The Following Takes Place Between

2:00pm and 3:00pm on the day of

United States Presidential Elections

Los Angeles, California

Highway 110


-You are looking at obviously a very disturbing live shot here. Those are the six buses that were carrying the soldiers to the Staples Center; when just ten minutes ago, all six buses exploded right here on the Highway 110. The FOX Center right now is working on this story, obviously calling our sources and trying to figure out exactly what happened.

This is, once again, a picture of one of the six buses carrying over three-hundred men and women. They were to be returning to their families after two years of being stationed in Russia.

For our viewers who are just tuning in right now, you are looking at live picture of the six buses that were carrying over three-hundred soldiers. These three-hundred were the first set of the twenty-thousand soldiers that was to be transported to the Staples Center from L.A. Air Force Base. According to eyewitness Lt. John Harper, "It is a remarkable scene: flames still coming, black smoke billowing. Obviously, its a horrible scene, the worst attack on our country...on our people since 9/11." Over a hundred police officers and fire-fighters are trying to control the area.

In related news, we have also learned that about a half-hour ago, President Garrison was taken to a medical facility just outside of the city for what appears to be a minor heart-attack. We do know that the president, who was scheduled to speak at the Staples Center, is in stable condition and has requested a list of the men and women on the buses. U.S. officials are also telling us that this is clearly NOT an accident in their view, and they do believe that terrorism is at the root of this. They believe that this is a terrorist act. However, they have very little information. Law enforcement agencies will be taking a lead on this, trying to find out who is behind this.

Reporting live for Highway 110, this is Eric Goldmen for FOX news.-

Lt. Harper was trying control the scene, everyone from police officers, fire-fighters and FBI were asking questions. The worst part about all of this was that John new the reason behind all of this but he couldn't tell anyone.

2:06pm As he was being interviewed by another news reporter, John noticed something. Every FBI agent within the L.A. area was on Highway 110 and naturally, they all were dressed the same accept for one. There was an FBI agent taking photos of the site; John began to overlook him at first but then noticed his uniform didn't match his size.

The sleeves of the jacket was so long that the man had to roll them up and the pants had cuffs in them cause they too seemed to be long. The agent then took a few more snap-shots and began walking back to his car.

John excused himself from the reporter and went over to Lt. Myers, who was getting checked out by the medical team. Myers was one of the soldiers in the jeep with John. He pulled Myers over and whispered, "I'm putting you in charge of this operation, you understand me?"

Myers was stilled shaken up from what just transpired, so he asked, "What are you talking about, you're the one in charge here. Where are you going?"

John quickly responded, "To follow up on a lead."

John could see the FBI agent leaving in his car. He then said, "Look, just know I have to do this. The bomb-squad and Hazmat teams are on their way, you make sure they inspect these buses or at least what's left of them."

Myers still didn't understand. He said, "John what the hell is going on? You're not a field agent, you're a soldier. You need to stay here."

"Stop arguing with me, I'm not letting these soldiers die in vain, just trust me."

John then took off his camouflage jacket and dog-tags and gave them to Myers. He then asked one of the FBI agents to lend him their car and jacket.

Los Angeles, California

A Disclosed Location


"What are we going to do, their going to know that we're in here." The Attorney General said as he was clutching his gun extremely hard. After an intense fire-fight, only the General, Agent Reese, Agent Burk, Ivanov, Chloe and Jack were left. It was the six of them against eight unknown hostels. Agent Reese had found a classroom down the hall from where they originally were. The door was heavily locked but it was only a matter of time.

The eight unknown men were stalling but Jack knew that they were merely waiting. Jack then whispered, "We need to do something, we can't just stay here. Look at the floor."

Jack was referring to a trail of blood that followed them into the classroom and was coming from Ivanov, who was still badly injured from what Jack did to him earlier.

Reese said, "They know we're in here, they're waiting for us."

The General responded, "We are NOT letting them take Ivanov."

"If we don't do anything General, they're going to take him anyway and we'll all be dead." Reese said.

Jack had an idea. Further down the hall, were two flights of stairs. One to the left and one to the right. The one to the left led to the back of the school, where Reese and General's cars were. The other flight led to the front entrance of the school.

Jack then said, "If we split up, we can double our chances of getting Ivanov out of here alive. If Agent Burk and Ivanov switch attires then have Burk go to the right and Ivanov to the left..."

