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Naruto has the ability to use the Kyuubi's chakra instead of his, yes. But that is not what I was hinting at in the chapter, not using that as an excuse to somehow make him weaker than he would be with the Kyuubi. People seem to get things twisted with the aforementioned use of the Kyuubi's chakra that was shown throughout the series. And this causes me to bring out the old phrase from a certain Hatake: "Look underneath the underneath."

The two aforementioned things (Naruto using the Kyuubi's chakra instead of his own, and the Kyuubi's chakra being constantly adding into the blond's chakra stores due to the seal giving him this so-called "limitless" supply of chakra) are not the same thing. My point is: I know what I'm doing, and I know what I'm talking about.

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Maelstrom of the Dead

Chapter 2: Spring of the Dead, Part II

"Naruto, if anything were to ever happen…I expect you to look after Shizuka for me."

Blinking in surprise at the sudden statement and lack of pet names, Naruto turned around to face his girlfriend of three years while propping his head up on the palm of his hand. Lying next to him in all of her glory, the purple-haired woman stared at him with an expression that he had never seen on her face before in entirety that he has known her. Resting his hand against her cheek, the blond frowned.

"What brought this on?"

For a moment she said nothing, but then she grasped his hand in her own. Wine red eyes peered up into his blue, and she spoke once again.

"You have to promise me that no matter what happens, you will always be there for Shizuka…promise me."

Confusion was clear on his face, but he could see the desperation in her eyes and like always he couldn't help but concede to the wishes of the woman he was sure that he was truly in love with. Giving her a comforting smile, he nodded before leaning over and pressed a kiss against her lips. His fingers dragged back into her loose tresses as he locked his gaze with hers.

"I have no idea what is going on or where this came from, but I promise that I'll look after Shizuka-chan…that's a promise of a lifetime."

After that, the couple had lost themselves once again to their passion, and they didn't finish until the sun peeked over the horizon. It was only a day later that the purple-haired woman had declared their relationship over, and left without giving him a reason.

He, not even to this day, knew why Rika had asked such a thing of him before doing what she had done.

But he didn't have the time to grieve the loss of something he thought would be forever.

Two years after that, Naruto had gotten a job as the Guidance Counselor at Fujimi Academy.

Pushing away his personal problems to the back of his mind, he threw himself head first into his work. And over time, the hurt from what had happened numbed over as he focused on helping the future generation find their way. Unfortunately, before the wounds could completely scab over, they were reopened.

The day the Academy finally received a full-time nurse, everything that had happened came rushing back to him. He could not stop the memories of a happier time from being brought to the forefront of his mind. Just their presence only reminded him of how things would never be as they once were.

On that day, his life became a little harder as the promise he made finally placed a leash around his neck.

Naruto could remember the bright smile that she had given him, and how he had to force a smile in return.

She was the best friend of his ex, and the person he had vowed to protect – Marikawa Shizuka.

Imamura Daisuke was sure that all this had to be some kind of sick joke. Lashing out with a small cry, he crushed the head of one of his former classmates, who had essentially been turned into something that only existed in movies and videogames.

'Really? Fucking zombies?!'

Just barely dodging the sudden lunge from the remaining undead creature left in their way to the Nurse's office, if only for the moment, the auburn-haired teen managed to catch himself and swing at the Things back. When it fell to the ground, he took his chance. At the corner of his eye, he saw Miku Yuuki and Hayashi Kyoko watching him with frightened eyes. Gritting his teeth, he put his full weight into the blow to its head, and watched in satisfaction as the thing metal pipe burrowed into its head.

Unfortunately, the thing continued to move and he lifted his weapon above his head before bringing it down with a fierce roar. Blood and brain matter splattered across his face, the walls, and the floor underneath them as his pipe crush the Thing's head to a pulp. Exhaling raggedly, he brought his hand up to his face and wiped away some of the black gore on his cheek. Looking down at his weapon, he cringed in disgust before swinging his pole to the side. Some more body fluids joined the rest on the bloodied floor.

Spitting on the ground near the corpse, he turned his head in the direction of the two women, whom were under his protection. Lifting his hand up above his head, he waved them over.

"Oi, it's safe now, but we don't have enough time to hang around though…I bet this hall will be filled with those things if we wait too long."

