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Maelstrom of the Dead

Prologue: Day before the Dead

Raking his fingers through his shaggy blond locks, Uzumaki Naruto the Guidance Counselor of Fujimi Academy glanced over at the brown-haired teen that was occupying his dark orange divan. Leaning back into his chair, his blue eyes slid over to look at the clock that was hanging above his door before sighing.

"Come on now Komuro-kun, this has been the 5th time you've snuck off in here to skip class this week! I don't need Kyoko-chan getting on my case about helping students be delinquents."

Turning his head, Komuro Takashi frowned at the 27-year-old man. Bringing a hand up to adjust the collar of his black school uniform, he folded his arms behind his head with a sigh.

"You know she would probably gut you if you called her that to her face…besides this is the only place I can go without being bothered, Saya knows where I usually go and would only nag at me and make things worse."

Shrugging, the blond leaned back into his black office chair and blew his bangs away from his face with a puff of air. "I can't help it really; I've just never been that big on honorifics and never will."

Grinning he winked towards the depressed teen, "Besides as much as she complains about my lack of manners, I don't think she actually minds it."

Takashi snorted as he flipped through his literature handout detailing a project that would be due at the end of the semester. Uzumaki Naruto was the most popular member of the school's staff, and his office was where some students frequently found themselves at without a thought when they had a problem.

He, Komuro Takashi, was one of them.

It was the second week into the semester and everything seemed to be going downhill for the brown-haired teen. Not only was the ever daunting fact that he had no plans for his future messing with him due to his mother's lectures over the break, but also the girl he loved had suddenly decided to date his best friend.

If he didn't know any better, Takashi would've wondered if his life was some kind of soap opera.

Rubbing his face in frustration, he furrowed his eyes as he looked over at the blond who was loosening the powder blue tie around his neck with a groan.

Ever since that day, Takashi had found himself skipping classes, and just hung around in the more abandoned halls near the front of the school. It was a way for him to avoid having to interact with the love of his life, and his best friend who had in a sense stolen her from him. But he soon moved from those once his childhood friend, Takagi Saya would find him and begin to nag.

As much as he appreciated her attempts at trying to cheer him up, the girl just sucked at giving pep talks. Most of them ended up making him feel a lot worst every time. It was on the last day of the first week that he had found a safe haven in the Guidance Counselor's room, and that was only because the blond adult had offered to lend an ear for his problems.

"That's what a Guidance Counselor is here for after all. They didn't just hire me for my dashing looks Komuro-kun!"

"I guess I just don't want to accept the way things are, and yet I don't have the courage to try and do something about it."

Blue eyes locked onto the teen, and seeing that he had the man's full attention. Takashi continued, "None of it seems to make sense to me…one moment I think Rei and I were going to eventually get together and all of a sudden she is dating Hisashi!"

Propping his arm on the armrest, he rested his cheek against it as observed the whirlwind of emotions that took place on the teen's face. Lifting his legs up, he rested them on the hardwood desk while taking care to not knock over any of the paperwork that he had painstakingly organized earlier that day.

"Ah yes, Miyamoto-chan and Igou-kun, the reasons for your recent bout of skipping classes."

Chuckling, the blond tilted his head to the side with a small grin.

"Ah, to be young and in love, the never-ending trials of love…man it has been a while since I've been through that."

Trailing off at the end of his sentence, his gaze drifted towards the picture that sat on his desk with unreadable eyes. Watching the man, Takashi raised an eyebrow and followed his gaze to the picture. Just as he was about to ask the blue-eyed man about it, a familiar voice came over the intercom.


Cringing at the volume, the brown-haired teen watched as the usually cheerful man slumped down in his seat with a groan. Pushing himself out of his chair, Naruto made his way around his desk while grabbing the coat of his slate suit from around the back of his chair. Tugging it on one arm at a time, he grinned sheepishly at the boy lounging on the couch.

"It seems that I am scheduled in for another round of Kyoko-chan's lovely voice for the day, as much as I shouldn't allow it, you can stay here as long as you want."