"They would be chasing after the wrong person." Reese said.

The Attorney General didn't like the idea at all. He said, "No, we've already lost several of our men, I'm not sacrificing another one. We do this together."

Agent Burk quickly said, "I'll do it General!" Agent Burk started to take off his jacket and Reese started to remove the old worn clothes of Ivanov. As they were quickly making the switch, Jack walked over to Chloe, who was sitting on the floor.

Jack whispered to her, "Chloe I know your scared but you need to get up. We're almost out of this. When we leave this room, you need to stay close to me you understand? No matter what happens, stay close to me."

"Jack we're ready." Agent Reese said.

2:12pm Jack and Chloe got up and headed to the door. Reese then said, "When we get to the end of the hall, General, you and Jack take to the left with Ivanov and I'll head to right with Burk."

The Attorney General did not like this idea and just like everyone else in the room, he was hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Jack chambered the round in his gun, Agent Reese and Burk did the same.

"Everyone ready? Reese asked.

Everyone nodded.

Reese then said, "Sorry we got you into this Jack." As Ivanov started to smile, Jack responded, "Yea me too."

Reese took out a smoke grenade as everyone, with the exception of Ivanov, held their breaths.

Reese opened the door and threw the grenade. "GO, GO, GO" Reese yelled. The eight men came from their hiding places and starting shooting. Jack, Reese, the General and Burk fired back. The eight men began to push forward down the hall, when a bullet tore into the General's arm. Another bullet ripped through Reese's leg and right arm, midway between the wrist and the elbow, tearing a hole through the triceps.

"Keep moving!" Reese yelled out as he and Burk was trying to move down the hall.

The smoke wasn't helping much, if anything it made things worse.

The General was trying to quickly reload, when he noticed that Jack wasn't by his side anymore. He saw Jack running with Chloe down the hall. The plan that Jack created was being dismantled. As the eight men were quickly gaining the advantage, the Attorney General yelled out to Jack, "Where the hell are you going Bauer?!... BAUER!"

Jack and Chloe ran into a nearby janitors-closet. Chloe, who was coughing and trying to catch her breath, said, "Jack, what are we doing, I thought..."

"Chloe be quiet!" Jack said, as he was trying to listen through the door.

Glendale, California


"So you're telling me that the people that were trying to kill you out there, were the same people behind that attack on the highway?"

"Yes it appears so."

Stephen had taken refuge with a woman named Sarah, who lived just a few miles up the road from the construction site. She also was the same woman that shot and killed Turner twenty minutes earlier. Sarah always thought of herself as a good woman, until today at least. She had never killed anyone before, it was very surreal thing. But maybe she meant to, at this point she didn't know or even cared. Her boy-friend of six years was one of the soldiers that died on the highway and she couldn't stop crying, even as she was mending Stephen's fractured nose.

"He was such a loving man. He was the kind of guy that if I tried to open my own door I got yelled at." Sarah said. As she was wiping the left over blood from Stephens face she continued.

"How would you like to marry my daughter when you get home? That's what my father told him before he left two years ago. He never left this house without telling me he loved me." she said.

Stephen was speechless, mainly because he knew all too well what it was like to lose someone within a blink of an eye.

Sarah then said, "Almost two months ago, on a Sunday, I was waiting for him to call while admiring the flowers he had sent me three days earlier. He called and we spoke for several minutes and the last thing he said to me was, only a month and a half left. Be strong and keep faith baby."

Stephen then leaned over and embraced her and said, "I'm so sorry Sarah, my wife died too. I was just at her funeral this morning. It just doesn't seem real."

2:21pm Stephen looked at the clock in Sarah's kitchen and asked, "Look, I need to call and check on my little girl. Can I use your phone?"

"Of course."

Stephen could see that Sarah was still shaking, clearly still shocked over what she had done earlier. He held her hands and said, "You're alright, it's going to be ok. The people that did this are going to pay." Stephen went to use the phone as Sarah went back to staring at the TV. Stephen's wrist were still hurting from the handcuffs and as he picked up the phone, he looked out the window and saw a cherry-red colored car pulling up the driveway.

He then hung the phone up and went over to Sarah. He said, "There's a red car out there..."

Sarah interrupted, "Oh, those are my sisters. It's ok."

