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Good, now let's see how the story ends…

"Okay… now's not the time to panic… now's not the time to panic…" Pit said, as he started to breathe heavily.

"Dude, just panic." Axel said non-caringly.

"Dude, chill out!"

"Yeah, we can totally find a way how to stop this." Ike said.

"Ike, we're kids, and kids mess stuff up. When it comes to stuff like this, we ruin it!"

"Wait, that's it!" Kuro replied.

"What is?"

"If we ruin your mom's wedding, it'll be called off and we'll stop it for good."

"Hey, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. But, there are only five of us and… it's not enough."

"So?" Axel said.

"We need our friends."


Ugh, well since this is the last chappie of this I guess I'll help you this one last time…

"Sweet!" The fairy raised her hands up in the air and made the rest of Kuro's friends appear.


"Wait, what? How'd I get here?" Roxas asked confusingly.

"Dude, the fairy who helped us find the palace brought you guys to the palace." Axel explained.


"We need help."

"What kind of help?" Marth asked.

"To stop my mom from getting married." Pit told him.

"To who?" Riku replied.

"That guy over there…" Axel pointed to guy with long silver hair—


Axel pointed to Sephiroth who was holding Palutena's dainty hand.

"And not to mention, he looks a lot like you, Riku."

"Shut up!"

Well it's true…

"Okay, so now that we've got our friends for this plan, what do we do?" Pit told Kuro.

"We crash this place. It's almost like crashing a party, but this is a special occasion." Kuro explained. "Pit, while we're distracting everyone, you go get your mom and tell her to call off the wedding."

"On it!" Pit ran over to Palutena while the rest of them were trying to find a way to distract people. It was very difficult to get people's attention, until Marth saw a chocolate cake and then looked at Sora. He made a grin on his face went to Sora and told him;

"Hey Sora, look over there…"

"Where?" Sora said, looking for whatever it is he was trying to find. "What?"

"Chocolate cake!"

"Chocolate cake? Did you just say… chocolate cake?!"

"Yes… and it's really moist!"

"Chocolate… chocolate… CHOCOLATE!" Sora ran over to the chocolate cake and started stuffing the chocolate cake in his mouth.

"MY CAKE!" The chef yelled, as he called the waiters and waitresses to stop Sora from eating the cake. But Sora ate so much, that his energy when from high to sugar rush. He was going crazy, and was running all over the place like a chipmunk! They all tried to catch him, but he was so fast. That gave the rest of the boys' time to wreck the whole place apart. Now everyone was trying to catch the boys while Pit went over to Palutena, and noticed that she wasn't herself.

"Mom! Mom it's me, Pit!" He said, but she never answered. All she did was just stand there with no expression, and she didn't even notice Pit. Why isn't shy answering me? Then when he saw her eyes, he noticed that they were bloody-red and he knew that they were supposed to be emerald green. "Mom?"

"Your mom is under a spell. My spell." Sephiroth said, as he walked over to him making a smirk on his face.

"You leave my mom alone, you monster! Change her back!"

"I would if I took off her ring…" Pit turned and saw the ring on her finger, and was just about to snatch it off her finger when she quickly grabbed him and threw him across from her. Pit was surprised and never knew that she would do anything like that to anyone, neither to him.

"What the-"

"If I only took off the ring, which I won't because I'm going to marry her."

"Grrr… you'll never marry my mom!" Pit growled at him, and felt anger boiling inside of him when he heard him chuckle evilly at him. Then something hit Pit which gave him an idea, and looked back to see his friends. He made a smirk and turned back to Sephiroth. "Unless you don't want us to ruin it…"

"Ruin it?" Sephiroth heard a glass break and turned to see Sora smashing stuff and was screaming at the waiters' waitresses and guests.

"Where's the chocolate?!" He said, in a speed tone way. "I want chocolate, gimme chocolate!"

"You heard him, give him some chocolate." Riku told one of the female guests.

"But I keep telling you, I don't have any chocolate!" The female guests cried. "How many times to I have to say it?"

"Just find my friend some chocolate or else…" Riku held up a golden necklace and what was dangling from it was a crystal shaped diamond and the lady gasped as she stared at it.

"Okay, okay, I'll find you some chocolate. Just don't ruin my precious jewel." While Sora and Riku were raging for chocolate, mainly Sora, the rest of the boys were crashing the place and ruining the stuff that was very expensive and valuable. Everything was being tortured and Sephiroth wouldn't let them stop him from accomplishing his plan, so he told Reno and Rude to stop them from destroying the wedding. They ran to catch the boys, but they knew that they'll get caught easily so they decided to eat sweets to get all super hyper and speedy. The sugar rush when into their brain and gave them the power of speed, and to talk all squeaky like chipmunks.