Nodding, Kyoko adjusted her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

"Hopefully that won't be the case before we get there, but I can't help but feel uneasy…to think they've been able to get this far into the school already."

Laying the pipe across his shoulders, the brown-eyed teen snorted.

"Well, I think we'll just have to go faster but be even more cautious than we have from here on out."

Sighing, the red-haired woman crossed her arms underneath her chest as she bit her lip.

"You're right, besides that was our appointed rendezvous point wasn't it?"

Brushing his hair away from his face, Daisuke was about to answer when a question cut him off.

"Do you really think Uzumaki-sensei will meet us there?"

Startled by the sudden question, the two snapped their heads in Yuuki's direction. The girl hadn't spoken a word since they had left the Guidance Counselor's office, and barely made a sound after they encountered their (Daisuke and Yuuki's) first encounter with those things. Not moving an inch from where she was, the orange-haired girl held onto the briefcase the older woman had handed over to her sometime during their run. Pressing the bag closer to her chest, she looked down at the ground as she chewed on her bottom lip uncertainly.

All-in-all, it was another side of the usually confident girl that they had never seen before; at least that was what it was for Kyoko.

For Imamura, it was a glimpse to the side that the other teen had only allowed Uzumaki-sensei to see. And if he was to be honest, he knew that if he were even into younger women, he would've found this side of her attractive.

'Not that anyone would have a chance, Miku wouldn't settle for anybody but Uzumaki-sensei anyway…'

Sighing, Kyoko looked at her from over the top of her glasses.

"He promised me that he would meet us there, and I see no reason to not believe him."

Of course, she only said this in order to keep the girl calm. This was not a time for the girl to possibly become hysterical and draw all the creatures towards them. Besides, as much as she would like to believe that the blond would meet them at the Nurse's Office…

'There's a chance that he hadn't even made it a step away from the door before he was taken down by that horde…'

Shuddering at the memory of the creatures that were once co-workers of hers pounding on the door, and Naruto being the only thing holding them back, Kyoko bit her lip as she looked away from the two teens. Even if there was a chance that the Guidance Counselor hadn't made it, at least they could hold on to a bit of hope. After all, the man was always unpredictable…maybe he somehow made it away in time.

At her words, Yuuki's eyes widened before she came to stand right next to the woman.

"Y-You said that Uzumaki-sensei promised you to meet us there?!"

A little taken aback by the sudden change in the girl, and the emotion behind her words, she only nodded.

Moving away from the older woman, the orange-haired teen's lip curled up into a warm and adoring smile. Her arms tightened once more around the briefcase as she closed her eyes and nodded.

"If he promised then I know we shouldn't worry, he'll meet us there for sure, because Uzumaki-sensei always keeps his promises!"

Opening her eyes, she turned her gaze down the hallway.

"We're not that far away from the Marikawa-sensei's office, and Uzumaki-sensei may already be there...we should hurry up."

Before either of them could stop her, she took off down the hallway. Kyoko was the first to snap out of her stupor, and went after the younger female without hesitation. Imamura cursed as he followed behind them.

Going down the hallway, a sense of utter peace took its place in Yuuki's heart. Once they met up with the blond-haired man, there would be nothing to be afraid of. He would never allow any harm to come to those under his protection, nor break any of his promises.

'After all, if he had then I wouldn't be who I am today?'

No one else had shown such sincere concern for her as long as she could remember. It doesn't help that most the attention she got from her fellow students, and the other teachers were negative in a sense. And this became even more so after the rumors of her being loose began to circulate. So, it was a surprise to her when she had met the literal ray of sunshine called Uzumaki Naruto, who held out his hand to her when no one else would.

He looked beyond her desirable features, the rumors, and even her own wild behavior in order to see her true feelings and desires. Yuuki knew that she would always love him for that; for giving her what she had always wanted. And while things hadn't immediately gone smoothly, as she suspected that he was after one thing like the other males she has dealt with in her life. She would never trade the time she spent with him for anything in this world, and she was certain that he would meet them there because that is what he promised Hayashi-sensei.

'I'm sure that Uzumaki-sensei has a plan of some kind, and no matter what comes after he will make sure that everything turns out okay.'

Determination hardened in her eyes as she continued forward.

