A friendly touch.

A smile, an innocent caress.

The way she drawled out her name in that sexy southern way.

Her sassy walk…those tight skirts…firm hips.

An arch of a perfect eyebrow as she catches you studying her from across the room.

You gulp and hope she hasn't noticed the way your eyes caressed her body.

A blush of cheeks and slight pursing of the lips tells you that she has.

You blush also as deep brown eyes lock with yours.

You feel something- a spark- desire-love?

She breaks eye contact and you know she feels it too.

You are so caught up in your thoughts that you don't even notice the fact that she has gotten up and is heading towards you.

You shake yourself out of your daydream and follow her every movement with your eyes.

When she bends over to whisper something to you, you hope that she doesn't notice the goose bumps breaking out all over your arms.

But she "casually" lays her soft hand on your arm and leans in towards you.

Her perfume is haunting.

"May I see you for a moment?"

Husky. Hungry. Tender.

You stand and follow.

Everything is a haze to you and all you can see is the sweet sashay in her walk.

You follow her upstairs.


You instantly get nervous at this.

You force your eyes from her derriere and look at the pictures that line the stairway.



Lovers lost.

She remembers the late nights. The screams. The tears.

Her pain and grief pushed onto you as you held her tightly.

How bad you wanted to take her in your arms and love her.

She clears her throat and for the first time your notice she is standing in front of her bedroom door.

"I noticed the way you were looking at me."

You swallow and suddenly, a spot on the floor becomes of vital interest to you.

"Now, don't you be ashamed… I…I felt it…I have felt it…for awhile."

You hear the tremble in her voice.

You blink.

You look up and straight into her eyes.

Her doe eyes are teary and yet they are filled with desire.

You want to say something, anything.

You can't.

You let her speak.

"I have been afraid to acknowledge this…this feeling. But I know it is deep and it is real… I don't know if my words are making any sense to you…"

She is unsure and you think its adorable.

You shakily move near her.

You tangle you fingers in her hair.

You are amazed at her vulnerability.

The slight flush on her cheek enthralls you.

You breathe a warm breathe across her lips and she inhales sharply.

You press a soft kiss onto rose petal like lips.

You savor it like the last drop of water on a hot day.

You could stay in this moment all night.

You take her hands in yours, the palms surprisingly clammy.

You caress them and caress her sweet lips with your own.

Your brain needs oxygen. You release her lips.

You still have yet to form words.

You let your eyes communicate.

Desire. Need. Tenderness. Love.

You reach behind her and grasp the door knob.

"Mary Jo…"

Your name sounds so good on her lips.

You open the bedroom door.


She looks at you with excitement as you usher her into her bedroom.

For she knows that for you both, this is the beginning of the end.

No more loss.

No more emptiness.