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Maelstrom of the Dead

Chapter 1: Spring of the Dead

"Naruto, Naruto…"

Twitching a bit at the sound of his name, Naruto groaned while placing his pillow over his head as if to block out the voice. But due to his enhanced hearing, he knew it was futile.

Not that it would stop him from doing it regardless though.


Jumping at the exclamation of his name, his eyes snapped open and he looked up into a pair of red eyes he had come to fall in love with. A mischievous smirk slithered onto her face as the slender woman was suddenly straddling his lap. Hands ran calloused fingertips through his sleep-mused hair, and he couldn't resist the temptation to lean forward and press his forehead against her collarbone.

"You know, you should really get up fox-face…wouldn't do for you to be late and all would it?"

Grumbling, Naruto nuzzled into her collarbone all the while placing feather light kisses on the parts of her skin that were close enough to his mouth.

"I…don't wanna…"

Snorting, the woman tilted her head to the side and her violet hair pooled over her shoulder.

"No, I really think you should wake up…after all, how exactly are you going to explain the fact that you're sleeping next to your co-worker right now fox-face?"

Jolting up in his bed, Naruto breathed deeply and raggedly as he found himself out of the realm of dreams and back into reality to face another day. Rubbing his face with his hands, he allowed himself some time to calm down. Once he was sure that his heart wasn't going to implode in his chest, Naruto fell back onto his pillow with a sigh.

Bringing an arm over to block his eyes from the rays of sunlight that managed to peek through his curtains, he gritted his teeth and balled his fists.

It had been a while since he last dreamed of his ex-girlfriend, Rika Minami, and he knew it had been due to the discussion he had with Komuro the previous day.

The only time he ever dreamed about his Ex was whenever she was brought up in a conversation.

Well that and after a night of heavy drinking, which he had done last night after being invited to the faculty outing by Kyoko after she had finished putting him through the ringer. He remembered agreeing before heading off to the nearest bar with the rest of the teachers, and after the third or fourth serving of Sake…things started to get a little fuzzy.

Sighing, he lifted his arm up and away from his eyes while turning to face the other side of his bed. Reaching out to grasp the pillow that remained unmolested on his bed, he stopped as his eyes landed on sleeping figure that shouldn't have been there. Immediately he stiffened in place, his jaw dropped, and his blue eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

Lying next to him with nothing but the thin sheets of his bed covering her curvaceous body was Hayashi Kyoko.

His co-worker!

For a moment he did nothing but stare before hopping off of the bed without causing the other to wake up at the sudden movement. Backing up into the wall, Naruto ran his hand through his hair in frustration while he mentally cussed up a storm.

'I can't believe this! I haven't done something like this in years…plus it's Kyoko-chan, a co-worker of mine that I slept with not some random girl from a bar!'

Naruto groaned at the fact that he had broken one of his own sacred rules.

Sleeping with co-workers had become a big no-no for Naruto in this world, especially after the first crazy semi-relationship he had found himself in while working at one of those fast food restaurants when he was still in High School. After everything that bat-shit crazy girl had put him through, Naruto had made a rule for himself about co-workers.

The people you worked with were awesome friends, and unless you were interested in pursuing a real relationship with them….DON'T DO IT!

As if hearing his thoughts, a moan slipped from Kyoko's lips as she slowly began to leave the arms of Morpheus. He watched as she sleepily pushed herself up from her pillow, causing the sheets to slip down and expose her creamy skin, various love bits littering her skin, to his gaze. Sleep-mused blood red hair tumbled over her shoulders and shielded her breast from his eyes, but still managed to accentuate the fact that she was gifted in the chest department.

Bringing up a hand to rub at her eyes, the Ping pong club's advisor's kiss-swollen lips parted as she yawned softly. Sleepy honey-colored eyes glanced up at him through long lashes, and for a moment Naruto couldn't believe that this was the strict woman who had made it her goal to turn him into a "respectable adult".


It was at that moment when Naruto's heart dropped into his stomach.

How was he going to deal with this situation?

"What time is it?"

Unable to resist the urge, he brought a hand up and scratched the back of his head nervously.

"It's about 7:00 a.m. I guess…from how the sun is now beginning to peek through my window."

Grumbling a bit, the redhead rubbed her eye before muffling a soft yawn. Unknown to her, her smallest movements caused the sheets to slip off just a bit more. Naruto's eyes widened before he turned his head to look away. Yeah, it may seem strange for a man his age to act this way, but it was just a safety precaution.

The two of them had slept together that was right, but there was the underlying fact that their decisions were most likely influenced by alcohol.

It wouldn't due for Kyoko to realize that, and lash out at him while calling him a pervert. Not that it's happened before in other situations, but there would always be the anticipation when spending most of his life around bi-polar Kunoichi who would hit you just for breathing the wrong way in their direction. But her reaction wasn't anything like he thought it would be.


