Bolt – Bed Time Story

Thanks to dALEkilLsU for his help with the story. Neither of us own Bolt, If we did then this would be canon. Disney owns the rights.

This story takes place while the Kits are still on Neutros.

"Goodnight mommy!" hazel said as she pushed her head and scooted under the covers. The moment she popped her head back up, she received a lick from her father, Bolt the Super Dog. "Goodnight sweetie." Mittens the cat said to her daughter. "I hope I get to have a dream of adventure!" Wolf said as he turned his head and curled up. Bolt chuckled at the adventurous little Kit, "You won't if you don't go to sleep." he said, and turned to his other son, Mike, "Mike!" he said sternly, and saw Mikes ears twitch. "Yes Daddy?" he asked. The look on Bolt's face was all the answer he needed. "Phthhhh!" he sighed and pulled the tip of a blue leather bound book out from under his covers. Bolt grabbed the book in his teeth gently, and pulled it out the rest of the way. "Sorry sport, but bed time's the same on any planet. Even this one." Mittens said, and the two of them walked out the door. Moments passed as Bolt and Mittens returned the book to the Avona's Library, and passed by the door to the sleeping Kits. "You know it's funny." Bolt said as he turned from the door to his wife. "What's that?" Mittens asked while chuckling. "After all we've been through they'll always stay the same." he told her as they turned the corner and disappeared. "Ugh!" the two year old Kit with chipmunk stripes groaned. "I'll be up all night now. I never got to see if he lives or dies. I hate not finishing a book." With that, he turned his head to his siblings, hearing their soft breathing without seeing their eyes. The other two were facing away from him. "I Think they're asleep, I'll just finish the chapter." he whispered to himself, and quietly pushed his covers off, before tip toeing past his siblings. The moment exited the door, he thought he was home free, and took off down the grass padded hallway. "We should tell mommy!" Hazel said. "He's not in any danger, besides what if he uses his powers and they catch him?" Wolf argued silently, "We should just catch him red pawed and get him to go to bed." Hazel thought about it, "Why can't we show Mommy and Daddy again?" she asked. Wolf slapped his paw against his forehead in exasperation, "Cause they won't let us use them if they know, remember?" he said. "Oh yah!" Hazel exclaimed only to have Wolf glare at her, for the twelfth time.

Mike walked around the Library as quietly as he could, "Now where did Daddy put that…Ah!" he said as he found what looked to be the he had been reading. It was placed on the top most part of one of the shelves against the back wall. Concentrating hard, Mike eyed the book, and slid it off the shelf using telepathy. Down the book floated, but when he read the cover, he noticed "Hey, this isn't the book I was reading!" and read the title out loud, "Journal of the Scholar. Hm." he was about to open it when he heard his brother say, "Daddy said you need to be in bed." Mike was startled enough that he dropped the book, and it landed open on the ground. "I…I was just going to finish the chapter." he said and turned to see both his siblings. "Ugh, you didn't tell did you?" he said specifically to Hazel. "Nope!" she said and whispered, "Mommy and Daddy would have seen you using your powers. But you still need to go to bed before you get caught." "Too late." they heard Mittens say. When they turned around, both their parents were standing there, Bolt only half way in the room. "How much did you hear?" Wolf asked in fear. "We heard Hazel say that you'll get caught, and Mike is in the library with the book I just…"when Bolt looked to his left, he saw it, the book Mike had been reading before. "If that's…then what…?" Bolt asked as he pointed from the blue book near the door to the book on the floor. "Well anyway, it's a book." Mittens said, "You were going to read during bed time weren't you?" she asked as she looked to Mike. He folded his ears down, and answered solemnly, "Yes Mommy." Hazel walked up to him, "Mommy, will you read us a bed time story, maybe it will get Mike's brain to slow down." she asked, and looked to the book on the floor. Mittens smiled at her daughter, then turned to her son, "I think that will be a perfect idea." she said, but the family was interrupted when the pages of the open book began flipping wildly by themselves. Hazel didn't move from her spot, she just kept staring at the book as it went wild. Suddenly a great gust of wind could be heard, but not felt. The sounds of a hurricane deafened them all. "It must be enchanted." Mittens shouted as the wind finally started. "Why does everything here have to have magic attached to it?" Bolt asked at the same volume, and pushed his way towards his daughter. Before he could reach her, it seemed as if the floor underneath him just vanished, and the entire family of animals fell through. The wind was powerful enough to whip them around and throw them into the water when it finally died out. Mittens wrapped her paws around Mike and Wolf before pushing towards the surface. Bolt grabbed the suddenly unconscious Hazel and swam as quickly as he could to Mittens. Bolt broke the surface of the water, placed Hazel on Mittens' back and pushed himself under her. At once he began swimming towards a nearby shore. "Hang on." he shouted as Mittens held onto the two boy kits. Wolf pinned himself against his father's back, and Mike made the move to grab his sister from his mother's back, and pull her to safety between their mother and their father. It took some doing, but Bolt eventually got his family to the beach shore. Tired and wet, he inched himself up to the driest part, and flopped down. "Thank you Bolt." Mittens whispered to him, and used a wind blade to cut a giant leaf from a nearby tree, and place it over the family of mix matched creatures.