"Ok, I just wanted to be sure and really quick, I just wanted to say thank you. I know it took a lot to do what you did back there. But I need to get home to my daughter." Sarah quickly went into her bedroom as the door-bell started to ring. She came back out with a pair of keys and said, "These are to my boy-friend's truck, its out back. You take it. Go see you daughter."

Stephen hugged her and kissed her on the cheek and said, "Thank you very much and also, you can't tell anyone what happened or that you even saw me today Sarah. When I leave, I'll take the gun with me." The door-bell rang again.

Sarah nodded and said, "Go through the back door."

As Stephen made his way to the back door, Sarah opened the front door. As she opened it, she saw her sisters but they were laying on the ground with bullets holes in their heads. Sarah began to scream as a man in a black mask shot her twice. Stephen ran back to help her only to be met by a blow to the back of his head.

Stephen was unconscious.

Los Angeles, California

South Spring Street


John was driving down Spring Street, trying to locate the car of the mysterious FBI agent. As he was driving down the busy street, he started to understand how much this attack on L.A. was effecting its citizens. He saw hundreds of bystanders who were coming out of the stores, cafe's, and their homes to look at the horrifying spectacle on the highway.

He also listened on the radio: -Countries all over the world are giving their reactions to the attack in L.A. Chinese President, Shang Zeminsaid he was 'shocked' and sent his condolences to President Garrison, while the Foreign Ministry said China 'opposes all manner' of terrorism. The Cuban government expressed its pain and solidarity with its longtime adversary and offered to help. Philippine President, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, sent out a press-release to the President, he said that, 'nothing can describe the shock and horror of all humanity in the face of the unimaginable acts of terror inflicted on the brave men and women of the United States.'-

The next piece of radio news was somewhat alarming to John: -In related news The Pentagon as learned that several hundred Russian troops were deployed out of Russia two days ago. No word yet on what this means or why this was done but...-

At that moment John had turned off the radio as the mysterious FBI was finally in his sites. He didn't want to cause a scene so he continued to trail the car. His cell-phone rang but he didn't answer it.

Suddenly the FBI car stopped.

The man got out and walked into a nearby bank. John pulled over on the opposite side of the road. As he got out the car, he noticed the man walking back out the bank rather quickly. His fast retreat was met by screams from inside the bank and soon after, people running out of the bank.

John took his gun out and yelled from across the street, "Freeze, don't you move!"

The man took one look at John and started running the opposite direction. "Dammit!" John said to himself.

2:30pm As John approached the bank, he saw what the screams were for. There was a man on the floor, laying on his stomach. It looked like he had been shot. John gently rolled the man over on his back with the help of two other people. The man was dazed and was gargling blood. John looked into the man's glassy eyes and said, " Sir, I need you to hold on, help is on the way ok? Do you understand me sir?" The man barley nodded.

John then told a woman to keep pressure on the wound and told another man to call 911. John ran out the bank and down the street. He kept asking if anyone saw where the mysterious man went. One man yelled out, "I think he went down that ally." John ran, pushing and shoving whoever was in his way, he was also was trying to keep his gun lowered to his side. As he ran down the ally, he saw two Mexican women pointing straight ahead.

The ally lead to an apartment complex. The was site was similar to the bank. People were running out of their apartments and screaming.

"Everyone move across the street now!" John yelled out. He then saw a Mexican man running down to him and shouting something in Spanish. "Sir I can't, ….I can't understand you sir." Another man, who spoke English, ran over to them and said, "He says his wife and four kids are still in the apartment. He was coming home from the store and saw an unknown man run into the same apartment as his wife and children!"

"Jesus!" John said.

He then told the English speaking man, "I need you to keep him and the rest of these people back."

The security guard of the complex ran over to John and asked, "What the hell is going on here and who are you?"

John responded, "I'm John Harper with FBI and you need to call the authorities, you've got a hostage situation in your complex."

Glendale, California


Stephen was woken up by smelling salts and the first thing he saw was three men that were now in the house. He could see one of the men on the phone and speaking Russian. He was still a little dazed but he was able to see three dead women in the bedroom and one of them was Sarah.

The man, who was on the phone, walked over to Stephen, who was sitting at the dinning table, and said in a Russian accent, "Well, good job Stephen. You managed to kill four people."