Naruto could do naught but blink as Kyoko became a blur within the room, which for a moment almost made him wonder if she was using chakra to enhance her speed. She quickly gathered her clothes which, along with his own, had been strewn around his bedroom as they found their way to the bed last night.

Tilting his head, he watched as she hopped around as she tried to put one leg into her stockings.

"Ummm, Kyoko-chan what is the big rush?"

Buttoning up her shirt, Kyoko barely threw him a glance as she brought her hair up into a messy bun.

"Unlike you Uzumaki-san, I have a schedule that I like to keep, which dictates that I would be there for my early club meetings with everything already set up."

For a moment, Naruto only scratched his head with a small chuckle.

'She reverted back to Uzumaki-san?'

"It's too early in the morning to be so mean Hayashi-chan!"

After she grabbed her purse, Naruto watched as she made her way towards the door and couldn't help but notice the extra sway in her hips. Of course, he soon realized that he had been staring as the hips suddenly moved and he was snapped from his gaze at the sound of her clearing her throat. Jumping a bit, he slowly dragged his eyes up the curvy expanse of her body until his blue connected with half-lidded honey.

Bringing his hand up to his mouth, Naruto cleared his throat and he could feel a bit of heat gathering in his cheeks. Not much, but only those who were really observant would be able to tell.

"Before you go, I thought it would be good to discuss what happened last night…"

He didn't get to finish his sentence as his cellphone decided at that moment to ring. Giggling, the redhead turned the knob of his door.

"As much as I would love to Uzumaki-san, I think we should hold it off until later don't you think? I'm sure that's a poor student who is calling you in their time of need."

Officially confused at this one-eighty from the other, he just scratched the back of his head.

"I…I guess you're right."

Nodding, she took one step before glancing over her shoulder.

"Besides, you'll never know…maybe some time to think about it will do some good."

Stepping out of the room, Kyoko closed the door behind her before letting him reply in turn to that comment. Leaning against the door, her confident and unaffected mask fell as her face became a cherry red. Slapping her hands to her burning face, she began to walk away while her heart was beating a mile per second.

'I can't believe I acted like that! Why did I follow Eimi-chan's advice? Now Uzumaki-san will probably think that I'm some kind of slut!'

After months of talking with her old friend and planning, she had finally gained the courage last night to make her move on the handsome Guidance Counselor. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin her image, and have him think of her as some slut. Unfortunately, Eimi, her friend, had advised that she shouldn't act the way she usually did after she got to this point.

Kyoko could count the number of times that she had gotten to this stage and how things just got plain awkward in the morning due to her usual clingy behavior after sex. Not that anyone could blame her. Here she was, a beautiful 30-year-old woman, with no steady man in her life. It was a large point of shame for her, though she didn't usually let it show.

There was a time where she didn't believe she needed a man, and left a lot of men heartbroken.

'Maybe this was my punishment?'

Shaking her head, the ping pong club's advisor shook her head. This was not the time for her to get those kinds of thoughts in her head. Unlike the other times, she was sure that Uzumaki Naruto would be a better choice than the other men she had tried to date and failed. And it wasn't like the man wasn't attracted to her from what happened last night, and how easily distracted he was from her body.

All she needed to do was play it cool, and reel the man in. Yes, she knew that some of the other female staff also had their eyes set on the man but she was going to get him first. If there was anyone that she had to worry about it was Shizuka Marikawa, the school nurse, who seemed to have some sort of connection to Naruto if their friendly interaction was anything to come by. Most wouldn't consider her a threat due to her air-headed nature, but Kyoko wasn't one of them.

You would have to be blind if you didn't see the way the blonde woman would stared at him when he wasn't looking, and she knew then that if she decided to pursue the Guidance Counselor than the nurse would be her opponent. Forcing herself out of that train of thought, she cursed as she glanced down at her watch. She would have only a little time to get herself ready properly for the day, and then to prepare to make her next move before any of the other females get any ideas.

'While they are all wasting their times pining after him, I will be making my move and I will get him."

Kyoko's lips curved up into a determined smile, and somehow she had the feeling that day was going to be an interesting day.

Inside his room, Naruto continued to stare at the door in total befuddlement as he tried to grasp what exactly had happened. Here he was, ready to have the usual morning after conversation that could be reserved for his situation. Kyoko's reaction had been very surprising, and honestly made him curious. But he was then pulled back into the real world as his phone seemed to ring louder as if to bring him back. Picking it up from the side table, he flipped the top open and pressed it to his ear.

"You've reached the phone of Uzumaki Naruto, the handsome, dashing, and currently confused Guidance Counselor of Fujimi Academy! How may I help you?"

A choked giggle filtered across the phone, "U-Uzumaki-s-sensei?"

Blinking for a second, the blond's eyes narrowed in concern as his playfulness slipped from his countenance.


Standing up from his bed, he immediately made his way towards his closet and pulled out a navy blue suit. Pulling the phone from his ear for a second, he saw that the number indicated that the girl was calling from his office. Bringing it back to his ear, he continued to placate the obviously distraught girl while getting everything he would need ready.

