AN: Here I am. And to my shame and proud, this chapted is smut. Soft smut, warm smut, little ball of sex, hehe. So if you don't feel comfortable reading some hot gay action you should skip it. Beta'd by Eveespirit again, it can be read as a close continuation of the last chapter. I hope you all like it and thanks for reading. =)

"God, I've missed this." Steve said melting under Loki's lips. "I've missed you, all of you." The trickster bite, licked and kissed every possible space on the other man's neck feeling him moving restlessly and grind his erection against Loki's hips.

"I've missed this too, terribly." His pale hands crept inside the shirt Steve wore and Loki stared him in his eyes. "But I found joy in talking to you, knowing you, without distractions." Steve blinked surprised, smiling like a fool, before agreeing.

"I did too, a lot." His hand caressed Loki's face tenderly for a few moments and he knew he was actually seeing Loki through his green and shiny orbs, every bit of him. The moment only ended when the blond man crushed his lips onto his lover's in a kiss full of need and hunger.

He tried to unbutton the other man's shirt but it proved an impossible task when Loki's hand slipped across his abs and caressed his cock over the denim. The only thing Steve's hands managed to do was clutch, one in his lover's shirt, the other into his black hair.

It didn't took long to the ex god broke the kiss and return to ravish Steve's neck and earlobe. He wanted everything he could get and this time, he wasn't willing to let anyone interrupt them. Palming the stiff cock and scratching Steve's shoulder, Loki was delighted with the small and various sounds he was hearing.

"You moan so deliciously, Steve." His voice sounded low and wicked and that only made the soldier's hips buck. "You really like it, don't you? How many nights did you went to bed thinking of me?" Steve moaned louder this time and Loki's head was aching from the strength his hair was being pulled but he quite liked the feeling. "How many times did you touched yourself pretending it was me? My hands, perhaps my lips…"

"Ah, so many..." He shivered and blushed immediately. Not that he used to admit it not even to himself, and he certainly only did that after asking Jarvis to stop recording his room or in the shower… But it was completely true. And now he was squirming under the touch of the man he craved for. He could feel Loki's erection pressing his thigh and Steve felt stupid for a moment for neglecting his lover's needs. The hand he kept in Loki's shirt made its way down to rub him over the thin pants as well and it ripped a moan from the man.

"I wished to go slowly with you… To show you the countless ways to please and be pleased with no hurry. But you – hm – you are a hungry man." Loki chuckled abusing now the other side of Steve's neck, tracing patterns with his tongue and sucking the spots until he was completely sure a bruise was going to remain in the next morning.

"I need you." The soldier's voice barely came out; he was panting, squirming, burning. "I want you and I need you, Loki." Loki smiled at his name and how it sounded wonderful coming out from that pretty hero lips.

"How do you want me, Steve?" He whispered, biting an ear and feeling now two hands scrambling and trying to open his pants without success. Loki mimicked the movement and opened Steve's denim first, pushing his underwear down with the pants and quickly returning to his place- his righteous place.

The words that were coming out turned into sighs and moans as he wrapped his hand over Steve's exposed cock. It took the blond some good moments to regain the power to think (or something almost there) and gave up opening that goddammit pants, stroking Loki from over them while the man repeated the question. "How do you want me?"

"I don't know, anyhow, anyway you want…" The stronger man panted, feeling deeply grateful for the wall behind his back, because his legs were far gone the ability of holding him up. Only the wall and the weight of Loki pressing him were keeping him standing. The trickster laughed a malicious laugh and carved his short nails in the exposed hip in front of him.

"That is quite a dangerous answer, my dear." Steve smiled again quickly before complaining from a too-hard bite in his neck. Loki kissed tenderly the place and caressed it slightly with the tip of his tongue, one hand never leaving the hard cock. "Pardon me. I am only testing how far can I go, how much do you enjoy it."

"It's okay, it's fine, oh…" Oh, he was burning inside out and the cool hands of the trickster were somehow only making him feel hotter. Instead of relieving his desire, all of that was making him want more, crave for more skin, more contact, for the final accomplishment of a wish that consumed them for so long.

