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And the first story were gonna start with is…


Yep! And here are the characters of the story:

The Prince and the Pauper

The Prince: Pit

The Pauper: Kuro

The Queen: Palutena

The Mother of the Pauper: Medusa (what else was I suppose to do…)

Bodyguards: Zack & Tifa

Guards: Cloud & Leon (I like Leon so I decided to make him as my very special guest of this story. I know he's not in FF7 but at least he appeared in KH)

Kidnappers: Sephiroth, Rude & Reno (I thought it would be funny if Rude and Reno were the Kidnappers)

Friends: Ike, Sora, Marth, Skylar, Roxas, Ven, Link, Roy, Axel, & Riku

Sometimes freedom means to leave and go some places to do whatever you want in your life. But having freedom, doesn't mean you have to go…

Once upon of time, in a far away kingdom, two beautiful babies were born on the same day. The Queen who ruled the Kingdom, was grateful to have her child here with her. Her Husband died a year ago, and she didn't know what to do then, but she knew she wouldn't let her people down. Her brand newborn baby was so beautiful, he had blue eyes like the crystal clear sea, brown hair like the living barks on the tree, and healthy skin just like his mother's.

"I've never seen such beautiful baby like you. It wouldn't be so pitty if your father had passed." Then the name had hit her. "That's what the name your given… Pit."

In a Village right down from the Castle, lived a widow who have been working so hard all her life. She was a woman who made dresses and gowns for people who were royalty. She worked so hard to provide her family and her newborn baby.

"Mom… you need to rest. You've been working to hard. We'll do the stuff for you." Xion her Daughter said.

"Thank you Xion. You and your brothers." Their mother said. The three children left their mother alone to rest with her newborn child. Her child was so precious, he had black eyes like the midnight sky, the blackest hair as darkness approaches, but his face looked a lot like the newborn royal baby, Pit. Medusa, the mother, had found a new name for her child. "Kuro… that's it, Kuro is your name." Two newborn babies were exactly the same, but one of them had different birthmarks. Pit's birthmark was on his right shoulder, and Kuro's was on his left. A year passed, and when the Queen was working on her duties, one of the guards told her that she has been bankrupt. The Queen was now hopeless. How will she ever take of her Kingdom now, even her baby?


Years passed and Pit was 7-years old, becoming a Prince soon. He always enjoyed playing around the throne room, taking sweets from the kitchen, and always looking out from the balcony, thinking what it was like to be outside. But his mother, Queen Palutena, had to prevent him from going outside the Castle. Pit had two bodyguards that would always watch him, and they were Zack and Tifa. No matter where he goes, they would always watch him like a Hawk, and made sure nothing bad ever happens to him. Even if his breakfast, lunch and dinner was ready, they had to check if was not poison. Pit was glad to have two bodyguards protecting me, but he wanted some personal space of his own.

"Why be cooped up in here, when I can be out there… with all the other people?" Pit said as he and Tifa were making a puzzle together.

"Well, your mom doesn't want you to get hurt…" Tifa tried to explain as she was putting in another puzzle piece.

"But nothing ever goes wrong in the Kingdom, Tifa."

"I know Pit, but your mother is going through some stuff right now."

"Like what?"

"Umm… you know let's go get some lunch, okay?"

"Okay!" They both got up and went down to the kitchen to see what was there to eat.


Kuro, who was the same age as Pit, was outside playing with his friends. Kuro loved to play outside, but he always wondered what it was like live inside a Castle. He even dreamed of being royalty, but his brothers and sister, Demyx, Vanitas, and Xion, told him that it was make believe and that he would never become royalty. But Kuro never listened to them, all he cared about was being free from reality and living in his dream.

"HEY KURO, KICK THE BALL!" Sora, one of his friends, said. Kuro stopped day dreaming and kicked the ball to him. He stayed focus on the game, so he sat and watched his friends play.

