Ezio swung into Rosa's room where he was boarding in the Thief's guild. He had switched over to her room after some rendezvous in the middle of the night. Most of the thieves knew about their relationship, but none said anything. He greeted her with a light kiss, beginning to strip off his armor to climb into bed with her. There was an advantage to a woman in his bed, and that was that it was always warm for him. He stripped to nothing, climbing in with her with a smile. "Buonjourno, bella donna," he murmured as she rolled onto her side, allowing him room to get in. She maneuvered herself atop him, pressing naked flesh to naked flesh. He smiled as she began to kiss and nibble his jaw line, rubbing herself against him.

"Hello, Ezio," she purred, stretching. He chuckled, his hands slipping down her body, rubbing her inner thighs and parting her legs.

"How long have you been waiting?" he asked, feeling the familiar wet and warm curls that parted around his fingers as he moved upwards to cup and probe gently.

"All night," she murmured back, pressing down and trying to find some purchase against his fingers. He grinned down at her, pushing his fingers up into her and feeling himself harden rather quickly as her high-pitched whine filled the smallish room. She panted against his neck before straddling his hips and riding his fingers until he was hard and unyielding underneath her.

She rocked back onto him, arching her back as he rolled his hips up into her warm heat. He gasped, biting at his lips and smiling. She leaned down, kissing him rather roughly as she began to rock with him. He held onto her hips, moving her up and down, meeting her on every down thrust of her body as they gasped and nipped at each other's lips and necks, falling into a quick rhythm that became erratic as they moved the bed against the wall, groaning and panting together. He pushed deep into her, nearing their orgasm both. She whispered his name as she rocked up and down against him, letting him slip in and out of her until she moaned quietly against his neck, her body convulsing around him and keeping him in a tight grip inside of her before he lifted her up and came on her lower stomach, groaning as he did so and holding her tightly.

They lay there for some time afterward, dozing together until Ezio finally fell asleep with her in his tight arms, just a man and a woman for a second instead of an Assassin and a Thief