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Hello again, my dear readers, this is the sequel to 'The Descent'.

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Sam and I smiled fondly at Dean as we saw him shoot us a thumbs-up through the window, grinning at the blonde girl inside.

Sam's phone rang, and he picked it up warily.


Bobby's voice was scratchy but recognizable.

"Hey, Sam."

Sam settled in the Impala's seat, passing me the tattered book, and I resumed reading.

"Hey, Bobby."

"What're you doing?"

Sam sighed.

"Oh, same old, same old."

Bobby grunted.

"You buried in that book again?"

We paused.

"Sam, you want to break Dean free of that demon deal, you ain't gonna find the answer in no book."

"Then where, Bobby?" Sam asked tiredly.

Bobby huffed gustily, and I patted Sam's arm.

"Kid, I wish I knew. So, where's your brother?"

Sam didn't miss a beat.

"Polling the electorate."

He winked at me as I laughed, lips twitching at Bobby's mystified "What?"

"Never mind," Sam shrugged.

Bobby said something rapidly, too fast for me to catch.

Sam nodded, looking over at me.

"Yeah, she's fine. Uh, Cas should be here in a couple of hours, I think."

I pricked up my ears at the mention.

"Well, you better pack it up, I think I finally found something."

Sam hung up, nudging me with his elbow.

"Go get Dean."

"'Kay," I walked into the hotel, walking down the corridors.

I knocked on the bedroom door, opening it slowly.


I entered the room.

"Dean, you—you conscious? Bobby called, and he thinks that maybe we—"

I stared in horror as I registered the scene around me.

The blonde girl giggled.

"Oh, god."

I fled.


Sam roared with laughter as I huddled in the backseat, and Cas stared at me with bemused discomfort.

"You…. s….saw Dean w-with…." Sam spluttered, unable to finish his sentence.

"Stop laughing, Sammy," I muttered, cheeks flaming. "It's not funny."

This only made him laugh harder.

Dean himself emerged, grinning widely.

"What's the matter, kid? You're doing the tomato impression again."

The three of us stared at him in wordless shock.

"I believe," Cas said, choosing his words carefully.

"Odette is discomfited by stumbling upon you in the act of co-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Cas," My hands flew out.

"I think everybody gets the picture," I managed to choke out.

"Oh, well done, you," Sam rolled his eyes at Dean.

"You destroyed the innocence of a fifteen year old girl."

Dean shook his head.

"It was a beautiful, natural act, Bambi."

"It's a part of you I never wanted to see, Dean," I mumbled.

"Whatever," Dean slapped Sam on the thigh.

"Hey, I appreciate you giving me a little quality time with the Doublemint Twins."

"No problem," Sam said quietly.

"Really?" Dean raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I got to say, I was expecting a weary sigh or something."

"Not at all."

I looked up sharply at Sam's answer.

"You deserve to have a little fun."

"Well, I'm in violent agreement with you there," Dean chuckled.

"What's Bobby got?"

"Not much," Sam tapped his foot restlessly.

"Crop failure and a cicada swarm outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. Could be demonic omens."

Dean craned his head around to look at Castiel.


I hid my smile; Dean had thawed out considerably towards him.

"It's no ordinary failure," Cas answered.

"Something is very wrong."


Cas opened the door to the farmhouse with a flick of his wrist, and Dean entered first.

Sam drew his gun.

We covered our noses in disgust.

"That's awful," My voice came out muffled.

"That so can't be a good sign," Dean seconded.

We crept through the house, and stopped outside the second room.

We could hear panicked screams coming from the room.

Dean kicked open the next door, and the sound turned out to be coming from a television set.

Cas gazed intently at the family of three seated on the sofa.

By the looks of them, they'd been dead several days.

I recoiled at the increased stench of decay, stepping behind Cas.

Bobby entered through the other side of the room, flinching back almost instantly.

"Bobby, what the hell happened here?" Sam spun around.

"I don't know."

"Check for sulfur," Castiel said calmly.

"Yeah," Dean nodded.


I stayed inconspicuously in the corner with Cas, watching the two hunters we'd run into in the farmhouse cautiously.

Isaac and Tamara seemed all right.

They reminded me a little of Mom and Dad, back before they'd….

I winced, cutting off the thought.

Cas' eyes were heavy on mine, and I smiled unconvincingly, listening to Dean coaxing the coroner's tech for information on the dead family.

He finished up on the phone.

"Get this-" He strode into the room. "That whole family, cause of death? Dehydration and starvation. There's no signs of restraint, no violence, no struggle. They just sat down and never got up."

"But there was a fully stocked kitchen just yards away," I said in disbelief.

"What is this, a demon attack?" Sam looked incredulous.

"Dunno," Bobby shrugged.

"Well, what now?" Dean looked expectantly at us. "What should we do?"

Cas moved away.

"I'll see what I can find."

He disappeared.

Isaac watched him go with narrowed eyes.

"Uh, we're not gonna do anything."

"What do you mean?" Sam stood up.

"No offense," Isaac worked his jaw.

"But we're not teaming with the damn fools who let the Devil's Gate get opened in the first place."

"No offense?" Dean said derisively.

"Isaac," Tamara admonished. "Like you've never made a mistake."

"Oh, yeah, yeah," Isaac nodded. "Locked my keys in the car, turned my laundry pink. Never brought on the end of the world."

"All right," Dean's voice was dangerously quiet. "That's enough."

But Isaac wasn't finished.

"And what's with that freak you carry around with you, huh? I mean, you honestly trust something that's not even human?"

"Hey," I finally snapped. "Leave Cas out of this! He's always been there for us!"

Surprisingly, Dean and Sam backed me up.

"Don't call him a freak," Dean gritted his teeth.

"He's saved our lives more times than we can count."

"We'd trust him with our lives," Sam echoed, slightly less antagonistically than Dean.

Isaac scoffed.

"There are a couple hundred more demons out there now, thanks to you. You brought war down on us, on all of us."

He scowled at me, and Dean shifted me behind him, glaring at Isaac fixedly.

I locked my arms around Dean's torso, pulling him away.

Tamara did the same for Isaac.

"Okay. That's quite enough testosterone for now."

They left the room.


Cas appeared in the room almost soundlessly, making me jump.

"Did you find anything?"

His eyes remained blank.


I poked my head out of the room.

"Dean! Sam! Bobby! Cas says he found something!"

Three pairs of feet thudded down the stairs, and they stared at Cas expectantly.

Castiel looked grim.

"There are seven demons in town. The seven deadly sins. Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust."

We blinked at him.

Bobby was the first to speak.

"The seven deadly sins…..are demons?"

Castiel nodded.

"I know where they are hiding in town."

Dean picked up his knife.

"Take us to them."


"Damn it," Bobby cursed as Tamara and Isaac entered the bar, glancing around suspiciously.

"Now what do we do?" Dean fumed.

Castiel looked at us impassively.

"They are in danger. We-"

His voice was cut off as Tamara screamed.