"Hey Kuro, what's up?" His best friend Ike, asked him as he came sitting down next to him.

"Hey Ike, just wondering…" He told to him softly.

"Wondering about what?"

"Umm… what it be like to be royalty."

"Royalty? What do you know about that?"

"I don't know, but I do know it's fun…"

"Well they say it's lots of work there, and lots of stuff you have to do."



"KURO!" Medusa, his mother called to him. "IT'S TIME TO COME IN!"

"COMING! I gotta go, see ya!"

"Later Kuro!" Kuro ran inside to his home, sitting at the table with his brothers and sister.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the little runt…" Vanitas, but for short, Van said as he ruffled his hair roughly.

"Hey, cut it out Van!" Kuro commanded.

"What are you gonna do about it?"

"VAN! Leave your brother alone!"

"Yes mom…" All five of them sat down at the table, eating their supper.

"So what did you guys do today?"

"Well I me and Van stole some beverages from the market for you mom." Demyx said.

"Well, That wasn't what I had in mind but… okay, good. Xion?"

"Well, I cured a sick little boy from dying. I felt bad and I wanted to help him, so I used one of my healing potions to save his life."

"That was really nice of you Xion. And you Kuro?"

"Well, same old, same old…"

"Let me guess, your were dreaming about royalty, weren't you?" Van teased.

"There isn't wrong with dreaming about something, Van!"

"I didn't say it was wrong, I think your dream will never come true."

"I don't have to listen to what you say Van! Nobody can't judge me about my dreams."

"Van, stop teasing your brother about his dreams." Medusa commanded.

"What? It's the truth mom! Dreams really don't come true!"

"Sometimes dreams really do come true. You'll just never know when it might happen. Even dreams can come out in a rough start, but there's always a way to change it around."

"Thanks mom. May I please be excused?"

"Yes you may, Kuro."

"Thanks." Kuro turned to his brother, Van and stuck his tongue at him, and quickly ran to his room. After that moment, he sat by his window, looking outside to see the view of the Castle. "My dream will come true…" He whispered to himself happily.


Pit was getting tucked into bed by Tifa, and he asked her a simple question."Hey Tifa? Do you think if… if you can ask mom to take me outside?"

"Sure… I'll see what I can do for you." She said and ruffled his hair softly.

"Thanks." As Tifa began to walk out his room; "Tifa?

"Yes, Pit?"

"Do you think mom will be happy again?"

"…I'm sure she will Pit."

"Okay, night."

"Goodnight." She turned out the light and closed the door softly. And out of nowhere, she heard someone screaming down the hall. She quickly ran to see who it was and when she saw her partner, all she could do was stand there and laugh.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!" He yelled as he jumped up and down and then fell on his back, rolling away like there was fire all over his body.

"Zack? Zack? ZACK!" Tifa yelled at him to respond.


"Calm down man, calm down. It's only a mouse, just stand up." She got the mouse out of his shirt and helped him up.

"I've could've sworn there were five or ten of those ugly creatures…"

"I can't believe a Soldier like you, would be scared of a mouse."

"Hey it just startled me at first…"

"Yeah, right."

"So, did you have fun with young Prince Pit?"

"Yes and it was pretty amazing being with a cute little angel like him."

"Good… cause your gonna have some more fun me." Zack teased once he put his arm around her waist. Tifa blushed and glared at him as she elbowed him in his stomach.

"Kiss my ass, Zack!"

"Love to…"


"What the hell was that?"

It was me!

"Oh look Tifa, a fairy!"

Yeah, and I came here to tell you no cursing in this story! It's a story with the little smashers! NOT FINAL FANTASY!

"Okay geez it won't happen again."

I'm watching you Mr. Fair… *disappears*

The two bodyguards stood there quietly, blushing and gulping down the saliva down their throats. Until Tifa jumped up and thought about something.

"Hey Zack, what if we ask Lady Palutena to have her permission to take Pit outside the Castle with us?"

