"Flight 260A to Hawaii is now boarding." Allen Walker looked up from his plane ticket to the sound system above his head. He clenched the paper in his hand. The flight was boarding its passengers. Allen was a passenger, but he wasn't anywhere near where he needed to be.

Lavi, Allen's friend, had invited him on a trip to Hawaii. His grandfather had given him, and a friend of choice, an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. Allen was lucky to have such an awesome friend with a loaded grandfather, but he was unlucky because he was lost in the large New york Airport.

Allen couldn't call Lavi because the red head's phone was off for the flight. "Ahh!" Allen ran his hands through his platinum blonde, almost white, hair. Frustrated, he stomped off looking at all the different boarding flights.

"Flight 930D to Japan is now boarding." Allen cursed at the monotone voice above him. He could care less about Japan. He wanted a way to get to Hawaii, preferably his plane. "Last call for passengers boarding Flight 260A to Hawaii."

Allen whimpered and his carry-on suddenly felt heavier. Then, suddenly, his eyes caught a sign with a beautiful coastline picture on it. The word Hawaii was labeled on it in big colorful letters. Allen sighed with relief. He didn't see Lavi anywhere in the seating area. The whole plane had already boarded. Allen dropped off his plane ticket and ran down the tunnel towards the plane.

Out in the waiting area a worker picked up the Hawaii sign and revealed that right behind it was a sign for Japan. He had set down the sign, accidentally covering the plane's true destination. Allen had gotten on the wrong plane.

Upon entering the plane, Allen was so excited he didn't notice that Lavi was no where in sight. He just happily took an empty seat next to a girl around his age. She had straight across bangs and long, dark hair. Allen said nothing to her, she seemed to be sleeping, and Allen didn't want to wake her.

That's very convenient, being able to sleep just about anywhere. Allen set his book bag, carry-on, under the seat in front of him The doors of the plane closed and the pressure inside the plane increased. Allen leaned his head back and closed his silver eyes, trying to get comfortable and sleep like the girl next to him. He soon fell into a slumber, missing all of the introduction and safety precautions for the flight.

"Thank you for choosing Air Japan." Said the stewardess.

"Hey, wake up Moyashi." Said a voice near Allen's ear. He had been sleeping for a few hours, not even a third of the way through the flight yer. "Wake up!"

Allen stirred, opening his eyes and wiping his mouth free of drool. "huh?" He looked up at the person next to him. He had fallen over in his sleep onto his neighbor. "Oh sorry!" He shot back, looking into his neighbor's eyes. They were a beautiful, dark blue color, a lot like the color of her hair.

"I have to take a leak, can you move?" Allen's eyes widened. Sure his neighbor looked like a girl, had nice pretty hair like a girl, almost everything like a girl, but the voice. The voice was deep, like dark velvet. Then Allen looked at his neighbor's chest, further confirming his suspicions. "Move?" The person asked.

"Oh! Yeah! Sorry!" Allen stood up. His neighbor was in fact, a man. Scuffling his way into the isle of the airplane, Allen moved to the side to let the very feminine man walk to the back of the plane. Allen then sat back down. Well isn't he nice... That was when Allen noticed that almost all of the people on the plane were Asian. Japanese to be exact. And to think about it, that fem guy was Japanese too.

Sitting in his seat, Allen went over his thoughts thinking about why there were so many Asian people on the flight to Hawaii. Well they do travel in large groups. Allen held his chin and sighed. He became lost in thought, only to be brought back to reality by his neighbor standing angrily in the isle.

"Oh sorry." Allen jumped from his seat, blushing with embarrassment. His neighbor growled at him in an almost animal-like manner. "Sorry." Allen said again, sitting down and going back to his thought process.

"Why do you look so confused, Moyashi?" The man next to Allen asked him. Allen looked up at him and looked like he was about to cry. "Huh, Moyashi?" The man persisted.

"I don't know what Moyashi means. Is that Japanese?" Allen feared the worst. And the worst was the truth. He was on the wrong flight and heading towards Japan. Allen freaked, grabbing his bag from the underside of the seat in front of him. He rummaged through it, looking for a very important document. "Thank god!" Allen sighed, letting all of the pent up air leave his body. "My passport!" Allen hugged the small blue passport and smile.

"Yes it is Japanese." The feminine man answered. "Now what's with the confused look and the sudden squeal of delight for having a passport?" The man was rude, tapping his foot in the small area that was allowed at his feet. "So?" He crossed his arms.

Allen saw him as the unhappy-camper-waking-up-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed type. " I thought something was wrong when I got onto this plane." He sighed. "My friend is no where to be found, and there are a lot of Japanese people in here." A;;em's silver eyes traveled the plane cabin again. He saw a few Americans, but not many.