"Are you in my office alone?"

Washing his face with a warm face cloth, he blinked in surprise. "Imamura-kun is there with you? Alright, make sure that you stay there for now…I'll be there in no longer than 20 minutes."

After reassuring her a bit more, the blond hung up and rushed into the shower.

It seemed that he wouldn't get that extra hour of sleep today, and he was a bit glad for it. He would need to have something to work on just to get his mind off of not only his dream, but also the strange behavior of his co-worker. Not that he could say the unexpected behavior hadn't caught his interests, because that would be a lie, but he couldn't allow his thoughts to go any further on that subject.

Not until he found out her intent later on.

Hopping out of the shower, he quickly dried off and got ready. Tugging on her tie, he grabbed the slice of toast that popped out. Placing the toast between his teeth, he grabbed his briefcase and keys while walking towards his door. But right before he touched the doorknob, he stopped completely as a feeling of dread spiraled down his spine.

Narrowing his eyes, he couldn't stop that old reaction to reach towards the kunai pouch that was no longer on his right thigh. His body was tense, and ready to strike out at anything that moved. For a moment, the room was too still, too quiet, but then sound of his cellphone pierced through the silence. Reaching down into his pants pocket, he flipped open the phone while setting his briefcase near the door.

Talking on the phone, he quickly went towards his closet and pulled out a large footlocker. Shifting through his old clothes he kept a memento, a grim frown formed on his face as he found what he was looking for. At the bottom of his footlocker were five scrolls, all lined up with the kanji for "release" glowing for a second as his reached forward and grabbed them. Before closing the footlocker, he grabbed his old hip pouch, and kunai holster.

"I don't know why, but I think it will be better to be safe than sorry…"

Shaking the holster a bit, he heard the clang of his kunai hitting each other. Grabbing his briefcase, he opened the clasp and slipped the kunai pouch inside before clipping his hip pouch underneath his suit jacket. Walking out of his room, he looked back once more before closing the door. Somehow, he felt that this would be the last time he came here.

Why, he didn't know but he did know to trust his instincts.

They had been what had kept him alive all these years.

She breathed evenly despite her erratic movements while swinging her bokken in an arch. Narrowed blue eyes focused on a non-existent enemy before she launched herself forward. The fabric of her practice haori and hakama swirled along with her movements. Her wooden sword cut through the air with the all the sharpness of a true blade. Anyone who was standing near her would've felt the breeze of each stroke of her blade.

'It has been five years since I last challenged him and lost.'

That man had defeated her.

Saeko Busujima, the daughter of Busujima family head.

The heir to their family's deadly style had been defeated by a young man, who Saeko had at first believed was nothing but a fool. Even now she can remember the amused look he possessed when he was first told to face her in battle. Noticing the look, she had every intention that day of beating him to a pulp as a lesson in underestimating her.

Instead, he ended up showing her how much she overestimated herself by beating her with a single strike with the bokken he borrowed after batting aside every strike she herself had made.

Coming to stop as she was about to make a killing blow to her invisible opponent, the Kendo Club's captain exhaled as she stood up straight. Swinging her sword of to the side, she closed her eyes. After a moment of silence, she shook her head and made her way towards the showers in the locker room. While her first class wouldn't start until later in the morning, she had finished her training session for the day.

'Today I shall challenge him once more, and force him to remember the promise he had made me that day.'

Before leaving her room, she had called her father and informed him of her intention.

Thankfully he had given her his blessings.

Now she only had to achieve her goal.

Quickly slipping out of her clothes, she threw her towel over the side of the stall. Turning on the water, she shivered at the small burst of cold water before giving a pleased hum at the heated water that hit her skin. Running a hand through her hair, she gazed up at the ceiling with a mysterious smile.

'Today's the day that you reap what you sow, Uzumaki-san."

Before he could take a sip of his coffee, Naruto sneezed. Rubbing his nose, he glanced around with narrowed eyes. Someone was thinking or talking about him, whether nicely or maliciously he had no idea. Though sense he didn't react like he did before he left his room, he decided that it most likely wasn't a threat to his health.

Shaking his head, Naruto turned his attention towards the teenager who was sitting on the divan.

Miku Yuuki, another frequent occupant of his room.

'Not that I blame her though, especially with her situation.'

The woman's situation wasn't anything new, and Naruto himself had seen it happen when he was in high school and even in Konoha when things went to hell. Yuuki was a young woman with strong sex appeal, and that has caused some female peers to grow jealous. It was no secret, even among the staff that the light-haired girl was sought after by many of the male students, but to their knowledge (besides malicious rumors) hadn't actually accepted any of their advances.

But due to said malicious rumors, there was a barrier of some sort between her and the other students. Most of the females considered her as a loose girl, while the males lust after her. With that kind of behavior from her fellow students, it hadn't been a surprise that she had ended up being a part of his regular visitors.

