Hello all. And if you've clicked this, Welcome to my first story!

First is first, I own nothing!

Second, I based this story mainly around an event that is sensitive and is rated M for a reason. It has its comedic and dramatic moments, but this first chapter is graphic. Which means if you are not a fan of content with strong violence, sex or profanity, don't read.

Third: Not Beta'd! I repeat, Not Beta'd.

A.J. is the main character. Punk is her pairing partner and the story will involve various ships throughout the timeline given. I have started my writing point after the events of WWE's No Way Out after A.J. helped CM Punk win (She did okay. But honestly, who's complaining?) and I'm breaking the real life wall, so no crazy A.J., Kaitlyn is still her best friend and Eve isn't an evil people power loving Hoeski.

So enjoy!

From 11:43-11:47.

The fences that protected the innocence and happiness in her world were blown away and destroyd in three minutes. And it wasn't even her fault. It wasn't a wrong place-wrong time situation. The person who did this to her might not have known what he was doing. He picked her for a reason, reasons beyond her control. Why he decided to do this to her was something she was never going to understand.

It was a great night at work. Well, it's great when you're a WWE diva (still) in training, but on the rise to being the best. And her work was done since she did was she had to do for the night.

Greeted a crowd in her home state with a ton of thank yous and a shit load of autographs: Check.

Did her hair and make-up: Check.

Laced up her knee-high converses and find a cute outfit: Check.

Dramatically hit the floor when Kane bumps into her and help CM Punk retain his title: best check yet.

Make the fans think she'd gone from geek goddess to crazy bitch: Check well done times three.

She was done working finally. She got the chance to hug and kiss the family over lunch earlier that day and they sat front row, enjoying the Pay Per View. Not that everyone was happy and the night was up, she looked forward to her night out with her best friend, tons of food, and a serious Dave and Buster's night with some of the other superstars on her side.

Everything was okay until she locked eyes with this man. A man who'd somewhat paid attention to her and was nice to her. He respected her as a woman and acknowledged her way before she got storylines or ring action on Smackdown. But tonight, something was off about him. As she walked up to the locker room to prepare, he just watched her. With his eyes, head and body movement, he studied her with this weird feature of gloominess on his face. He suddenly had an depressing ball of energy around him and she took notice. She didn't understand it, but she didn't pay any mind to it.

She should have.

When A.J. came back to her hotel, she changed out her clothes and sat around, waiting for Kaitlyn to meet with her, who was late. She guessed he was either flirting with someone or fighting with Maxine or Rosa at the arena. Either way she was late, which made her decision to head to the lobby and wait for her easy. She was ready to leave and when she opened the door, he was standing there. He just forcefully walked into her room as if she was waiting for him to arrive. So she just said hello and stood up to leave, but his hands reached the lock and turned it, she took step back. This didn't freak her out completely. He's always been a fear-tactic and egotistical person, but her joker. This was probably a joke or prank from the roster to welcome her in. It's been almost a year since she's been on the brand and it was a little late for pranks. Also, pranks are supposed to be done at the arena, not off the arena area. Something wasn't right.

He walked forward and closer as her heart started to race, seeing the red in his eyes and smelling alcohol on his breath. Something was off and now she was getting nervous. She tried to move passed him carefully while reasoning with him. That's when everything went wrong.

His grip was strong, vigorous and painful on her skinny arms. He hauled himself closer to her and kept his eyes locked on her and those eyes trailed up and down her petite body. "What are you doing-"

"Shut up!" she jumped at the boom in his voice because it petrified her. It terrified her. She's never been handled like this and didn't know what to do. "You know you want this. You want it from a superstar! Is that it?"

His lips forcefully landed on hers and she screeched against him, kicking and squirming in his arms, and once he yanked away quickly, his hands made a mark on her face after hitting her. "Is that it, huh? I'm supposed to be the top champ! I'm supposed to be the star! I should have all the attention." She fell to the ground and she held onto her face, eyeing the door which started to look too far away to reach. She started cry as his foot connected with her ribs and when he leaned over her, picking her up again and throwing her against the bed, he kept his hands around her neck, inhibiting her from screaming for help.

"Why are you getting all the attention? Look at you, you're fucking pathetic! You're not attractive, and you're weak. But you're a star now? You get more attention than I do? That's stupid." she just closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them, someone would come for her or helps her. Waiting for someone, anyone, to hear them. He was shouting, throwing her around and beating her up with this reckless aggression. She felt her body going numb.

Nothing happened. No one pounded on the door and tried to break it down. No one tried to help her. When her hearing started to slow down, she could hear her heart pound through her ears while this man tore her clothes right off her small body. And she tried to break from him as he kept a tighter grip on her neck. "Pleaseā€¦" he stopped and she let a tear fall from her eyes. "Let me go. Don't do this." She spoke slowly with pleading eyes. But she saw the sadistic smirk on his face and knew her words, her pleads for her life, meant nothing to him.

"Don't worry." He caressed her face and she shook her head violently, and before he could continue, he turned her head and leaned into her ear, saying the worlds that would haunt her forever. "I just want to see what makes you so special." He punched her ribs again, causing her ribs to rise up and loose the grip on her tightly closed legs.

He forced her legs open and pushed his hand over her mouth, she felt him roughly continued to violate her sexually. She screamed so loud that it burned her throat to do so. He kept talking to her aggressively and she noticed the clock on the nightstand, watching it change from 11:43 to 11:45 and feeling nothing at all. She wanted it to be over so she watched the clock, waiting for it to change and move faster.

But it didn't. She felt completely helpless and overpowered. The pain was so much and once the clock hit 11:46, she stopped screaming and crying, watching everything fade in and out when he finished, said his final words to her then he left her alone, bloody battered and broken. At 11:47, he just stumbled out of the room, leaving a crack in the door and leaving her where he left her, she struggled to talk without any sound leaving her lips.

Everything around her felt wet and cold when she was passed out. When she was able to wake up for a few seconds, she hear voices calling her name and saw a face that she loved to look at, telling her they were with her. But they looked down at her with pain and disgust in there faces, knowing something wrong couldn't be prevented.

Someone took her virtue, her self-respect and everything important to her when it was all said and done.

He took away some many pieces of her in three minutes. Pieces that are going to picked up for a long time.

So...how'd I do?

Next chapter: The people that are close to A.J., along with the one's who barely know her, all meet and get caught in the aftermath