A|N: This is my first ever 100-word drabble. Ever. And all because of this wonderful site called XANA's Lair.
Prompt: Computer Codes and Fans
Characters: clone!Jeremie and clone!Yumi
Special Details: Must be JxY. (Yeah, I know I cheated. Deal.)
Words: 100

They didn't know why, but they knew it was meant to be this way.

The program turned from his master's computer to find the other sitting on his bed, a tessen fan concealing her face.

"Hey, sugarpie," he grinned.

"Hey," she said.

In a nearly imperceptible flash of motion and air, he was suddenly with her on the bed, a similar tessen fan also pressed to his face.

Forehead against forehead, computer code against computer code, fan against fan.

After ten seconds, lips against lips.

She took his fan. He took her to the forest. Together they went on adventures.