bathroom!" she ordered but he refused to move.

"He is in some kind of protective mode. I ain't seen him like this since last Halloween when some kids were soaping the windows." Julia frowned.

Finally Elvis seemed to calm a bit but wouldn't leave the door.

"We better go see what is keeping Cooter. Come on, Julia." Luke said.

Everyone walked outside ahead of Julia and she fought to keep Elvis in the house. Finally she got the door shut and turned to see Cooter standing beside her Trans Am which looked as if it had never been in an accident. He had just taken it off his tow truck.

"Surprise! I fixed him good as new for ya." Cooter smiled.

Julia stood speechless then slowly made her way off the porch and down to her car. She ran her hand along the door, unable to tell there had ever been any damage.

"But…I don't understand." Julia finally got out.

"Well I couldn't let a pretty car like this sit around all beat up. So I worked on it at the garage and the boys helped me when they could. He's good as new….no charge." Cooter smiled.

"Thank you Cooter." Julia gushed and leaped into his arms, dropping her crutches.

"Whoa….easy, you're cutting off my breathing." Cooter chuckled. "I was glad to do it."

Julia finally pulled back and wiped her eyes. Everyone could see she was crying.

"Sweetie, you don't have to cry." Bo said.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know how I was ever gonna afford to get my car fixed and…to have someone do it for free…." She wiped her eyes.

"Well, we did it because we love you. You're like family." Jesse said.

"I know that, it's why I am crying. I been so used to being on my own…I guess I am just

overwhelmed." Julia said. "I love it Cooter. Thank you so much."

"I was glad to it. Besides, that hug could be the best payment I ever got." He smiled.

"Well, dinner is waiting." Jesse said. "Let's get to it."

"You might need these." Bo smiled and handed her the crutches.

"Yeah….and now I know why Elvis was growling and carrying on. He thought Cooter was bothering my car." Julia smiled.

They made their way back into the house and Julia got Elvis calmed down enough to let Cooter in. Everyone gathered around the table as Jesse and Daisy served dinner to everyone. They joined hands as Jesse said the blessing and then began to eat.

"I just can't get over you fixing my car. I should name my firstborn after you, what is your real name?" Julia asked.

"Wild horses couldn't get that out of me." Cooter chuckled. "Besides, Kyle Petty may want to name his baby something else."

"Well I am sure if I explained to him what you did for me, he would understand." Julia giggled.

"I still ain't telling my name." Cooter said.

"Come to think of it…I have never heard you called your Christian name." Luke said.

"And it is going to stay that way." Cooter said.

"How was practicing for the race?" Jesse asked the boys.

"General is running great. Now if we can keep Boss Hogg off our backs, there is no way we can lose that race." Bo smiled.

"Gonna drive like Petty, huh?" Julia winked.

"No, more like Waltrip. He is gonna win the Winston Cup this season." Bo said.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that. The season isn't over yet." Julia said. "Don't get all cocky just because Cale Yarborough won the Coca-Cola 500. Although Earnhardt had a nasty crash and got injured. He drives too aggressive. Waltrip and Petty both have commented on it."

"Yeah and the Talladega 500 is coming up next." Cooter said.

"It's not even August yet and the season ends in November, plenty of time for Petty to get out in front in points." Julia said.

"I'm telling ya, Waltrip has been in the points lead most of the season." Bo chuckled.

"And I am telling ya, it ain't over until November. And when it is, my future father-in-law is gonna have his seventh Winston Cup." Julia smiled.

"I still can't believe you know this much about stock car racing and some man hasn't married you." Luke chuckled.

"You proposing again?" Julia chuckled.

"If you're so sure that Petty is gonna win the Winston Cup again this year, care to place a bet on it?" Bo smirked.

"We don't gamble." Jesse said.

"Not for money….say for a date?" Bo said.

"You that hard up for a date now?" Luke chuckled.

"Funny Luke." Bo rolled his eyes.

"A date with you? That's not a bet, that's punishment." Julia giggled.

"Sounds to me like you're not so confident in Petty." Bo raised an eyebrow.

"What's the bet?" Julia asked.

"Well, the NASCAR season ends in November and we'll know for sure who the Winston Cup champion is. And every year the Hazzard Grange Hall puts on a big Christmas dance. So IF Petty should win….." Bo started.

"He will." Julia said.

"Then me or Luke will take you to the Christmas dance. Pay your way in and be your escort for the evening." Bo said.

"How did I get involved in this?" Luke asked.

"Well I might have a girlfriend by then. Besides, you could use a cute date for a change." Bo said.

"What if I have a girlfriend by then?" Luke asked.

"What if you both have girlfriends by then?" Cooter asked.

"No chance of that Cooter, I don't think Hazzard has two women that are completely insane." Daisy chuckled.

"I'll remember that the next time your car needs work." Bo said.

"And IF Petty isn't the champion this year?" Julia interjected.

"WHEN Petty isn't the champion this year… have to go with Reserve Deputy Cletus Hogg." Bo smiled.

"Cletus? That clumsy cousin of Hughie's we went to school with?" Julia asked.

"The one and only. He is still around Hazzard, is called up as a deputy when needed." Bo smiled.

"How do I know Cletus would even agree to go with me?" Julia asked.

"Shoot, someone as pretty as you ask Cletus to the Christmas dance, once he was revived from fainting he'd agree to go so fast your head would spin." Cooter chuckled.

"And dance all over her feet all night." Daisy laughed.

"So is it a bet?" Bo asked.

"I haven't seen Cletus in years…" Julia started.

"Somebody sounds chicken to me." Bo said.

"You're on. And when Petty wins, I want a corsage when you pick me up for the dance." Julia said.

"What if I am the one taking you?" Luke asked.

"Well…you heard me, I want a corsage." She chuckled.

"I dunno who is more crazy. Bo for coming up with this harebrained idea or Julia for going along with it." Jesse said.

"Oh I ain't worried Uncle Jesse. Especially since Waltrip lost five positions in the Coca-Cola 500 when he pitted under yellow and the race was never restarted. Ending up costing him 19 points." Julia smiled.

"I guess as long as no one gets hurt. But Julia, if you go with Cletus, be careful that you don't lead him on." Jesse said.

"I will Uncle Jesse." Julia said. "By the way, Uncle Jesse this barbeque is fabulous. Can I have the recipe?"

"It's a family secret." Jesse said.

"But….Luke has proposed to me twice…sorta. Does that count?" Julia giggled.

Jesse sighed. "You kids…..finish up dinner. We still got chores here and at home to do."

"Yes sir." They all said, able to tell Jesse enjoyed their antics more than he would let on.