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(Chapter 12)

Julia sat in the front seat of the General Lee as Bo drove her towards Doctor Petticord's office so she could get her stitches removed. She had been home from the hospital ten days and was healing nicely. Luke had stayed at the farm to help Uncle Jesse fix a section of fence that had been damaged when a tree fell on it and to clear away the fallen tree. Daisy had to work the afternoon shift at the Boar's Nest, so Bo had volunteered to drive Julia to the doctor's office.

"I bet you are excited to get those stitches out." Bo smiled as he drove.

"Yes, they have been itching like crazy. Uncle Jesse says that is a sign everything is healing. Of course I still can't shower or take a bath with this cast on my leg." Julia frowned.

"Well I ain't smelled you yet." Bo chuckled.

"Very funny. I can still wash up." Julia rolled her eyes.

"You should be getting your cast off in another few weeks." Bo said.

"If I don't go crazy from boredom. I am not the type to sit still very long." Julia said.

"Gotta get that leg all healed and ready for dancing with Cletus. Waltrip won the Talladega 500." Bo smirked.

"It ain't over yet. Petty is still second in points and I ain't giving up until the checkered flag falls in November." Julia said.

Bo chuckled. "You got spunk, I'll give you that."

"I hope Rosco doesn't start any of his shenanigans. I wouldn't want to get my stitches ripped when I am this close to getting them out." Julia said.

"Rosco has actually left us alone lately. I think your accident really shook him up. Sometimes I think Rosco would be a half decent guy without Boss Hogg around." Bo said.

"Miss Lulu has called several times to check on me. She is such a sweet lady to be married to such a skunk." Julia said.

Bo pulled up in front of Doc Petticord's and hopped out of the General Lee. He ran to the passenger side and pulled Julia's crutches out of the backseat and leaned them against the car. He then helped Julia ease herself out of the window.

"Easy, watch my ribs they are still sore." Julia said as Bo wrapped his arms around her, lifting her out of the car.

"I gotcha." He smiled and set her on the ground, handing her the crutches. "I'll wait here for you."

"I shouldn't be long." Julia said and made her way into Doc Petticord's office.

Thirty minutes later, Julia made her way back out of Doc Petticord's office. She smiled as she made her way down the sidewalk.

"Everything go okay?" Bo asked.

"Great, he got my stitches out with minimal discomfort. I still need to keep the area bandaged but it is healing great. But I am still gonna have a scar." Julia frowned.

"Sugar, I wouldn't worry about that. Everyone has scars. Besides, doctor said it wouldn't be that big and would lighten over time." Bo said.

"Bo…..if you were…with a girl and saw a scar like that…would it…turn you off?" Julia asked.

"Julia…any guy worth your time is not going to care about something so superficial. People have to have surgery and a good guy is going to understand that." Bo rubbed her shoulder.

"I guess I am being a bit silly and vain, aren't I?" Julia gave a small smile. "Thanks Bo, guess it takes a friend to point out when you're overreacting."

"Anytime. Besides, Kyle Petty is so goofy looking; he should thank his stars that you wanna marry him." Bo winked.

"He is…why you…." Julia busted out laughing.

"Besides, a guy see that pretty smile, he wouldn't care if you were covered in warts." Bo winked.

Julia chuckled. "Thank you…for everything. You and your family have been just wonderful through this whole thing."

"No problem. We're surprised you let us help as much as you did. You always did wanna do for yourself, even if it wasn't a good idea. What do you say we go have lunch at the Boar's Nest? We can see Daisy, get you out of the house a bit and have some lunch." Bo said. "My treat."

"Sounds like fun." Julia smiled.

Bo took her crutches and put them in the backseat. He gently picked her up and helped her into the window of the General Lee.

"You could just unseal these doors." Julia giggled as she settled in the seat.

"And miss helping pretty girls in and out of the General Lee?" Bo chuckled as he climbed through the window.

"You mean those girls you find at closing time?" Julia laughed.

"This from the woman who wants to marry Kyle Petty." Bo said as he started the General Lee and pulled out.

"You just wish you could drive like him and his daddy….and granddaddy." Julia smiled.

"You can tell Cletus all about it." Bo said.

"That's what you think. There are 11 races left in the season." Julia said.

"And Waltrip is in a nice lead." Bo said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Julia chuckled.

Bo drove them to the Boar's Nest, seeing the usual lunch crowd parked outside. Bo parked the General Lee. Bo climbed out of the General Lee and walked around the car to help Julia out, still careful of her injured ribs. He handed her the crutches and together they walked into the Boar's Nest.

"Hey there, Julia how did it go at the doctor?" Daisy asked.

"No more stitches. He said my ribs were doing great. Bruising is practically gone." Julia smiled.

"Oh honey that is wonderful." Daisy hugged her.

"Daisy, think you could get a few beers and sandwiches for your favorite cousin and your best friend?" Bo asked.

"Sure thing, you two just grab and table and I will bring your orders right out." Daisy smiled.

Bo helped Julia into a seat and then sat across the table from her. Julia noticed several people dancing despite it being only lunch time.

"Guess I won't be doing that for another few weeks." She sighed.

"You could always hop around on one foot." Bo smirked.

"I think that would look a bit silly in public." Julia chuckled.

"It's what you'll be doing at the Christmas dance because Cletus has two left feet." Bo chuckled.

"There is 11 races to go Beauregard." She said.

"Don't call me that." Bo said and Julia chuckled.

"I guess I always took for granted being able to dance whether it was with somebody or while cooking dinner." Julia said. "Won't do that again."