"You're going to Japan, idiot, of course there are a lot of Japanese people." Allen was right. His neighbor was the cranky type. So Allen sighed, while rubbing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"There inlays my problem." Allen knew it would be best to find the positives. "My name's Allen, and apparently I am on the wrong flight." He held out his hand to greet his angry neighbor. "What's your name?"

"Kanda." He said quickly.

"Excuse me?"

"Kanda." He said again, this time slower. He did not reach for Allen's hand in return. He merely assumed his sitting up, sleeping position and closed his eyes.

Allen took his hand down slowly, smiling, yet annoyed at his misfortune. "Well, it's nice to meet you Kanda."

"Che. Whatever." Said kanda before falling asleep again.

A few more hours into the flight, Allen began worrying about his luggage that was now on a flight towards Hawaii, instead of his destination to Japan. This mix up was causing him a lot of trouble. Good things he had his passport with him, other wise he wouldn't be able to leave the airport in Japan and go back to the United States.

Allen placed the small blue document back into his bag. He had been clutching onto it for the past few hours that his neighbor, Kanda, had been sleeping. Allen looked past Kanda and watched the clouds toll by through the small, circular plane window. The flight to Hawaii would have been long, and the one to Japan would be even longer. Allen guessed himself just above California by now, since it had been close to six hours that he had been on the plane.

If I make a scene now on the plane, maybe I can stay in the US if we landed. Allen thought it over. He would probably get arrested. I guess I have no choice but to go to Japan. That was it. That was all Allen could do, although he was not pleased with it. He couldn't speak any Japanese, nor did he had any clothes packed with him.

Allen Walker was screwed.

Jumping out of his though process, Allen reached down into his bag and grabbed a book he had been wanting to read. He had at least ten more hours left of his flight. Maybe more, he didn't know exactly. Just as he opened his book to the first page, the grumpy Japanese man next to him stirred, opened his eyes, and began to speak.

"Hey, get up Moyashi." He commanded.


"Because I said so.

"Another bathroom break?" Allen asked.

"Yeah, what of it?" Kanda retorted, snarling.

Allen sighed, setting his book back down into his bag and pushing it underneath the seat. "You should really get that checked." Allen moved out of the way for Kanda and then sat back down when the Asian strode off to the bathroom at the back of the plane.

No more than five minutes later, Kanda was back and the process happened again. Allen got up, Kanda moved into his seat and sat down, Allen sat down, and the silence grew between the two again. "So..." Allen started. "Why are you going to Japan?" He asked Kanda, who looked back at Allen with a hard look on his face.

"I'm going home." He said shortly. Going back to closing his eyes and meditating in a zen-like matter.

"You're from Japan?" Allen thought that was amazing. "You speak perfect English!" Maybe Allen could rely on this shady character of a man later on when he was lost in Japan.

"Yes." Kanda said, looking over Allen, taking in all of of the younger's features. Allen was small for his age. He was out of college, almost twenty-six years old, and yet he was only five foot seven. Kanda was six foot, making Allen a lot shorter than himself. Allen had platinum blonde hair, and silver-gray eyes. His skin was pale and he was lean. Kanda closed his eyes and turned away, but Allen continued talking.

"Do you think you could help me when we land? I need to get to Hawaii from Japan." Allen asked, hoping that Kanda would be helpful and nice.

"No." All of Allen's hopes were crushed. Kanda snorted out. He didn't want to deal with American tourists, even if Allen wasn't going to Japan on purpose.

"Oh." Allen said slowly, sitting back in his seat, totally shot down. Allen didn't know why, but he liked this Kanda person. Kanda may had looked like a woman at first, but now that Allen looked at him, Kanda was definitely a guy. He had a strong chin and even stronger, deep, smoldering eyes.

When Kanda looked back at Allen, catching his gaze, Allen blushed. He didn't know why he got all hot suddenly. He just went back to reading his book, sneaking glances at the beautiful man, next to him, every once in a while.

I wonder why he is so mean and grumpy? Allen asked himself. He wasn't going to finish his book anytime soon. He was so preoccupied with his angry neighbor that he couldn't concentrate on anything else.

The stewardess of the place came rolling down the plan isle with her cart filed with drinks and snacks. "Anything for you sir?" She asked Allen. Allen shook his head, not wanting anything. She then proceeded to ask Kanda, who looked pale to Allen. He shook his head quickly, not wanting anything either. When he rolled away, Kanda nudged Allen's shoulder once more.

"Hey, get up Moyashi." He said, urging.

"Again?" Allen rolled his eyes, sighing, and standing up for his neighbor. This time, Kanda bolted out into the isle and ran for the bathroom. Allen smirked, now knowing his new friend's weakness and why he had to get up every ten minutes.

Kanda was plane sick.