A/C: After several requests and a few rapid plot bunnies, I've decided to write a sequel to The Pocket Watch, ( s/7636598/1/The_Pocket_Watch ) a Wholock fic that's rather important to read for confusion sake, before you go onto this. Although in this fanfic several additions makes this a Superwholock Pressure crossover (Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Supernatural, and Cabin Pressure, with the possibility of some original Holmes in one chapter), but I will make sure it's explains enough so it's possible to read this while just being a wholock fan, so don't worry if you're just here for the Pocket Watch sequel. There will be plenty of ships (too many to name and pinpoint at this point) that include cannon, slash, and fem!slash, along with many crossover ships! Point of views will vary for the story's sake, but mainly it will be John Watson from after The Pocket Watch.

Torchwood, Lestrade, Mycroft, the Twelfth Doctor, and the Ponds come from after Pocket Watch. BBC Sherlock, Eleventh Doctor, characters not seen in Pocket Watch come from after Sherlock returns from his 3 year wait. Eleventh Doctor and Molly Hooper come from reality where they're companions after the Ponds die. Nineth Doctor and Rose come from after Father's day. Ten and Donna come from after Turn Left. Supernatural characters come after Hello, Cruel world. Cabin Pressure comes after third season. And I'll explain River's point in time when that chapter comes around.

Story description: The game's never over for Jim Moriarty, even after learning that Sherlock was just a disguise for the Doctor he took his plans up to a whole new lever. After years and years of research, the psychopathy finally managed to crack the God Code. With his new power, he splinters all of reality. Now as the Doctors, companions, and crossover characters are clomped together, they struggle to put reality back into one piece.

Warning: Lots of character deaths.

Update regularly: A chapter every weekend.

Rated T: For character deaths, romance, and awesomeness

This chapters pov: Torchwood!John Watson from the Pocket Watch

It was brilliant, the lot of it—completely different from my life at 221b, but another whole battle field. Complete with weevils, fish-headed men, and a ton of people pouring in and out of the crack in time. According to everyone else at Torchwood, it usually wasn't this active. Even some friends of Jack, Martha and Mickey had been called in. But that was fine with me.

"I need everyone at the hub now!" Jack called to us through the com unit that was sitting next to us on the table.

I sighed into my coffee mug, unwilling to leave the cozy cafe where Ianto and I went to every morning before heading over to Torchwood.

"Well, I guess we should get back," Ianto murmured, grabbing his coat from the back of his seat.

"Yeah," I smiled, gathered my own stuff. "Another day at Torchwood." We walked across the street and into the hub. Even before we entered the roll away door, we could feel the height emanating from the hub

"It's gonna blow!" Jack howled, fidgeting with some machinery attached to the side of the center cylinder. "I can't stop it!"

Ianto and I hurried over to help him. But I had no idea what to do. The cylinder was glowing, cracks beginning to form in the glass that had stayed unaffected through the week from all the other errors of the rift.

"Jack, we need to get out of here!" Gwen cried out, her eyes glued to the computer screen even as she grabbed the coat. "I've never seen the rift this active... It's splintering! Across the whole planet!" Suddenly the cracks split the casing protecting the rift, light blinding the room. A series of bangs that sounded oddly like light bulbs breaking filled the hub. The world shook beneath my feet. Crashing to the ground, I braced my head as I smashed up against a desk. Something fell on my stomach, but not heavy enough to keep me down.

I sat up hastily, my head aching. What the heck...? The dust cleared, the light disappearing suddenly. The hub was a complete disaster. The desks and equipment was turned over and thrown about, the papers burnt, and we all lay scattered about.

"Is everyone alright?" I called out, managing to stand and rush over to Ianto who was closest.

"Fine," Ianto coughed, standing up. "Jack?"

"Present!" Jack called out from behind a turned over desk, his head popping up above it.

"We're alright!" Martha nodded, standing and offering Mickey a hand.

Everyone panted for a moment of silence. But that wasn't right... that wasn't everyone.

"Gwen?" Ianto asked into the silence.

No response.

"Gwen?" I echoed, pretending that would help. We searched through the hub in silence, because we knew how to act as a team, and were trying to pretend that she wasn't closest to the explosion when it happened-that there wasn't an all too reasonable explanation for her lack of answer.

"Oh god," I murmured as I found Gwen. Her body was hidden under a pile of computers, her body singed. I couldn't find her pulse.

"Is she...?" Jack asked apprehensively.

I shook my head, silent tears running down my face. I hadn't known her for long, but she had been so kind, welcoming. A great person and a remarkable friend.

