Scene 3- The scene is on Jay and he is watching Stab when he receives a phone call

Jay: Hello?

Ghostface: Who is this?

Jay: Nice try Reno. Trying to scare me?

Ghostface: You got me. Sorry.

Jay: Okay, you've had your fun and stop using the Ghostface app.

Ghostface: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Jay: Why not?

Ghostface: Because I'll be having too much fun cutting you.

Jay: What are you talking about? Reno stop- *pause* Umm. I'll have to call you back. My parents just came home.

Ghostface: What are you talking about? Your at home all by yourself. And I'm on your front porch.

Jay: I got to go. I'll call the police.

Ghostface: How? Your phone is dead. The batteries are about to run out, in plus you'll be dead soon.

Jay hangs up phone and locks the door. Then Jay hears noise upstairs and runs down to the garage and hides. He hears a noise in the wine cellar and opens the door and Ghostface runs after Jay. Jay runs upstairs and in to his bedroom and locks the door just as Ghostface is about to enter. The Jay runs to the interconnecting bathroom and locks the door. Jay hear the door thumping and he runs into the attic and hides. He hears footsteps and the attic door opens and Jay hides in the corner and Ghostface comes in and Jay runs out and goes out of his bedroom and tries to get into another room which is locked and runs downstairs and gets on the patio when Ghostface comes in and Jay panics and tries to run for the front door which he can't as Ghostface manages to get in front of it and Jay runs out the back door and yells for help when Ghostface jumps on him and he brings out his knife when Jay kicks him and reaches inside of his house and locks the door and all the doors and when he looks back Ghostface is gone. Jay tries to call using the phone, but it is dead. Jay goes upstairs and into his bedroom and re-locks the door and attempts to open the window when Ghostface is seen coming out of the closet which was the same room with the attic and comes up behind Jay and brings out knife and stabs him and Jay falls down and Ghostface goes on top of him when Julia his girlfriend comes in and hits Ghostface and helps Jay up when Ghostface attacks them both and they run into the interconnecting bathrooms and locks the door which is jingling and they cry out for help when the scene cuts to black.

Scene 4- Tina receives a text saying Tatum is released an can be found at a forest area around Woodsborrow Forest. Dewey and Gale go out to find the hospital and Tina talks to a forensics guy

Tina: Did you manage to find out whose blood that is?

Forensics: That's classified.

Tina: Classified? Isn't that talk of like 200 years ago? Come on, tell me.

Forensics guy looks around and says: It's Maureen Prescott's blood. But it's fresh. Like really fresh

Tina: Maureen Prescott's still alive?

Forensics: Apparently

Tina: Who knows about this?

Forensics: Well we do, and Dewey.

Tina: How many of you are there?

Forensics: Just three of us.

Tina smiles and says: Good

Tina leaves and Forensics leave and Tina rushes to the door before it closes and slips inside and looks up the blood and deletes and and replaces the blood with Sidney's. She then leaves and exits the lab and calls someone and when she's done she throws the phone in a nearby puddle and a car comes and she gets in and she drives with an unseen figure.

Scene 5- Sidney: You are both in huge trouble when I get ahold of Dewey.

Sidney tries to call Dewey but he doesn't pick up and Sidney looks out the window and finds no Ghostface and looks back to find Maribel and Lindsey gone.

Sidney looks around and walks downstairs and finds a blood trail leading to a closet but when Sidney opens the door to find nothing. Sidney goes outside and tries to get some signal when Maribel runs outside and stops when she sees Sidney and runs back inside when Sidney starts to chase her and locks the door. Sidney enters through the back and receives a phone call from Ghostface.

Ghostface: Where is everybody?

Sidney hangs up the phone the phone rings again Sidney answers

Ghostface: Don't hang up on me. Don't you watch scary movies? The Stab films are perfect examples of this. No one is safe. Not even you. *laughs*

Sidney: Why? Why are you taking all these people? They are innocent.

Ghostface: Spare me the speech. I know what I'm doing. They'll be dead soon enough. I'll make sure of that.

Sidney hangs up and hears a noise upstairs and goes up. She finds a message saying get out and turns around and runs downstairs but the doors are locked. All the doors and window are bolted and looks around and goes to the garage and opens the garage door and starts to head out when the garage door close and Sidney looks back and sees Ghostface and leaves the garage and locks the door. Sidney runs back and tries to open the door and yells for help when she hears Lindsey screaming. Lindsey stops screaming and Sidney receives a text saying WHO'S NEXT?

Sidney calls Dewey and he answers but Ghostface speaks saying he cloned her cell phone and replaced the cloned one to her making all the numbers to him and she is unable to call 911 or anything and he hangs up. Sidney angrily hits the door and looks around.