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Dance With the Devil


Sam's locked in the mental ward and he's constantly harassed by Lucifer. He tries to seek help, but everyone thinks he's crazy, even his beloved brother. How will Sam win this battle with himself? Remastered version of 'Dance With the Devil'


Chapter One: Bad Dream or Living Nightmare

"Sam! Can you hear me?"

Noises all around him, lights flashing in his eyes. His lungs burned, his legs ached. One move of the arm and pain seared through his body. Pain. So much pain, but how? Where was he? His eyes fluttered open. He could make out blurred images of his brother and a couple of people in white coats, their faces hovering above him.

Sam opened his mouth and tried to speak, but it came out like a grunt instead. "He's speaking!" he heard his brother say. "Sammy, I know you can hear me. You're in the hospital, you've suffered significant head trauma."

Head trauma? That explained why his head hurt and why he was having trouble seeing clearly. He groaned again and closed his eyes shut. "I'm sorry Dean, but you're going to have to leave this room. He's suffered greatly, he needs time to rest and regain his strength," a female voice spoke.

Sam could hear his brother protest, but his voice soon died down. He suspected Dean was dragged out of the room. He heard the door close and heard footsteps walk to his bed. "You need to rest. I'll close the door and turn the lights off. If you need assistance, press the button in your hand and a nurse will come to you," she said.

He wanted to thank the nurse for her efforts, but he still couldn't speak. A lump had formed in his throat. She didn't speak further. He heard her retreating footsteps and closed his eyes as the door shut. Now alone, Sam was left with time to think. How had he ended up here? Peace didn't last long.

"Sammy." He opened his eyes at the mention of his name. At his bed side, he saw a man with blond hair and blue eyes gazing down at him, a look of sympathy on his face. "It's good to see you again."

It couldn't be.

Fear prompted him to finally find his voice. "Lucifer."

The Devil grinned. "I'm glad you remember me Sam. I remembered you." He rolled off Sam's bed and grabbed a chair and sat down, the front of the chair facing towards Sam. Lucifer rested his arms on the chairs head and gazed down at him. "You're in a mess," he said. "That car hit you pretty good," he added, snickering.

Car? He was struck by a car? He tried to remember it, but his mind drew a blank. "I don't remember..."

Lucifer shrugged. "Unfortunately, I wasn't there when it happened three days ago, but the look on your brother's face was priceless. When you were rushed into the emergency room, your brother was there at your side screaming. I thought he was going to break down and cry at one point." He rolled his eyes. "You Winchesters are such an overemotional lot."

Sam tried to sit up on his bed, but his injuries wouldn't allow him. He was covered in bandages from head to toe. The only parts of his body uncovered were half his face and his hands. "I thought you were gone..."

"Oh, don't be like that Sam. You'll never get rid of me. I was... simply on a vacation. You found a way to stop me from invading your thoughts but it was only temporary." Lucifer lifted his hands and held them before him. Using his left hand, he poked his middle finger into the palm of his right then rubbed it. "That technique of yours won't work anymore." His hands dropped to his side.

"You're not real," Sam whispered.

Lucifer held out his arms to his side and gave Sam an indignant look. "Do I look fake to you?"

No, he looked very real. It wasn't as if he was transparent or anything. "Just leave me alone," he said. Lucifer might look real, but he was just a hallucination. Just a hallucination, he couldn't hurt him.

Lucifer propped his elbow on the head of the chair and let his chin rest on his hand. "No one is here to help you Sam."

"You're not real..."

"You keep telling yourself that," Lucifer said with a sigh. He snapped his fingers causing firecrackers to appear and explode. Sam cringed at the noise. "Did that sound real to you?" the Devil demanded. "I've got a lot more tricks right up my sleeve."

Sam knew the Devil wasn't lying. He didn't need to. "What do you want from me?"

"That's an interesting question, what do I want from you? I think I should be asking you the same question."

"I don't want anything from you!" he said through clenched teeth, trying to muster up the anger he had.