Currently, Yuuki was sipping a batch of his Jasmine Oolong tea, which he had made for her as soon as he reached his office. The girl had mentioned liking it during one of their meetings, and he had made it for her whenever she appeared. Like so many of the others, he had come to know her very well and had offered his office as a sanctuary. But thankfully, she didn't take advantage of his offer as frequently as other students, which resulted in him getting in trouble with Kyoko.

'Alright, not even going to think about her right now…'

Glancing over at the door, he saw his other early morning visitor, whom had actually scheduled to speak with him today.

Imamura Daisuke was one of his more severe cases when he first arrived at Fujimi Academy.

Being the stereotypical example of a delinquent, the other teachers had pretty much given up on him from the very start. Much to his disgust, Naruto could remember another colleague of his commenting that wasting time on him was unnecessary due to being certain the boy would end up in prison anyway.

Now here the boy was in his second year, and while his record was spotless…he was still beating the odds against him. Grinning at the uncomfortable looking teen, he gestured towards an armchair that was sitting near the window. Sighing, he moved towards the room but not before placing a metal pipe onto his desk. Blinking in confusion, he turned to look at the auburn-haired young man with a questioning look.


Plopping down in the armchair, he frowned before gesturing his head towards the quiet girl.

"One of those wannabe punks was carrying it around, while his friend was bothering Miku."

Brushing his hair away from his face, he sighed.

"I decided it would be best for everyone if I confiscated the weapon, as it was completely obvious the idiot had no idea of how to use it in the first place."

Scratching the back of his head, Naruto shook his head with an exasperated sigh of his own.

"Let me guess, Tsunoda's little group?"

Getting no answer, Naruto's frown deepened.

Tsunoda Hayato and his group of flunkies had been a major problem, and a thorn in his and his main students' sides. Unfortunately, any attempt that Naruto made to stop the group was blocked by a certain individual in the faculty, who reminded the blond too much of a certain Snake Sannin.

That person was Shido Koichi.

Since Naruto had started taking the underdogs of the school under his wing, the man had always been there to either direct his attention away or even prevent him from doing something outright. There have even been attempts from the man to befriend him, but the blond's instincts had prevented him from even trying. Like the situation with Miyamoto Rei. After coming to realize how much Komura-kun had come to like the girl, he had made sure to keep an eye on her.

It was due to her that he had his first official confrontation with the slimy man.

'That is also the reason why I try to go above and beyond for the students who need me now….'

Rubbing his face, he shook his head and plastered a grin on. Turning to look at the two, he clapped his hands together. "Well how about this, I'll be needing some help today with something or other…so I'll name you two my assistants for the day!"

A smile blossomed on the girl's face, while the boy only scoffed.

"Why would I agree to be your assistant old man?"

Gawking at the younger male, and brought a hand to his chest in mock hurt.

"O-Old man? Imamura-kun, I'm hurt!"

Flopping back into his seat comically, Naruto placed the back of his other hand against his forehead as if he were about to faint from shock.

"How could you call me old, Imamura-kun? I'm 27! I am in no way old! In fact you could say that I'm in my prime!"

Yuuki laughed while Imamura only scoffed once more, but couldn't help the small tilt at the side of his mouth at the Guidance Counselor antics.

The man had practically been a godsend to them and many others.

Unlike other teachers he was actually concerned about their problems, and helped them instead of throwing them head-first into the pool and hope they could keep themselves from drowning. Imamura himself knew that he owed the man a lot, and had made a promise to himself that sometime in the future he would pay the man back for everything he's done for him.

'Sometimes…I even wonder if this is what it's like to have a father.'

Watching as the blond man consoling the obviously saddened girl only caused the delinquent to have even more respect for him.

'He has a way with females, my age and older.'

Brown eyes paid attention to the adoration that entered the girl's eyes when the blue-eyed man placed a hand on her shoulder, and sighed at the man's obliviousness to girl's obvious more than platonic feelings for him. If there was one thing he hoped he didn't take after the man in was his apparent obliviousness towards the opposite sex.

Thirty minutes passed by and soon the first bell for class rang, and a few minutes after that the morning announcements also followed. Sitting in his chair, Naruto turned on his computer and began to read his emails that he was sure to have received. Imamura was sitting by his the window still, tossing one of the stress balls that the blond had lying around on his desk. Yuuki was lying along on the divan reading one of the books that was on the bookshelf near the end of the lounge chair.

It was a very peaceful atmosphere and the two teens allowed themselves to bask in the warm and homey feeling the office gave them. Naruto leaned against his knuckles with a raised brow as he looked at the email sent to him from the P.E. teacher, Teshima Kazuma. Shaking his head at the passive aggressive email, Naruto nonchalantly clicked the delete button.

Despite his efforts, the older man had always seemed to hold a dislike of him since he arrived on campus. The man had taken one look at him, and did nothing but sneer at him at every meeting all the while posturing. If Naruto didn't know any better, he would think that Teshima thought himself some kind of alpha male and found him as a threat.