No matter what happened, as long as she was with the blond-haired man then she knew that everything would be alright. Once she was with him, she would always follow him, even if it were into the pits of hell itself. Stopping briefly to wave back at her two companions, she smiled.

In this new world possibly filled with undead creatures, she wanted to be nowhere but by the side of the man she loved.

Even if being by his side led Yuuki to her death; she would have no regrets.

On the other side of the school, Naruto smashed the head of what had to be his 58th zombie-reject since he reached this side of the school, he cursed as two more made their way towards him. It seemed that every time he killed one, two more of them would appear to replace it. Dashing forward suddenly, tuning out the high-pitched squeak that fell from the lips of the girl currently on his back, he lashed out with his foot knocking two of the things through the nearby window with ruthless force. Landing in a crouch on the ground, he adjusted his grip on the girl as she pressed her face into the back of his neck.

Rising to his full height, the Guidance Counselor turned his head to look at the girl he had managed to save from being mauled.

"Toshimi-chan, you can open your eyes now."

A few moments of silence passed between them before the girl lifted her head and stared up at him with scared green eyes from underneath brown bangs. Sending the frightened girl what he hoped was a comforting grin, Naruto turned to gesture down the hall with his head.

"The hallway is clear for now and we're almost close to the staircase leading towards Shizuka-chan's office, hopefully we'll not run into anymore of those things from this point on."

Nodding, she tightened her arms around his neck and hid her face once more into the back of his neck without making another sound. For a moment, Naruto's eyes flashed with sorrow he felt for the girl on his back.

Her name was Toshimi Niki, and Naruto could honestly admit that he was surprised that she had survived as long as she had before he saved her from the undead horde that had quickly surrounded her hiding place. Not only was it obvious that she had no kind of physical skills or any experience in defending herself, but she also had a sprained ankle. So, anyone could imagine his surprise when he found the girl holed up with a locker, safe from the creatures that were clawing at the metal mindlessly in their attempts to get to the girl.

Naruto had been making his way towards the gym when he came across the scene, and within seconds he had destroyed the creatures when he heard the cries coming from the locker. When he had finally gotten her out of the locker, she had broken down into hysterics. It had only been his personal experiences and training in dealing people in such states, which allowed him to understand what she was saying.

It was the story of how she ended up in her current position made him sick to his stomach.

Betrayal wasn't a new subject to him, especially with having to deal with such things in his life as a ninja in his previous world and even here in this new one he had come to call home. Regardless, the blond always held a high expectation on the concept of friendship.

What happened to this girl, Naruto wouldn't wish to happen upon his worst enemy.

No one deserved to go through what this young lady has gone through, and he was saddened by the fact that she had to experience such a thing in the first place.

Toshimi and her friend, Ichijo Misuzu, had managed to escape the monsters which had taken most of their classmates, and they had been their way towards the exit in the gym. Unfortunately, the brown-haired girl had managed to trip and sprained her ankle while a small group of those things had heard the pained cry that was forced from her lips at the pain.

Without a thought, her friend had abandoned her but not before kicking the girl down a small set of stairs that led to a path towards the locker rooms. Shocked at what her friend had done, she had called after her but the girl didn't stop and continued on her way to the gym. Toshimi didn't know if Ichijo had truly escaped, because she quickly dragged herself into an open locker due to the creatures that had been drawn to her desperate calls for her friend.

Thankfully, Naruto had been attracted by the noise she was making as well, otherwise she would've eventually died either by Them or by dying in the locker from starvation or dehydration.

Now here they were making their way towards the Nurse's office, where the blond hoped he would be able to meet up with Kyoko, Daisuke, Yuuki, and Shizuka. All of which, he hoped were alive and unharmed.

Quickly making his way down the hall, taking down a stray ambling corpse every now and then, he almost jumped in surprised at the scream that pierce the air.


Coming to an abrupt stop, Naruto turned his head in the direction the noise was coming from with sharpened eyes. Blinking slowly, he felt Toshimi stiffen as the scream seemed to get louder and the accompanied sounds of battle cries and guttural groaning that mingled with it. Tightening his grip on Toshimi, he changed his course and moved to investigate.

