Title: Crazy Amazing

Pairings: Cana/Laxus, some Cana/Macao, some onesided Cana/Gildarts

Rating: I'm gonna stick with M just in case.

Plot: Cana tries hard to adjust to life post-tenrou. A broken heart? A broken arm? Cana

Struggles to regain her confidence and work past her issues. Bad bad summary. Lol. Please R/R.

The final chapter! Ahhhhhh! This and chapter 10 were originally one chapter. But I decided it would be best to split it. Ah even though this chapter was done when I finished 10 I still sat here going over it again and again. I needed to make some slight tweeks to the ending scenes, etc. I'm really nervous as to what you guys will think XD ahhh. Plus its 5am. I've been writing on and off since 11pm.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail. I just love it to death XD

Chapter 11: Crazy Amazing

"I can't believe you lay here inside my bed. A guy like you won't leave things inside my head. You magically appeared in the secret winces of my life… I think it's crazy amazing How you can just bump into a guy, fall in love, change your life. I've always been the bottle that sits on the shelf. I even start to think about my mental health. 'Cos every other guy I seem to like would run a million miles." Crazy Amazing by VV Brown

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Cana still couldn't believe her eyes. Erza had defeated all 100 monsters in Pandemonium. She was amazed but also a little saddened. Her chance to win was gone now and she was now drowning her sorrows into the bottle of rum she brought with her. A pit was forming in her stomach as the liquid flowed down her throat. Her ears perked up however when she heard Pumpkin come back over with a strange looking device. She eyed it curiously before taking another swig.

"We decided the remaining 7 teams must establish a ranking for this event. So we prepared a simple game using this Magic Power Finder, or MPF. When you strike the MPF with magic it will tell you how strong said magic is. The higher the number the higher the points."

"Well that leaves me at a disadvantage." Hibiki sighed, approaching Cana.

Cana took a few more sips from her bottle, eyeing the man.

"You free tonight Cana?"

"Maybe…" she grinned before glancing over at Laxus, "I might be able to handle one barrel"

"You drink too much…" Hibiki scatched the back of his head.

"You drunk!" She heard Gajeel scream, "I knew this was a bad idea"

Laxus crossed his arms, trying not to fume. Blatantly looking at him then flirting with another man. The event was far from over, she still had the chance to win.

"The competition is not over yet Cana!" Juvia tried to encourage her.

"Well then. We will continue in the order that was decided previously." Pumpkin explained.

"I guess that's me then!" Milliana grinned.

She started to build up speed before launching an attack at the MPF. The MPF made several beeping sounds before '365' popped up.

"That's a high number." Laharl commented from above.

"Well Milliana's magic is more based on speed than power." Beth stated.

"Next up is Quatro Puppy's Novally!" The announcer shouted.

The man quickly launched an attack at the MPF, stuttering in shock as it rose to '124'. Hibiki smirked and adjusted his tie, getting ready to go.

"It's my turn."

"This will be tough. His magic is based on knowledge" Eve sighed.

"I should have gone." Ren agreed.

A few beeps were heard from the MPF as the number '95' popped up. Hibiki collapsed to his knees with embarassment, sighing. Cana kneeled beside him and held his head to her chest, soothing him.

"Shall your onee-san comfort you?" she joked, taking a sip from her bottle.

"Yeah…I want you to baby me" tears of joy forming from his eyes.

Juvia let out a small shriek as a stray bolt of lightning shot at her foot. She glanced over to see Laxus with a scary expression, bolts crackling from his sound pods.

"That was close…since Juvia is a water mage" she sighed.

"Next up is Raven Tail's Obra!" The announcer shouted.

He brought forth his little minion and launched it at the MPF. Seemingly amused as it hit a measly '4'. Everyone in the crowd let out in laughter, with members of Fairy Tail looking on with a confused look. Cana just grinned and left Hibiki alone, approaching Pumpkin.

"It's unfortunate but…" Pumpkin started before he looked up, seeing Cana taking his hat, "There are no re-dos."

Cana put the hat on her head and twirled around a little, humming to herself. Laxus was about to lose it. What the hell is she doing? Is she pissed drunk? Trying to get a rise out of me? Is she that desperate to bed me? She looks like a damn fool. Cana glanced over at Laxus and tried not to giggle, she was probably being cruel but she couldn't help it. She was excited now, she had a chance again to win. She was going to surprise everyone so it was best to goof off…it would make the climax even better.

Pumpkin snatched his hat back before pointing to the scoreboard.

"These are the ranking's so far."

"I'm winning. Meow." Milliana cooed.

"Next up is Orga! The crowd is going wild!" the announcer stated.

Orga brought lightning up to his hands, "120MM Black Lightning Cannon!"

The lightning flew from his hands, hitting the MPF violently. The crowd watched in amazement as the number shot up to '3825'. Milliana's eyes widened in shock.

"That's…ten times my score!"

"Well…we look forward to seeing whether Jura, one of the ten wizard saints, can surpass even this number." The announcer boomed through the speakers.

"Is it alright if I do it seriously?" Jura asked Pumpkin.

"Of course" he replied back.

The Wizard Saint closed his eyes to concentrate and brought his hands up to his chest, the ground rumbling around him.

"Meidou Fugaku!"

The ground started to split around him as debris flew up, hitting the MPF. Everyone watched in amazement as the number quickly shot up to '8544'.

"That's overdoing it old man!" Gray shouted from the stands.

"This is a new record for MPF!" the announcer excidetly shouted.

"Amazing. He'd be a match for Gildarts" Makarov spoke, impressed also.

"Don't forget the Gildart's daughter is right there." Mavis stated.

Cana took a few more chugs from her bottle, scratching the back of her head.

"The last challenger is Cana Alberona of Fairy Tail B! It'll be tough to follow up Jura but let's see!"

