As always, I must thank my sister M'Celeste for her encouragement and her over all approval for this story line and her beta efforts.

This story is inspired in part by the news that China has begun research into an area of Kenya where the natives carry the genome of Chinese ancestry.

The general consensus is that compatriots, whose identities, long lost in the annals of time, were shipwrecked, accepted by the native population and were eventually assimilated. This would certainly account for this unusual finding.

Additional inspiration was fired by Nero's statement to Captain Pike as expressed in the book, "Star Trek IX, Author, Alan Dean Foster,'' Simon and Schuster pocketbook edition, page 193, and I quote:

"Centuries ago, before the Vulcan High Council decided to reveal themselves to the people of Earth in order to inform them that they were not alone in the universe, and to invite them into the Federation, we would occasionally observe your species from a distance." He paused, "You are a more noble race than our deplorable fallen cousins."

Based on these two revelations, I have formulated another explanation for Nyota's orderly, almost Vulcan mind and unusual (for her ethnic heritage) hair texture and length.

See my profile for my standing disclaimer. I own nothing - except a patient husband and a few crazy cats.

Now, on with the story. The Romulans are coming! The Romulans are coming! (Hope you saw 'The Russians are Coming'…et al. It was a hoot.) Thanks for reading!


Of Romulans and Warrior Kings


Twentieth Century

Planet Earth

Continent of Africa

Republic of Kenya

East Africa

Chapter 1

A Beginning…

The distinct signature of their cloaked mother ship, T'liss Ckl'ah, grew smaller and smaller on the dedicated view screen as their shuttlecraft streaked through the blackness of space. K'nel, the ship's best pilot, was at the controls and his fellow passengers were anxious to get a closer look at this fabled planet's surface. Joining K'nel on this journey were a select group from among their ship's elite: a physician, biologist, high centurion, physicist and engineer and the captain's young son. Because of their ranks and or connections, these passengers had been permitted to make this brief journey of discovery.

The plan was simple; drop data collecting devices on various seemingly isolated areas on the surface and return. These devices, small, unobtrusive, and programmed to self destruct upon unauthorized access, would serve to increase exponentially their understanding of the planet, its inhabitants, and its many and varied resources. Usually a mission of this nature would have taken place under cover of darkness, but traveling at this earlier time would enable the passengers of the cloaked shuttle to see up close what had been observed from a distance for centuries by Romulan manned vessels - this planet's multi-faceted surface. It was rare to observe such a variation of colors and terrains on one planet, especially one that promised to be as lyrical and lovely as this. It fairly harkened to their passionate Romulan souls. This trip was one of discovery, not conquest.

Closer inspection did not disappoint. As they skimmed the planet's day lit side, the pilot and his passengers were almost slack jawed, all eyes trained on the view screen as the blue green waters gave way to white capped mountains, which then gave way to the dense, lush green of its jungles and forests.

Now K'nel dipped lower still. Skirting the surface of one of the planet's larger deserts, the yellow sands glittered like tiny gem stones as they caught and reflected Sol's light. Then the vista changed again, as the seemingly endless desert gradually turned to a grassy, mountain edged plain. The shuttle slowed as it dipped to its lowest point, banking a wide turn over the vast, almost treeless savanna. Up until now they had not seen one living thing, but that was about to change. With life altering consequences.

"Achalth (monsters)!" Young K'neack's shout broke the silence - and thus began the disastrous termination of their pleasant junket.