"Gwen..." Jack bit his lip, tears rolling down his cheek as well. Again, no one uttered a word as we silently mourned her. Finally Jack stood up rigidly, his face stoney. "John, we need the doctor here. Time and space just literally splintered. I don't think that's even fixable."

Hastily I nodded. He had kidded before about calling the Doctor up for tea, or an outbreak of weevils-but Jack couldn't be more series right now. The number was so hauntingly familiar. I couldn't think about my life with Sherlock... couldn't think about the brilliant, amazing man who had just been a disguise the entire time. An imaginary cover who had lived, fought his own battles, solved his own cases, and-according to the Doctor he turned into-loved me. But no, I couldn't think about that, because that life didn't exist anymore-this is what I had.

"Hello?" the Doctor answered, god, even his voice was the same, I had somehow forgot that part. The TARDIS made a whooshing noise behind him, and I could make out Amy's voice chatting on about something. As much as I missed him, wanted my old life back desperately, I never regretted not going off with the Doctor. Too many memories just out of reach.

"Doctor!" I greeted, my voice slightly husky from the crying. "It's John. All of time and space has just splintered, could really use your help down here."

"Really?" his voice buzzed with the energy of a new case, a new adventure. "Wow, we'll be right there!"

"He's coming," I told the others hollowly, my voice faltering slightly as I hung up.

"The universe is cracked," Jack broke in, his hard glare still in place. "We need to bury her properly while there's still time."

I hauled her into my arms, her seared face already looking pale in the dim light. Ianto carried out a pile of shovels. An odd parade of five, we walked up, and outside. It was still so normal outside, the sun shining, the people walking outside-No, that wasn't quite right, there was people certainly, but they kept blinking out a block or so away, like lights in the center of a storm. If time really was splintered, they could have been transported any time, any place. But I couldn't concentrate on that.

Setting her body down gently, I grabbed a shovel from Ianto and joined the rest digging a hole to bury her in.

"You traveled with the Doctor then?" Martha asked, obviously trying to find something, anything to talk about other then Gwen or our task ahead.

"Not quite. He hid away as someone else through a-" I started.

"Pocket watch?" she guessed, her eyes sparkling with memory. "He used one of those while I was traveling with him. But, if you knew him while he was using that device, why did he leave you his number? Last time the Doctor did that, he fell in love with a woman and didn't give her a second glance after returning to himself."

"Really?" I murmured, shrugging. "I guess I dunno why he kept in touch with me then." I wiped the beads of sweat off my forehead as we dug the hole deep enough between the five of us. "I think this looks deep enough." Some nods followed my remark and we hoisted each other out of the hole.

"The regular phone service is down," Jack murmured, as we lowered her body down. "I tried to call Rhys..." An awkward silence followed his words. That's right, Gwen was the only one who had a life out of Torchwood, the only one with a husband, with future kids. Still without a word we covered her up with dirt, the shovels heavy in our hands.

"Gwen, was a brilliant, kind, person. The best friend, colleague, and reminded us what is meant to be human. She will always be missed, and we'd never have been able to get on without her," Ianto said hoarsely, silent tears pouring down his face. Even as he spoke the TARDIS's brakes could be heard from a block away. Our time was almost up. Time... it seemed rather irrelevant while it was splintered.

"Thank you, Gwen," Jack whispered into the ground, his head hung. This time no one rushed to the TARDIS's noise, and we were all still standing solemnly when he arrived.

"Hello everyone!" the Doctor started all too cheerfully, rather breathlessly. "Oh."

"Doctor," Jack breathed, wrapping his arms around our old friend. "You came."

"Of course I came! I always come. Nasty piece of work we have, though, entire time splintered? Martha! Mickey! One big party, eh?" the Doctor walked over, giving the two a hug. "Oh, another new face, that must be discerning. How have you been managing?"

"Great!" Mickey smiled, as Martha showed off a ring on her finger.

"Oh, you're engaged! Congratulations!" the Doctor sputtered. "That's fantastic! John, there you are!" He wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug.

"Doctor it's so great to see you again," I murmured. "Thanks for coming."

"Any time! How's Torchwood?" He asked, pulling out of the hug.

"Great! Nothing like with Sherlock, but..." I shrugged, and smiled at Jack, who was still staring at Gwen's grave mournfully. "How have you been? The leg holding up?

"That? It's fine, so am I," the Doctor smiled, that brilliant smile that only I could have brought forth while he was still Sherlock. But he wasn't, I had to stop thinking that. "There you are Amy, Rory. This is a big crowd, isn't it?"

