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"Just spill!"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on, you talk to her way more often than I do, what's on between you two?" "Nothing. She's my sister, in a sense."

Remus ducked his head as Sirius took a swipe at him with a fluffy pillow. He and Remus were alone in their dorm. James and Peter were serving detention with Professor McGonagall, they had transformed her hat into a large bird by mistake. Sirius had cornered Remus and demanded to know what was going on between him and Lily.

"Why do you need to know? I thought James fancied her." Remus said, holding his hands up to defend himself.

"He does! He's been really glum lately though and I think it's you guys that did it to him." Sirius said, throwing the pillow at Remus angrily. Remus batted it away and stood, he had been crouched on the floor.

"Talk to him then! Don't attack me!" Remus protested, struggling to keep his calm nerves. Sirius huffed and turned, ruffling up his black hair in a rush.

Remus knew Sirius was just trying to help him friend, James and Sirius had been friends forever, and Remus couldn't blame him.

When Sirius spun towards Remus again Remus flinched, as if expecting a backhand to the face. Sirius looked confused, and frantic.

"What?" Remus asked.

"Remus!" Sirius hissed.

"That's my name, don't wear it out." Remus said instantly. Sirius didn't grin; he grabbed Remus's shoulders and shook him roughly.

"It's the full moon!" Sirius gasped out. Remus did a double take. He glanced outside at the window, then to Sirius and back.

Remus let a long string of curses erupt from his mouth and scrambled for the dormitory door, flinging it open. Sirius was a step behind him. Remus pushed past people that were arriving in the common room, then out the fat lady's portrait.

"What's the rush!?" she called after them. They didn't reply. Remus led Sirius down to the entrance hall, where they were stopped by quite the sight.

Snape, Nott, Black and Avery were there, in a small circle, they were laughing and looking at something in front of them. Remus held out his arm and Sirius crashed into it. Both boys almost fell over and groaned, the Slytherins turned.

"Well, well, well…" said Black, walking over to her cousin and Remus. She twirled her long ragged hair over her shoulder with her finger and grinned at them.

"Oi, Lupin, Black, come to see the show?" asked Snape, grinning at them. He stepped back and Remus saw what they had surrounded. It was James and Peter. Peter was on his knees, clutching his chubby face in his hands and groaning, James was on his knees next to his friend, a hand on his back. Neither of them had their wands.

"What did you do!?" Remus demanded. Avery and Nott laughed, waling over. Bellatrix smirked and took a step back to Snape. Snape nodded to Avery and he took a step forward. Remus, in a quick movement, snatched his wand out from under his robes. He pointed it right at Avery's face.

"Not another step." He demanded. Sirius pulled out his own wand. They laughed. Then the other three Slytherins pulled out their wands, it was hopeless, they were outnumbered.

Remus looked around. James didn't seem able to get to his feet for some reason, and Sirius was hesitating. Remus looked around, and his gaze swept across everyone in the entrance hall. Finally he was forced to lower his wand, seeing no escape. He just needed to get out of there before the moon rose. They laughed as Sirius did the same and Remus clenched his fists.

"What now?" Sirius breathed to Remus. Remus didn't reply. Snape raised his wand, and opened his mouth to curse Remus. Remus flinched and squeezed his eyes shut. There was a blast of wind, a few yells and Remus stood still. He didn't move for the longest time. There was a scuffle around him.

"Remus." Said Sirius's voice and Remus opened his eyes. James and Sirius were in front of them. They had thrown their arms out to protect Remus; James must have launched himself over. Snape and the others could be seen rushing away with a shout.

"What-?" Remus stammered. Sirius and James weren't hurt.

"You okay?" James asked, looking at Remus.

"F-fine…" Remus said. Then he groaned and fell to his knees, a prickling feeling had started in his chest, as if the fur was starting to sprout.

"Remus!?" exclaimed Peter's voice, Remus looked up; Peter was bleeding from his mouth, and had a black eye. Remus's eyes had turned the yellow of his wolf form.

"Full moon!" Sirius whispered frantically, looking around. James nodded and seized Remus under his arms, pulling him up. Remus closed his eyes and pain reached his stomach and arms. Sirius seized his other arm and they both draped Remus's arms over their backs. Both of them were taller and Remus's feet dragged along the ground, out of the castle and the grounds.

Remus couldn't move much on his own, he felt his eyes sting, and his feet stretch.