"I heard through the rumor mill you are gonna be helping out with the majorettes this year." Bo smiled.

"Rumor mill being Daisy?" Julia chuckled. "Yeah, I figure once I am back on my feet it would be fun. I guess they had tryouts last year at the end of school so the squad is set. The dance teacher that used to be majorette coach I guess moved to Atlanta."

"You gonna be wearing that little majorette skirt again?" Bo smiled.

"I don't think so." Julia said.

"Too bad, it would sure pretty up the half time show." Bo winked.

"The last thing I need is Hughie Hogg coming out of the woodwork and hounding me to go to the Tastee Freeze with him after the game like he used to. Of course, now that we're grown that lousy swine would probably propose." Julia rolled her eyes.

"Enough talk of Hughie, that is enough to make me lose my appetite." Bo laughed.

"You? You eat enough for three people. Sometimes I think you have a hollow leg." Julia smiled.

Daisy brought them each a beer and a couple sandwiches.

"Here you go, if there is anything else just let me know." Daisy smiled.

"Thanks, it looks great." Julia smiled.

"Boss wants me to work a double shift; I might be a late getting out to your place tonight." Daisy said.

"That's fine. I will be okay." Julia said.

"I'll stay with her until you can get out there. I can take care of her animals while I am there." Bo said.

"Oh you don't have to do that. I am getting around pretty good now." Julia said.

"Yeah, but you just got your stitches out today and Uncle Jesse would tan my hide if I left and then you ended up falling or getting hurt." Bo smiled.

"But I won't."

"Julia, I know you are more stubborn than Maudine, but I am staying with you. I can be stubborn too." Bo said.

"I think you are developing a mother henning streak. I always thought Luke was the protective one." Julia chuckled.

"They both are. Now you know why I have a hard time dating." Daisy chuckled and hugged Bo.

"Well Uncle Jesse always says you are the Duke family's only hope of an heir." Bo chuckled. "And Julia is the Collins family's only hope of an heir."

"Yeah, just as soon as I marry Kyle Petty." Julia chuckled. "Just think, I could be the mother of the 4th generation of racing Petty's."

Daisy laughed and hugged her, then went back to waiting on customers.

"I am so glad Daisy works here. She always helps us get the best food." Bo said.

"Yeah, it is better than some of the other stuff I see served around here." Julia agreed.

"Well, well, well…there is Julia. I am so glad to see you out and about dearie." Boss Hogg walked out of his office.

"Thank you, Boss." Julia said.

"I am so glad to see you are recovering well." Boss said with false bravado.

"You should be considering it was your antics that got her hurt." Bo snapped.

"Easy Bo, we don't need a scene. And Uncle Jesse will have a fit if you get in trouble." Julia laid her hand over his.

"Well….I am glad to see that all your time with the Dukes hasn't ruined your manners." Boss said.

Julia glared at him. "I may have manners, but I also have the Collins' temper."

Boss paused for a moment, and finally found his voice. "I have other business to attend to. Good day to you both."

They watched him walk off and Julia let go of Bo's hand.

"You're still angry." Julia said.

"So are you."

"Well, his stupidity could've gotten you or Luke hurt or even killed." She said.

"Julia….you were the one hurt." Bo said.

"Doesn't mean I can't worry about my friends." She smiled.

Bo smiled at her. "Finish your lunch before Boss raises the prices."

Julia chuckled and bit into her sandwich again.


When they arrived back at Julia's home, Bo helped her out of the General Lee and they walked into the house. Elvis was waiting at the door and she shushed him so Bo could walk in with her. Julia sat down on her couch.

"You mind if I look through your records?" Bo asked.

"Not at all, some music would be great." Julia said.

"I didn't think you would mind, you listen to more music than Willie Nelson." Bo chuckled as he looked through her record shelf.

"Music is good for you. And there is a song for just about every occasion." Julia said.

Bo smiled and pulled one of her records off the shelf. He pulled it out and put it on the record player. Julia smiled as she heard Don Williams 'Til the Rivers All Run Dry' began to play.

"I love Don Williams. He has such a mellow voice." Julia said.

Bo walked over to the couch. "Come here, I believe you wanted to dance."

"But….here?" Julia asked.

"Sure, you were worried you would look silly trying in public. No one here to laugh at you. I'll be on my best behavior. Besides, this will give you practice for dancing on one foot when Cletus steps all over your toes dancing." Bo smiled. Bo took her hands and helped her off the couch. "Here, lean against me."

Bo wrapped his arm around her waist and she leaned against him to help keep her balance. She wrapped one arm around his shoulder and he took her other hand. Slowly they began to dance, but it was mostly just swaying to the music.

"Bo, this is very sweet of you." Julia smiled.

"I know how much you love to dance." Bo smiled.

"This is nice. Being able to…sorta dance and no one staring." Julia said. "Thank you…and for lunch too. This has turned into a pretty nice day."

"Yeah…it has. And you're welcome." He smiled.

Julia smiled at him. "You know, I am starting to see what those girls see in you…at closing time that is."

"I am telling you, I have never gone home with less than a #6." Bo said.

"Duke's honor?" Julia giggled.

"That ain't fair." Bo said.

Julia giggled more. "See, I told you there is a song for every occasion."

The song changed to 'Say it Again'.

"You okay? I don't want your good leg getting tired." Bo asked.

"No, feels great to dance…even this way." She smiled.

"I am glad you're enjoying it." He said. "Truth is, so am I."

"Good, because when Petty wins his seventh championship you'll be taking me to the Christmas dance." She winked.

Bo chuckled. "We'll just see about that." He kissed her forehead. "11 more races to go."