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Nina POV

"All right,listen up we have 6 new house members from Amercia so show them that Anbus house is the best boarding school in briten."said Victer."Why 6?and from Amercia?Wow we allready have 2 Amercians."said Perttrica."It dosen't matter really Pettrica."I said.'It do matter.' "You said what Perttica?" I asked."What do you mean?I didn't say anything."She said."Well I think that it'll be exciting to have 6 new House Mates!" said Amber."That's the spirt Amber, it's 3 boys and 3 girls." said Victor."Good I can right a interviw about them."said Joy."I'm going to make a Germin Chocolate cake." said Trudy."Good, they will arivve 6:00. Now everyone clean I have to finish making bed araments, so clean your rooms! move,move,move."And with that we all went to clean our rooms.

"Well,I think it's going to be fun with 6 new house mates."said Amber the 100th time."Amber."I said Laughing."You allready said that."I said."Nina,Amber come on we need to get down 's 5:53 they should be here any minitue." Said Mara in our doorway.


"Come,On we need to make a stop why not this boarding school."I said. Me and Fang were fighting about going to Anbus house."No Max,what happens if Flyboys and Earsers come crashing in the school? how do we know it's safe? You rember what happen last time we tried to go to a school?"he said."Yes,I do voice said to go to briten then a letter said we were acepted to Anbus, the food is free."I said."Max-"He started, sounding annoyed."No,Fang listen to me, who is the leader?What I say goes... so...you can leave if you want."I said with my best death glare."Fine."he said"but when this all blows up in your face I will be there to say 'I told you so.'"Fang said.I sighed."Fine,come on guys I think this is it."

I hope this dosen't blow up in my face.

but it kinda did.

Nina POV

At 6:00 there was a knock on the door.A girl with dirty blonde hair,chocolate brown eyes walked in the room already in her school uniform followed by a cute boy with black hair and black eyes with a blank face, also in his uniform. a little girl in a white dress with white dress came in looking like a little came in. Came in a boy who could be the little girl's after the little boy was a black girl (A/N come on,just say it. Patterson said it.I won't get mad.) with curly/wavy hair. Last,there was a boy with strawberry-blonde hair and cloudly blue eyes. Cloudly blue eyes? 'He's blind' 'what?' 'he's blind' ummmm."Hello,Please,please intedose your selfs."said Trudy. The dirty blond girl looked like she rather not but she did any way."I'm Maximum Ride Max for is Ariel,and this is Jeff and F-nick and Tiffeny Crystal."Max said."Fnick?"asked Jerone."No,I ment to say Nick."repied Max.

After we ate dinner,Jasper came in telling us the bed araments."Ok,Max is it?alright Max you will be sharing a room with Amber and Crystal and Ariel you can share a room with you can share a room with-." Jasper coulden't say anymore because Max cut him off."Sorry to interupt but if you haven't notice Jeffs blind so Nick would need to share a room with him."said Max she wasn't asking,she was telling him to."What do you mean Jeff dosen't act like hes blind."said Jerone, something happened I never seen gave Jerone the most scarist death glare I ever even shut him up !Jeff and Jason backed away slowly." ,Nick Jeff share a room then Jerone and Alfie will have to share a room with. I guess little Jason will have to share a room with his big sister."said Victor."OK,time to go to bed It's all most 10 O clock in 5 mins I want to hear a Pen jrop."Shouted Victor.


"So Nina where's this room of ours." I asked Nina I just got out the shower."Here."she was putting on a green mask(I'm 10 how should I know what that is?) .She turned around and gasp and turn her head shielding her eyes."You look hetis where's the make up and high hills?"Amber cried drmaticly."Um,I'm going to bed."I looked at me shaking her head getting up."You need a make over tomarow before we start school."she said."Fine."I said to sleepy to agrue.

*Time skip to midnight*

I was asleep when rough hands grabbed me and tie my hands behind my back. I began to scream when some one ducked tape my mouth shut and pulled me in a upright posinson.I saw someone grab Nina and do the same someone climbed through the window.

It was Max that wasn't the worst thing.

There was a Nina 2.

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