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WARNINGS: This glee-centric fan fiction is based on a psychological thriller film. As a result, this work of fiction is NOT for the faint of heart. If you are not comfortable reading about infidelity, murder, violence, horror, insinuated child abuse, rape, character death and any and all themes prevalent relating to the film Gothika (starring Halle Berry, 2003) then: PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

Rated M for a reason, folks! This fic will also contain bad language and violence BUT STILL BE WITHIN FF GUIDELINES.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. I do not own or have any association with Glee or the film Gothika. This story is purely fictional and any similarities related to real persons are purely coincidental. No money is being made from this project.

Author's Note: So I've had this idea in my head for a while and while I know it might not be everyone's thing, I think I've made it pretty clear in the warnings already. Special thanks to Cloud Green for her valuable input and time in agreeing to beta and CountingCrow16 for her endless encouragement in me.

The title of the story comes from the song Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit which was released specifically for the film, Gothika.

Chapter One

The Princess of Lima State


Sebastian Smythe might have been a number of things but even Kurt Hummel couldn't deny the fact that he was probably the best lawyer that Ohio had to offer. Having left his father's firm and started his own, he was fast making a name for himself. He wasn't one to take on too many cases; he hired his own lawyers to do that for him. So when he approached Kurt - who had been a criminal psychologist for over a year now - to ask for Kurt's help with a client who attended the same hospital Kurt worked in, Kurt had hastily made an appointment to meet him.

"Thank you for meeting with me today," Kurt greeted warmly, eyeing the well dressed man before him in his Armani suit. "I'm so sorry I had to keep rescheduling. I really appreciate you seeing me on such short notice."

Unfortunately, as Kurt had become increasingly busy with his own patients, he'd been forced to reschedule quite often with Sebastian. As it turned out, Kurt was also very good at what he did; he was the best in his field and Lima State was only one of the hospitals he frequented. Many demanded his time and expertise so much so that he was also on an appointment only schedule.

"The pleasure's all mine, Doctor H," the man returned with a smile, "Can I offer you some coffee?"

Sebastian's secretary had waved him in and that was how Kurt soon found himself in the top office of the law firm. It was immaculate; Sebastian had his gay showing because it was also very tastefully decorated. But décor was the last thing on his mind when the two shook hands.

"Yes, that would be great… non fat mocha please."

Sebastian smiled, "Non fat? Really? But why would you need to watch your figure?"

"Watch your flattery, Smythe," Kurt warned, smiling dangerously back, "I'm a married man."

Sebastian bowed his head shortly, "My apologies." The smirk on his face could have indicated that he wasn't in fact sorry at all. But Kurt sounded like he already knew this.

"No need to apologize, Smythe. You're a lawyer, not a miracle worker. "

Sebastian smiled but remained silent as he handed Kurt his coffee; he was mesmerized by the piercing stare Kurt had left him in return. "I hope you're the miracle worker in this equation Doc - because one of us will have to be if we're going to be working together to clear Santana Lopez."

Kurt nodded, taking a deep sip of his chocolate coffee. He had already been briefed quickly about Santana Lopez. A troubled girl, she had been at Lima State for a few months now and Kurt was finding it hard not to feel guilty that he hadn't really known of her case until he had found out that Sebastian was her lawyer.

"I really hope you're right about her," he told Sebastian softly, "and that she does stand a fighting chance. Please tell me that you becoming her lawyer didn't have anything to do with her family's bank account or the money they could potentially put into yours?" Kurt placed his hand tentatively on the manila folder in front of him contemplating the file within it while Sebastian stared at him in earnest.

"This is just another case, Doc," he said," and that's exactly how I'm treating it. You can't tell me you're not working on it for that same reason, right? Are you in?"

Kurt opened the cover of the folder and looked down in front of him at the photo of the Latina girl in the orange jumpsuit. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were dark and heavy but there was something else there…

"What can I say, Smythe? I enjoy a challenge."

Sebastian got his briefcase together and escorted Kurt to his door, "And you're the best chance we all have of getting her out. So on that note, let's get you to the psych ward."

The Lima State Hospital was a security treatment facility for both male and female psychiatric patients. Its clientele consisted of those who had committed criminal offences and were either admitted by the Department of Mental Health of Ohio or under the authority of an appointed guardian. Santana Lopez was admitted by her grandmother after she had told her Abuela that she had started "seeing and doing things that the Devil made her do." The last act of which, involved her admitting to the murder of her cousin.

As it was winter, the clouds hung low above them as they headed into the car. Kurt tightened his scarf and quickly rang Blaine to let him know he was on his way to work but the phone rang through.

Hi, you've reached Blaine Anderson. I'm currently unavailable right now so please leave your name and number after the tone.

"Hi Blaine, it's me. I'm not going to be able to meet you tonight. I have a prior commitment at work that will have me staying overtime. There's no reception at Lima State so just text me when you get this and l will let you know later tonight when I'm on the way to the house." Kurt could feel Sebastian's eyes on him as he ended the call. "What?" he asked determined to look anywhere else but at Sebastian. He settled for keeping his determined gaze out the window.