"You can catch me!" Roy said, as he was being chased by Rude.

"Come here you…" Rude growled, but he tried so hard to catch up that Roy was out running him; he stopped to catch his breath. Roxas and Axel ran over Rude when they were being chased by Reno. "Damn kids…" He groaned. Reno was already fast, so it was easy to catch them both. He grabbed them by the back of their shirts and lifted them up and made them face him.

"Please don't hurt me, sir, I didn't wanna do it, but they made me do it so please don't beat me into a pulp, I'm just an innocent little boy as I always was and will always be!" Roxas said in one breath, pleading to be free. Reno just looked at him, lost in his mind when he saw Roxas making the puppy-dog face just so he could make him feel bad and set him free. Reno sighed and set Roxas down, but kept Axel in his hands which made Roxas guilty. "Sir? Can you please let my friend go too?"

"Why?" Reno asked.

"Cause he's innocent too…"

"He doesn't look so innocent to me." Reno looked at Axel for a sec until he realized… he looked familiar. "Hey, did you steal my appearance?"

"No, you stole mine! I mean… you stole my hairstyle…"

"Better yet, you stole my hair color."

"You stole my tattoo marks, which is below my eyes, yo!"

"You also stole my personality, yo! We look exactly alike!"

Nooo sh— everyone knows that!

"So will you let him go?"

"Oh alright, fine! I'll go easy on you guys only." Reno dropped Axel and him and Roxas ran off. "Hmph, I'm smart!"

"You… are seriously twisted." Rude said to him. Pit had to find a way to make Sephiroth take the ring off to make the spell break off of Palutena, but he needed to think fast. He saw his friends destroying everything and then noticed a water fountain, and then he made an evil grin on his face.

"Hey guys!" He called to them and ran behind the walls of the Palace and they followed him.

"Well, did you stop your mom?" Riku asked.

"No, but get this… she under a spell." Pit told him.

"Yeah, right."

"No, it's true! That Sephiroth guy gave her a ring which made her under his control."

"So what you're saying is… your mom is hypnotized?" Marth asked.

"Right you are, Marth. And I need you guys to help me get it off from her finger."

"Pfft, big deal, Pit." Roy said, as he walked over to Palutena. "This'll be a piece of cake…"

"No Roy, wait! It's not that simple!"

"C'mon Pit, it's not like she's gonna scare me away or something." He went up to Palutena and grabbed her hand. "Just take off the ring and-"

He was just about to take the ring off when Palutena grabbed his arm and threw him all the way back to his friends, who were shocked about what just happened.

"Woah…" Link was speechless, with his eyes popped open.

"Pit… your mom is so strong…" Marth was trying to say.

"And hot…" Axel said, dazing at Palutena.

"And so tough…" Ven said.

"And hot…"

"And scary…" Roxas replied, hiding behind Ven.

"And hot…"

"AXEL!" They all called to him.

"Huh? Oh, right uh… she's so hard to fight back just to get the ring."

"Ya think?" Pit said. "Only Sephiroth can take off the ring, Roy!"

"Sorry, I didn't know…" Roy answered when he got up from the ground.

"You also didn't see it coming, haha!" Sora laughed.

"So, I suppose we find Sephiroth and tell him to take off the ring, yeah?" Ike asked.

"No we don't tell him…"

"We're not?" They all said confusingly.

"Nope, we'll make him take off the ring!"

"How do we do that?" Kuro asked.

"You see that huge water fountain?"


"If you guys can jump him and make fall in the fountain, I'll see if I get my mom from behind and try to make her fall over. But Sephiroth has to catch her before she even falls, so don't overdo it!"

"…Okay, sounds like a plan." Kuro said.

"Sorta…" Riku mumbled. The boys ran out from behind the wall and went over to Sephiroth, jumping on him and pulling him to the water fountain while Pit ran behind Palutena and hopped on her back. She tried to grab him from behind but he kept moving all around to prevent her from throwing him off of her. The rest of the boys made Sephiroth fall into the fountain and quickly got before he could strangle them, and when he got out, all soaking wet, he noticed Pit strangling Palutena from behind.

"Hey, get your hands off of her!" He yelled, running over to them. Pit slid down by pulling on her hair which made her jerk her head back, letting her fall. But before she could, Sephiroth quickly grabbed her hand, but he was soaking wet that her hand slipped from his and so did the ring. She fell to the ground, landing on Pit. Palutena's eyes went from vicious red to peaceful green, and she slowly sat up, rubbing her head and thinking what just happened.