"Okay, sure. When though?"


"Tomorrow! But we planned on having a date tomorrow! I've waited ages for this day to come Tifa, and you ruined it by bringing in Pit."

"Okay how about this, next week is our break, and you can take us where ever you want to go?"


"I'll promise if you pick a place that's less boring…"


"Good! Now come on, let's go ask Lady Palutena." Tifa quickly grabbed Zack's arm and ran to the throne room.

Well while gonna ask her, let's go to another place where we can meet new people in the story…

In a cold and empty gold mine, there were two men, working inside the gold mine, digging for gold. They were breaking rocks, hitting them as hard as they can to find what they been looking for.

"Any gold yet, Reno?" Said a guy who was bold and had no personality.

"Nope, sorry Rude." Said Reno, with long red hair, and red marks on each side of his eyes. He looks like he has more personality than Rude!

"Aww man, the boss is gonna be really pissed if we down find any gold in this damped mine."

"Well at least he's not here in the next-"

"Sshhh! Do you hear that!"

"Hear what?"

"It's him! Quick, hide!"

"Hide where!"

"In here!" Rude and Reno hid inside the cart and made sure they weren't seen by their boss. Once they heard footsteps coming in closer, they stuck their heads to take a peek at a tall man, with long silver hair, sharp jade eyes, and a long sword that will wipe you out within seconds. He look down at them, smiling evilly at them.

"Uhh, hey Seph. What's up?" Reno said nervously

"I came here to see if you found any gold. Did you?" He asked them in a cold deep tone. Rude and Reno glanced at each other and then back at him.

"Well… let's just say that, we didn't dig deep enough…" Rude said, finding another word to finish his sentence.

"Hmph… very well. It's time for another plan then"

"Sephiroth, the plans you've made always fails. How can this one be a success?" Reno asked.

"Because… we are going to kidnap the Prince."

"Wait you mean… young Prince Pit?"

"Correct you are, Reno."

"But why kidnap a little boy?"

"Because if we kidnap the young Prince, will tell the Queen that her son is in great danger." Once again, they glanced at each and then back at Sephiroth.

"Go on…" Rude told him.

"Will pretend that we'll bring her precious little angel back into her arms, and then she'll give us a reward. And then she might make me King of the whole Kingdom."

"Oooooohhhhh, I get it now. You want us to kidnap the Prince and bring him to your hideout and keep him there until-" At that point, Rude slapped Reno up side his head.

"Shut up!"

"Actually, that really isn't a bad idea, Reno. What a brilliant idea for my brilliant plan."

"Nice going loud mouth. But how are we gonna capture the Prince ourselves?"

"Think about…" And with that said, he left out the mine without a single word left after that.


Mmm-mmm-mmm, that's just sad for me to see this. Okay let's head on to the next day please…

The next day, Pit, Tifa and Zack had permission to go outside the Castle, just to see the Village. Pit was very happy that he was actually outside the Castle for the first time. He saw how the Village looked from his window, but he never saw the village up close before. Tifa was glad that Pit was very happy.

"Wow! This is amazing! I never knew that there were be a lot of people. Thank you so much Tifa! And Zack!" Pit said cheerfully, throwing himself to them. Tifa and Zack giggled and smiled at him. "But why do I have to wear this hood over my head?"

"So no one would recognize you as the Prince. This town can be pretty rough for you." Zack explained to him.

"That's why you have to body guards that look after you." Tifa added.

"Yeah about that… can I explore that town, alone?"

"Well yeah, sure. Can you handle it though?"

"Tifa, I'm the Prince. I can handle anything."



"Okay well, good luck then." Pit ran out for joy, wandering around the moment of his life.

"The air… it's so… so wonderful. Just feel the breeze at your face. It's so beautiful I… I…"

"PIT, LOOK OUT!" Zack called out to him.