"Anyhow, anyway I want you?" Loki asked and the tone of his voice made part of the soldier fear as other part screamed yes in the back of his mind. He nodded, out of breath. "What if I wanted to take you and make you mine?" The simple thought of having the dark haired man on top of him, taking him, fucking him, made Steve struggle for air and squeeze the cock in his hand with an unexpected force.

"Oh, I…" Loki held a grin, face-buried in the soldier's neck, waiting for the answer even though he already knew it. "I think I…" Steve gulped feeling his face burn terribly, unable to make himself say the words. He knew, the tiny part of his mind that was still shy and old-fashioned, he shouldn't want that. But… "I would love that."

Loki took his lips in a kiss that was surprisingly kind, letting his hands now travel idly in the blond hair and soft skin. He could see the physical desire, he knew Steve wanted it, but he also knew there was much more beyond the anxious touches and the lustful kisses. He understood now the difference between love and lust and he could never explain how much he was glad to be able to see it.

When the kiss ended Steve took a long time to open his eyes, feeling light-headed and silly. But when he finally stared Loki and his calm smile, felt their bodies pressing together and absorbed the rush of things showing thru the trickster's face, he knew it. Even if they stopped what they were doing, it was way too late to go back in what they were feeling.

They walked clumsily together never disconnecting their eyes until they found the huge bed in the back of the room and fell into the soft mattress with a thump. It was a funny moment when Steve remembered to take off his sneakers before climbing up and Loki watched him kicking the shoes away with impatience. He laughed at the rush of the soldier's acts while he stood up again to undress himself.

Steve, spread in the bed and awfully anxious, took some moments to realize Loki was putting up a show for him. He gulped as pale hands unbuttoned the grey shirt, licked his lips as the clothing slipped from his shoulder to the floor, resisted the urge to touch his own cock when Loki unfastened his belt slowly and took off his own shoes, deciding to leave the pants on, where his erection showed obscenely.

Loki climbed in the bed and dragged himself slowly towards the soldier, staring him without blink. Like a lynx, all subtle and yet so dangerous, he wanted to ravish his prey taking all the time he could. Steve felt a shiver run through his spine under the burning look in Loki's eyes.

When he finally laid over the soldier, his lithe but strong frame weighting barely nothing over Steve, the warmness made them both moan. Steve pushed him away to his surprise but only to take off his own t-shirt and toss it aside, embracing Loki with his arms and pulling him close again.

"Loki…" The blond man moaned, red as a beet, making the ex god smile. Their skins felt like fire and silk and ice and they sunk in another kiss, that started gently and soon escalated to a battle of tongues, lips and bites fueled by their desire.

Loki was grinding his hips again, feeling the unusual arousal that his human body was under. It was so very different than anything he felt before; warmer and better and he felt all his rationality slip away as Steve found a way to take off the pants and boxers that trapped his ankles and closed his strong legs around his lover.

Something was said in the middle of the kiss and Loki didn't knew anymore who said that or what it meant. Steve managed to turn his face and spoke clearly. "Take it off. Your pants, take it off, please, let me feel you." Loki obeyed faster than he could believe and sunk again over the blond, moaning from the contact of the completely exposed skins.

He couldn't stand that anymore, any longer, not with Steve all hard and willing moving under him, not knowing it all mattered so much for both of them. Loki traced a road with his lips from Steve's mouth to his navel, his nails leaving red tracks over that sculpted chest, and he didn't made any ceremony to wrap his own mouth around the big head of Steve's cock.

The man suppressed a yell, half from surprise, half from thrill, but bucked his hips up in an uncontrollable motion. Steve's eyes were rolling and he was sure he had never felt anything that good in his life. Loki's head went up and down some inches and he fisted the sheets praying to not to finish, not to lose his mind, while he murmured absently the name of the man that drove him crazy.

But the pale man had other plans. His lips left their task and went to the blond's ball sack, licking and sucking and he was loving every little noise and movement he was provoking. Loki wanted Steve so hard it ached and nothing could ever stop him, except the soldier himself. Stark and his troop could storm into the room that very moment and Loki would not stop his task, the thought of that making him smirk.

