Home Sweet Home

After many years of breath taking, dying moments Jack is finally on a ship home to the land he loves. The place where his life story began. Where Jack had a family, a home. As much as Jack will miss Japan, his old friend Yamato, his wise buddy Yori, and everyone else that helps him pass on with his life. Jack will never forget the horrible Kazuki, who tried to kill him many times, but he will mostly miss his beloved Akiko, the one he fell in love with the first time he saw her. Her black hair that always flowed lightly in the breeze when she rode on her horse, her black eyes that brighten up Jack's spirit every time he saw them. Every time Jack thinks of her his heart breaks, he feels like he wants to turn back, but he can't because Jesse needs him. She needs jack by her side as she grows up as a fine woman. Jack just turned 19 now, and it is almost time for him to get married, but for right now his heart and mind are forward to get to Jesse.

As Jack's ship glides through the rocky waves, he sees a mountain, then land! His hearts swells as it skips a million beats.

"I can't believe I am home!" Said Jack leaping up and down thrilled. "After about 7 years of not seeing England, it feels like life has opened up all around for me. New memories to have, new adventures to explore. I get to be back home, in my bed. I get to be back at where I was born."

Memories past threw his mind from beginning to now. From death to battles. From sad times to happy thoughts. This was the time Jack could change his life forever.

Jack can here others talking, and the sound of leather shoes tapping on the wooden floor. When the ship got to the docks as it bangs to a stop. Jack couldn't wait anymore, as soon as the ship stopped he dashes out as fast as the wind blows. Jack could see others staring at him, some confused and some terrified. At that moment Jack realized that he was so excited he didn't notice that he still had his phoenix Kimono on while caring the swords his adopted father gave him.

As Jack dashed down the streets people were yelling at him to move or to get out of the way, but that never stopped him. When Jack got closer home he got even more anxious, and because of that he felt like his heart was going to stop. Running faster and faster almost tripping, he came to a halt, standing in front of a wooden home.

"What will Jesse look like?" he thought, "will she be happy to see me?" he didn't care anymore all he cared about was just to be home and to be with her. Jack knocked on the door. A Blonde hair girl opens the door. She was as beautiful as the sky, as delicate as a flower with her ocean blue eyes and her hair as bright as the sun, and she was almost as tall as Jack.

"May I help you?" she asked with her voice so soft it filled the sky like a song.

"Is Jesse here?" Jack was so shaky it was hard for him to even say one word.

"That is me, who are you?" The girl found to be Jesse spoke now impatient.

He swallowed, "How do you do, I don't know if you remember me but I am Jack Fletcher." He smiled. Jesse's eyes lit up as soon as she heard the name.

"Jack!" she screamed, leaping in his arms almost making him fall backward onto a water barrel. They both hugged each other as tight as they possibly could, not wanting to let go.

"I will never leave you again." Jack said as a tear runs down his cheek. "I promise. I will only leave you when you have your own family to take care of." Jack smiled, Jesse looked at him, too speechless to answer, all she could do right now was hug Jack as hard as she possibly could.

Jack looked up into the sky, thankful for being able to be with the last family he ever had, but he will always know that Japan is his family too and that one day he will be back with Akiko and be with her for the rest of his life, but for right now he was just happy to be with Jesse and thrilled to be home.