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Lucy sat at the bar of Fairy Tail, absentmindedly sipping a cup of water. Mira, who had noticed Lucy's lack of attention, was attempting to bring Fairy Tail's resident Stellar Spirit mage back to earth - er, earthland.

"Lucy? Hello? Anyone home?" The white-haired barmaid waved a hand in front of Lucy's face, only to be completely ignored. Lucy only came back to reality as a piece of stray ice hit her in the back of her head.

"Gray! What the hell?" Lucy yelled, spinning around to glare at the half-naked Ice Make mage, who had frozen - no, not literally - in the middle of a fight with Natsu.

"S-sorry Lucy!" Gray apologized, suddenly frightened at Lucy's annoyed expression.

Natsu looked at Lucy with a weird expression, sensing something was wrong with his friend and teammate. He dropped his fight with Gray and walked over to Lucy, a frown on his face. "Lucy, what's bothering you?" he asked, sincere.

"Nothing, Natsu. I'm just thinking," Lucy replied, adverting her eyes. Mira, who had watched the whole thing, decided to speak up.

"What were you thinking about, Lucy? Someone special?" Mira asked innocently, giving a sly smile to Lucy, who now had a light dusting of pink on her cheeks.

"N-no. Just... something," Lucy stammered, turning away from her friend. She turned her eyes to the floor, not looking at Mira nor Natsu, not even Gray and Erza, who had appeared during their conversation.

Natsu attempted to decipher what Lucy was thinking when the guild doors opened with a bang and a deep voice echoed through the guild, which went silent.

"Yo, Luce! I'm here!"

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