"Don't be angry Sam, it doesn't suit you." He wished he could cause the Devil to vanish, but he could barely lift his hand. Rubbing his finger into his opposite hand wouldn't help him here. There had to be another way... then he remembered the button in his right hand. His thumb grazed the surface of the button. "Go ahead, press the button. I'll be back," Lucifer said.

He did.

It didn't take long for a nurse to arrive. The door opened and the lights turned on. "What's the problem, Sam?" she asked.

Sam brought a hand to his head. "My head hurts." It was the best explanation he could come up with. He couldn't tell her Lucifer was there saying hello. The nurse opened her mouth to reply when a knife appeared in the her stomach, the tip of the silver blade poking through the other side. A river of blood gushed out of the wound and spilled onto the floor. Sam's eyes widened. Fear clouded his mind. "SOMEBODY HELP ME!" he shouted. He forced his body to sit upright, ignoring the burning pain.

His brother was the first to come to his aid. "Sam?" Dean rushed in and ran to his brother's side. "What's the problem?"

Sam pointed to the corpse on the floor. "She... she's dead!"

Dean glanced at the floor and frowned. "I don't see anything Sam, but at least you're talking again. There's no one dead here."

"Wha-what? But she's right there."

"Who is?"

"The nurse!"

Dean glanced at an empty spot next to him. "Is he hallucinating?"

Sam head another voice speak. "Hallucinations are side effects to his head injuries," she replied.

"Will he recover?"

He didn't hear a response. "They think you're crazy," Lucifer sung, appearing next to him at the end of his bed. "Maybe they're right... maybe you're losing your mind."

"Shut up..." he mumbled.

Lucifer's grin widened. "Maybe you're lack of sanity will drive your brother away!"

"Shut up..." he said again.

Lucifer lifted his hand and brought two fingers to his right temple. "It all ends when you can't take it anymore." He winked and pretended to shoot himself.

"SHUT UP!" Sam yelled. Wrong idea.

Lucifer snickered. "You're crazy."

Dean glanced down at his brother with concern. "Who are you talking to Sam?"

He wanted to tell his brother he was talking to Lucifer, but the nurse was there too. "She already thinks you're crazy Sam, she won't care if you tell her you're talking to me," Lucifer said, winking again. He jerked his head in the direction of the nurse and Dean. "Go on, tell them all about me."

Sam focused his attention on his brother. "It's him, Lucifer."

He arched his eyebrows. "Lucifer? Come on Sam, Lucifer doesn't exist."

That was unexpected. "He exists, he walked the earth remember?"

Dean glanced sideways again. "I don't know what he's talking about."

Sam felt like he had been kicked in the stomach. Dean knew Lucifer existed... he was there when Sam let Lucifer in... "He exists Dean!" he shouted, taking his brother and the nurse by surprise. "Why don't you believe me?"

Laying a hand on his brother's shoulder, Dean looked him squarely in the eyes. "Lucifer doesn't exist Sam; he's all in your head. He's just a character in the Bible, that's all." He released his grip on Sam and drew back. "You need some rest Sam."

"No wait!"

But it was too late. Dean and the nurse left the room once again leaving him alone in the dark. "You're crazy Sam," Lucifer said. "A nutcase. It's why you're here in the first place, the mental hospital for crazy people like you."

Sam ignored Lucifer. His thoughts centred on Dean's lack of knowledge. Why didn't he know about Lucifer? He knew Sam was having hallucinations of his time in hell. "I'm not crazy!"

Lucifer's presence drew closer, so close Sam could feel his breath tickle his skin. "Do you know what's real and what isn't?" he asked in a voice barely above a whisper. "This could all be a bad dream... or it could be a living nightmare." He drew back, smirking. Sam closed his eyes and tried to push his thoughts aside, but he couldn't stop the feeling of fear and doubt growing inside. What if Lucifer was right?


Different from the original version, but there will be some similarities later on as the story develops. This story is completely written unlike the original version at least. There should be an update every fortnight. Thanks for reading! Reviews much appreciated as always!