Running a hand through his hair, he then turned to his other emails without another thought to the other man. Clicking on some of the notes about certain events taking place during the week, he clicking scanned for the more important details and smiled at the news that his suggested group had been approved.

Over the summer break he had come up with the idea of a support group for most of the students who frequently found themselves in his office. He thought of it as a way for them all to meet and befriend one another all the while helping them all to improve themselves and each other. Naruto knew that these kids could make a true difference in the world around them, and they only needed others who are in the same position as them to see that. Besides if they made true friends amongst each other, then it would be a bonus. Saving the notice, he decided to keep it a secret until the end of the week.

'I'll email them all and have them turn up in the library, though I have to make sure that Komuro shows up…knowing him he would try to find some way to make himself scarce if he even had an inkling of what I planned to do…I should probably ask Shizuka-chan if she wouldn't mind being the co-advisor for the club'

Laughing mentally at the surprisingly shy young man, his mind then moved onto the blonde nurse.

Marikawa Shizuka was an old friend of his and the best friend of his ex-girlfriend. He had taken to looking after the blonde when she had become the school's nurse. Due to her looks, Naruto knew that she would be targeted by most of the men and so far they had the brains to know that they had better stay away. It had been during one of his checkups on her that he had run the idea by her, and she had suggested the trips in the first place.

Soon he finished his emails, and moved onto some reports paperwork that he had to finish filling out. For his club, he had a few trips planned out during the year and he wanted to get all of this out of the way. This continued for a good chunk of the time period before a knock at the door caused he to stop.

"Uzumaki-san! Are you in there?"

Pushing himself up from his seat, he quickly gestured for the two students to pretend to being doing something "constructive". Fixing his tie, he cleared his throat and walked towards the door. Opening it, he grinned widely at the scowling visage of Kyoko. Bringing a hand up to scratch the back his neck he chuckled.

"Hey Hayashi-chan! To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Her scowl only deepened as she stared at him suspiciously, clicking her tongue. She swiftly moved past him into the room, and her eyes immediately landed on the two students who appeared to…actually being constructive. Miku Yuuki, as she recognized the girl from her looks due to gossip, was reading a book that she knew Wakisaka had assigned for the first semester. The other, Imamura Daisuke, Naruto's pet project, as some of the other teachers called him. He seemed to be writing something, but taking a closer look, it seemed to be some makeup work for Eimi's class that she had mentioned he needed to finish.

Letting her hands slip from her hips, she briefly looked surprised before turning her back to them and looking towards the proudly grinning Guidance Counselor. Crossing her arms under her chest – briefly feeling satisfied that he glanced at her chest before raising his eyes – she frowned.

"There is a situation near the front gate, and I thought that you should come along…I thought you would be good for this situation."

Once again that feeling of dread raced through him, and Naruto's playful exterior faded much to the surprise of everyone in the room. A grim look was on his face, and he stared at other faculty member with sharp blue eyes. "What kind of situation are we talking about exactly?"

Shaking herself from her daze, she berated herself.

"Apparently Teshima had noticed a man who apparently had been standing at the front gate, they first tried talking to him but got nothing…he just stares at us."

Wrapping her arms around herself, she bit her lip before continuing.

"Before I left to come get you, he had proposed an aggressive approach but I persuaded him that there was another way…unfortunately knowing Teshima he won't wait much longer, so I hope that you'll come to the gate and sort this matter out."

Everything in Naruto's being screamed out that something wasn't right, and it was only by the strength of Naruto's will that kept him from reaching down into his hip pouch under his jacket. Forcing a smile on his face, he nodded.

"Sure, I don't mind at all….not everything has to be solved through violence…the man's probably just lost and needs some directions…and with how the economy is these days…he's probably drunk out of his mind!"

Taking a glance at the teenagers in the room, Naruto grinned.

"How about you two stay here and wait till I get back?"

For a moment, they did nothing but nod and for that moment he felt happy satisfied that they would follow his instructions. Placing a hand on Kyoko's shoulders, he waggled his eyebrows at her.

"Come along Hayashi-chan! We don't want to let all that unneeded testosterone to go to old Teshima's head do we?"

Clicking her tongue once again in mock annoyance, she shook of his hand and walked out of the office. Winking at the two teens, he closed the door behind him.

As the door closed behind him, Yuuki sighed. Leaning her forehead into the book, she lamented on the man not recognizing her feelings for him.

"You know, the only way he is going to realize you like him is if you threw yourself at him with 'I like you!' plastered across your forehead right?"

Immediately at hearing those words, her face turned a bright red and she turned to glare at the other teen who was now sitting on the windowsill smoking a cigarette.

"W-what are you talking about? What gave you that idea that I like Uzumaki-sensei?"

Rolling his eyes, he exhaled releasing a wispy stream of smoke.

"I would've had to be blind not to see the ways you look at him, and don't worry you're not the only one…though I never thought the old man would catch the eye of a woman like Hayashi-san."

Gaping at him, she leaned towards him with wide eyes.

