Act 3

Scene 1- Tina at the police station

Dewey: What were you thinking? Going out, pretending to be attacked and being the survivor? That is what Jill did, and do you know what happened to her?

Tina: Yes, you killed her

Dewey: Why Tatum? Why?

Tina: She wanted to have fame and glory, I guess.

Suddenly Tina's phone rings and Tina answers it.

Tina: Hello?

Ghostface: Well well well. If it isn't little Tina. You killed Tatum.

Tina: LIAR.

Ghostface: If you want to see Tatum alive, follow my instructions-

Tina: NO. You follow my instructions. If you don't let her go now we will find you and hunt you down until you are found. You have until 6 to let her go.

Hang up phone

Dewey: What did you do? You killed Tatum.

Tina: I did what had to be done. She is a distraction and you know it. We can't have her in our way.

Dewey: If she dies, I'm arresting you for neglect and manslaughter.

Tina: You think you can arrest me? I have layers hidden inside of me. You've seen nothing yet.

Dewey: You're not Tatum's friend anymore.

Tina: That's her decision and if you make her not see me, she will break apart from you.

Gale comes in

Gale: Dewey. Are you doing you best to find Tatum?

Dewey looks at Tina and then looks at Gale and says yes.

Ghostface can be seen outside the window and pulls out a knife and cuts himself and puts blood on the window and then leaves

Scene 2-Gale comes in the room and sees the blood and screams and Dewey comes in and sets up the crime scene

Later, forensics take blood for analyzing and Sidney is seen walking her puppies out outside and then receives a phone call from Lindsey

Lindsey: Look I have to talk to you. All this is freaking me out.

Sidney: I'm sorry I can't. Find some friends and hangout.

Lindsey: I can't. My friend is gone. Dead for all I know. Can I hang out with you. Please.

Sidney: All right. Just for a little bit.

Lindsey: Thanks! Let me go get my stuff, can I meet you at your home?

Sidney: Sure.

Lindsey goes to her car and then we then see Lindsey being held at knife point by a unseen figure who moves in one Lindsey

The scene comes back to Sidney walking when she reaches her home walks in and closes the door a and Ghostface comes out and attacks Sidney when a net hits Ghostface and he falls to the ground and Maribel and Sandy come out

Sidney: What is this?

Sandy: We caught Ghostface.

Maribel: We lured Ghostface here and we hid while you came in and Ghostface attacked you and we caught Ghostface.

Sidney: You came in my house? You nearly got me killed. How could you?

Maribel: We caught Ghostface. Now we get to have all the fame and glory.

Sidney looks back and sees the net is cut up and Ghostface is not there.

Sidney ushers everyone upstairs into her bedroom and locks the door when Ghostface comes up behind them and stabs Sandy and exits through the window. Sandy falls to the ground and attempts to crawl away when Sidney calls the police and Maribel tries to run when Sidney catches her harm and doesn't let go and police sirens are heard