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Chapter 1: Visions

"Thanks so much for helping me, Rachel," Sarah said to brunette standing next to her. They were in Sarah's kitchen, which looked like a war had raged there. Dirty bowls, utensils and many other things were scattered across the counter tops.

"You're welcome. It's my pleasure to help, actually. I mean, how many times does a one year anniversary come around?" Rachel replied as she placed some of the dishes in the dishwasher.

"As far as I know, once, but who knows how that is with mermaids," Sarah joked.

"I'm sure Emily and Amber will love it," Rachel told her.

"I don't know. I'm not even sure, if they realize that as of tonight, it's been one year since we first transformed," Sarah admitted, softly.

"What? Come on. How can you even think that?" Rachel demanded to know.

"Because, we haven't once talked about it. It seems like they completely forgot," Sarah explained, sadly.

"So that's why you're throwing a surprise party for them?" Rachel confirmed, "I think it's a great idea and even though I can't believe that Emily and Amber, okay at least Emily, wouldn't forget your anniversary, I don't think you should give up on them." Sarah nodded, a small smile on her face. "Just like these three stones are together, you will never part. You will always think the same," Rachel continued, holding up the necklace with the three stones that she had gotten from them.

"Okay, okay, I get it. No more negative thoughts," Sarah smiled with a small chuckle, "You're really good at cheering people up, though the stone analogy was a bit too much."

"I try," Rachel replied, grinning with a shrug.

"Wow, something sure smells good," Cleo said, coming into the kitchen.

"Lets hope it tastes as good as it smells," Rachel replied, smiling.

"So it's already been a year?" Cleo asked, "Time sure does fly."

"Sure does," Sarah agreed, "It only seems like yesterday, when Amber, Emily and I first met, found Mako and transformed into mermaids for the first time."

"And not much later brought Rikki, Emma and me back together," Cleo reminded her, "We owe you more than we can ever repay."

"More importantly we brought you and Lewis back together," Sarah pointed out and Cleo nodded in agreement.

"Speaking of which, how are you doing?" Rachel asked, looking at Cleo's big stomach.

"As well as one can be in the 8th month. He's being very lively," Cleo smiled, placing her hand on the bulge that the baby made.

"If you can look past the constant craving for sardines," Sarah teased, playfully.

"I don't have it that often anymore," Cleo protested.

"Well, a sardine craving makes sense with a former mermaid," Rachel pointed out and they had to laugh.

"I wonder if it will be a girl or a boy," Sarah wondered, aloud, placing a hand on her mother's stomach, "I can't wait to be big sister."

"We'll find out once it's born," Cleo replied.

"What if it's a girl? Could she also become a mermaid?" Rachel inquired.

"Well that's unlikely," someone said and they turned around to see Lewis walk in, who wrapped his arms around his wife from behind.

"Why do you say that?" Rachel asked.

"Because Cleo isn't a mermaid anymore. Her genes transferred to Sarah when she was born. That makes it pretty much impossible for the baby to have the mermaid gene, if it does turn out to be a girl," Lewis explained, causally.

"So you're saying it'll be a boy?" Cleo questioned.

"Well, obviously. I can't be overrun by a household full of girls," Lewis joked, making the women of the family look at him hard.

"Just you wait and see," Cleo warned as they left the kitchen.

The two girls looked after them for a bit and then grinned broadly. "Your parents really love each other," Rachel remarked and Sarah nodded, "I'll take the food with me, if that's okay with you."

"That would be great," Sarah replied as she packed the cake and several small cupcakes into a basket.

"I'll call you once I'm there so that we can set everything up," Rachel told her, "Don't worry, they won't know what hit them." She winked at the other brunette.

"You're the best," Sarah smiled and guided her to the door.

Rachel walked along the road, her mind thinking of tonight. Everything was going according to plan. It would be perfect, she thought as she smiled to herself. Luckily her house was not too far away and she soon arrived.