"Guys-leave me!" he growled, falling to the snowy ground. Remus felt his back swell and tear through his robes, his cloak hung off of him loosely now.

"I'm not leaving you!" James said and grabbed Remus around the middle, hoisting him up and dragging him some feet away. Remus scratched and clawed at his own face as the fur sprouted. Then the vision of all Remus could see went dark and Remus realized he was in the tunnel.

He could hear distant shouts; his ears became smaller, but pointed as well. Remus felt his teeth scrap against each other as they turned to fangs.

"Go!" Sirius was shouting and the grip on Remus drew away. There was the sound of hurried steps, a banging and then silence. Remus growled, his instincts taking over as he looked around.

He was in the shack, the walls were still bloodstained from the last time he had been there. His nails grew to sharply curved claws, and his heart beat erratically against his now fur covered chest. Remus arched his back, pushing what were now paws against the closest wall, which turned out to be the door. He crashed to the ground in a fit of pain. Remus curved his back into an arch for a while, his body shook feebly for a moment.

There was the final snapping of his ribs as they scraped into place, and Remus lay panting on the hard wood.

"Go! Hurry!" Remus heard a distant voice shouting. He paused and jumped to his feet, placing one paw in front of the other. The smells wrapped around him, his head constricted and then Remus launched himself forward. He was panting as he dashed clumsily down the stairs. He saw three people pushing each other into a small narrow tunnel and uttered a soft growl.

"GO Sirius!" the dark haired boy was shouting, pushing the other dark one down the tunnel. He wore glasses, and Remus growled as they reflected moonlight onto him. The crevices in the shack let stray light in.

"Shh, did you hear that?" asked a small round faced boy Remus hadn't noticed. In unison the three turned slowly. Remus slashed out and growled with a sharp thrust of his head. They all screamed and the boy with glasses pushed the dark boy into the tunnel, and then dove after him, pulling the round face boy. Remus grabbed the hem of the glasses boy's robe in his mouth before they vanished and pulled them backwards to the shack, shaking his jaws.

"Remus! Let go!" Wailed the dark boy as he saw what was happening. Remus paused, his claws inches from the glasses on the boys face. They knew him…he knew them…right- Remus growled and shook his head. Of course he didn't know such humans, pathetic things. The two other boys watched in horror as Remus lifted their friend into the air, now grasping the back of his collar on Remus's' teeth. Remus shook the boy violently.

"James!" wailed the other two. James flailed terribly, trying to prevent Remus from sinking his teeth into the soft human flesh. Remus felt his eyes fill with blood lust as he thought of the blood, he wanted the blood. It was all too simple, he pinned the boy to the stairs, his back pressed to the steps, and the boy looked up at him, glasses askew.

"Remus…" he breathed. Remus blinked his butterscotch eyes at the boy, peering into the hazel of James's. Then something grabbed him from behind, arms wrapped around Remus's neck and pulled him off James. Remus sunk his claws into James's cloak and pulled, then the whole mass of arms, legs, and fur went flying. Remus threw off his attacker, tried to. It was the dark boy.

"Sirius no!" screeched the smallest boy. Sirius wrapped his legs around Remus's back and clung desperately, his limbs shaking. James tackled Remus around the legs, making Remus fall again. The last boy stood frozen.

"Peter!" yelled both boys. Peter drew his wand slowly and pointed it right at Remus.

"Terantelagra!" he roared, stuttering a bit. Remus felt his bottom legs jerk and trembled a bit, and then they gave a half sort of wave.

"You said it wrong!" roared Sirius, letting go and pushing Peter away from the disaster. It had caused a distraction though. Remus was blocking the entrance, they had no where to run but upstairs, which they all did so. Remus threw himself after them.

"GO!" screamed James, pushing his friends into the first room he saw and shutting the door as Remus approached. Remus rammed himself into the door once, twice, thrice. The door stayed as it was. Remus gave a howl of fury and scratched at his own face, clawing off clumps of skin and fur. He drew his claws along his torso, and he began to bleed. The crimson liquid stained his claws and Remus ran the curved weapons along his muzzle, sniffing his own blood. He could hear his prey cowering, but he couldn't get to them.

Remus threw himself against the door again, no use. Remus ran his claws up the door once, trying to desperately get in before collapsing in a distraught state and howling at the door. His eyes glowed with malice and he bit down on his own arm, feeling the pain with relief. He needed this pain, he deserved it. But it wasn't enough, he needed the human blood.