"It's finally my turn huh?" Cana hiccuped.

"She's sloshed isn't she?" Warren cried.

"Even if she were sober, I doubt she would hit 4 digits." Max guessed.

"Not even. My guess at the most 3 digits. At the most." Macao sighed.

Hmph I heard that…don't look down on me! Cana growled inwardly. Hiccuping again, she set her bottle down and started to pull her jacket off slowly.

"Don't strip!" The guild shouted from their box.

What is she up to? Laxus watched her carefully.

Cana pulled her jacket off completely, grinning. She tossed her jacket to the side and turned to face her guild, looking straight into Laxus' eyes.

"Well then…I'm going to strike" She continued to grin, showing off the mark on her arm.

Laxus' eyes widened, it was all an act. He didn't want to place expectations on her but he was worried that she wouldn't be able to beat Jura. He was just as bad as Macao and the others, doubting her skill. But that mark…surely it was Fairy Glitter. She was fooling us all…she made the bet because she knew she was going to win, she was that confident. Once again…I've fallen for you Cana Alberona. You're amazing…

Makarov turned to Mavis, a grim look on his face.

"It couldn't be…?" he asked.

"I lent it to her. In order to win." Mavis grinned, her eyes almost sparkling.

Makarov's face turned more grim, watching the first master's grin. He was happy but also scared at the same time. The first master was full of surprises.

Cana crouched and raised her arm up into the air, making a fist. Light started to form around her feet as a small wind kicked up.

"Gather! Oh guiding river of light!"

Cana started to stand as she brought her arm down to mid air, the light growing more intense.

"Shine! To destroy the fangs of evil! Fairy Glitter!" Cana shouted.

A large pillar of light formed around the MPF as the ground split around it. The force sending Cana up into the air as the wind whipped around violently. The crowd looked on shocked as the other contestants let out gasps. She could hear Natsu's team cheering loudly and as she landed on her feet she saw her team's approval. Laxus had his arms crossed still with his eyes closed, but he was still grinning.

She realized she had been holding in her breath as she exhaled, feeling her heart pounding loudly. She was thrilled, excited, relieved, she almost wanted to burst into tears as she heard the cheers. The adrenaline was pumping as she watched dust settle from her attack.

"999…9?" Cana read the MPF slowly with a shocked face, glancing up at Mavis.

Mavis smiled back and heard a 'I knew you could do it' echo in her head. Makarov was laughing so hard he almost fell from the ledge. She started to grin as she watched the tattoo slowly vanish from her arm.

"It's a 1-2 finish for Fairy Tail!" The anouncer shouted.

Cana raised her arms in the air, beckoning for claps and shouts of approval.

"We're unstoppable! We are Fairy Tail!"

Cana was met with tons of applause and whistling, some people even tossing hats, flags and flowers. Cana picked up her jacket and ran over to her team and was met with some hugs and high fives. She calmed down a little and glanced over at Laxus who looked amused.

"I won." She stated.

"Heh…you little minx." He laughed.

"What?" she laughed back.

"You played me the entire time. Were you trying to make yourself look like an idiot that would lose?" He smirked, closing the distance between them.

"Mmm…guilty." She grinned.

"You…" he started.

"Hm?" she started to hold her breath as he stepped in closer.

"You're crazy." He started again before laughing, "but you're amazing. Really really amazing…"

"So your answer is…?"

She felt him place a hand on her chin, tilting it up so he could claim her lips. Her eyes widened as heat rose in her cheeks. She started to rise up on her tip toes to shorten the height between them. He let go of her chin and rested his hand on the small of her back, holding her close. He slowly removed his lips from her and smirked at the expression on her face. She was dazed.

"That was….an amazing answer." She giggled, resting her forehead on his chest now.

He looked down and chuckled, "Being drunk wasn't an act though was it?"

"Guilty" she giggled more. "I may not remember your answer."

"I can answer as many times as needed" he let go of her and he felt her grab his wrist.

"You know…we could always satisfy your side of the bargain…" she teased quietly so others wouldn't hear.

"Heh…Cana. Respect yourself a little. Isn't it too soon?" He tried to reason with her quietly.

"Mm…come on…" she whined, running a finger along his chest.

"You're too important to me. It's too soon." He tried to reason with once more.

All he could hear was Cana giggling and she looked up at him, blushing and smiling.

"Good answer. You pass."

"Eh?" Laxus looked confused.

"You passed the test." She chuckled.

"You little…" he started before his ears perked up.

"Let's start the third match! Fairy Tail B's Laxus Dreyar vs Raven Tail's Alexei!"

"Looks like I'm up…" Laxus stated to Cana.

Cana let go of his wrist and nodded, feeling a slight pit growing in her stomach. She was nervous that once he was gone the feeling would vanish again, like their last talk. He started to walk towards the ring when he glanced back, seeing her expression. He turned around and marched back over to her, pulling her into his embrace. Cana closed her eyes and felt herself holding her breath again, unsure of what Laxus was going to do.

She felt him kiss her forehead lightly before letting her go, causing her to peek an eye open. He grinned and ruffled her hair slightly.

"Don't worry. I've fallen pretty hard for you. Now it's my turn to fight." He walked back towards the ring before shouting, "Be prepared to fall for me all over again."

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

In a bar in Magnolia, an orange haired mage watched the games from an old, rusty lacrimavision. He sipped his drink slowly, watching his daughter's victory. He grinned and as he saw her run over to the lightning dragon slayer he started laughing.

"That's my daughter! Cana Alberona of Fairy Tail! She's my pride!" he shouted to everyone in the bar, pointing to the lacrimavision.

"Gildarts!" the barkeep shouted, pointing to the broken bar counter..

"Oops…I overdid it didn't I?" he laughed, scratching the back of his head.

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