Carefully she opened the door to see if her mother was there. She heard nothing and quietly entered, not wanting to draw attention to her presence. In the kitchen she placed the basket on the counter, then went to the cupboard where she kept two more baskets. Opening each of them, she looked inside. How was she going to do this? Finally she unpacked all the baskets, spreading all the contents around the kitchen, where there was room. After that she got out some stuff of her own out of the fridge, beginning to pack the baskets anew.

"What are you up to?" Charlotte asked, coming into the kitchen and seeing the amounts of food everywhere, "Is there a birthday that I missed?"

"Not really. It's Sarah's, Emily's and Amber's one year anniversary," Rachel replied, noticing that her mother's eyes narrowed at the mention of her friend's names.

"I'm amazed that they remember the exact date. Most people don't," Charlotte said, casually. Was there a hint of suspicion in her voice, Rachel wondered.

"They met on the first day of camp and since they could easily check online they knew," Rachel half lied. She resumed packing two baskets, trying to ignore her mother as best as possible. She hated how her mother always reacted to any topic regarding her former mermaid enemies.

"But why did they invite you? You only met them a while later. I would I imagine that they would want to celebrate alone," Charlotte replied.

That did it for Rachel. She slammed her hands on the counter and snapped, "Listen mom, just because you didn't get along with their mothers, doesn't mean that I can't be friends with them. It's my choice, not yours."

Charlotte glared at her daughter. "So you're on their side now?" the mother accused.

"I'm not on anyone's side," Rachel protested, annoyed, "If you have a problem with them, take it out on them, not me."

"You've been distancing yourself from me ever since we moved here and especially after your stay in the hospital," Charlotte told her, angrily.

"I'm not distancing myself, but you're making it pretty hard not to," Rachel snapped and with that grabbed the two baskets of food she had prepared, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving." She stormed out of the kitchen. Charlotte stared after her daughter enraged.

Outside Rachel stormed down the street, only to stop a few houses later. She stood in front of a vacant house and made sure no one was watching before she went into its backyard. Only there did she halt to take several deep breaths to calm herself. It's not that she hated her mother, but how she looked down on her friends had drawn a line between them.

It was because of such antics that Rachel kept the motorboat, which she got from Lewis, at the dock of this vacant house and not at her own. Her mother would only ask questions. She slowly walked down the dock to the anchored boat. After placing the baskets in the boat, Rachel got in herself and drove off.

Yearning she looked at the water as she made her way to Mako. How she wanted to swim there, but that was impossible. It has been impossible for nearly a year. When she was with the others, of course, she didn't mention it. They saved her life and that was no way to repay them. The only person, who she had confined her true feelings to, was Alex, her boyfriend, but sadly his exchange year had ended and he had return back to their hometown. Now they only saw each other on rare occasions, but they often talked, wrote letters, and wrote messages online. With a sigh Rachel looked back up at Mako Island, seeing that the sun was getting ready to set soon.

Sarah sat on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She anxiously awaited Rachel's call. Soon she found herself pacing the length of her room. What was taking Rachel so long? The sun was slowly setting. Just as Sarah had walked over to her window to enjoy the sunset over Mako, her phone rang. Quickly Sarah looked at the message. "Sorry that it took so long. You can come now," it read.

Having read the message, Sarah took off like a race car driver when a race started. "Have fun!" she heard her mother call after her as she was already out the door. Taking the dock as a diving board, Sarah dove into the water and zoomed off.

The setting sun transformed the already beautiful underwater scenery into an almost magical panorama. Sarah slowed to enjoy it. How had she ever hated swimming? Just as she reached Mako, Sarah thought she saw something swim in front of her. Was it her imagination. "Probably a fish," Sarah reasoned with herself as she swam into the underwater entrance to the moon pool.

Just as she was about to surface, Sarah realized what she had seen. Breaking the water, she stared into the faces of her two mermaid friends, who seemed just as shocked to see Sarah as she was to see them. "Emily, Amber?" Sarah said, surprised to see her friends.

"Amber, Sarah," Emily added.

"Sarah, Emily," Amber muttered.