Sebastian shrugged, "Nothing. You just seemed very formal with him, that's all."

"He's at work Sebastian," Kurt explained, "What if he listens to the message in front of his boss - on loud speaker? I'm trying not to make things difficult for him."

Sebastian's mind, however, was elsewhere. "You just called me Sebastian. Does this mean we're on a first name basis now?"

Kurt didn't reply. Instead he took out Santana Lopez's file and began flicking through it. Sebastian left him alone but they had soon reached the hospital and were quickly authorized to be allowed inside.

As a criminal psychologist, Kurt worked in a few hospitals. But there was something that drew him to Lima State. Most of his patients resided here so, as Blaine never failed to remind him, it was like it was his second home. The structure of the hospital left Kurt with some comfort too. It was a lot better maintained than some of the others he visited. The other thing Kurt loved was that he had his own office here. Rows and rows of books stood on a shelf, and he loved his prized laptop sitting on top of the mahogany desk Kurt had insisted on because, well, it was mahogany. It was a beautiful hospital, a very serene place, and if it wasn't for his broad range of patients that he visited everywhere else, Kurt would have loved to be stationed here permanently. He quickly deposited his belongings in his office and then followed Sebastian and two hospital staff to the locked cell where Santana had been left temporarily to meet with them.

When Sebastian asked Santana how she was doing Kurt wasn't surprised when Santana didn't reply. She didn't even look up at him when he spoke; she was staring far off into space as if her troubled thoughts prevented her from immediate speech. When Kurt drew closer, Sebastian quickly came up with a new approach.

"Santana, this is Dr. Hummel. I brought him in today so you two could meet, maybe talk some things through? He's here to help you."

Her fingers that had been lying flat on the table loosely clenched into a fist but Santana still didn't say anything. Without waiting for an invitation, Kurt took the seat in front of her, switching straight into work mode.

"Hi, Santana. You can call me Kurt. Seb and I, we're going to get you out of here, but first I need you to trust me. Do you think you can do that?"

Santana's gaze finally met Kurt's and he made it a point to not turn away. He needed her to know that he was listening, even if he had to communicate this to her through his eyes. Looking at her, he saw the same call for liberation he'd seen in her photo except this time, in person, it was solidified, tangible even. Kurt studied her face carefully, trying to build her profile whilst making mental notes he'd store away for a report later.

"Trust me," he repeated softly.

Santana snickered. It was the first noise she had made in days. Then she did something she hadn't done in weeks. She leant forward, edging ever so close to him, and spoke. Her voice was determined, even if she was whispering. But there was a hint of sadness in it too. "You have no idea what it feels like not to be trusted."

Kurt's expression softened. Actually, he knew exactly how that felt but he wasn't going to tell her that. Instead he said, "You can trust me, Santana."

She stared at him, ever so hesitant before she spoke again with her voice shaking, stuttering almost. "How can you trust someone who thinks you're crazy?" Her voice sounded broken, faraway, but Kurt understood more about her in that moment than he had the whole time he'd been perusing her file.

"I didn't say you were crazy."

"You didn't have to. You remind me of my Abuela. She thought I was crazy too."

Kurt paused. "Because you're in love with Brittany Pierce."

It was a statement, not a question, but the name provoked Santana into a frenzy of speech and she laughed him off. "Listen, Lady Face. I don't care how many times you've taken it up the ass, don't for one second think that means you can analyze me with your psychologist bullshit."

"Santana!" Sebastian objected, but Kurt interrupted.

"It's okay, Seb. Santana… this is good. You're making progress. This is the most you've said in days - weeks even. I am really proud and honored with your decision to talk to me."

He wasn't startled at all by the reaction she showed him. Santana raised her middle finger at Kurt, smiling sarcastically. "Fuck you. You're pathetic. You're the kind of kid who probably irons his underwear for work, am I right?"

Kurt refused to answer. This wasn't high school. She was his patient and he knew that if he continued to be accommodating with her that would aggravate her into speaking more, and - as she was someone who hadn't spoken in days - that was exactly what he needed her to do.

She took the bait. "You've probably also tried to suck your own dick too."

Kurt didn't hesitate this time. "Did the Devil tell you that?" he asked, and quite unlike his usual self, he wasn't sarcastic about it.

"The Devil tells me lots of things. I'm his dirty Angel. I'm his dirty fucked up Angel."

"When was the last time he spoke to you?"

It seemed like Santana was about to withdraw again but then she showed him her recently acquired sarcastic smirk of hers. "Last night. When he came into my bed to fuck me. He's usually so careful but not last night. Last night he was too rough."

As soon as she said it, the power went out. It was only for a split second, but when it came back on the first thing Kurt noticed was that Sebastian was tapping his watch, implying only one thing.

"I think we've done enough for today," Kurt told Santana, though they had barely scraped the surface of what he really wanted to talk through together. "But I will see you again on Monday. In the meantime, just try and get some sleep, okay?"

At Sebastian's approval, two nurses came to help Santana out of her seat, but she held her arms length out in protest, her eyes never leaving Kurt's until she strode in front of the hospital staff and strut down the hallway, as if Lima State was her castle and she was its princess.

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