Chapter Seven: Canine Grief

The room was dark, the only light coming from the silvery moonlight streaming through the open window.
Just three days ago, Sirus and Remus had enthusiastically prepared the large, spacious bedroom for Harry to use when he finally came to live with them.

The walls were midnight-blue with gold accents and the plush carpet was a deep emerald-green.
The huge king-size wooden bed had a dark ebony frame and was fitted with creamy-white sheets underneath a dark red coverlet and three large gold-colored pillows.
Propped against the left wall were two small bookcases.
A large wardrobe took up a third of the right wall and a writing desk stood in the far corner.
There was even an owl perch for Hedwig.

Now the once-welcoming bedroom held an almost-suffocating aura of misery and depression.
Sirius had carried Harry's motionless body upstairs and gently laid the fifteen year old on the crimson bedspread before draping a beautiful golden blanket with a stag, a Grim, and a wolf stitched in shimmering silver thread over him, covering the dead boy from his feet to midway up his chest.
Harry's left arm lay limply at his side and his right hand was tightly clasped between both of Sirius's own as the Grim animagus knelt at his bedside, sobbing heartbrokenly over the lifeless form of his young godson.

It had been eighteen hours since Sirius and Remus had found Harry's body and the young boy looked as though he were only sleeping.
His emerald eyes were closed and his face was filled with peace, the light from the full moon giving it a pearly, luminescent glow.
But regardless of Harry's appearance, Sirius knew that his godson was dead.
His light peach complexion was now white as snow, the pallor of his face stood out in stark contrast against the inky blackness of his messy hair, his soft pink lips were completely colorless, and his skin was so cold, as though he'd just climbed out of a frozen lake after spending twenty minutes swimming in said lake.

Several more tears trickled out of the corner of Sirius's right eye and splashed onto Harry's limp, unmoving fingers as the griefstricken godfather clutched the teen's icy hand to his own much warmer cheek.
There had been so much that he'd wanted to show Harry, so many things he'd planned for them to do together.
He had heard from Lily how Vernon and Petunia despised all things magical, had known that they would most likely transfer that hatred to Harry.
He'd planned on picking Harry up at dawn on his birthday.
He'd even adopted the boy, for Merlin's sake!

Sirius and Remus had finished filling out the adoption papers just before noon on the 30th, officially making Harry their son.
Them they'd sent the forms back to the Wizarding Adoption Center (WAC) via Romulus, Remus's new screech owl.
Thank Merlin that the Ministry of Magic had no power when it came to adoptions, otherwise Sirius would probably have found himself back in Azkaban and the adoption revoked.
He was going to show Harry an incredible new world filled with happiness, safety, and the unconditional love of a parent.
But now Sirius would never get that chance.

Moony carefully nudged the door open with his nose.
He could smell the sickly-sweet stench of death, mingling heavily with the light vanilla scent of his cub.
His mate was in the room too, there was no mistaking that fruity odor.

The light-brown wolf whined softly in his throat as he trotted around the bed, gently butting his great furry head against his grieving mate's side.
Sirius glanced up dully before a shaking hand went to scratch behind the werewolf's ears.
Moony gave a low whimper and lightly sprang up onto the bed, careful not to disturb the blankets before moving over to the other side of the bed and curling up against his cub's side.
Half a second later, he felt the mattress shift as Sirius transformed into Padfoot and curled up at Harry's other side, the two canines raising their heads and looking towards the window, letting out a mournful, keening howl before finally resting their heads on top of their son's still chest and slowly falling asleep.