"What are you doing here?" they all said in unison, "Rachel called me here. What are you talking about?" Confused they stared at each other.

"Then where is Rachel?" Emily finally asked.

"I'm over here," a voice said, making them look up to the entrance of the cave and they gasped. In the midst of an array of different dishes, ranging from cake to fruit to ice cream, stood Rachel with a broad smile on her face.

"Rachel," they muttered, surprised.

"Happy one year anniversary," she smiled.

"Did you make all this for us?" Amber questioned, astonished.

"Take a closer look," Rachel told them and then they realized it.

"That's my cake," Sarah said.

"And my fruit," Emily added. "

Over there's my ice cream," Amber noticed.

"Wait a minute. Did you say your food?" the girls questioned at the same time.

"Don't you get it yet?" Rachel asked, smirking, "You each thought the others forgot and wanted to throw a secret party. You needed help and came to me. You're more alike than you think." The mermaids stared at each other astonished. Then they hugged.

"You really remembered our anniversary?" Emily asked Amber.

Blushing, Amber turned her head away and muttered, "Only by chance." The girls smiled, knowing Amber was lying and just didn't want to admit it.

"But what about the rest?" Emily asked, noticing that there were still several other dishes unclaimed.

"I made those," Rachel smiled.

"Come here you," Amber said and pulled Rachel into the water. Coming up sputtering, she was quickly embraced by the three mermaids.

Then they sat down, ate, talked and just enjoyed themselves. Rachel only half listened in though. She was unusually solemn. The argument with her mother had been one of many this past year since she became a mermaid. She suspected that her mother knew quite well what was going on that that that made things even worse. Her mother had never overcome the past, which annoyed Rachel to a certain extent.

"Is everything alright?" Sarah asked, observing their friend's quietness. Rachel looked up, having been rip from her thoughts, with a smile,

"I'm fine. Just thought of something. It's not important." The mermaids, though they didn't really believe Rachel, didn't push the matter. She would tell them on her own terms soon enough.

"We ran out of ice cubes. I'll makes some new ones," Emily noticed, trying to get off the subject, "Sarah will you help me?"

The brunette nodded, coming over to make water balls while Amber remarked, "How about a small campfire? There's some wood over there."

"That would be great," Rachel replied, piling up the branches and logs. Using her magic, Amber ignited the logs. Watching her friends, Rachel felt strange for a fraction of a second.

Suddenly Rachel's necklace, more accurately the three stones, began to glow. "What the…!" the four girls exclaimed as the blue light grew more and more intense, blinding them and making them let go off their magic. In front their eyes flashed an image. A girl. She had blonde, wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes. She must have been around the same age as Sarah, Amber, Emily and Rachel, but she looked pretty shy.

Just as quickly as the image came, it was gone, along with the blue light. The girls rubbed their eyes, which hurt from the light. "What was that about?" Amber asked.

"I don't know, but did you see…," Sarah began and Rachel ended, "A girl? Yes."

"But why?" Emily questioned, staring at Rachel's necklace, "It has to do with that. So the moon pool is somehow involved."

"You think she's a threat?" Amber inquired.

"No way. You saw the way she looked. She couldn't be," Sarah retorted.

"Wouldn't be the first time we were wrong," Amber muttered, but everyone ignored her, "Maybe we should find her then we know what she wants."

"And how do you suggest we do that? Not like there was a single clue that could help us," Emily objected.

"We do have one," Rachel pointed out and held up her necklace, "This. If it can show us her, then why not the way to her or at least her location?" The girls had to agree with that.

"But how do we get it to tell us? We don't even know what triggered this," Sarah replied.

"I guess for now all we can do is wait," Emily sighed. "I hate waiting," Amber muttered as she scoffed down another piece of cake.

"Hey, I wanted that," Sarah protested.

"Tough luck. First come, first served," Amber mumbled between bites, while Sarah just frowned.