Hours later, Bolt finally let his eyes flutter open, the light of the mid day shining into his eyes. "Uh," he groaned and lifted his head, "what time is it?" "Time to get moving lazy bum." he heard Mittens say, and looked to his left to find her, the Kits and a beach. "Wait, all that really happened?" he called out. "Yah, it did." Wolf told him. Hazel walked up to him, "I'm sorry I was out cold daddy." she said. "It's ok," he told her, "you're safe, and that's all that matters." with that he rubbed his cheek against hers, showing his affection for his daughter. With a giggle she turned back to her mother and tackled her brother Wolf. "Gah!" he called out and the three of them began to play. "Sorry kids, there's no time for that. We've got to get moving and find out where we are." Mittens said, and began walking away. The kits stopped their rough housing and bounced away to follow their mother. Bolt simply chuckled, "I should ask Penny if I ever acted like that." he said, and got up onto all four paws before taking off like a blur to reappear next to his wife. It was a while before they actually found something, a castle in the middle of being built. "Where are we?" Wolf asked. Mittens tweaked her mouth in thought, and walked towards the structure. Bolt and the Kits followed close behind, making their way to the unfinished structure. Upon their arrival, they heard what sounded like an argument going on, two people yelling at each other from a distance.

"I'm telling you Gandure, it can't be done." the first men said. Gandure was a tall Neutrosian, with dark brown hair and tan skin. He seemed to be dressed in what looked to be primitive clothing. "That earthling said that it could. Why would he lie to us Benyard?" Benyard stood almost a foot shorter than Gandure and had blond hair, his cloths were the same except for the color, his fur tunic seemed to have been died a bright blue. "Gandure, can't you see, we are just his tools, his puppets. It is we they should be serving, not the other way around." Benyard said. His tone of voice almost seemed like it was whining. "Um, excuse me?" Mittens asked as she got the attention of the two arguing Neutrosians, "Could you be so kind as to tell a lady and her family where they are?" "What lady are you?" Benyard asked, his voice carrying an insulted tone. Gandure on the other hand bent down to one knee, and curiously gazed at her, "What sort of creature are you?" he asked. "I'm a cat." she said and turned to her family, "That's my husband he's a dog. And those little critters are our children, the Kits." "Mommy, what's a…kridder?" Hazel asked innocently. "Young lady, it matters not." Benyard said forcefully, "This castle is just a pile of rubbish, a waist of good time and slaves." Gandure stood from his seated position, "This Castle will be the center point of our society. It will lead us to prosperity. Those so called slaves will finally be free from your lazy grubby hands." he said angrily. "And what Castle is this?" Mike asked, curiosity building inside of him. "I said it doesn't matter!" Benyard yelled, effectively frightening Mike. Mittens turned to him slowly, her eyes narrowed in anger, "I don't care who you are or who you think you are Mr." she said as she stood up and approached him, "But you will show respect to my family, or I'll make sure you'll regret it the most painful way I can think of!" with that, she let her Crystal claws slide out of her paws. Benyard took one step back in fear, "D…do you know who I am?" he asked, trying to sound insulted. Mittens pointed her glowing red eyes at him, "I just told you, I don't care!" she said, the darkness in her voice freezing even Bolt's soul. "Now I asked you, what castle are you building?" she repeated. "This is the Beginning of a great turn in our lives miss." Gandure told her kindly, "This is Higharchy Castle." "Well then that settles it, This Castle is getting built." Mittens said as she trotted away. "Wait just a Tick! What makes you think you can just walk in here and tell me, Ardwick Benyard, what to do?" the Neutrosian asked in anger. Mittens turned back to him, "Because I said so!" she told him, her eyes glowing an even deeper, almost crimson, red. Her anger was nearly at its breaking point, and Benyard could tell. He simply growled at her, and stomped away.