He was a faculty member, and it was his duty to protect the students of this school. Not many of the students survived the first wave, and he had almost given up hope of finding anymore survivors before making his way to his chosen rendezvous point.

But it seems that he was wrong.

'I have to hurry, one of them have obviously been taken down already…I hope I'm not too late.'

Coming to the end of the hall where the staircase lay, his eyes narrowed at the scene in front of him.

There was a group of students who were pushing back a large group of creatures with startling success, but it appeared that they had allowed themselves to be backed into a wall at the end of the hall away from the stairs. A little bit away from the small group, Naruto noticed a small group of Them circling something on the ground.

His suspicion of what the small group was circling around was confirmed by the grief-stricken cry from one of the girls, who was reaching out in the direction of group. Like he suspected one of them had been taken by the horde already, and if he didn't do something then the rest would surely follow. Instantly, he calculated how to take them all out with Toshimi on his back, when the said girl broke through his thoughts.

"A-Are you going to save them?"

Blinking, he glanced at her from the corner of his eye as she wiggled slightly in her place on his back. Her grip strengthened, which without her realizing it, pressed her sizeable chest into his back. Fortunately for her, he had enough control to ignore it as the situation was just too serious for him to be concerned of such things.

Plus, the girl was just a bit too young for his taste.

He was a grown man, not a hormonal teenager.

Grinning widely, he tilted his head to the side and their gazes locked.

"Do you even have to ask Niki-chan? They are also some of my adorable students, and it is my duty as a adult to guide and protect them."

Readjusting his grip on her, he felt her clench the lapel of his suit. Frowning, the blond male couldn't help but once again despair at her loss of faith in her fellow humans. Not that he could blame her after all, especially in these circumstances. Because if someone you viewed as a best friend, if not a sister in all but blood, abandons you without a thought. Why wouldn't someone she barely knows do the same to others?

Once more, he turned his gaze to the group and finalized the plan in his mind. Tightening his grip on the girl's thighs, Naruto tilted his head back a bit.

Green eyes stared at him questioningly before he spoke.

"I think you should hold on tight and close your eyes, it will all be over in a second."

Hesitating, she nodded before pressing her face into his shoulder while pushing herself flat against his back.

Immediately after the girl was secure, Naruto pumped chakra into his legs and shot forward like a bullet. A gasp flew from Toshimi's lips against his neck at the sudden movement, before the familiar sound of groaning was practically against her ears. But she wasn't the only one surprised, as shocked but relieved cries came from some of her fellow students. She heard and felt how the blond faculty member took out the abominations with flawless ease, and she only relaxed when she felt him come to a stop.

Opening her eyes, she glanced down and whined fearfully at the one gripping the adult's ankle, but she calmed down as she watched the man wrenched his appendage away from the creature with ease. Lifting his leg, he brought his foot down on the horrid creature's head, causing blood and brain matter to be splattered across the wall, floor, and onto his shoe.

No one moved in the hallway before the girl who cried out earlier broke away from her group, and run towards the decimated corpse of what used to be a male student that Naruto had just killed.

As if that was a trigger, everyone came back to reality.

Naruto turned around and assessed the states of the students, and was pleased to see that except from some bumps and bruises they were alright. The students themselves looked completely relieved at his arrival, and the former-shinobi knew he would be lying if he didn't feel happy that he had brought such looks to their faces during such a crisis.

Grinning at the group, he made his way over towards them. Coming to a stop a bit away, he nodded towards the boy who stood in the front of them.

"I'm happy to see that others have survived this unexpected turn of events, and I know that you've all fought hard to make it this far…sadly, with things as they are, we cannot relax just yet."

Pinning them all in place with his gaze, a grim frown replaced his grin.

"We are still in danger, and we shouldn't stick around for too long before this way gets crowded by more of these things."

Trailing his eyes among the group, he was surprised that most of them were members from various sports clubs in the school.

In front of the group much to his surprise, was Narukami Akira, the vice-captain of the Kendo club. Like every other time he had seen him during his frequent stops to talk with the Kendo club captain, Busujima Saeko, he still carried that lazy look about him. Though a certain sense of alertness was showing through, and that is something that could easily be attributed to the supernatural occurrence that was happening around them.