"J-James?" whimpered Peter, James held up a finger and pressed his ear to the door, listening intently. This didn't go according to plan. Great, good job, James, get stuck in a shack with three friends, one a whom turns to a werewolf. Hey why don't you LOCK yourself in the shack while your at it!? Good job, James.

James scoffed as no sound reached his ear.

"James, the suns…up." Sirius said. James looked around. There was no window in the room they were in, but light filtered in through the crevices in the door.

"Right, okay, is there a blanket anywhere?" James asked, already thinking ahead. Sirius plucked one from the wrecked bed in the room and tossed it to James, not bothering to ask what he needed it for. James opened the door slowly and looked around. Remus wasn't in sight, not as a werewolf, not as a boy.

"Where's he?" asked Peter, craning his head under James to look around.

"Uh…" James said smartly, looking as well. He took a step out and turned to find Remus. He found his friend all right. Remus was laid half way up the staircase close to them; he was naked, with a few scraps of robes hanging off his scarred shoulders. James threw the blanket over Remus and had decency to save Remus's pride. Remus didn't stir; he was faced away from the Marauders, his arms bent awkwardly under him. Sirius walked past James and crouched next to Remus's head. James did as well. Remus had his eyes closed, blood ran all the way along a fresh cut on hi face, right across his eyes. His hair was matted down with blood, sticky, and drying. The blanket was already starting to stain. What they could see of Remus's shoulders was bloody, gory, and torn. His arm, his right one, had deep puncture wounds as if he had bitten himself. James looked carefully.

He realized with a start that Remus, who had looked as young as any of them, looked older, like he had aged dramatically, his face, though scarred, held wisdom no one else knew, even as he slept. Sirius frowned and looked up at James, then Peter, and back to Remus with concern.

"Remus, wake up." James said, shaking Remus's shoulder suddenly. Remus snapped his eyes open and jolted into a sitting position, his hair wild. Remus reached out and grabbed James tight around the neck, panting.

"What the-!?" James stuttered, grabbing Remus's cold, skinny arm. Remus seemed to realize what he was doing and pushed James away.

"What-huh?" the boy stammered, looking confused. He grasped the blanket to him.

"Are you okay?" Peter asked, eyeing the scratches doubtfully.

"He's perfectly fine, Peter! Obviously, those bloody things are healthy, they are." Sirius said, standing and swiping his arm under his nose with a grin. Remus was the only one who didn't laugh, he hunched over, his spine visible through the thin fabric of the blanket.

"Are you okay?" Peter asked him suddenly. Remus snapped his gaze up to look at Peter and stared for a moment before he finally nodded and struggled to his feet.

"Easy…" Sirius muttered, as Remus shook violently. Remus clung on the railing of the stairs desperately. Remus shook his head and let go of the support. In a single moment he had fallen forward, down the stairs.

"Remus!" exclaimed Sirius, catching the smaller boy before he hit the ground. Remus pushed Sirius back, and he stumbled into the wall. Remus himself fell to the ground in exhaustion.

"M…okay." He breathed, getting to his feet again. James shook his head and grabbed Remus's arm, slinging it around his shoulders. Remus used his other hand to clutch the blanket to him. James wondered where Madame Pomfrey was, she usually came for Remus in the morning, right?

Sirius grabbed his cloak and swung it off, draping it around his friend, along with the blanket. Remus did nothing but to look at Sirius happily and with thanks.

"I'm…sorry…" Remus muttered as James started towards the tunnel with him.

"For what?" Peter asked, trotting along behind them.

"For…trying to hurt…you." Remus said, his head hung limply as they stumbled onwards.

"Wasn't your fault, don't even think that." Sirius said firmly, resting a hand on Remus's shoulder. Remus shook his head and didn't appear to have heard Sirius.

They helped his back to the school quickly and quietly. James was looking around in a fret, looking for teachers, trying not to be spotted. Remus's multiple bites and scratches left small droplets of blood, but that didn't matter.

By the time they reached the dormitory people were starting to rouse.

"We can't be seen!" hissed Sirius in James ear. James nodded. He wasn't worried for himself, but if anyone found Remus like this, questions would be asked, and no telling what would happen after that.

"Use a spell of something to lock the doors for a while; don't let people out until we get up to our dorm!" James said, adjusting Remus's arm on his shoulders. Sirius nodded and took out his wand.

