Now, for something completely different.. ;)

Not sure how to class it, but certainly Shizaya. It was surprisingly fun to write, and a completely random idea. Hope you'll like it! I own not a thing but my (stolen) Hunter's safety bracelet!

When you're in a heated chase, its easy not to notice things, like say, a large metal bar eye-level in the alleyway you just turned in. Or, at least, it was easy for Shizou to miss things like this. Izaya, however, had planned everything, even to the moment that Shizou ran full force into the bar, bending it and knocking the brute out cold. Izaya watched for a few quiet moments from the shadows, ready to sprint if it was needed. It seemed, however, the Shizou was down for the count.

Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he walked toward the prone body on the ground. He stared at the taller man's face, surprised it was peaceful, and not rage-filled. It wasn't the first time he had knocked the brute unconscious, yet it was always surprising when the expression is of shock, or just peaceful, as if he was sleeping.

With a sigh, Izaya poked Shizou with his foot, to make sure movement didn't wake him up, or that he was faking. When satisfied with his findings, he crouched and searched Shizou's vest for its pocket, looking for his prize.

Pulling out Shizou's cigarettes, he smiled. He would never admit to this dirty habit, but he had always wondered what they tasted like, what it was like to pull smoke into his lungs. He found out about a year ago, in a similar situation. He started a routine he had yet to break since.

Lighting on of the cigarettes, he laid on the ground, Shizou's chest cushioning his head, the steady heartbeat comforting, the steady rise luring. He took his first drag in a while, relishing as nicotine filled his senses, calming nerves that had been much to active for a while. Izaya let his mind go blank as he smoked, either the heartbeat of his enemy or tobacco being the only things he sensed.

He only smoked one, stole two or three more, than hide the pack where it was stolen from. Izaya pulled a small flask from a pocket in his jacket, taking a swig, burning his throat with alcohol. He took one last lungful of smoke, broke the cigarette, then stomped it on the sidewalk, as the brute would have down. He walked back to the man, wary of the possibly the man could awake at any minute.

Izaya sat on Shizou's chest, hands on either side of the blonde's head, face inches from face. With a sigh, he leaned forward, meeting the others lips as part of the routine. He was never sure how effective he was at leaving alcohol and smoke in brute's mouth, but he always did this, as part of the routine. As he stood warily, he glanced back down at the man, than left.

That bad thing, was that Izaya wasn't sure which part of the routine he liked best. The smoking, or the kiss.

"What the hell..." Shizou moaned, his was head pounding. the Strange combination of tobacco, alcohol, and something he couldn't quite put his finger on, filled his mouth. He was at first perplexed by this new, exotic taste. He had yet to figure it out, but every time he woke up in an alley, it was there, along with the alcohol and headache. He would bet money on it, that some of his cigarettes were gone, as well.

"I need to stop smoking..."

So? Did you enjoy? Read a forum about Izaya smoking, and a bunch of people said they couldn't see him do it. I could, and I can so see so many ways in how he starts! This is just one of them, cause it seemed like fun to write.

Anyway, like always, PLEASE, tell me how you liked it, and any tips you have to help me improve! Bye Bye for now!