Avoiding the man's gaze, he turned his head towards the wall.

Straightening out the suit top, he made his way to the door and stopped. Glancing over his shoulder, he allowed a small smile to form on his handsome face.

"While it may seem like it's the end of the world now, things will get better. Besides there is an old saying that if you love something then you should let it go, and if it comes back then it's truly worth something."

Despite trying to act uninterested in the information, the gakuran-wearing teen closed his eyes. "Has that something ever come back…I-I mean for you?"

He blushed as he felt the blond's eyes on him as he took on step out of his office.

Clenching the doorknob, Naruto grimaced and the sadness and resignation he felt spiked for a second before it was once again grabbed a hold of and locked up. Bringing a hand up to scratch the back of his head, Naruto grinned sheepishly while tilting his head back.

"Sorry but I've never had much luck getting anything back, but just maybe your situation will have a different result than with my situation."

Stuffing one hand into the pocket of his slacks, he waved over his shoulder with a chuckle, "Well I better go face my maker or she'll come storming down the hall looking for me…later Komuro-kun."

"See ya…"

The door closed with a resounding click.

Turning his body onto his side, brown eyes closed as another deep sigh left his lips. Opening his eyes, he looked over in the direction of the Guidance Councilor's desk and the picture he had been looking at so sadly. Getting up from his spot, he grabbed the frame and turned it around. Much to his surprise there was the blond councilor standing with a woman, who was tugging on his cheek with a playful smirk on her face.

Despite the obvious abuse that he was receiving, Uzumaki had been grinning from ear to ear while holding two ice cream cones as they stood in an unrecognizable theme park. The two of them seem really happy together, and the teen briefly wondered what happened. From the blue-eyed man's tone, Takashi easily concluded that the two of them were no longer together.

'I really wonder if it's possible, because if these two who were together and seemed so happy didn't work out…is there even a possibility…'

Shaking his head, he placed the picture back in its place and made himself at home back on the divan. While he appreciated the blond's words, Takashi knew that things between him, Rei, and his best friend would never be how it was.

Walking down the hall, Naruto sighed while stuffing his hands into his pockets. The situation that the 2nd year in his office was going through just brought up some of the more unpleasant memories for the Guidance Counselor. Raking his fingers through his hair, the blue-eyed man looked out the window onto the students running around the track.

'It has been 12 years since I woke up to find myself here…in this new world where those like me were only featured in anime and manga…a world devoid of Shinobi.'

The last thing he remembered before waking up in a hospital was the moon, which contained the newly reformed Juubi. He could remember everything that had to be sacrificed in order to get where he was. All the people that died during the 4th Great Shinobi War, with all the Shinobi villages facing off against Uchiha Madara and his crazy plan of a fake yet peaceful world.

Naruto could remember how heavy it was to carry all the hopes and dreams of the world, and how he did his best to not stumble under the pressure. Battle after battle they fought, and not only the Shinobi but the Kyuubi as well. The nine-tailed fox that had lived in his navel for all his 15 years of life had become a great ally after the blond had declared that he would break through the hatred that clouded the mighty beast's heart and mind.

He was Naruto's constant companion and his only support when it seemed that the entire world was out to get him, especially after some began to fear the ever growing control he got over the Kyuubi's malevolent chakra.

Sakura and Sai especially were also some of his closest companions. Their short time as Team Yamato had caused them to seek each other's presence when things got too rough. After the death of Yamato due to the Zetsu clones and Kakashi's second death against the resurrected Uchiha Obito, it had been the three of them left.

But that too didn't last long.

Sai had been killed in one of their bases in a surprise attack by Uchiha Sasuke while trying to keep the deranged Uchiha, who had been trying to track down Naruto, distracted. That night he and Sakura had comforted each other, which only saddened the blond more.

If he had this opportunity before all this happened, Naruto knew he would've been delighted to finally be intimate with his first love. But that night wasn't anything he could find pleasure in. That night they spent under the moonlight in each other's arms, lost in ecstasy only left a bitter taste in the Jinchūriki's mouth.

