Title: Crazy Amazing

Pairings: Cana/Laxus, some Cana/Macao, some onesided Cana/Gildarts

Rating: I'm gonna stick with M just in case.

Plot: Cana tries hard to adjust to life post-tenrou. A broken heart? A broken arm? Cana struggles to regain her confidence and work past her issues. Bad bad summary. Lol. Please R/R.

So for quite a few months now ive been thinking about this idea on and off. I have no idea how good this will be haha. I have no confidence in my skills when it comes to Cana and Laxus. I worry they may become OoC so just a warning I guess. I've been wanting to write more about Cana and ever since someone mentioned Laxus and her I just can't shake it haha.

I also hope to have this be before the magic games and slightly into it. Hopefully I can make this work?

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail. I just love it to death XD

Chapter 1: Game Over

"I'm in the same old mess again. Another love has reached the end. You never really gave a damn. I thought you were a better man. And I don't give a damn. My heart made me drunk but my mind is sober. So can you get the gist? I'mma make a move 'cause the game is over." Game Over by VV Brown

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

She had been sitting here for awhile. The thin brownish liquid in her cup was swaying back and forth from the commotion all around. It was enticing, doing its own exotic dance to get her attention. Everything else in the room was drowned out, she was only semi-aware of the brawls and merriment. She wanted to drink it so badly but something just stopped her, the thinking, the thoughts. Those dark, brooding thoughts. Her reflection becomes clear briefly before twisting and distorting.

"Hitting the bar early?" a familiar voice came from beside her.

She glanced over to see Laxus sitting down on the bar stool next to her. He slowly slid his sound pods down away from his ears, letting them rest comfortably on his shoulders. A loud sigh escaped her lips.

"Oh it's just you." She sulked, returning to the staring contest with her drink.

"Just me? Expecting someone?"

"Not really…maybe" she paused, watching the liquid continue to dance.

"Which is it?" he eyed her, noticing her hair was strangely much longer then the day before.

"God damn it Laxus…I don't know. Maybe its just wishful thinking?" she shrugged as her eyebrows furrowed, finally downing her drink in one gulp.

She slammed the cup back onto the counter, the force knocking it down on its side. Standing from the stool she leaned down to grab her bag with her right hand, feeling the strap slip through her fingers. An annoyed sigh escaped her lips and she watched Laxus reached down and grab her bag, placing it in her left hand.

"When did your hair get so long?"

"Recently. Surprised you even noticed since you're always staring at my chest." She quipped, placing her bag over her right shoulder.

"Ha. Guilty." Laxus smirked back, grabbing Cana's cup and filling it up partially with a liquid from his own large flask.

He quickly took a swig out of the cup and watched Cana's poor attempt at crossing her arms, finally settling on letting her right arm just hang at her side. He could see her fidgeting, obviously uncomfortable with the realization that he knew something was wrong. Not just on an emotional level, a physical level. He chose to spare his guildmate from his stares.

"I thought girls cut their hair after a break up, not get some fancy hair extension magic."

Her left fist clenched and she had to make an effort not to let it shake. He had really hit a nerve now. She had a feeling he was just trying to make things lighter but if only he knew. Her pain, her suffering, her fears, her insecurities. Before she knew what she was doing she grabbed his flask, pouring out the contents on his head.

"You're such an…asshole." She spoke out slowly, almost forcefully.

It wasn't till she was walking away towards the guild doors she realized how hard she was trying to hold in the tears. Only that bastard knows where to hit me hard…even if its unintentional. She thought painfully.

Laxus was slightly dumbfounded but couldn't help but smirk. He chuckled a little and grabbed a cloth from behind the counter, wiping the alcohol from his face. Placing the cloth down his amusement slowly faded.

Worry was slowly starting to set in, something that had only recently started happening to him. Maybe it was his ex-communication or his travels, but he now found his guild…endearing. He found Cana…beautiful and fierce. My ideal woman… he thought suddenly, his eyes widening.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" he grumbled, grabbing a brandy bottle from behind the counter.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Cana stood there at his doorstep for a long time, thinking, going through scenarios in her head. What he said the night before…was it just to make leave? Was he really going to? who are you kidding Cana? He was always like this. Touch and go. Hot and cold…black and white.

"Cana-neesan." A voice broke her thoughts once more and she glanced over to see Romeo with Wendy behind him.

"Oh Romeo…what are you doing here?" Cana laughed nervously.

"I live here…why does it look like you've been crying?" he raised an eyebrow, genuinely concerned.

