Chapter 5 – The Enemy

"My eyes are burning." Wolf said as he tightened his eyes lids together. "What do we do?" Hazel asked. "I'm thinking…" mike told them, "Just grab onto my fur and keep your shield up." Wolf told them. "But you can't see to run." Hazel told him. "Then be my eyes." he told her. Mike once again put up his barrier to stop the spray of black poison from the Menumorae's mouth, "I'm with him." he said and gripped the collar around Wolf's neck. Hazel did the same and shouted, "RUN!" right as the Menumorae lunged at them. Wolf took off like a flash, just a streak of grey, white and black down the hall. "Left!" Hazel shouted, and Wolf turned left, almost clipping the corner of the wall. "RIGHT!" she called out again, nearly causing Wolf to slam Mike into the edge. "Hey the idea is NOT to knock one of us off!" he told her. "I'm sorry." she said, and Mike piped up, "Turn left…now!" he shouted, and Wolf turned a sharp left, before he heard Mike shout, "STOP!" causing the grey kit to screech to a stop, just barely touching a wall in front of him. Mike let go of Wolf's collar, and turned to look at the door they just passed, and using Psychokinesis, slammed it shut and locked it using the primitive locks. "Hazel, you use your water claws to clean out Wolf's eyes, he'll need to be able to see." Hazel simply nodded, though visibly shaking, and turned to her blind brother. She extracted her liquid blue claws, and placed them to her brother's eyes. They spread across his face, encompassing his eyes and effectively cleaning the poison from his fur. Once she dropped the tainted water to the ground, she returned to him to continue cleaning out his eyes, "You have to open your eyes for me to clean them Wolf." she told him. "But they hurt." he complained. Mike placed his paw on his brother's shoulder, "It'll be a permanent blindness if we can't get it out of your eyes, just try to keep them open long enough for Hazel to clean them for you." he told his brother. Wolf bit his lip, before slowly and painfully opening his eyes to the liquid around them, and slowly, black ink like liquid seeped out of the sides. "I…I still can't see. My eyes are open right?" Wolf asked. "Yes, they are." Mike told him sadly. "Oh no, we're too late. I'm blind!" Wolf said as he began to panic, and Mike placed both paws on his brother's shoulders, "We're not too late Wolf, it's only temporary. As soon as she's done, your eyes will stop hurting, and a few minutes after that, your eyes will focus. You will be able to see again, I promise." he said. The confidence in his voice was far more than what he felt, and Hazel could see that, his ears were flat against his head. "Well, ok, if you promise." Wolf said, he had never felt so vulnerable in his life, and now he was in a life or death situation, "But do we have enough time?" he asked. Suddenly the door started to shake as a loud thud from the other side began pounding on it. "Hazel can you speed this up a bit?" Mike asked. "I'm sorry," she snapped, "but I can't play hide and seek with a giant Neo-Neutrosian Snake and heal my brother at the same time." Mike rolled his eyes, and glared at the door, "How long do you need?" he finally asked. "Three minutes." she said, and Wolf lifted his ears in concern. "I'll do what I can." he said and vanished instantly. He reappeared behind the Menumorae as it pounded against the thick wooden door, "Hey, ugly." he called out, and attracted the creatures attention, "You're mommy was a gecko!" he said and turned to run away. The Menumorae took the bait, though it probably didn't understand a thing he said, and chased him through the halls.

Mike ran as fast as he could, dodging the poison as it sailed by him, using the sound of the Menumrae spitting to time his dodges correctly. "Three minutes," he repeated to himself, "That's all I need to give them." Ducking into one of the rooms on his left, Mike came to a screeching halt when he came face to face, with historical torture devices, all of which looked to have come from Earth. "Just who were these people?" he asked, and heard the hiss behind him. He turned to find the creature still not at the door, so he bolted behind the nearest thing he could, an Iron Maiden. The Menumore charged into the room, and came to a stop. Looking around all it saw were the Devices, so it began sniffing the air. The creature then looked right at the Iron Maiden, and walked up to it. Mike quickly moved to be behind a stretch rack, right before the Menumorae knocked the Iron Maiden to the floor. Mike quickly and silently snuck to the next device, just as the Menumorae reached its clawed fingers underneath the wooden bench. Mike then vanished, teleporting back to the door and sneaking out. He was about half way out the door, when something whizzed by him, brushing up against the fur between his tail and back. Mike then turned to the other side of the hall, and watched as a set of five blood red claws stuck out of the stone, dripping with dark green venom. "Oh shoot." he said to himself and ran, just as another set of claws whizzed by him, one of them scratching the tip of his tail before burying itself into the wall. "Not good, Not good!" he said to himself as he zigzagged down the hall way, dodging the claws by chance, "Projectile claws with poison." He quickly put up a barrier, just as a set of claws were thrown his way. The claws actually pierced his shield about half an inch and the venom began dissolving the energy around them. "Aw crap." he sighed to himself and continued to zigzag down the hall ways, dodging the claws and poison spit. He quickly ducked into a nearby room, and mentally slammed the door behind him, locking it in the same way. He slowed down a bit, turning to make sure that his powers worked the right way. Happy with what he did, he glanced around, finding that he was in the mess hall. The large table could easily seat fifty or more people. It was made from a thick piece of wood, growing straight from the ground at several points to hold it up. Suddenly he cringed, his strength waning and a sharp pain at the tip of his tail. He lowered his tail to the ground, and reached around with his paw to look at the tip. There was only a simple scratch, but he now knew what was happening. "Neurotoxin!" he said as he released his tail and limped off towards the wall. "My adrenaline must have staved off the effects, but when I stopped moving…" he said, and looked to the other side. The door shut tight, and the bar in place, he concentrated on it. The bar began shaking violently, but remained firmly inside the metal holds. "Messing with…my powers." he said and staggered into the fireplace. The moment he was there, he flopped down and tried to roll around, but didn't do more than lay down on his side. "I…Can't…" he started to say, and found himself completely paralyzed from tail to nose. 'So…so strong. I…can barely think.' he told himself. His body twitched every few seconds, completely involuntary.

The door to the mess hall began to shake, something beg slamming up against it. 'This is it.' he thought to himself, 'Outsmarted by a giant lizard cobra with legs.' The noise continued to come, louder and louder. In his mind he could see his father's smile, feel his mother's soft fur as she embraced him in a motherly hug, smelt the cooking that Penny and her mother made for them once in a while. 'I wanna go home!' he finally thought, and the door finally shattered, but not because of the Menumorae, but rather because of Wolf and Hazel, slamming into the Menumorae's back. "Did I get him…her…it?" Wolf asked, his eyes still shut tight. "Yes, you did!" Hazel said as she let go of his back. She tugged on her brother's collar to lead him off of the Menumorae's back, and over to the far wall. "Mike?" she called out, and Wolf shushed her. The involuntary twitches had made their way to Mike's voice, and he grunted during each spasm. "He's over there somewhere." he said and pointed his paw towards where he thought the sound was coming from, "And I think he's making fun of me." Hazel tugged on his collar again, leading him towards the Fireplace, and found Mike, "Or in trouble." she said, and rushed over to her brother, letting go of Wolf's collar. Wolf turned his head here and there, not feeling his sister tugging on his collar, "Hazel?" he asked. "Just stay there, the Menumorae is still out cold." she said and turned back to her downed brother. "All this soot is going to soak up any water I try and use." she said, and grabbed Mike by the collar to drag him out of the dirty place. "Are you sure the snake thing is out?" Wolf asked. "Yes…why?" Hazel asked. "Because I think I hear it waking up." Wolf told her, and Hazel turned just in time to see the creature lift its head, and look right at her.