"Hayashi-san likes Uzumaki-sensei?"

Imamura smirked, "And here I thought all females are observant."

The glare he received in result of his words only caused him laugh.

Naruto instincts were going wild as he and Kyoko got closer and closer to the front doors of the school. Everything in him was telling him to eliminate the threat, to destroy it utterly. He could feel his body tensing up with every step towards the front doors, and his chakra practically humming under his skin; ready to be used. As Kyoko opened the doors and he stepped through he knew that he would forever remember the scene that signaled the end of the peaceful life he has lived in this world.

He could see a small group of faculty members standing around in a semi-circle near the gate. Only one person was actually standing at the gate, and he would always be able to recognize the messy hairstyle of Teshima. Unfortunately, it seemed that Kyoko had been right and he had decided to go with more aggressive methods to get rid of their "visitor". But it wasn't the obvious front that the man was trying to put up for everyone.

No, it was the scent that Naruto's nose picked up in the breeze that drifted from the gates direction.

The scent was something that he hadn't expected to ever smell again after leaving it behind in his own world.

It was the smell of death.

Before he could stop himself, his words leapt from his throat.


Everyone in the semi-circle turned to look at him as he and Kyoko made their way towards them.

Teshima only snorted and smirked over his shoulder, "Ah, so Hayashi went to go get you Uzumaki? Well, I'll tell you that…!"

Pain burned through the P.E. teacher's shoulder. Crying out in pain, he snaps his head to his front and stared in horrified shock to see the man's mouth clamped on his arm as if it were trying to rip it from the socket. The other teachers near him immediately ran forward in order to help him. Naruto stood in place with Kyoko next to him, who had her hands up covering her mouth as she watched the other teachers tried to help their colleague get loose.

Naruto's eyes dilated as his chakra roared, begging to be released and destroy the threat. He watched almost paralyzed as the man released Teshima. There he stood as he watched Teshima scream some more before falling down to the ground as if his legs had been cut off beneath him. All the other teachers standing around were getting frantic, and blue eyes were pinned on the body that soon became still after a few seconds of writhing on the floor.

He was dead; Naruto heard his heart stop.

One of the other teachers, Tsukino Eimi had moved to his side. Kyoko was grasping his arm as she watched the proceedings in horror.

"Teshima-san? Teshima-san?"

The petite woman placed her hand on his body and suddenly the downed teacher's scent shifted to mirror their 'cannibalistic' guest's. Putting one foot forward, the pupils of his eyes thinned to slits as he realized the meaning.

"Get away from him, Tsukino-san!"

Frowning, the woman narrowed her eyes at him as she turned her head to look at him, and it proved to be fatal mistake.

"What are you talking about, Uzumaki-san? Can't you see that Teshima-san needs help, I know that you two have had you're differences but-"

Teshima's body shook once more, and he slowly began to sit up. Immediately other teachers noticed and moved forward, and even Kyoko would've if it hadn't been for Naruto grabbing her. Eimi leaned forward with a smile, and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Are you alright Teshima-san? Do you need medical attention?"

But she didn't get an answer; the man turned his head in her direction and lunged forward. Opening his mouth wider than what should be physically possible, he ripped into her neck as she screams. The other teachers gasp in shock and revulsion but Naruto finally snapped out of it. Reigning in his wild emotions, he disappeared from Kyoko's side and kicked the P.E.'s teacher away from the Math teacher's writhing body.

Landing on his feet, he watched as Teshima's body flew into the gate and dented it from the strength of the impact. Trying to catch his breath, he is shocked to hear another scream from behind him. Spinning on the heel of his shoes, he was shocked to see Eimi now biting on another teacher, who had apparently knocked Kyoko out of the way if what he was witnessing was correct. Moving to go towards her, he was surprised to hear movement from behind him.

Glancing over his shoulder, he watched in morbid fascination as Teshima slowly staggered up to his feet while moaning inhumanly. Kyoko's voice wrenched his attention back to her.


In a blur he was by the woman's side, kicking the lunging body of one of the other teachers who had apparently been beaten. Another made an attempt at him, and he lashed out with his leg hard enough to cave the undead teacher's head in. Much to his surprise, the body flopped down lifelessly and its scent changed. Kyoko clutched at Naruto's shirt as tears welled up in her eyes; he in response wrapped her arms around her while taking in the sluggish bodies of the other teachers coming towards them.

"We need to get in the school and help the students…"

Looking at all the windows, his eyes latched onto two figures.

"Komuro! Go warn the other students! Get your friends and try to find somewhere safe!"

Without another word to the boy as he ran off or warning, he quickly got Kyoko in his arms bridal style and hopped over the hands reaching out for him from below. Kyoko screamed at the sudden change in gravity, and Naruto gritted his teeth as he landed in crouch near the front of steps going to the front doors. Looking back over his shoulders, he noticed the zombies were looking over in their direction the longer Kyoko screamed.

Realizing this, he placed a hand over her mouth and dashed inside.