His messy black hair seemed even messier than usual, while his usually sleepy eyes were sharp and seemed to take in everything around him. Apparently he had been leaving the school's dojo when this all occurred, as he was still wearing the kendo club's uniform, but in his hands was a club-issued bokken practically covered in the blood of those zombie-like creatures. One of the sleeves of his haori seemed to have been ripped off, but thankfully despite a few scratches and bruises, there were no signs of a bite.

Naruto knew that Narukami was going to be a valuable asset in the current situation, and as much as he was ashamed of thinking that way about his students…it was nothing but the truth.

'At this point, I will have to look at them all like this…I won't always be there to protect everyone, no matter how much I wish to…'

Out of all the members of the kendo club, Saeko had expressed a bit of pride in her vice-captain in her own way during one of her rare visits to the blond's office. From the way she spoke of him, the shinobi could estimate that his skills were only just under Saeko's when it came to grace, but he had a bit more physical power behind his strikes. The fact that he was able to survive to point with minimal injuries said a lot to the shinobi.

And since Akira had made it, it wasn't a surprise to find that his girlfriend, the captain of Fujimi High's karate team had also made it. Hanamura Sakuya, a pretty strawberry blonde young woman with a fierce tongue and attitude was currently consoling the girl who had brought all of the attention to them with her screams.

Unlike her boyfriend, due to her actually having to use her body, she had accumulated more scratches and bruises but thankfully she was also bite-free. Like most would expect of a girl who trained to hone her body into a weapon itself, she held a lithe and toned body with curves. While she didn't rank up there with many of the beauties of Fujimi, she was still a very pretty young woman.

Sakuya was comforting a sobbing Fujii Kimiko, a member of the school's track team. Like as one could expect from a runner, she was slender but was toned. She had a decently curved body, dark eyes and black hair. She was currently wearing the girl's school uniform, and out of everyone she seems to be the most untouched.

Finally, he came to the last member who sometime during his observations was happily skipping around, plucking arrows from the bodies that littered the hallway. Fire engine red hair pulled into a high ponytail swayed with her every movement, while her brown eyes were practically glowing with a positive yet determined energy.

Souma Mizuho was the up-coming new star of the archery team, who had transferred to Fujimi High at the start of this term. Even now he remembered the exuberant girl, who seemed to always have a smile on her face no matter the situation. And now apparently, not even this unusual situation they've found themselves in seemed to have dampened the girl's spirit. Like the other females in the group, she was wearing the school's uniform but she held a bow and several quivers of arrows on her back.

As if she sensed that he was thinking of her, the girl plucked her last arrow from the eye socket of one of her kills and waved at him with it. Managing to send her an exasperated grin of his own, he then turned to stare at Akira as he seemed to snap out of his thoughts and spoke up.

"Ah, Uzumaki-sensei, I'm glad to see that you've made it…Saeko-senpai would've been very disappointed if you had even up as one of these creatures…she said to pass along that message if I came across you."

Resisting the urge to face palm at the very Saeko-like remark, and the fact that the boy had bothered to remember to deliver such a message during their crisis; Naruto nodded towards him. But before he could say anything else, Sakuya had handed Fujii off to Souma and got up to slap her boyfriend upside his head. Placing her hands on her hips, she scowled at the confused boy.

"So the reason why you've been reluctant to leave the building this whole time was because you felt that you had to deliver a message to someone who could've already been dead?!"

Blinking at her silently, Akira rubbed the side of his head with a bored look.

"It was a request from Captain Busujima; I couldn't just not at least try fulfilling it."

For a moment, the girl gaped at him while Naruto only sighed.

It seemed that the boy's respect for his captain was still high as ever, high enough that he had even deemed it worthy to follow through with a request that pretty much would've killed him and everyone else in their group.

Naruto had no idea what the young woman had done to gain such respect and loyalty from Akira, and he honestly wasn't sure that he wanted to know. Sakuya clenched her fists and gnashed her teeth. But before she could let loose on the boy, Naruto stopped her. Gesturing towards the direction where faint groaning was coming from, they all realized that drawing the attention of more of those creatures wasn't what they needed at the moment. The blond turned Akira as the corner of his lip twitched.

"Yes, there were a couple close calls but I've managed…but I'm glad to see that you have all managed to make it this far on your own."