He pulled one of Steve's leg gently up, pushing it to the side to expose him a little more and give him a sight of his aim. Loki looked up and found the other man panting hard, eyes shut and hands twisting the sheets nervously. Perhaps it was too soon, he wondered, and licked softly right next Steve's hole to test his reaction.

Steve trembled and moaned, spreading his own legs a little more, and the ex god suppressed a laugh. What a delicious surprise the man was showing to be. More secure, he inclined his head to a better angle and tasted the small hole. All of Steve's skin smelled like soap and sex and Loki couldn't help but hold the other man's hips and play with his tongue in the entrance hungrily.

"Oh fuck!" Steve blurted, arching his back. "Fuck, fuck, Loki, oh…" It was an electrifying sensation and the soldier felt embarrassed and excited and his brain was trying to cope with the fact Loki was licking him there. He caught himself holding Loki's hair again, moving his hips as if trying to make him go deeper.

Loki stopped, his own cock aching, when he realized he didn't had magic to slick himself as he used to do and saliva wouldn't be enough to allow him to enter Steve for the first time – not without hurting him. "Steve." He called, breathless, and the blond opened his eyes, fighting the wish to bury his face in the pillow. "We cannot do this without preparation."

"What do you mean?" Positively the soldier's brain has turned into jelly. Loki kissed him lightly, settling between his legs again.

"When I had magic, I used it to slick myself to… Ease the act. But I cannot do this now and I have no wish to hurt you." Steve's mouth opened in a pretty oh as he realized the issue; faster than he could think, he contorted himself to reach and open a drawer in the nightstand and took from it a plastic bag full of little bottles. Loki sat to give him space and watched as he opened the bag desperately and spread the contents on the bed.

"There must be something here we can use. Tony told me, he put one of those in every room, so his guests won't lack anything." His hands got bottles and threw them away as he read the labels. Shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, moisturize for face, for body, for feet, cream for sunburns… His face lightened when he found one labeled as water lubricant. Loki took the bottle and smirked.

"One thing I must admit, Stark is indeed a brilliant man." He attacked Steve suddenly, pushing the man onto his back again, kissing him desperately. If before he wanted, now he needed. The soldier was soon squirming and grinding his cocks together again and Loki opened the bottle and let the clear liquid wet his fingers.

Never breaking the kiss, he slipped his hand down, pushing Steve's leg up again and played with his entrance massaging it, disliking the idea of causing him discomfort. Steve was out of breath again, gripping Loki's shoulders and moving his hips; the wet fingertips resembled the feeling Loki's tongue provoked on him. It was like torture, but in a wonderful filthy way.

Loki ever so carefully slipped a finger inside the other man and made him moan making circle motions slowly. He hoped in the back of his mind Steve could take him and enjoy it because he needed to be inside him like he needed air – maybe more. He wanted to please him and make him scream and the desire was driving him insane.

Another finger went in and Steve started relaxing and let himself go as he exposed his neck pleading to Loki mark him again. He wanted to be taken, loved, fucked, he wanted it so badly he couldn't put two words together and ask. The fingers inside him were working in circles, massaging him, trying to get him open, until they found something inside of him that shoot waves of pleasure and agony from his head to his toes.

"Fuck!" Steve goggled a single second before closing his eyes again. Before he could notice he was trying to fuck himself in Loki's fingers, moving restlessly, trying to find some relief to the knot in his belly.

Loki removed the fingers as carefully as he had put them and noticed his hands were shaking when he spread lubricant in his hard cock. Steve was looking at him, expecting, hoping everything could go right once in their lives and the look in his face stopped the slimmer man's heart some seconds.

Laying over him and feeling Steve's arms encircle his neck, Loki kissed him lightly, open-eyed, not wanting to lose a single second. He positioned himself in the wet opening and pushed slowly, watching his lover's face, and stopped when the tip of his cock passed the ring of muscles. The expression in Steve's face contorted in a pain that quickly went away.

"If it hurts, anytime, tell me. Tell me and I'll stop." Loki whispered against his chin and he nodded. It kind of hurt and yet it was madly good. He couldn't take his blue eyes from the green ones, not even if he wanted, and it was the last thing he wanted in the world. That was Loki, open and honest, full of lust and care in his orbs.

