Ghosts in the Machine

Stardate 1324.6

The electrical hum of the Jeffries Tube on Deck 12 was still mocking him, but this time Scotty had it on the run. He prised off the rogue cover, threw it down the Tube into the corridor, and slid a new cover into place, then lay back and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of perfection.

"Hey, Scotty?"

He opened his eyes and slid out of the Tube, collecting the imperfect cover from the floor as he saw Sulu and Uhura approaching.

"We're en route back to earth," said Sulu, "ETA half-an-hour. We came to invite you for a drink – celebrate my transfer to Helm."

"That is – if you've exorcised the ghosts in the machine?" said Uhura.

Scotty handed her the sensor array cover as he fell into step beside them. "I've got the Jeffries Tube humming like a choir," he said. "But the ghosts in the machine?" He looked back over his shoulder as they reached the turbolift. "Those, I have to live with."