Turning his gaze on the rest of them, he made eye contact with each one of them before coming to rest on the narrowed pair glaring up at him from beneath black bangs. Blinking in surprise at the pure venom in the girl's gaze, his blue eyes then dropped towards the corpse she had been clinging to. His lips thinned at the sight. Apparently the last one he had killed was once part of their group, and if he wasn't mistaken then Kimiko's boyfriend.

Making a mental note to keep a watch on the girl, Naruto moved on. There were more important things to be worried about, and while he felt bad for obviously hurting the girl, he knew that she would eventually have acknowledge that he did what was best.

Sakuya gritted her teeth before growling in frustration. Glancing over at her boyfriend, she bared her teeth at him and poked him hard in the chest with her finger.

"Once we get somewhere safe, we're going to have a long talk about your priorities."

The dark-haired boy stiffened and nodded though there was wariness very apparent in his eyes.

Wincing at the promise in those words, the Guidance Counselor said a small prayer for the boy.

He was seriously going to need it if the girl's temper was half as bad as that of Sakura on a good day.

The stories he has heard about the strawberry blonde's prowess certainly isn't anything to sneeze at.

Bouncing in her spot while being mindful of the mournful Fujii, Souma grinned widely as she assessed Naruto with sharp brown eyes.

"Well since we have no idea what to do, I think it would be best for us to stick with you Uzumaki-sensei…besides from what I've seen, you would be a major asset to our group!"

Giving him a thumbs up along with her large grin, the former-shinobi was a bit disturbed at the reminder of Might Guy and Rock Lee's signature "Good Guy" pose being done by a charge of his.

"As long as you have some idea of how to get out of here, then I have no problems following your lead!"

The sentiment seemed to be shared amongst the group, though reluctantly by the black-haired girl who scowled at him whenever he glanced in her direction. Shaking his head, Naruto readjusted the squirming Toshimi on his back.

"As a matter of fact, I do have a plan on how to get out of the school, but I first need to meet up with a group of at the Nurse's Office before I go through with it…Toshimi-chan and I were making our way there when we came across your group."

Everyone's gaze then leapt up to the girl who was currently hiding her face in his neck, though they could see a hint of green before it disappeared behind brown bangs. Naruto readjusted his hold on her before continuing, "It is my duty as a faculty member of this school to look after all of you, and I promise that I'll get you all out of here safely to the best of my ability."

All of them nodded, and sent him small smiles in their own way in agreement. Well that was besides Fujii, whom only nodded while clinging onto the Souma's arm. Nodding, the Guidance Counselor gestured towards a nearby staircase with his head.

"If we go this way, then it will not take more than two minutes to reach our destination if he hustle, but always be aware of your surroundings…it wouldn't do for us to be surrounded"

Grinning, he turned his back towards them and began moving on ahead.

"We will need to hurry...this place will probably be crawling with these things if we hang around too long."

He didn't need enhanced hearing to pick up on the pairs of footsteps that followed him, and so the now larger group began to move. Looking ahead, Naruto lips thinned into a line as his thoughts jumped towards the Nurse's office and the people he hoped were there and safe. He hoped with everything that he had, that Imamura, Miku, and Kyoko had made it to Shizuka. There was no telling what he would do if he finds that they had been overrun by those things, because he had been too slow to reach them.

In hindsight, he knew that it was probably wrong for him to place the responsibility of the two females' well-beings in the younger male's hands until he made it back.

Unfortunately, at the time he had no other option.

Yeah, he could've and should've probably sent a clone along with Kyoko, but he had to conserve enough chakra to do what he was planning later. And even then, he had used quite a bit of his chakra during his trek through the school corridors. Not that it made too much of an impact on his actual chakra reserves, but the amount of control he had to exert did make him a little tired. Chakra control has never been his strong suit, and now after not having to use his chakra for years…his control was pretty much shot to hell.

'Whenever I get the chance, I'm definitely going to have to work on my control…if things get as bad as I think they will…then I'm sure that every bit of control I gain will matter greatly…I can't afford to waste my chakra.'

While he was making his way through the school, he had used plenty of jutsu when appropriate. It was during the using jutsu that took out multiple targets, he noticed that he used a bit more chakra than he needed. And while it would take a while for him to use every last drop of chakra, he still became leery of the fact that it could happen if he wasn't careful.

