Scream 5


Leila- A sweet girl who loves watching scary movies with her friend Alex.

Alex - Leila's friend. She is really sweet and understanding. She cares for Leila.

Sidney- Survivor of all four Ghostface attacks. She tries to live a normal life, but things lead one way to another to stop her

Gale- Mother of two and struggling writer. Is getting over her old life and trying to get a different job while being a mom, wife, and solve the mystery of the Ghostface disappearances

Dewey- The Sheriff of Woodsboro and tries to protect his children from getting involved as well as Gale but she does so anyway. Dewey tries to help but gets in the way and is demoted to deputy so he tries to make his way back to the top

Tatum- Gale and Dewey's daughter. She is smart, cute, and charming and is the happy type of girl and can be a bit stubborn and hates secrets so when there is a new Ghostface out there, she wants in and she has a secret with something to do with Ghostface

Neena- Gale and Dewey's other daughter who is just a baby and Gale tries to protect her from everybody

Reporter- A reporter which states information

Cory- A kid who has known Sidney ever since college and likes to pull pranks on Sidney

Reno- Friend of Lindsey, Has a sad background

Maribel- The big cheese, wants to have fame and glory so she has a plan to get some

Lindsey- The friend who is a victim of multiple attacks

Jay- A little friend who tries to have things go normally

Sandy- The friends of Maribel usually follows her around

Maureen Prescott- Sidney's dead mother killed by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher

Tina- Tatum's friend, has a mysterious background and full of questions

Mother #1 and #2- Bickering for the protection of their "children"

Forensics Guy- A forensics guy who uncovers something that changes horror movies.

Scream 5

Act 1

Scene 1: Leila is sitting at home and watching tv. Phone rings and Leila answers it

Leila: Hello?

Ghostface: Hello. Who is this? Wait, I must have the wrong number, I'm sorry. Anyway, now that I've got you on the phone lets talk.

Leila: Ummm no thanks. Who is this?

Ghostface: What are you watching?

Leila: Nothing. Just some scary movie. Who are you?

Ghostface: That sounds like FUN!

Leila: Wait who told you I was watching a movie?

Ghostface: No one. I just heard the tv on.

Leila: I'm nowhere near the tv. I'm hanging up now.

Ghostface: Don't hang up on me. I will cut you into a million pieces.

Leila hangs up the phone

Leila returns and continues to watch tv when a knock on the door. Leila answers it but no ones there. The movie ends

Leila goes upstairs to her bed and goes on the computer. She goes on Facebook and gets off soon. She goes to her bed. She hears a noise and looks downstairs. She sees nothing and heads back to her bed. She closes the door and gets on the bed. She gets a phone call. She answers tentatively.

Leila: Hello?

Alex: Hey babe! I'm coming over so we can watch some films. I'm bringing Stab and Wrong Turn. I know, it's a horrible movie, but I want to watch it.

Leila: Yeah, that's fine. Hurry. Some creep just called me. That's not the worst part.

Alex. What is?

Leila: He threatened to kill me. Then there was a knock at the door. I answered but nobody was there. Do you think it was him? Do you think I will die because I answered the door? I'm really freaking out here.

Alex: It was probably nothing. Whoa-

The phone hangs up. Leila curls up and holds on a toy cat. She hears a noise underneath the bed. She slowly looks underneath and Ghostface is there. Leila screams and Ghostface drags Leila underneath. Scene cuts to Alex. She is looking for her phone. She is on the front lawn of the house. She is holding multiple films and she grabs her phone. She tries to enter the home but the door is locked. She is about to knock but changes her her mind she goes to the back and enters the house. The scene cuts back to the bedroom. Leila grabs a pipe and hits Ghostface. She crawls out her clothes ripped and a stab wound in her shoulder. She runs to the stairs with Ghostface following her. She locks herself in a bedroom. Ghostface breaks in and finds room empty and looks around and Leila hits him with a pipe and runs downstairs but trips and falls and hurts herself and tries to crawl to safety. Alex comes in and sees this. She tries to help Leila when Ghostface comes in front of her. Ghostface stabs Leila multiple times and throws her across the room. Alex backs up and throws several dvds at the killer. She runs to the kitchen and quickly grabs a knife. She attempts to stab Ghostface but fails. She runs but Ghostface grabs her by the hair and drags her around. Alex screams and claws but is unsuccessful. Ghostface brings out knife and stabs Alex. Alex screams and falls to the ground. Ghostface stabs her numerous times and Alex is lifeless. Ghostface tosses her body where Leila is. Suddenly Alex comes back to life unknown to Ghostface (she was faking her death). She gets up and dials 911.

911: 911, what is your emergency?

Alex: Please. My name is Alexandra Salmon, and someone is trying to kill me. He killed my friend Leila Surrana. Please, help me! I am at 14607-

The phone is cut off. She sees Ghostface outside cutting cables. Alex looks around and locks herself in a bathroom. She is very noisy and grabs some Lysol. She hides under the sink. Ghostface breaks in and looks around. He opens the under the sink door and Alex sprays Ghostface's face. She crawls out and hits Ghostface. She crawls around due to her wounds. She crawls out the door and into her car. She locks it and Ghostface attacks. He breaks the glass and grabs Alex and pulls her out of the car and drags her into the house. He closes the door and screaming is heard and blood seeps out of the crack from under the door. Title sequence. 5cream.