For any who are unfamiliar with the Vulcan healing trace let me explain Jabari's allowance of the 'good doctor' to slap his wife. There was a TOS episode where Spock had to be brought out of his healing trance by slaps. In my 'Christine's Story' Lo'vock, who is a Vulcan/Betazoid also had to be revived by this means. Other stories referto this method of recovery.

It appears that the Vulcan slows down vital bodily functions in order for the body to make necessary repairs. The slaps are intended to 'jump-start' his body before the slowed down organs' operation become adapted to this status and reversal is impossible. So the situation if not reversed, the patient dies. In some stories the actual time for the slaps would be posted and alarms set so that the absolute time for revival would not be missed.

Chapter Sixty-Four

Of Romulans and Warrior Kings

My Gift to You…

Spock, the scientist was focused, driven, determined, immersed and in this case personally involved with the outcome of his current project. He had already proven the Vulcan doctors' determination that he would be unable to produce offspring was not based on proven facts but on prejudice against his human mother. There had never been a definitive study performed on him after puberty, but his own investigation had shown his sperm count was on the high end of viable activity and able to impregnate a Vulcan, Betaziod or a Terran female.

Spock was aware that if Nyota had fertility problems it did not originate with her releasing an ovum and having it imbed itself in her prepared womb. At this point he was certain another erroneous determination had also been visited upon Nyota, possibly due to a hurried conclusion. His chest swelled with satisfaction at the thought of him finally being able to give her the cherished gift of motherhood.

He had a cohort on this path of discovery, Chief Medical Officer McCoy. It was with his assistance he was able to secure Nyota's blood samples. As he studied these he was interested in isolating his wife's Romulan DNA, to determine the percentage of it in her geno-identity. He would line up their respective DNA codes and determine the likelihood of their being able to produce offspring. He was certain of a positive verification and this information would be presented as his gift to her.


He had played out the scene in his mind. It certain was not the Vulcan way—after all, what do flowers and candles have to do with procreation? He was even seriously thinking about sharing chocolate with his Nyota.

Spock had informed Pike that at the end of their shake-down mission they would be returning to earth. He would resume teaching. He had subtlety hinted that he and Nyota were anxious to start a family.

Although Chris was an absentee father, he did not in any way chastise Spock for taking this step. He did, however, inform him that it would be extremely difficult to find capable replacements for him and Nyota. They were, as he said, 'top of the line.' Spock would have to have Nyota explain the meaning of that colloquial expression.

He already knew she would have to be off birth control for at least a month before he would present his 'gift'. He however was thinking more of two months to be certain of no missed 'physical applications' of his findings. His coconspirator, McCoy had switched Nyota to a placebo birth control. This was not the practice of stealth, but the early application of an agreed upon action on Nyota's part What would happen would take her by surprise. indeed a welcome one.

.He looked down at the computer screen at the lined up DNA codes and if it would have been possible, he would have smiled, no he probably would have laughed in triumph.


Nyota had returned home after her shift. She had fought a nagging headache for her entire time on the bridge. She surmised the attempt to control her emotions could contribute to such a state.

Spock had left her after several attempts to comfort her and had not as yet returned. She was afraid that the over demonstrative response to the message from her family had chased him away. She was indeed sorry about that. She would apologize for her emotional overload when he returned.

She bowed her head and tried to stifle the tears again. There were the emotions again, pulling her downward. After a careful calculation she knew that besides her response to the news, of Jabari and Rhin's son's birth, her hormones were at play again. That would be the physical excuse for such conduct, but the emotional reasons lay far deeper than that; they conjured up the years of rejection and willful torment that others had bought upon her because of her condition.

Just when she was at her lowest Spock came through the door. He had sensed her emotional meltdown and he immediately held her tightly and kissed the top of her head,

"It appears that I am not better to you than ten sons."

Touching his face and with a faint smile she responded,

"Spock it is a hormonal thing."

Spock's eyebrow rose in recognition of that statement. He had been so busy, he had missed that count. Well, they would be 'safe' this time.

His kisses intensified and she giggled as he undid her hair. He so liked to see it splayed out upon the pillow or being able to run his fingers down its length. Its texture was like an aphrodisiac.

Contrary to some of their recent forays into lovemaking, in this instance Spock did not detect the feeling of hopelessness. It was a joyful union and he had even gotten her to laugh. When he was finally satisfied, she kissed him passionately and said,

"Thank you for putting up with me."

Stroking her hair he asked,

"Have you sensed that thought in me?"

"No, Spock, never."

"Then you must remove it from yourself, K'diwa. My desire for you, your complete self has not, nor will it ever change. Please do not allow yourself to forget that. It is I who must thank you."

She snuggled deeper into his arms and he sent,

'Rest, my Beloved, you have worked very hard to please me.'


He had carefully calculated everything. Nyota's current blood samples allowed him to pick the optimum date. So it happened on that date, Nyota entered their quarters to the glow of many candles, K'athya music and her husband coming toward her with a large bouquet of flowers. She immediately melted and almost crushed the flowers between them as she hugged him.

"What is the occasion? It is not our anniversary."

He carried her to the couch, sat with her on his lap and took out an envelope and said,

"This is an indication of what I wish my gift to you will be."

The flood of tears was expected, but the rapidity of her response was not. So it was amidst the flickering flames that he took her and with his final expression he whispered,

"You are now the mother of our first child."

She clung to him, controlling her sobs as he whispered to her the words Ta'ijl masj-veh K'dular (I cherish thee).

Without a second thought she initiated another episode and of course, he responded.

It was during the darkness of that night that his hand splayed across her abdomen and he saw two lights and he held her even closer.