It was the whimper coming from Toshimi that brought his mind back from his thoughts. At the top of the stairs, there was a group of three creatures munching away on a corpse. Sneering, Naruto disappeared in a blink of an eye to the students. With a swing of his legs, the three undead creatures were sent flying through the windows that were right behind them. Their almost pained groaning began to fade aware before a sickening crack indicated that they had hit the concrete below.

Looking down the hallway, Naruto sighed in relief at the relatively empty hallway.

Turning to look back at the students following him, he sent them a solemn look.

"Thankfully this hall is clear, but I have a feeling that things are only going to get more difficult from here on out."

Receiving nods from them all, he turned around ready to lash out at the next abomination that came their way.

"Let's go."

Placing as many medical supplies into the bag as she could, Marikawa Shizuka shook her head at the thought of what was happening around her. It figures that the day she had mustered up enough courage to ask her crush on a date, that the world would end.


Dragged out of her thoughts by the voice, she looked over at her assistant Ishii Kazu, who was holding a satchel filled with medical supplies. Nervous brown eyes stared at her through his round blue-rimmed glasses, when he realized that the woman's dazed brown eyes were pinned on him. Tightening his grip on the strap of the bad, and pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he gathered the courage to continue.

"I'm not sure I understand why we're still waiting in here, when it would be safer if we get out of the school."

Blinking slowly, the busty blonde woman crossed one arm under her chest while she brought a hand up to grasp her chin. "Well, let's see…I am waiting for someone, and I'm sure that he will get here eventually…I think that it would be better if we waited for him to get here."

Gulping, he gripped the strap with both hands as he shuffled nervously on his feet.

"Waiting for whom, Marikawa-san?"

Clapping her hands together with her usual airy smile, she tilted her head to the side as she continued to stare at the second-year student, who along with the most recent guests had protected her from those creatures that almost overrun the room.

"Naruto-kun of course, I'm sure that he will be here any minute now…besides the rest of our little group are also here for that exact same reason."

Turning her gaze to the said guests, she and Ishii met the four pairs of eyes that were on the other side of the room.

Standing by the door with the pipe lying across his shoulders was Imamura Daisuke, one of Naruto's precious students that Shizuka had heard so much about from the kind man. With his weapon, he had been a large asset to keeping this room from being overrun by the group of undead that had tried to get a bite of the Nurse's and assistant's flesh.

On the other side of the door, leaning against the wall was Busujima Saeko, the captain of the kendo club, who had finished off the rest and saved Ishii's life. It had been her finesse with her weapon along with Imamura's ferocity, which has kept them alive and unbitten up to this point.

The only thing that showed that anything actually happened, was the broken window, gore splatters on the wall and floors, and the bandages that covered the scratches Kazu had

By the window stood Hayashi Kyoko, who was to their current knowledge, the only true teacher that had survived so far. She was currently holding the second bag, which contained bandages and other lighter supplies. It was with her help, that they would be able to bring everything that would certainly be of use to them once they started to leave the school and face whatever is outside of it as well.

Miku Yuuki, another student of Shizuka's crush, was currently sitting on one of the cots near the wall. She had her knees pulled up to her chest, while leaning forward against the briefcase that was between her chest and thighs. Her golden eyes were pinned to the door with a desperate light, and the older woman could tell who she hoped to see. It was the same for most of the people in here in the room, (sans Ishii, but then again he didn't know the man personally) and with each passing second that he didn't show up. The fear that he wasn't going to make it, started to creep into their mind.

Kyoko, herself was filling that sense of dread with every tick of the clock on the wall near her. She was sitting behind Shizuka's desk, and was once again tried the phone to see if she could get in contact with the police. While most would consider it useless, the red-haired woman felt that she at least had to do something to occupy herself from the situation as they waited. Not to mention, it gave her something to do instead going insane with worry that the blond hadn't made it and was possibly roaming the halls as one of those beasts!

Placing the phone down on the hook as she once again received the same message from the automated voice message system, she crossed her arms underneath her chest. Closing her eyes, she bit her lips before shaking her head.

'No, I must think positive…it will not do for me to think so negatively, and even if I do want to think of the worst case scenario…I must at least keep strong for the students.'

