Hello people of Fanfiction! I was watching a Youtube video of the Marauders and decided to make a story about them! This story will be about Remus Lupin as the main character, because he's my favorite and I don't think he gets enough credit. The story will begin on the first year, then the second etc. I think you can count and all so… whatever I'm just gonna get on with this.


Mr. and Mrs. Lupin lived a quiet life, they had a son named Remus and they were the last people you would think tragedy would befall.

One particular day Mr. Lupin came home from work at the Ministry of Magic. Mr. Lupin worked in the Control of Magical Creatures department and had had a rough day dealing with a werewolf by the name of Fenrir Greyback. Greyback was a particularly violent werewolf and had angered the Ministry by an attack on a young girl.

Mr. Lupin told this to his wife, while 7 year old Remus read a book on the floor. Mrs. Lupin did not particularly enjoy the fact that her husband worked so close to danger all the time, but she did not voice this because she knew it would make Mr. Lupin unhappy.

"The bloody thing tried to attack the Minister." Mr. Lupin was saying, "Leapt up from his chair and attacked, I managed to get him back in check and even managed a few insults at him." He said this very proudly.

"Dear maybe you shouldn't anger Greyback, no one knows what that man might do!" Mrs. Lupin exclaimed, she believed that her son would be in danger, should Greyback have a need to attack them. Greyback was surly the type, she thought, who would try and attack the son of someone who insulted him. But the conversation died away as Remus ran over to his father, to tell him something interesting about his book.

The night ended normally, Mrs. Lupin put Remus to bed after a nice supper and she kissed her husband goodnight, while Mr. Lupin stayed up a while to finish a letter to the Minister of Magic. Mr. Lupin crawled into bed with his wife, never knowing strange beings were afoot.

Mr. and Mrs. Lupin might have been sleeping soundly but in the next bedroom over little Remus was fining it hard to sleep. He had been reading a most interesting book about gnomes and wanted to see if his own house held such creatures in the backyard. Remus was as well behaved as any 7 year old could be, but had a knack of getting into trouble out of curiosity.

Remus knew, if he were to leave his bed at night his parents wouldn't be too pleased, but if he explained about gnomes he was sure they would be fine with it. So he slid out of bed, put on his slippers and bed robe, and then headed outside, carrying a lantern, for it was very dark. Remus stepped out into the cold night and shivered, his sandy hair ruffled.

He closed the back door behind him, and started his search by looking around for the gnomes under the bushes, yet he couldn't shake off the feeling that he was being watched.

Remus searched under the bushes, behind the garage and even climbed a tree to find the gnomes. The night was dark, but a full moon shone above Remus and ignited his little face so that it seemed to glow.

Remus examined his watch; it was odd indeed, instead of numbers little words were written such as.

'Bed time'


And 'it's late.'

Currently one hand, the only hand in the watch. Was pointing to 'look out' Remus didn't like this at all, for his watch was new and shouldn't already be broken. His last watch, he remembered, was always pointing to 'morning' even if it were to be the dead of night.

Remus Lupin shook his watch and held it up to his ear. He could hear a little ticking inside so he assumed he had to be imagining things. Never the less he looked around him, nothing seemed to be out of order, and so, with a shrug Remus gave up his search and decided to go back inside to bed.

Remus picked up the lantern, for he had set it down to look at his watch, and carried it back to the back door. Remus stopped for a minute, he could've sworn that he had closed the door when he came outside, yet here it was, flung right open. Remus decided that he was so eager to search for gnomes that he must have left it open in his hurry.

Remus trudged back inside, his feet heavy and his eyes drooping from weariness. Remus walked back to his bedroom, set the now un-lighted lantern in his dresser, and slipped of his shoes to go back to bed.

Remus hadn't even closed his eyes when he heard it, a panting of sorts, low and hurried as if a dog. Remus sat up in bed and looked around his room. Everything seemed normal, everything except the glint of yellow, which flashed from inside his slightly opened closet.

Perhaps a wiser 7 year old boy would have ran for his parents to check, but Remus Lupin was brave, and saw no danger in his room tonight. So Remus walked back out of bed, rubbing his eyes sleepily, and over to his closet. He opened the door wider and peered into it. At first he didn't see anything then he noticed a lump next to his shoes. It was a rather large lump, and expanded slightly. Before deflating. Remus knew someone was there at once and backed away hurriedly. But yet a moment too late!

The thing lunged out of the closet and tackled the small boy. Remus could only see a bright gleam of malicious yellow eyes and felt the slash of claws on his cheek, as he screamed for his mother and father.