"Ugh, wha…? What happened?" She said, looking around until she heard mumbling beneath her. She turned and saw Pit lying on the ground in pain. Her eyes widen and gasped in shock. "Oh Pit, my precious little angel! I can't believe it, my baby's alive!" She hugged him and started swinging him back and forth until she quickly pulled him apart. "Are you okay, are you hurt or anything? How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Mom, I'm fine… I'm just glad that you're okay now." Pit said, smiling happily at her.

"Wait, what happened to the courtyard? Everything looks destroyed and… and… and why am I wearing a wedding dress?"

"Mom, I think you already know whose was behind all this…" He pointed to Sephiroth, whose snatch up Palutena and was holding up his long sword to her neck.

"So it was you all this time…" She mumbled.

"Hmph, and you finally figured it out, after your two loyal bodyguards told you so." He replied with a smirk.

"Sephiroth, I demand you to set me free and never return!"

"And if I don't?" Then, they heard a fainted yell that became louder and closer to Sephiroth and she kicked him in the face and made him fall from the ground.


"Made it just in time. What about you, Zack?" Tifa said, as he took Sephiroth's sword and held it up to his neck.

"Way ahead of you." Zack replied. Cloud and Leon came and tied him up his hands onto his back.

"Fools, you haven't heard the last of me!" Sephiroth said evilly.

"I think we just did. Take him away boys!" Palutena told them.

"To where, my Lady?" Cloud asked.

"To the farthest place where he'll never be heard from again."

"Yes, my Lady." Leon nodded, as they took Sephiroth out of the courtyard.

"Tifa, I'm sorry I didn't believe you before."

"It's okay, my Lady, you didn't know."

"Hey Tifa, how'd you know we were in trouble?" Pit asked.

"Easy, I found these soaked up boys who were running to me saying that Pit needs help."

"I was the one who said it, though." Roy said, hugging her leg.

"Well, thanks for all of you help guys. I thought I'd lost my precious little angel forever." Palutena picked him up and hugged him as she wiggled his nose against hers and made him giggle.

"Kuro!" A familiar voice called to him, and he turned to see that it was his family.

"Mom! Van, Dem, Xion!" He called back to them happily and ran over to them. They all crashed into a group hug as Medusa picked up her son.

"Kuro, you're alright! Oh, thank goodness…" She said happily.

"Wow, you guys really missed me? And I didn't know Van would miss me the most."

"I didn't miss you, bro!" Van said, turning away from him, but then he sighed. "Well, I may have missed you a little bit… but I mostly missed was messing with you." He started ruffling his little brother's hair, which made him laugh a little.

"Yeah, I missed that too."

"Wow Kuro, when you said you were gonna be in the Palace someday, you weren't kidding." Xion said, looking all around.

"Too bad they already crashed the party." Demyx said, looking at the mess. "And I could've crashed it, ya know?"

"Yeah, me and my friends crashed it." Kuro responded. Palutena wanted to know Pit was ready to become the Prince of them Kingdom, but it looked like he wasn't ready for it..

"Pit, I'm not sure if you wanna do this but… would you rather be Prince of the whole entire Kingdom or… just live how you wanna live your life?" She asked him.

"Well, I made lots of friends and had the most amazing adventure ever so… I think I'm fine the way how my life is." Palutena couldn't say no so she agreed with it.


A month passed and the Kingdom was back on its feet again and they weren't no longer bankrupt. The people in the Village were happy again and Palutena couldn't be even happier. Zack and Tifa were official now, but there was someone else who wanted Tifa.

"Tifa, I gave you some flowers. These purple ones remind me of you." Roy said.

"Aww, thank you Roy, that's so sweet of you." Tifa said kindly and kissed him on the cheek, which made Zack a little jealous. "Don't worry Zack; you'll have all the love you'll get tonight…"

"Hehe, I look forward to it." He whispered to her while smirking. Pit, Kuro and the rest of their friends were out in the courtyard having fun. It looks like the two little angels both got what they always wanted; Freedom. And they all lived happily ever after.

Except one for thing…

"Aww, c'mon guys, why must you keep doing this to me?"

"Look Roxas, for the last time, just take the item and go. It's not that hard!" Axel said.

"He's just a kid, yo." Reno replied.

"He'll get it, I'm sure he will."

"And if he doesn't?" Rude asked.

"Then I'll do it!" Axel walked over to Roxas and grabbed his hand.

"A-axel, let go of me!"

"I'll let go if you just steal an item, for god sake!"


"Hey, whose messing with my baby?!" Said a woman with a long braided ponytail, who was holding a staff.

"Uhh… RUN!" Axel yelled and ran off, as well as Reno and Rude. Roxas ran to his mother and hugged her leg.

"Thank you, mommy!"

"Anything for my little precious baby." She said, as she picked him up and kissed his cheek.

The End

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