Opening her eyes, she peered at the said students over the rim of her glasses before looking over at Shizuka. The blonde woman was still staring off into space when suddenly her head perked up. Before anyone could ask her what was wrong, the sound of footsteps coming from down the hall reached Saeko's ears. At the corner of Imamura's eye, he noticed the smirk that slithered onto her face and he raised a brow.

"Oi, Busujima, what is that look for?"

Very slowly, the purple-haired girl turned her head towards him. A close-eyed smile formed on her face, and she then threw a glance in the direction of everybody else in the room.

"It seems that our wait is possibly over."

Reaching forward, she slid the door open and took a step outside with her bokken by her side, being mindful enough to step over the headless corpse lying in front of the door. Yuuki perked up from her position, and was over at the door so fast, that the others suspected that teleportation had to be involved. Taking a few steps till he was out of the room, Imamura's eyes widened and the corner of his lip curled up despite his attempts to stop it.

"Well I'll be damned…"

At those words, the rest of the occupants quickly came to stand out in the hallway and took in the sight at the end of the hall.

In the front of what had to be a group of students, was Naruto, kicking away and smashing the heads of some undead with his feet. Behind him, they could see some of the students following suit. Saeko in particular saw her vice-captain, and couldn't help the small smile that formed on her face. It seemed that he had read the message she had given him, and had followed it through despite what was going on.

Not for the first time, she patted herself on the back for her choice of vice-captain.

Golden eyes were bursting with elation and love at the sight of her teacher, who was practically unharmed. Clutching his briefcase in her arms, the young woman couldn't wait to show him that she had kept it safe all this time. Glancing over at the red-haired woman that she had reassured earlier, she smiled at the shocked yet relieved look on the ping pong club's advisor's face.

Now the older woman would see why she held so much faith in the man. Like she said, when Uzumaki-sensei made a promise, he always fulfills it no matter what!

Behind them, a smiling Shizuka stood with a gapping Ishii as they watched the Guidance Counselor smash the head of the remaining creature with an audible splat. Not a moment of silence passed before an exclamation broke the silence in the hall.


Snapping out of their collective daze, everyone's eyes darted towards the orange-haired girl running to the blond man with tears streaming down her face. The man in question blinked in shock, before a small compassionate smile slid onto his face. As the girl pressed herself into his chest, she clenched her fingers into his suit coat as she muffled her cries into his shirt.

Looking up from the girl, he locked eyes with Imamura and sent him a proud smile. The auburn-haired male's cheeks darkened a bit before he snorted and turned his head the other way, trying to hide how embarrassed he was at the look of pride on his mentor's face.

He missed the fond look Naruto sent him, and the older man only shook his head with a tiny chuckle. Readjusting the girl on his back, he then looked at the other gathered in the hall outside the Nurse's room.

He wasn't surprised to see Saeko had made it, and by the fact she was untouched meant that the undead she came across didn't stand a chance against her. The fact that her bokken was also clean, told him that her overall technique has improved. And if what he was getting from that look she was giving him, it wouldn't be long when they have gotten to safety before she challenged him to spar.

'Not that I can't say that I'm looking forward to it…I just wish it was under better circumstances…'

Standing near the door was a shocked Kyoko, and he couldn't help but send her a playful grin.

The woman looked like she was seeing a ghost, and he didn't have the faintest clue why he found the thought a bit humorous. After seeing that she too was unharmed, his eyes drifted to the last two standing with them. His sharp eyesight took in the boy's features, and he immediately deduced that this was Ishii Kazu, the boy who had been helping in the Nurse's office since before they acquired a full-time nurse.

Many of the teachers were certain that he was going to be a doctor, and with the knowledge the boy had on anything medical, the blond wouldn't be surprised if he did become one.

'That is, if the world as we know it hadn't gone straight to hell…'

Knowing that he couldn't put it off, his eyes then landed on the final person.

Warm brown eyes stared at him with an intensity that was usually absent, and he couldn't help but be reminded of another pair. Allowing a pained smile to take residence on his face, he looked only at the blonde woman as he spoke to everyone.

"I'm sorry for the delay, I got a bit sidetracked…but I'm here, like a promised…"

Closing his eyes, he smiled.

"…and I always keep my promises no matter what."

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