He pushed a little more, always so careful, almost sweetly, and Steve's eyes rolled again as he wrapped his legs around Loki's hips and arched his back to get more contact automatically. The pain, a strange one, was back for a few moments, but he was truly overwhelmed by the pleasure and the heat coming from down. He was burning and this time the only thing he wanted was to turn into ashes.

Loki pulled away only to invest again, with a little more passion, encouraged by the moans he was ripping from the other man. Definitely, that feeling was nothing next to most of his past adventures in bed. He felt wonderfully complete with his lips locked in Steve's throat, his cock inside him, his hair tangled and pulled by the other man. He felt unbelievably loved.

The pace was established with slow and deep thrusts, each one ripping a louder sound from both, and they were soon a mess of hands and teeth and legs in an endless need to go further. Loki soon started talking and after the first word the others came in an unstoppable flow of dirty talking.

"You feel so good, Steve, so good, so fucking hot and tight… I will make you feel good, make you scream my name, make you beg for more…" Steve could feel the rush of blood to his face every time he paid attention to what Loki said instead of ignoring it for shyness. But each word made him dig his nails more in the ex god back, marking him as his. "Tell me, my love, tell me, how do I make you feel?"

"Wonderful." Different words were roaming in the back of the blond's mind but he somehow couldn't say them. "Wanted. Oh…" Talking was hard enough by itself and when Loki shifted his angle and started thrusting as it going up, that little spot was brushed every time he invested and Steve was pushed on the edge of sanity. "Fuck yes, fuck, oh, right there, fuck, Loki…"

"Tell me." Loki voice was low; his eyes darkened watching his lover's face. The pace was more frantic and erratic and both of them were moaning loud enough to be heard in the laboratory, but none cared. "Tell me, do you enjoy being fucked, Steve?"

"Yes!" Steve panted, so close, his cock being stimulated by the friction between their abs, but not enough to make him finish. "I love it, you fuck me so good… Loki, I never…" Reading his body Loki started pumping his cock and it didn't matched the thrusts, it didn't matched anything at all, and his teeth were sunk in his neck and it was all more than he could ever imagine and ever stand. "Harder, harder, fuck, please, I need…"

"I want to make you feel filthy." The trickster managed to speak feeling he was close but trying to hold back, as he wanted to make Steve reach the climax before him. "Finish for me, come in my hand, Steve…" Loki was losing it, not only on his body but also in his mind, going into a dangerous road. "I wanted it, I wanted you for so long, now be a good boy and come for me." His hips were meeting Steve body violently and he was sure the blond man was going to be sore but he lost control of everything.

"Oh, I, I wanted, I want you, I want you, I want… Loki, I love you." Steve was nearly pulling Loki's hair out and he knew what he said but every single fucking thing felt so right he didn't regretted a second. Loki's hand only moved faster. "I love you, Loki, Loki, fuck, Loki, I-ah!" Steve finally came, the orgasm washing over him, toes curling and hands closing in fists, his head backward in an inhuman angle.

His hole tightened around Loki's cock and he held Steve's hips with both hands, letting his body fall on the come spread over the chest of the other man. "Steve, I never, ever… I…" He was there, but not there and suddenly Loki was everywhere, inside and out of Steve, laughing and crying and dying. He opened his eyes to see Steve and saw that clear blue eyes, hazed by the orgasm, and gave up thrusting insanely. "I never… This would- oh, I love you, I swear, I swear, Steve!"

His body shuddered as he came inside of his lover, his love. His brain was unable to form a coherent thought as his back arched from Steve, against his wish to remain next to him. When the wave was over the dizziness stayed and Loki allowed himself to fall again into Steve's arms being welcomed, his cock softening slowly.

The first thing that occurred to the soldier when he started thinking rationally amongst the haze was that they were both nasty. Covered in sweat and come, drying and getting sticky; he smelled the scent of Loki's hair while the man tried to breath normally and it smelled like shampoo and sweat. Steve smiled lazily, closing his eyes again.

None of them had an idea of how much time they stayed that way. Eventually Loki pulled out, making Steve hiss in pain and slipped to the side, taking his mate's hands on his own and kissing one after another. Steve just smiled again feeling like he was truly melting, body and soul, but Loki was staring him seriously.

