Chapter 6 – The Hero

Hazel shook with fear as the creature stood back up, its shining yellow eyes locked onto her. "What do I do now?" she asked. "Point me to it and I'll ram it." Wolf said and crouched down to his chest. Before he could even try anything, the Menumorae pointed the tips of its right hand fingers at him without looking, "JUMP!" she shouted, and he instinctively jumped into the air, effectively dodging the projectiles as they bounced off of the ground. The creature then point it's left claws at him, only to get knocked back by a blast of wind from Hazel's claws. "Leave my brothers alone you big bully." she yelled, and ran at the creature. The Menuemorae once again opened its mouth and spit poison at her, but with a single word, "Lelicna" she caused the flying poison to evaporate in mid air. Unphased the creature dipped down and seemed to slither across the floor as it tried to get some distance from the kit, only to spring into the air and try to attack. Hazel ducked underneath the table, avoiding any attack the Menumorae had in mind. She didn't even look to see what it was, she focused solely on her enemy. "Nentanuri!" she mumbled, and the chair closest to the creature unraveled itself before weaving around the Menumorae's legs. The vines then grew, moving their way up to the mouth, causing it to look down and begin spitting and clawing at the growing vines. With the Menumorae distracted, Hazel dashed out from under the table and approached her brothers. "Wolf," she whispered and pulled him by the collar towards Mike before lifting her paralyzed brother's tail, "Grab this in your mouth but be careful." "What is it?" he asked. "Mike's tail, just help me." she pleaded. Gently, Wolf grabbed hold of his brother, pulling him from the fireplace in the direction Hazel lead him. She placed all three of them under one of the nearby chairs, before glancing at the Menumorae just in time to see the vines get stabbed in the trunk with its claws, causing the plant to shrivel and die quickly. "Stay here." she told Wolf. "Hey! Not again!" he complained.

Hazel jumped up onto the table, placing herself in the middle and getting the creature's attention, "I'm starting to get angry with you." she told it and extracted her claws. The Menumorae lifted one of its hands, only to stop and look closer at the claws. They were made from a pure white light that shined brightly, and it seemed to both frighten and anger the creature. At first it growled, the let loose with a violent roar before throwing both sets of claws at her. Hazel lunged forward, easily dodging the claws and jumping off of the edge of the table to latch herself to the Menumorae's face just above the mouth. Hazel mewed and yowled in protest as she dug her claws into the scaly flesh of the snake like creature and the Menumorae reared back, spitting poison wildly and fruitlessly. Just as quickly the Menumorae reached up to grab her, only to have her jump down just in time to have the creature pierce its own face with its claws. Hazel landed at the feet of the NeoNeutrosian, and swiped, cutting the shin deep. The lizard/person lifted its leg up to grip the injury with both hands and hop around on the other foot. Hazel took off like a bullet before the creature chased after her, only to get rammed into by a speeding grey kit. "YES!" Wolf shouted, and just as quickly opened his eyes, "I can see you!" and took off like a rocket. "Hazel, you heal Mike, I don't think he's doing well." he shouted to her as he watched the Menumorae stand up slowly. Hazel looked to her fallen brother and found him still. She quickly ran up to him and found his breathing shallow, his feet twitching uncontrollably and his tongue laying on the ground. Quickly she changed her claws into the blue water claws, and pierced the skin near his heart. She pulled her claws away slowly, a growing bubble of dark green liquid following closely. Mike stopped shivering and smacked his lips together as his breathing quickly stabilized. First he twitched his paws, and then lifted his head off of the ground, "I'm alive!" he said to himself, and heard a slash nearby. He looked to see Hazel as she dropped the deep greed sludge on the ground, "Are you alright?" she asked. "Yah, thanks sis." he responded. Wolf zipped up to the two of them, "What do we do?" he asked, "Everything we try that thing learns to counter." Mike turned to the door he had tried to open before, and the latch easily flew out of its place, allowing the door to open wide. "We run for now." he said, and grabbed onto Wolf's collar. Hazel gripped the collar as well, and the three of them zoomed off, just in time to dodge a set of poison claws that lodged themselves in the ground.

Wolf ran as quickly as he could with his two siblings holding onto his collar the way they were. Even through his held breath, he noticed that the hall he was traveling down had no other doors along the sides. 'What is the deal with this hall, it's like no one was allowed to live in it.' Wolf thought to himself. Mike and Hazel both had their eyes closed as the three of them blazed down the hallway, until Wolf came to a slow halt. "Why'd you stop?" Hazel asked and looked in front of them. There at the end of the hall stood a large door, one that looked to be even bigger than the hall. "Whoa!" Mike said and walked closer to it. Twenty feet from the giant door, the hall way ended, spreading both up and out until the giant door could fit into the room. The outside of door was adorned with gold, silver and brass metals. Along the inside on the actual door was a mural that depicted a circle of fire that melted into air, then into water at the bottom and finally stone and leaves that faded back into the fire. Inside the circle was a spiral of white and black, melting together at the edges and in the middle of the picture was what the artist thought the world looked like, a circle with brown land and red water. "This is incredible." Mike said in awe. "What is it?" Mike asked. "This door must lead to the Wizard's Staff." "What makes you say that?" Hazel asked curiously. "The size of the door tells me that this room houses something important." Mike said, "The ornate design tells me that it's a sacred chamber and the mural suggests magic, perhaps a magical object. Therefore the most logical conclusion would be the Wizard's Staff." he said with a smile. Wolf and Hazel both looked at him, Wolf's head about to spin into confusion, "Oh!" Hazel said and smiled. Wolf looked to her, finally deciding to just forget about it, "How do we get it open?" he asked. Mike opened his eyes, a small shock still evident on him as he lowered his ears, "Um…I have no idea." he said, and turned back to the doors. It was evident that there were two very large circular doors that opened up at the outside of the mural and split down the middle, but there were no handles on the outside at all. The opening disappeared at the sides, suggesting hinges that he could not see. "Um…maybe magic?" he suggested. "So Hazel is our MVP?" Wolf asked as he looked to his sister. "MVP?" she asked. "Most Valuable Player." Mike explained. "Wait…I thought it meant 'Majorly' … um… 'something, Puppy'." Wolf said as he wracked his brain. Mike lifted his eyes as high as they would go, and shook his head. "So I just have to find the right spell?" Hazel asked. "I don't think it's that simple." Mike said and approached the door, studying it carefully. Hazel scrunched her lips, thinking hard before following him close. "This center," Mike mumbled to himself, "Light and darkness in the Yin Yang sign." What he didn't see was as Hazel neared the door, her eyes once again faded into white. She passed him and placed her paws against the door, "What's going on?" Wolf asked, and was quickly hushed by Mike, "It's the same as before, the magic is using itself." he said, and watched as Hazel extracted her claws, one side light and the other shadow. The center of the mural shined with light on the side with darkness, and was engulfed in darkness on the side of light. Both powers funneled themselves into the picture of the planet in the center, turning all of the water from red to blue and the land to a lush green color. The door then opened itself, moving outwards on the hinges that Mike and Wolf could not see. Hazel shook her head, waking and staring into the black depths of the chamber before her, "Hey, how did you two get it open?" she asked as she turned to her brothers. "Uh, we didn't, you did." Wolf said in shock. "Really?" she asked, "How?" Mike simply smiled and answered, "Magic."

To Be Continued