The door crashed open just as Remus felt something sharp point into his neck.

"STUPIFY!" His father screamed and the thing jumped off Remus, charging for his father and mother, then into the hallway as they backed away. Remus tried to concentrate through the pain and heard many clashes, bangs and yell.

Then his mother was next to him, she had tears dripping down her face and onto her son as Remus looked up at her. She hugged him closely and rocked Remus back and forth as the pain in his neck spread. He could feel the wet blood drip down his clothes.

Remus sat like that in his mother's arms while crashed and loud barking growls were continually heard from down the hall. Remus felt very tired very suddenly. He wanted to sleep and he told his mother so.

"Don't sleep dear," She said, rocking him more, "Stay awake Remus." She ran her hands through his long hair and cooed as Remus cried softly.

His father came hurrying into the room, looked ragged but no scratches, he gasped at the sight before him and rushed forward to hold his son.

"It was Greyback." Remus heard his father hiss to his mother, Remus's mother let out a sob and buried her face into her husbands shoulder.

"WE need to get him to Saint Mungo's." Said Remus's father quietly. His mother nodded and left the room in a hurry.

"Are you okay my son?" Remus looked up as his father spoke and tried to put on a brave face, he tried to nod, yet the pain made him cry out again.

Remus was carried outside into the backyard by his father, where his mother awaited with a blanket. She wrapped up her son as if he were a baby and then clutched Mr. Lupin's arm.

Mr. Lupin twisted as if he were taking a step and then Remus felt pressure, he was being suffocated! Just as Remus felt as if he would burst the pressure vanished and he was being carried onto a building, he couldn't describe it if you had asked him, for everything seemed blurry. The last thing Remus could remember before passing out was his parents talking to a lady.


Remus awoke to see he was in a bed, with white crisp sheets. The first thing that his him was pain, and he groaned. Then his mother's voice reached his ears. She was saying something, but Remus couldn't tell what. Slowly his sight and hearing came into focus and he could look around. He was in a room with his mother and father, busy Witches hurried about and his mother and father were talking to each other.

"Mum? Dad?" Remus said slowly as if he almost had forgotten how to speak. His mother said nothing but grabbed her son's hand.

"Hey Remus, how are you feeling?" Mr. Lupin asked. Remus thought. His neck and face hurt a lot and he felt very tired.

"Okay." He replied, "Neck hurts but not that much," He lied. His mother smiled at her sons bravery.

"I'll be back." Mrs. Lupin said to her husband and scrambled out of the room. Remus said nothing to his father, nor did his father say anything to him. Remus located a small mirror on the side desk and peered into it, knowing he would see his childish features and sandy hair. Instead he yelled out in surprise and grabbed the mirror.

The reflection that showed, reflected a young sandy haired boy, his cheeks were scarred and he had puncture holes in the side of his neck, his eyes were bloodshot and one was bruised so darkly.

"Wha-what happened dad?" Remus asked his father in a small voice. Mr. Lupin cleared his throat.

"Remus. I know you have read all about Werewolves yes?" Mr. Lupin began His son nodded, "Well what happened was… I work with a werewolf, many of them actually, this particular werewolf was angered by- by something I has said and took out his anger on you." Remus felt his eyes go wide; he wasn't stupid, he knew what this meant.

"Dad, I'm a werewolf now aren't I?" Remus wanted to hear the words, even though he already knew, even though his life was ruined and even though he would never be normal, he wouldn't believe it until his father told him so.

"Yes son." Mr. Lupin replied heavily. "You are a werewolf."

Mrs. Lupin re-appeared with a woman in white, a nurse, upon seeing the look on her son's face, the tears welling up in his eyes, she walked to his side and grabbed his hand.

Involuntarily, Remus flinched, he apologized immediately, and the nurse explained that this was normal.

"He'll be very sensitive to touch and loud sounds," She explained as if Remus wasn't even there, "You can take him home but we advise that you bring him back on the next full moon to help with the transformation." The nurse left with a sympathetic glance at Remus. Remus felt an un-expected rage towards the nurse and slammed the mirror down onto the dresser with much force, too much force for a 7 year old. His parents stared at Remus in surprise.

"Mum, I want to go home… please?" Remus asked looking up at his mother. She nodded and Remus practically jumped out of bed, on the floor, he wobbled then fell over into his mother. Remus closed his eyes and let himself be carried by his other home, terrible thoughts whirling in his mind.

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