"Hello," Amy greeted cheerfully, as Rory waved beside her. "Ah yes, a big group of people."

"Jack, is there any reason why time splintered, any at all?" the Doctor asked, his smile suddenly vanishing as he got down to buisness.

"Nothing. The Rift's been acting up more lately, but no reason for it to," Jack shook his head.

"Nothing? There had to be something, time doesn't just shrivel up and die... I fixed the TARDIS ages ago," the Doctor stopped suddenly, a sigh escaping his lips. "We need to go to someplace more secure, any place."

"Doctor, what's wrong?" Amy questioned, her gaze shifting from the group around us to the Doctor.

"All of time is splintered, do you have any idea how colossal that is? We've traveled so much, through so many years, and so many places, that any one of those timestreams could be pulled loose and we could collide. This seems to be the very heart of the explosion, there for the most likely place to get pulled to," the Doctor explained rapidly, everyone falling silently to listen. They all knew the Doctor, knew the insanely clever man who would save us if anyone could. "The last thing we need right now is a duplicate of anyone." Not a moment after the words left his mouth then we could make out the whooshing noise of a TARDIS landing. The Doctor reached up and rubbed his forehead for a second in irritation. "So much for that."

I knew it was going to be the Doctor, but the two people who rushed up I could never be prepared for. The first one was a stranger, his bow tie and suspenders conflicting with his young face and crazy hair. The other was all too familiar, her cheery smile in place, only her white lab coat wasn't present... she wasn't dead. Molly and the strange man strode over to us just as cheerily as the Doctor, Amy, and Rory had minutes ago.

"Oh dear," Amy murmured, her eyes fixated on the male figure. "This is going to be complicated."

"Doctor, this is Cardiff, not too far into the future either," Molly was teasing her companion, laughing as they got closer.

The bow-tied man froze as they got closer, his eyes locked on the Ponds. "No... can't be. Amy? Rory?"

"Doctor?" Rory asked uncertainly, looking between the two Doctors. "How can there be two Doctors?"

Suddenly the bow tied Doctor was running towards Amy and Rory, attacking them in a bone crushing hug. "You're alive," he breathed hoarsely.

"Of course we're alive! Doctor, are you alright?" Amy asked, tentatively hugging the Doctor back. "What's going on?"

"Is that you and Molly? How can that be you and Molly?" I muttered, gaping.

"Time's splintered John, pay attention," the Doctor I knew breathed. "That is past me with past Molly. But how are we together? I don't remember this... don't even remember Molly from before my regeneration." Still thoughtful, the Doctor I knew strode over to the other Doctor and started stroking his hair. "Hah, my hair! It use to be so long..."

"Eh, excuse me. You're... me?" the bow-tied Doctor asked, spinning around from Amy and Rory to look himself in the eye. "Sorry, didn't mean to be here. I'll just wander along before cracks start popping up all over."

"Too late, time has splintered, Doctor," my Doctor clued in his counterpart, grimacing. "I think it would be best if you stuck around and tried to help sort out this mess."

"Well then," the bow-tied Doctor sighed solemnly, nodding. "Introductions in order? I think I know most everyone here..." He gazed carefully around at us all.

"Right, yes," my Doctor nodded, coming closer to everyone with the other Doctor and Molly. "Here we have Torchwood with Jack, Ianto, and John-most of which you know. Then there's Mickey and Martha of course, newly engaged I might add! And Rory and Amy, alive and breathing. To the rest of you, this is Molly Hooper and myself. I suppose you'd be the... eleventh Doctor?"

"What?" the Eleventh Doctor asked puzzledly.

"Eleventh regeneration, I am the twelfth-there has to be some way for everyone to keep us straight. Nice bow tie by the way," the Twelfth Doctor grinned, gesturing to the ridiculous red bow-tie.

"Bow ties are cool," the Eleventh Doctor agreed beaming alongside Twelve.

"Oi, can we focus here?" Amy called out exasperatedly. "Why did you think Rory and I were dead?"

"You did die," the Eleventh Doctor moaned, his smile lost. "But how is that possible when...?"

"You died, became me, and somehow am still traveling with the the Ponds?" the Twelfth Doctor completed. "Yes, I was wondering the same. It seems as though not only did time splinter, but so did other realities. Because, I never did travel with Miss Hooper, she died a little while ago, you came from a reality with the Ponds dead but Molly alive. Something was strong enough to do such a thing, yes, something more powerful and destructive than an army of timelords. The question is, what?"