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The Mistakes He Made

Robin had screwed up a lot in his career as a Hero. In fact, to say that was an understatement. Off of the top of his head, Robin could list several things he had done wrong:

Letting Slade use him as his apprentice.

Letting Slade get inside of his head.

Allowing his team mates to become more important than his own life.

Letting his competitive side almost destroy him.

And of course, the most prominent screw-up, inventing Red X.

Robin stared at the empty suit that hung in his room, eyeing the black material. Inventing Red X had been the worst mistake he'd ever made. As if getting close to Slade and crossing the line from hero to villain weren't enough, Robin had lied to the only people he could trust; the only people who trusted him for that matter.

Slade did not trust you. And you did not trust us.

Starfire's words ran through his head like an annoying alarm clock that wouldn't shut up. A sick reminder that Robin truly had screwed up; everyone had noticed it.

"Robin?" Came a sweet, innocent voice from the door to his room. Robin couldn't help but smile at the sound, knowing the person whom it belonged to was the only person he wanted to see right now.

"Hey, Star." Robin replied, turning around to face the alien girl. She smiled at him, and walked into the room, noticing the Red X suit wasn't locked away as it normally was.

"Are you doing the admiring of your work?" Starfire asked. He looked at her incredulously, shaking his head.

"No. There's nothing to admire about Red X, Star. Creating him was a mistake. I've told you this already. I almost hurt you guys. I lied to you. I turned my back on everything I knew. And the only thing that came out of it was a victory for Slade." Robin whispered, turning around and pressing his hands against the metal table in front of him. Starfire frowned and sat on top of the table, sliding across it so that Robin's hands were on either side of her, and his face was inches away from hers.

She has no idea the affect she has on me. Robin thought, allowing his eyes to meet the sparkling emerald eyes staring back at him.

"Robin, perhaps Red X was not a mistake." Starfire said, and Robin backed away for a moment, before realizing that he liked being closer to her better than being away. This was definitely a problem for Robin. The way he wanted Starfire, as more than just a friend; more than just a teammate. The way that now, with their mouths merely inches away from each other, Robin could lean forward and kiss her, the way she had kissed him when she first came to Earth.

Moments of silence passed between the two Titans, and their breathing coincided, as if they were on the same wavelength, thinking the same thoughts, and acting upon the same reflexes: Starfire would brush a stray hair out of her face, and Robin would run his hands through his disheveled black hair. Starfire would blink, and Robin would blink in response. The two shared a silent, unspoken language that no one else could have understood.

Finally, Robin broke the comfortable blanket of silence that had settled around the two of them, "what do you mean maybe Red X wasn't a mistake?"

"Red X in itself was a rather foolish idea, Robin. But perhaps it was all for the better because of the lessons you learned." Starfire explained, and Robin rubbed his chin with his hand, trying to process what she meant. Starfire was always several intellectual levels above the other Titans. What she lacked in knowledge of the English language, she made up for in the ways that she saw things. For example, looking at Red X as a lesson, not a mistake.

"And what lessons did I learn from Red X?"

"To always trust us, no matter what the circumstances are. Imagining you, as a villain, was the most terrifying thing I have ever had to imagine. Trying to picture the Titans without you was terrible; I couldn't do it. No matter how much I told myself I had to hate you, I couldn't."

"I'm glad you couldn't hate me, Star." Robin whispered, her words running through his head. He flipped them around, looking for double meanings, a loop hole, anything."

I couldn't hate you. What was Starfire saying? That even if Robin was a villain, she wouldn't be able to hate him. Was it possible that her feelings were as strong as his?

"Yes, well, regardless, you need not dwell on Red X anymore. That is all a matter of the past, Robin. You should be thinking about now, and the future." Starfire said, hopping off the table, and walking towards the door. She gave him one last fleeting glance before walking away, leaving Robin staring after her.

Letting Starfire get away.