"Thank you Mrs. That man had been unfairly controlling the people of my village. He owns the only source of food, we have, and he gives us meager amounts while we work on his farm." Gandure told her. "Well you don't have to worry about him now, not while we're around." she told him. "Bolt?" she asked, and turned to her husband. When his ears lifted themselves to the sky, she knew he was listening, but he still turned to face her, "Would you be so kind as to help some of these poor people in building this place?" "That would be very generous of you." they heard a young voice say. When they looked to it, they saw a human, in ancient English Scholarly cloths. He wore ancient circle rimmed glasses, and carried a book in his arms. "That man has been interrupting work on this structure for several days now, he believes that because we're from Earth, we are to be instant slaves to others. I on the other hand, embrace freedom and wish to bring a true monarchy to this world." "We'd be honored to help with the construction, trust me, with us on the job, this will be done quicker than expected." Bolt told the man. the Scholar jumped in surprise, "Amazing." he said, "When did dogs and cats gain the power of speech?" "It's just us, I'm afraid." Mittens said to him, and began walking close by. "Back to business, Bolt and I will help with the carving and transport of the materials. All we need from you is to keep an eye on our Kits for us." "Our?" the Scholar asked and glanced at the little creatures. "I thought that…" he started, but Mittens interrupted him, "Long story, and if I'm not mistaken, you don't have that long, do you?" "No, because of Benyard and his followers we're very behind schedule. All I have left are a couple of days." "Then let's hop to it!" she said, and ran off with Bolt following close behind.

Bolt and Mittens had made great progress, with Bolt's strength and speed as well as Mittens' magic, the Castle was more than half done within a few hours. "I'm board!" Wolf said. Mike yawned, showing his own agreement. "There's nothing to do!" Hazel complained. "Hey Mike, what time is it?" Wolf suddenly asked. "It is exactly…" he said and looked to the sky, "2:37, in the Nembiant month of the Neutrosian year 204." "What month is Nembiant again?" Hazel asked. "It's between July and August." he said. "What was yesterday?" Wolf asked, thinking of nothing better to do than test his brother's mind. "The month of Plera, year 1026." Mike told him. Hazel and Wolf both let their eyes open wide, "Wait, what?" Wolf asked in shock. "Yah, we traveled approximately 822 years and three months into the past." he said nonchalantly. "We're in the past, but how?" Hazel asked in panic. "Tch duh, the book you opened." Wolf said, his eyes glaring at her. "Don't blame her Wolf, she had the right amount of magical power to use it, and it just kind of used itself. She didn't even know she did it." Mike said, coming to his sister's defense. "UHG!" Wolf groaned, "There has to be something worth doing, like a treasure hunt or something." "Perhaps, if you could go and retrieve the Wizard's staff." someone said. When they looked up, they saw the scholar standing above them. "I couldn't help but overhear your plight, and the Wizard's Staff might be just what you need to get home." The eyes of all three Kits lit up with stars, shining with hope. "This is our chance to go home. We don't have to stay here!" Wolf said. "Mommy will defiantly like that news." Hazel said. "We could get it ourselves." Wolf suggested. The lights in his siblings' eyes faded, and the two of them glanced at him with worried looks. "Come on." he said, "How hard can it be?"

To Be continued