Stephen whispered, "What are talking about? I haven't killed anyone."

"Really? Let's see, you killed Turner and if you hadn't come here we wouldn't of had to kill those three women. They're blood is on your hands Stephen."

"You son-of-a-bitch, you people killed my wife!"

"Your wife was poking her nose into places they did not belong. But here's the deal. You killed Turner and we needed him to complete another operation for us. So that's where you come in. You do this job for us and we'll let you go."

Stephen couldn't believe what he was hearing as he said, "So just like that. How do I know you'll keep your word."

"You don't." The man then wrapped his hands around Stephen's throat and said, "Look, let me make this clear...unless you want your daughter to see her father dead and in a box just like her mother, then you will do this job. We only have three hours to do this so you need make up your mind."

Stephen thought for a few seconds and with a tear rolling down his face he asked, "What do you want me to do?"

The man responded, "You'll find out soon enough. But let's just say the attack on the troops was just the beginning." The man then instructed his men to take Stephen to the black van outside the house. As Stephen was being taken out, he could see four more men drenching Sarah's house with gallons of gasoline.

Los Angeles, California

A Disclosed Location


"Chloe, its the only play we've got." Jack said. Jack and Chloe were still in the janitors-closet. In Chloe's eyes, Jack had deceived the General, Reese and Burk; but at this point, Jack didn't care about the Attorney General, Reese, Burk, or even Ivanov for that matter. Only thing Jack cared about was getting out of the school alive.

Jack then said, "Chloe we've been in here for almost thirty minutes we need to move now."

Chloe said, "I don't understand it Jack, I thought you cared about all this. Three-hundred troops were killed, and now the General and Reese could be dead too. That's important."

"Don't talk to me about importance, you said to me no less than two hours ago that you didn't understand why I was helping them and now you're defending them. Chloe, they brought us here against our will, you said it yourself. We tried to help them and we failed. I have another man's blood all over my hands and for what, nothing!"

"But Jack.."

"No Chloe, we need to move now. Now take these." Jack gave Chloe the keys to Reese's car. He then said, "When I open this door you start running as fast as you can, I'll cover you...You don't look back, you just run."

"But what about you?"

"I'll be right behind you." Jack checked the rounds in his gun and said, "Chloe this is the only chance we got to get out of here alive."

Jack took a deep breath and opened the door. Jack whispered, "Go, Go NOW!"

Chloe began running down the hall and as she was about to turn left, a shot rung out. It missed Chloe's shoulder by a hair. Chloe ran faster as Jack yelled, "KEEP GOING CHLOE!"

Jack started to fire back at the unknown man with the black mask. As Jack killed the masked man he checked his gun and noticed that he was empty. Another guy came out of a classroom and started firing at Jack. As Jack ducked behind a water fountain, the masked man started to reload and move closer. It was then that Jack had no choice but to run head-on and attack the man.

He speared him, managed to disarm him and took his gun away. Jack pointed the new gun directly aiming for the face. He then looked down the hall and saw Chloe was gone, he was about to shoot when he heard a yell from behind him, in a Russian accent.


2:56pm The leader of this group along with the rest of his men, all had their guns pointed at Jack.

"You don't want to do this Bauer. Drop the gun, NOW!"

Jack looked down the hall, wanting desperately to run. He then, without thinking, dropped the gun and got down on his knees. Two of the masked men turned Jack around and Jack saw Ivanov. He then asked, "Where's the Attorney General, Agent Reese and Burk...where are they?"

The leader said something in Russian to his men, several seconds later, they brought over and dropped the bodies of all three: the General, Reese and Burk. They were all dead. Jack couldn't bear to look at them anymore as he said, "Damn you! Damn all of you for what you've done today."

The leader said, "You were with a woman. Where is she?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Look Mr. Bauer, you know how this goes so please don't waste my time. Where is the woman?!"

"You're wasting your own time cause I don't know what you're talking about."

The leader picked Jack up by the throat, pushed him against the wall and started speaking really fast in Russian. Ivanov then yelled from behind, "Vladimir, you know we're supposed to bring Bauer back with us!"

Vladimir then looked at Jack and whispered, "When the time comes, I shall enjoy killing you but for now, you're coming with us."

Jack remained speechless as the men took Jack downstairs; Vladimir then said to his men, "Search the school for the woman, when you find her...kill her."