As soon as he got to the front doors, he heard more screams coming from the direction of the track they had come from outside. Coming to stop with the sobbing Kyoko still in his arms, he realized with horror that Teshima's P.E. class had been outside and were most likely being attacked by whatever his fellow teachers had turned into.

The overwhelming sense of guilt hit him, but he quickly shook it off.

The entire school was filled with students, and he had to at least get them out of there to safety!

Quickly slamming the doors shut with his feet before locking them, he looked towards Kyoko who was silent. Setting her down on her feet, he grabbed her by the shoulders.


She didn't answer and continued to stare at her hands and clothes, which were dirtied with the blood splatter of people they had moments ago called colleagues. Colleagues who had suddenly become monsters that only existed on the silver screen!


There was no response to his voice at all, and he could hear her breath quickening and her pulse rising. Every symptom of someone about to hyperventilate was displayed by the woman.

Having enough and knowing that now wasn't the time for her to lose herself, Naruto tightened his grip on her shoulders.


On his back, he could feel the zombies bumping into the door. Their guttural groans sent shivers of disgust down his spine, and it was much to his relief that it seemed to also bring Kyoko back to reality. Immediately she stared up at Naruto with fearful eyes.

"U-Uzumaki-san! What are these things?"

Shaking his head, he gave her a small grin.

"I'm not exactly sure, but we can't worry about that now…the students…we have to get them out of here somehow."

Peering over his shoulders at the monsters, he grimaced as he looked into the face of the mutilated zombie-fied Math Teacher banging against the door as the other monsters. Turning his attention down to the woman clinging to his shirt, he knew the decision he was going to have to make.


Looking up at him, she didn't expect the resigned grin that he gave her.

"I need you to go and get Imamura-kun and Miku-chan from my office and head straight to the Nurse's office."

Shaking her head, she clung onto Naruto while staring in his eyes.

"B-But what about you? I can't just leave you here by yourself!"

Somehow finding the strength to genuinely smile, he placed his hand on her cheek.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine…I need to go to towards the classrooms and announce what is happening to the school…I had been able to tell Komuro-kun to go warn the classes upstairs and get his friends but I know that most of the teachers would believe this is some kind of prank."

The bumps against the door started to get a bit more forceful and it was only due to his natural above-average strength and the doors structure, which kept the door from being broken down immediately by the force being exerted on it from the other side. Honey eyes widened a bit at the sight they all made against the door, and Naruto being the only thing holding them back from getting into the school.

More tears welled up in her eyes, because no matter what the blond said, she knew that he was going to sacrifice himself just to give her a chance to run.

"Come on Kyoko-chan, please go…I will meet you at Shizuka-chan's office, I promise…and if there's one thing you should know about me, then it's that I keep my promises."

No matter how much he would try to reassure her, she knew that he would most likely be taken down as soon as he moved from the door. But, he was promising to meet her there at the Nurse's office with sincerity, and somehow looking in his eyes…she believed him despite how absurd it was to do so.

Another body was piled up against the door, banging against the thick glass doors with its head.

"I'll be able to hold this door for a bit longer and then when you're bit a ways from here then I will make my way towards the office…hopefully someone is already there and maybe will make the announcement before I get there, because there was no way that our security system didn't catch what happen in the front!"

The door was banged on once more but with more force as if there were more of them piling up outside. Using some chakra to augment his strength, he frowned.

"Hurry, I'm not sure how much longer this will take! Also bring my briefcase with you and tell Imamura-kun that I am leaving you and Miku-chan in his care until I meet up with you!"

Stepping back in a shock, she hesitated for another second before nodding.

"Also, I think it would be best to take off those heels of yours Kyoko-chan and hold them…they are attracted to sound from what I've noticed and if I can hear you walking down the hallway to give me my doom everyday then I know they will hear you as well."

Blushing with a scowl at the aforementioned comment, she shook her head before nodding. Quickly stepping out of her shoes, she held them in her hands and moved towards the hallway. Coming to a stop right around the corner, she felt the tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

"I'll never forgive you if you don't get to the Nurse's office! You promised so I expect you to keep it Uzumaki, besides….We haven't had that talk about last night."

Grinning he gave her a thumbs up. He knew that he would be making the same mistake as he did when he was a young boy, but Naruto knew he had to reassure the understandably scared woman before she would leave.

"Don't worry, I'll meet you there…that's a promise of a lifetime."

Closing her eyes, she brushed away her tears as she quickly ran down the hall. More tears began to fall as moments later, Kyoko heard the door finally give away with a groan as she turned the corner down the next hallway going towards his office. There was nothing that she could do now. All that she could do was fulfill Naruto's request and hope that he made it away from those Things.

Skidding down the hallway, she gasped softly as she saw some of the Things roaming the hall she was about to turn into. Doubling back, she made her way down another hallway that leads to Naruto's office. She was happy to see there were none of those Things there yet, and so it would be their possible escape route from this side of the school.