After having talked half the night and cleaning up, Rachel headed home, though she didn't want to. Instead of going inside, Rachel walked around the house and sat down at the edge to the water. She reached down and slowly let her finger glide over the water. Looking at her wet fingers, she felt sad. Even though she hadn't had her powers for almost a year now, she had gotten used to relying on the aid of the necklace. Rachel let her mind wander to the magic that resonated from the necklace and grasped a bit of it. Using it, she made a small water tentacle float in front of her. The same kind of tentacle which was the reason for her now powerless state. Irritated she flung the tentacle away, making a splash. It was strange having to think how to reach the magic when she wanted to use it. Back then she never had to.

The crescent moon that shone down from above eased her mind a bit. She couldn't let herself think like this. For her own sake and everyone else's. Her mind started to wander back to her other problem at hand. Her mother. She had to keep her as far away as possible from Sarah, Emily and Amber. Though her mother didn't have any magic left, she knew her mother would do anything to get back at their mothers. With a sigh Rachel got up and went into the already dark house.

The next day, or to put it better, that morning, the four met in Emily's bedroom. "Sarah, was Lewis able to shed some light on the situation?" Emily asked.

The brunette, who had told her parents everything in hopes of finding a solution, shook her head, replying, "No. He can't explain it either. According to him, there were no strange or rare celestial occurrences. It was an ordinary night." "

Well something must have been different otherwise that wouldn't have happened," Amber retorted.

"Maybe the moon pool just decided that it wanted to show us that girl," Rachel suggested with a shrug.

"But then why did only your necklace glow and not the whole cave? We can't forget that those stones are from a different moon pool," Emily pointed out, thoughtfully.

"Are you saying that it was Claire trying to contact us?" Amber questioned, her voice shaking slightly at the thought of the spirit that had saved them.

"Why not?" Emily replied.

"Because it's not her," Sarah interrupted them abruptly, making everyone look at her surprised, "Don't ask me how I know, but it's not. It doesn't feel the same. It didn't feel like a warning, nor did she talk to us. No, whoever did this, is not Claire. Besides her spirit no longer exists." Sarah whispered the last sentence with tears in her eyes. Everyone placed a consoling hand on Sarah. They knew Sarah had felt closest to the spirit.

"Then what was it? If we can rule out our moon pool and Claire, who's left?" Emily asked, "Rachel, did the necklace feel any different than usual?"

Rachel though back to last night. She was about to shake her head, when it hit her. That strange feeling she had felt. "I felt strange for a moment. I didn't think anything of it, but now I realized it," Rachel answered, "For an instance the aura of the necklace intensified by a thousand. That was right before it began glowing."

"Even so, why did it suddenly build up?" Sarah objected.

"I think… it reacted to your magic," Rachel told them softly. Everyone stared at her in silence.

Finally Amber said, "What? Why would it be reacting to us? We've used our magic plenty of times before and never has anything remotely close like that happened."

"I know that. It's just… I can't explain it. It's kind of like how it is with Sarah," Rachel tried to explain.

"Okay, before this turns into an all out war, there is one simple way to test this," Emily interrupted them, "I'll be right back." With that Emily got up, left and returned soon with three glasses of water, which she placed in front of her friends. "We'll use our magic on this water and see if anything happens," Emily told them and activated her power to slowly freeze the water in one glass.

Eagerly all four of them stared at Rachel's necklace, waiting for something to happen. "See, I told you," Amber said when several seconds passed without anything occurring.

"Just be patient. Sarah," Emily retorted and Sarah nodded, using her power to make a column of water raise from another glass. Again they waited to no avail. Finally Amber raised her hand, making the water in the last glass start to boil.

They eyed each other, waiting for something to happen. "I told you noth- What the…!" Amber exclaimed as suddenly Rachel's necklace once again started to glow. This time however instead of becoming an exploding light, one beam of light came from each stone. They ran across the walls of the room before pointing to one spot on the wall, where a world map hung. Then it disappeared again.

The four girls stared at each other astonished. Slowly they walked over to the map to take a closer look where the beams had pointed. They stared at the map. Partially smirking at Amber, because it had worked, Emily said, "Looks like we're going to..."

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