"Remus taught me this…" he muttered, then said something under his breath. With a few clicks the doors along the boy's staircase were locked. There were mutters behind the door as Sirius grabbed Remus with James and they hauled him up the stairs.

"Guys, Remus, are you okay?" Peter asked, walking in front of them and looking over his shoulder. James looked at Remus, his eyes were closed, his head; limp. His sandy hair hung over his face though, obscuring most of the scratches there.

"Go, go...go." James muttered under his breath, urging himself forward. They reached their dorm and thrust the door open. Frank Longbottom wasn't here; James didn't know where he had gone though.

Sirius took Remus's weight as James slammed their door shut, and carried his friend to bed, setting him down gently. Sirius looked around for a moment, and then collapsed at the bottom of the bed, on the floor.

"Will he…" James started, looking at Remus's limp body.

"I don't know anything about medical stuff…" Sirius muttered quietly, desperately. They couldn't let a teacher know, that would mean revealing they knew Remus's secret. Nor could they just leave him as he was, he would be in much pain.

"I…I want to…" peter started and cut himself off, looking guilty. James knew he was going to say he wanted to sleep. James wanted to sleep as well, but his mind wouldn't let him, not whilst knowing Remus was injured.

"What are we going to do?" asked Sirius quietly, looking, for the first time in ever, scared. James didn't know, but they were turning to him as if he was their leader. He couldn't help but think that, if Snape hadn't held them up, none of this would have happened.

"For now, we let him rest."


Remus groaned and turned to his side, he felt in pain. His arms hurt, his legs hurt, his whole body hurt. It was like being on fire, if one could imagine what that was like. As he opened his eyes Remus saw that he was in the boys dorm in Hogwarts. He gasped and sat up quickly, looking around.

"Remus?" muttered a voice and Remus looked around. He saw James sitting on the floor next to his bed, tired, but awake.

"Wh-what?" Remus stammered, looking around.

"Oi, Sirius, Peter, getup." James said, nudging them. Remus realized all three of his friends were waiting for his to wake.

"Nhg?" asked Sirius smartly and James almost smiled, Peter turned and looked at Remus, rubbing his eyes.

"Hey, you're up!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah. What happened?" Remus asked. He couldn't really remember anything at all after turning. In his mind he remembered the transformation, and he remembered three people there…

"We had to stay in the shack all night!" Peter blurted.

"Peter!" James exclaimed, rubbing his own face.

"Sorry…" Peter said.

"Because of me?" Remus asked, feeling guilty.

"Well, yeah." Sirius said awkwardly, "we couldn't leave, because you were still…you know…So we stayed all night and got you back here, you don't remember?" he asked.

"Well obviously, smart one!" James said, hitting Sirius over the head smartly. Sirius laughed.

"What time is it?" Remus asked quickly.

"Night time, you slept all day." Peter said, looking about, "Frank isn't here yet though, I don't know where he could be."

"Dunno." Sirius said, getting to his feet to sit on the bed next to Remus. They all sat in awkward silence for a moment, no one quite knowing what to say.

"So…how do you feel?" asked Peter nervously, glancing at Remus quickly, then to James and Sirius and back. Remus froze. He felt just as bad as any other time as a werewolf, perhaps with more shame this time. He couldn't believe he had attacked his friends. Okay, so he had no memory of it, but he never did. Just the thought of it made Remus uneasy.

"Fine." Remus declared, feeling his arms and expecting to feel dried blood. There was nothing. Remus looked down, pushing up the sleeves of his robes. No blood. He always bit himself while a werewolf though, why…?

"We cleaned the blood, Remus." James offered, Remus felt his jaw go agape. They cleaned up the blood…for him? "It…there was so much, we were worried, so we cleaned up…but Sirius pointed out that there was a spell we could use. We didn't try magic though…so we used old clothes of ours." James said, gesturing to a pile of red rags by the window that Remus hadn't noticed before. Remus winced.

"Where's my wand?" Remus asked and Peter handed it to him, from where, Remus wasn't sure. He stood up shakily and walked over to the rags, pointing his wand at them.

"Scourgify." He breathed, and the fabric was instantly gone of the blood. "It's actually a good thing you didn't use that spell on me." he said, turning to his friends, who were all gaping.

"Why?" Sirius asked, trying to look like he wasn't' impressed with Remus's wand work.

"If you aimed wrong you could have taken all my blood." Remus said, offhandedly. He wasn't afraid of that though, he knew his friends wouldn't intentionally put him in harms way.

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