"Eh? I haven't been." Cana laughed more, rubbing her eyes. "I was just on my way out."

She quickly slipped past the two young teens and started running. Cana-neesan? God that was just awkward and painful. Does he even know Macao?

Romeo opened the door to his house and stepped in, holding the door open for Wendy. She slipped in behind him and heard his dad in the kitchen.

"Oi Dad. What did you say to Cana-neesan?"

Macao stepped out of the kitchen with a very worn and tired look clinging to his face. A sighed escaped and he just looked at Romeo and then Wendy.

"I had no idea she was even here. Either way…I rather not discuss it. Its not exactly something I wish to talk about with my son….or his girlfriend." He eyed Wendy who was now sitting down on the couch.

"Macao-san…" Wendy started hesitantly but was cut off.

"I know you know a little Wendy, but I prefer you not say get involved." Macao tried his best to smile.

Wendy merely frowned and Romeo sat down beside her confused.

"Your mother will be coming over for dinner so don't go out anymore today. We'll be discussing some big plans." Macao explained before heading back into the kitchen.

"I guess my hunch was right. Mom is moving back in with us." Romeo smiled.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

"Cana…this was the last time." Macao sighed, sitting up at the edge of he bed.

She rolled over onto her side slowly, not wanting to look at his bare back, one of the few features that hadn't changed in seven years.

"Why?" was all that could escape her lips, she should have known it was coming.

"Lisa…we're getting remarried. I've been rekindling things with her slowly these past three years…and…" he started to explain before he felt something soft hit the back of his head.

He turned to see Cana kneeling, not caring that the sheets had fallen away from her curvacious body. Her eyes were glassy, she was biting her lip so hard to keep from crying he could see a small spot of red forming on her bottom lip. In all the times in their on and off again relationship, he had never seen tears in her eyes.

"Cana…" he started.

"Just stop…I' m sick of this bullshit. I don't know why I thought after seven years you might have matured a little. I always knew you were a womanizer but this is a new low."

She stood from the bed and tried to grab her top with her right hand, feeling it elude her grasp. She kicked the garment and dropped to her knees, sobbing.

"You would think the first words would be 'hey Cana I can't get back together with you because I'm remarrying my ex-wife' not 'oh hey Cana let's drink together…lets do this and that together…oh maybe we'll even sleep together a few times. Like old times'"

"Your arm is getting worse?" Macao stood from the bed and walked over to her.

"Don't act all concerned and don't try to change the subject" she glared at him with glassy daggers.

"You're right…I should have told you. But I'm not the only guilty one here." He shot back.

"Oh really? What have I done to be guilty of?"

"Gildarts." He spat, grabbing her clothes off the floor and tossing them onto the bed.

Cana froze at the mention of her father's name, her lip quivering.

"You think I wouldn't notice? My initial thoughts were I was just a replacement for him, you were always waiting for him and looking at him. When I found out he was your father I began to think that maybe I was wrong. I felt relieved. But I'm still a replacement for him. An older man, a womanizer…"

"Just stop!" Cana screamed.

"Why? Because I'm right?" Macao started to get angry, scooping his shirt and coat up off the floor.

Cana stood and grabbed his pants, throwing them at him with her left arm.

"Get out." Cana pointed to her front door.

Macao hastily put his clothes on, looking very disheveled and nervous, anger still trying to show on his face.

"Cana…I…" he started before he was cut off.

"GET. OUT." She reemphasized.

"Cana…?" she could hear a voice calling out to her.

Cana could only groan, feeling her head reel with what she could only assume was a hangover. She very rarely got one but when she did, it was hell on earth. She rolled over in what felt like a foreign bed and started to pull the blanket over her head.

"If you're up now then leave." The voice now sounded annoyed.

"Screw you Macao. Don't think I'll forgive you after you broke my heart…again." She groaned, still half asleep.

"I'm not that grumpy old man." The voice was getting even more irritated. "is that why you grew your hair out? For that womanizer?"

Cana slowly peaked her head out from her covers slowly, squinting her eyes from the sudden light flooding her. She didn't recognize where she was at all.

"How did you kn-" She started before finally glancing over to see Laxus sitting next to the bed, his arms crossed.

Who in the world did I piss off to end up here…? Cana groaned inwardly.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Um so yeah. First chapter. Lol. Sorry if this dosen't make sense or seem that good. I am writing this really early. I hope to make this work somehow….But yeah, sorry if anyone is out of character. ; Please R/R. let me know how you liked it. ;

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