Minutes later she came to a stop in front of the Guidance Counselor's office, Kyoko opened the door and dashed in. Pressing her back against the closed door, she didn't give the two teens the chance to question her.

"We need to get out of here now, there is something happening and I have no idea on how to explain it…Uzumaki-kun has told me to take you two to the Nurse's office and wait there for him to meet us."

Miku immediately jumped to her feet, worry clear on her face.

"W-What? What is going on? Where is Uzumaki-sensei?"

Kyoko shook her head, "He had stayed behind to keep these creatures…t-these Things back at the front door in order to give me enough time to get here, but I don't have time to explain it now...you two need to come with me to the Nurse's office."

Walking over towards Naruto's desk, she grabbed his suitcase and noticed the pipe lying on Naruto's desk. Blinking in confusion, she briefly wondered how she didn't notice the pipe and for a moment felt like scolding the blond man but sobered as she realized that she may never actually get that chance.

Closing her eyes, she bit her lip, grabbed the pipe and held it out to the surprised Imamura.

"Take it, it will be useful."

The auburn-haired teen took the offered weapon without protest, but blinked in confusion at the possible meaning behind the act as well as her words.


Shaking her head, she turned to him with a determined look and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

"Naruto had told me to tell you that he is leaving Miku-san and I in your care until he meets with us at the Nurse's office."

Imamura had stiffened at the statement and looked at the woman with a certain look of fear in his eyes, which surprised her more than it probably should have.

All of the faculty knew that Naruto had personally invested himself into this boy's life, and had made excellent progress in turning him around from the path he had been on. But she didn't realize that the boy had felt any kind of emotion towards the blond until that moment.

Others would believe that this fear was for himself and the girls, but no, Kyoko could tell that this was not the case. This fear in his eyes wasn't for the unknown enemy that he was supposed to be protecting the both of them from as they made their way towards the Nurse's office.

No, it was fear for what fate has supposedly fallen upon the man he looked up to.

Gritting his teeth as he heard Kyoko make it to the end of the hallway, Naruto knew that the door would only be able to take so much before giving away. Filtering his chakra down to the soles of his shoes, he counted to ten in his head. He was about to take a gamble, and if it went wrong then the same fate that had befallen his co-workers would also happen to him.

But that's not going to stop him from trying.

After all, maybe Lady Luck was still looking out for him as she had in the past?

Reaching ten, he sent a quick prayer to the kami as he jumped from the door and watched as the only thing holding the horde of undead from invading the school at this end fell. Using the chakra on the bottom of his feet, he skidded towards the wall as he brought his hands up and quickly ran through seals.


'Fūton: Kazekiri no Jutsu!' (Wind Release: Wind Cutter)

Blades of wind formed before him and shot out towards the undead bodies at unnatural speeds. Like a hot knife slicing through butter, the blades cut through the creatures with ease. Naruto watched in satisfaction as the bodies toppled over while their dark blood pooled out to mingle with the blood splatters, glass, and heads that covered the ground after the first strike of the wind blades.

Much to his relief, the blades had made it through most of the horde (which had somehow grown larger) before dissipating. Not that he had expected any less from the technique, but it had been a concern at least for a second. The ones that were left had been practically buried beneath their now headless horde-mates. Grinning, he released his chakra before sagging down a bit with a frown.

Raking his hands through his hair in frustration, he checked his chakra levels and sighed at the slightly sizeable dip.

"Hmmm…so this is how the others used to feel? Life sucks without back up supply of chakra in your belly."

Despite knowing of the change the absence of the Kyuubi did to him for years now, he still couldn't help but feel irritated at the handicap he would have to deal with when using his chakra for the more flashy moves in his repertoire. It was only the fact that he naturally had a large supply of chakra that allowed him to still use those moves, though they were less powerful due to him needing to conserve his chakra instead of getting to flood the jutsus with chakra without a care like he had in his younger years.

Pushing himself away from the wall, he turned and began running down the hall towards the only staircase leading towards the second floor. But as soon as he came to the end of the hallway, his eyes widened in disbelief.

There in front of him littering the hallways were the zombie-like creatures going up the stairs where the classrooms were. From the white sweatshirts and green shorts, Naruto knew that Teshima's students from outside were trickling into this school; Seeking out the living in the school.

Kicking one of the zombies who came too close into a wall, he began to shift through the staggering creatures all the while not making a sound. Coming to the foot of the stairs, the intercoms suddenly sparked to life.

"All teachers, there has been an incident at the front gates. I would advise that all teachers calmly escort the students off of the campus until the situation is taken care of…"

Suddenly the sound of broken glass and the doors being knocked down echoed all around the school through the intercoms. Everything stood still in space as everyone listened as the Headmaster was attacked by an unknown assailant.


Once his screams ended, a chorus of screams followed all around the school. Mingling with the groans of the Things roaming the school. The scent of Death saturated the halls, as well as blood.

It was at that moment that Naruto truly realized that the peaceful world that he had come to know was at an end.

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