After that, the last two members of Team Yamamoto had thrown themselves completely into the war. Naruto would fight until he was about to collapse, and Sakura would heal till she reached the same limit. The other remnants of the Konoha 11 were worried, but there was nothing they could say to turn the two from such destructive paths.

Then once more Naruto was forced to feel loss when Sasuke finally managed to track him down and attacked. Naruto had long since gotten over the idea of bringing the Uchiha back, as it was obvious that the boy he once considered a friend if not a brother was gone. In his place was a rabid dog.

A rabid dog that the Jinchūriki needed to put down before it hurt anyone else.

Finally Naruto had Sasuke right where he wanted him, bound by ninja wire lined with explosive tags. The Uchiha was practically frothing at the mouth as he spat curses in blind hatred at the blond as the wires tightened around his body, zapping any chakra that he tried to call forth. He yelled about how he had made Sai suffer, and how it was Naruto's fault for not being there to stop it from happening.

And when Naruto didn't allow himself to show how much the words affected him, Sasuke only grew angrier.

Right as he was going to activate the seals, he stiffened in pain and looked down to see the blade of Sasuke's discarded tanto sticking out through his stomach. Turning his head to the side, he felt his heart break at the sight of Sakura staring him straight in the eye as she pushed the blade further into him before pulling it out roughly.

Falling forward, his body hit the ground that caused him to cough up blood that splattered on the battle-torn ground.


Peering up at Sakura with bleary eyes, he noticed the unhinged look that was on her pretty face.

"Together…we should die together…you, Sasuke-kun, and I…we'll be with Kakashi-sensei again…we'll be Team 7 again."

Naruto felt Kyuubi's chakra begin to slowly heal the internal damage just as his eyes closed. From the slow rate he was healing, the blond registered that the blade had been laced with the poison that the alliance had come up with to use against the Bijuu.

He felt a familiar pair slender but toned arms wrapping around him. Sasuke's frantic cries reached his ears as a kiss was pressed against his cheek, and then agony consumed him.

The day he had ended the war was the same day he had woke to find that Sakura and Sasuke both had died in the explosion, and he only just made it due the Kyuubi forcefully flooding his body with its chakra at the last second.

A desolate and vengeful Naruto faced and defeated the immortal Uchiha, and then sealed the Juubi into the moon.

Moments later, he collapsed as his heart ceased beating. He had firmly believed when he closed his eyes, that he would finally be reunited with his deceased loved ones. So it was a surprise for him to wake up in a hospital room, hooked up to multiple (obviously) high-tech machines that he had never seen before and the scream of a civilian nurse on duty.

12 years later after having to create a new identity for himself in this world, he now found himself here helping mold the minds of the future. Watching the people of this world, Naruto couldn't help but feel a sense of envy towards them.

In this world they didn't have to worry about fighting for their lives, nor were they trained from the time they could walk to one day give up their lives in defense of their community. The only people who could possibly understand how he felt were people in the military.

'It was a main reason her and I had hit it off in the first place…this mutual feeling of exclusion from the regular masses despite being right there with them…knowing that with the slightest hesitation, we could end their life before they blinked.'

Shaking his head, the man sighed.

He really had no time to lament on his crappy track record with romance, not to mention the feelings that started to crop up whenever he thought of her.

"Uzumaki-san, there you are!"

Looking up, Naruto saw the lovely form of Hayashi Kyoko marching towards him with a stormy expression. Slapping a grin on his face, he lifted a hand in greeting while moving forward to face the music for whatever he had done this time to gain the woman's ire.

He may have been displaced from his original world. Naruto wouldn't let it get him down. This world had offered him another chance. In this world, he didn't need to fight for his life every day, or keep one eye open as you sleep in order to make sure ally or enemy didn't stab you in the back.

Breathing in deeply, he felt his spirits lift a bit.

That day, neither Naruto nor anyone else had any idea of the horrors that would occur or how much their lives would change.

Naruto would once again be forced to take up the mantle of leader in order to save the people whose lives they will entrust to him.

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