"Huh…?" Pit turned and saw a horse running in the street, which meant that Pit was in the middle of it. "WOAH!"

"PIT!" Zack quickly ran into the streets and grabbed Pit by his arm, and pulled him out just in time.

"See what I mean, Pit?"

"Zack it's first time, show him around a little, and then he'll get used to it alright? Calm down, he's fine." Tifa softly said to him.

"Alright fine. Let's go Pit."


Kuro was about to go outside to play with his friends until;

"Kuro wait!"


"You forgot your hood sweetie. It's chilly outside." Medusa bent a knee down and put on his hood for him.

"Thanks mom."

"Now go have fun. And be careful out there too!"

"I will! Later mom!" Kuro happily ran outside, going to him and his friends spot. There, he met up with them. "Hey guys"

"Sup Kuro?" Riku said.

"So, what are we doing today?"

'Today Kuro, we're gonna steal items at the market on Main street." Axel said.

"Okay, cool. What kind of items?"

"You know, jewels, watches, souvenirs, all that stuff." Sora replied.

"Uhh I don't know about this guys…" His fraternal twin brother, Roxas said.

"C'mon bro, there's no need to worry about this. It'll be fine." His identical twin brother, Ven said.

"Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?" Roy added in.


After Zack told Pit where to go and what to do, he saw him ran out of his sight, and left the two bodyguards alone.

"So, now that we are officially alone…" Zack said as he walked up to Tifa.

"Someone's being naughty…"Tifa responded when she got closer to him. He slowly wrapped his arms her waist and looked deeply into her eyes.

"You know, you should come over in my room tonight."

"Alright, I don't mind."

"I'm right down the hall in the Castle. Just go to the left and you'll see me. As of matter of fact, why do you-" SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Something out of nowhere made Zack hit Tifa in the face. And when he looked at her, he saw Tifa with her finger on her nose and her eyes wide open.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! You didn't see that big ass Gnat!" She cried.

No cursing…

"A Gnat tried to lay an egg on my face, it was pregnant Gnat-"

"I know pregnant Gnat when I see one…" Zack told her.

"Pregnant Gnat tried to kill me." She mumbled underneath her breath.

Pit ran across the town, seeing more exciting thing her never saw. But he had to keep his hood on so no one would notice him.

"Now let's see… since I'm finally here, I need someone to play with. But who?"


"Aright Kuro! Now that we're at the market, your gonna take a ring that's expensive, and golden bracelet, two new watches, and some interesting souvenirs for us. Got it memorized?" Axel told him, poking the side of his head with his finger.

"Yeah, I got it. Don't worry, this'll be a piece of cake!" Kuro impressed him.

"This isn't a good idea…" Skylar said negatively.

"Not good at all!" Roxas replied.

"Sshhh! Be quiet!" Riku shushed them both.

"Now while he's doing that, your next Roxas."

"Aww man! C'mon Axel, really? Why pick me?"

"No reason. Now let's go!" The boys left while Kuro was quietly stealing the items Axel told him to get.

"Okay I got… a golden bracelet, two new watches, and some interesting souvenirs. But where can I find an expensive ring?" He looked up, and saw a ring with a real diamond on it, shining like ever. I was reflecting and it caught his eye. "Bingo." He slowly walked up to it, and was beginning to snatch it until someone startled him

"Stealing is wrong, you know." Said a boy.

"I know! My friend made me do it and I don't wanna steal! It's not my habitat! Please don't hurt me!" Kuro pleaded.

"Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you…"

"Y-your not?"


"So why did you-" As Kuro turned to face the boy, he was shocked to see that he looked just like the boy. They both took off their hoods and realized how they looked.

"You… you look just like me."

"So do you!"

"What's your name?"

"My name? Oh, it's Kuro."

"Hey Kuro! I'm Pit!" And they both got the shocking moment of their lives.

Well isn't that a shocking! I didn't know when they would meet!

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