"I suppose you will feel sore, perhaps some pain today and tomorrow. I am afraid I was… Too rough with you for a first time." Worry was stamped in his face and Steve knew that lips pressed together in apprehension. This time he kissed one of Loki's hands.

"Today? Maybe. Tomorrow? No, Loki. I'm a little more than a common man, you know." Loki finally smiled feeling an idiot for forgetting the soldier healed faster and better than a normal person. He closed his eyes in relief and embarrassment for some seconds. "Loki…" The ex god felt his stomach flinch but tried to look calm. He knew what that tone meant but he was terrified of where the talk was going to end. Steve touched his face kindly. "I meant that. Really."

Loki gulped, surprised. That was not what he expected to hear and the confirmation hit him like a punch. He wrapped his arms around the soldier's waist and hid his face under Steve's chin more to hide the tears in his eyes than for sweetness, but it didn't made a difference. Steve knew, he always knew when something troubled Loki and that thought only troubled him more.

He was feeling exposed and weak, awfully happy and scared. It scared him, to love someone so intensely but what terrified him was the fact there was no turning back.

"I did too." He murmured, closing his eyes to the caress in his back. As an unpleasant thought crossed his mind, he pulled apart only to look into Steve's eyes. "I cherish you from the deepest corners of my heart."

The expression on Loki's face, Steve considered, could never be the one of a liar. The fear and the love in his eyes could not be faked. It must be a tough moment, he though, when the God of Lies have to face a big truth. Giving his lips a chaste kiss, Steve rested his head in the pillow, connecting their foreheads.

"I know, I believe you. And it's mutual, Loki. I don't think there's much left for us to do now but remain together." He chuckled as he watched the tense expression in Loki's face relax and disappear.

"What would you have us to do? Play hide and seek with Jarvis until someone knock in your door at an inappropriate moment? Then shove me under your bed and pretend you were exercising nude?" Steve laughed at the image pictured in his mind but the ex god, although smiling, was serious.

"No, of course not. I mean if we are going to do this and stay together, we are going to do it right. Tell them, you know." Licking his lips, Loki considered the idea. They would all undoubtedly believe he put the mighty Captain America in some kind of spell or control, for that was certainly the only way a perfectly honored man could fall in love with a liar, a trickster and a murderer. They know nothing about me, he thought finding the idea a little funny, and even less about him.

"I believe I cannot offer a better idea or solution to this case." He finally spoke, sighing. "And to be quite honest, I do not see the purpose of lying when we can actually being watched now."

Steve looked up as if he never considered the possibility, his eyes trying to look something he didn't found, and shrugged coming back to his original position.

"I don't know. I trust Tony. He told me I could stop the recording by just asking Jarvis." Loki smiled at the innocence of his lover.

"Foremost, I do not trust Stark that much. And in second place… Being watched is different than being recorded. They may be not saving what the cameras capture, but they may be seeing it."

For a single moment Steve froze, his guts in a knot, and he pushed the sheet to cover them both instinctively, head to toe, holding Loki under the fabric. Only then he noticed how that was actually ridiculous and burst out in laughter, being followed by the ex god.

"Too late, my darling…" Loki replied, losing the air, tears in the corner of his eyes. "Definitely too late, if my theory is true."

"Well…" The soldier tried to think in a good and witty answer but he was too drowsy for it and contented himself in kissing his mate once again. "Hell, I don't care. I'm telling them anyway." Loki's eyebrows went up.

"Really? Are you really willing to do that?" Steve stared him confused and the dark hair man only shook his head. "Facing them, fighting them. You know they will say the uttermost awful things about this. Accuse me, perhaps accuse you. Are you willing?" The soldier blinked several times before formulating a reasonable reply.

"Do you realize you are actually asking me if you are worth it?" Loki's face twisted into a blank expression, the one he did when he was completely surprised. Steve's heart actually ached inside his chest and he held Loki's face as if it was their last time, not their first. "You are. What I can't believe is that you still doubt it."

The trickster held him tight again, hiding his face in Steve's neck, but this time he wasn't trying to hide any unwanted tears. He was only sparing himself the shame of being watched with the brighter smile he gave in the last century.