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Moon Cats, The Further Adventures of Luna and Artemis

Chapter One:

Mr. Artemis, can I play with my finger paints?" Koneko Shimaka, the raven-haired five-year-old, asked the small man with a white braid sitting next to her watching cartoons.

Artemis looked around the Shimaka's living room and at the new gray carpet and the new sofa set that was just as pristine. "Um... Actually Koneko-chan, your mom will be home soon with lunch. I know you're as hungry as me."

"How do ya know?" The sprightly little girl asked.

"Because..." The usually feline male suddenly started tickling the little girls stomach. "I heard this growl!"

They fell to the floor in a giggling ball as Koneko launched her own tickle attack, giving as good as she got.

Mrs. Kasumi Shimaka walked in on this scene, carrying groceries and a couple of McDonalds bags. She stood and watched the mass of chaos for a few moments, giggling. "You sure seem to be having fun!"

The two tickle warriors paused, and looked up at Mrs. Shimaka saying "Hi" in unison.

The mother smiled, and stepped over them heading to the kitchen. "I don't know about you two, but I'm going to eat!" She stepped to the side, watching a black, then a white, streak rush by.

Stepping into the kitchen, she set the groceries on the counter, quickly putting the refrigerator things away before setting the food in front of it's respective devourers.

Ten minutes later, Koneko was playing in the back yard while Mrs. Shimaka was cleaning up. Artemis stood, and stretched tossing some paper into the trash. Then holding up a gilded pen he shifted form once more to his natural Moon Cat self.

Doing his little flip and storing the Cats "Disguise pen" into his sub space pocket, he hopped onto the counter watching the young mother put away the goods. "Luna and me wanted to thank you for letting us visit Koneko so much, considering everything that happened. I never expected you to ask us to baby-sit!"

Mrs. Shimaka looked at the cat, smiling. "Why shouldn't I? Which thing should upset me? The first, second, or THIRD time you saved our lives?"

"Some people would hold the fact that we had to against us! Besides, you're keeping our secret, even from your husband, which could annoy you, too."

"I'll admit, I wish I could tell Hiroshi and I don't want you at risk." She giggled "Cops are such gossips, after all."

"Sgt. Hibuki keeps it quiet!"

Mrs. Shimaka laughed at that. "He BRAGS about you, Artemis. 'Cat saved my life once!' He says. If people didn't think he was kidding like usual, they'd think he was insane!"

"Okay," The white cat said. "Well, at least you get free babysitting out of the deal."

"That's another thing." Mrs. Shimaka pulled the lid off the mooing cow cookie jar on the breakfast nook. She pulled out a fair sized bit of cash. "I shouldn't take advantage of you and Luna like that, so here. I figure that's about what I owe you for the past two months of sitting."

"Mrs. Shimaka, that wasn't a hint. I don't need to be paid to watch Koneko!"

"That's what Luna said yesterday. She's more eloquent then you and she lost. Give up, Arty!"

"But I like hanging out with Koneko!"

"And Yohko down the block loves our big screen, and I pay her! Take the cash."

"What am I going to use it for?" His final defense.

"Here is a suggestion! Take Luna out on a date. You can both look human, so go on a real date in a nice restaurant or something."

"Well, yeah, that's true. Any suggestions on where to take her?" He knew he had lost, so he might as well get advice with his money.

"Now that you mention it..." The woman pulled an advertisement from the newspaper. It read 'Elegant Seas. Specializing in fine seafood cuisine.'

"I heard of that place. But it's a reservations only place. Heck," Artemis shrugged "I heard it's a month long waiting list to get in."

"Yes, well... Your reservation is for tomorrow at seven." The woman blushed. "I got tired of you two, excuse the term, pussy footing around."

"Did you and Luna plan this?"

"No..." Mrs. Shimaka grinned. "Mamoru and myself did, actually."

"Great... So I have to ask her out?"

"Yep. And one more thing..."

He was almost afraid to ask. "What?"

"Complement her on her new collar. She bought a lovely Tennis Bracelet with her money."

"Right... No problem."


"This is a nice restaurant." Luna, wearing a lovely teal dress, with close fitting bodice but full skirts said.

"Isn't it though?" Artemis was looking around, a little shocked himself and glad it was so cool due to the long 'dress coat' on his own attire. "Reminds me of a place on Mercury, actually..." he whispered, and she chuckled.

The restaurant was done in a blue and green motif, but with dark wood paneling making the other wise 'Soft' Decor more hardy in feel. There where several fish tanks visible from where ever someone might look with some of them carrying decorative fish, and others loaded with crabs and lobster from the menu.

"Artemis, only you would forget every USEFUL thing from the Silver Millennium, and remember what a fish restaurant on Mercury was like!" She softly teased him.

Artemis's white eyebrow rose in a questioning manner, while his lips curled in a teasing grin. "This from the cat who taught Koneko the Plutonian Two Step. "

"Yes, well... It is strange what one remembers."

The maitre de' sat them at a corner booth, seeing the signs of a couple quite easily (Not really aware that they behaved this way BEFORE that) and told them the waiter would be along in a moment. The two cats turned to their menus, choosing their meals.

"I have to admit, that bracelet is turning out to be a heck of a buy!" Artemis nodded to the simple silver length on her wrist. "Serving double duty, no less."

Luna smiled. "Yes... And the girls are begging to borrow it already!"

"I would have expected nothing less." They both chuckled. "Hey look, they have a 'Venus Cake.' I wonder what that is." Artemis continued.

Luna, finding it on the Desert section, read the description (Artemis had just looked at the name, and the picture.) "A nice desert for two, for those romantic occasions. My word, and I though Minako took it too far!"

"Hey, it might be good. Look at those layers."

Luna looked at Artemis with an odd expression. "You aren't Usagi trying to trick me are you?"

"No... Why would you ask that?"

She just looked at him with a little grin.

Soon they had placed their orders and were enjoying their meals, Luna having gone for a Fillet of Sole with a shrimp cocktail appetizer. Artemis had gone for the swordfish steak and a salad. Luna took a few minutes to admire her plate and it's lovely setting.

She also was thankful that Artemis had remembered to use the tableware and not his fingers or face to eat.

"You know this is really good!" The gluttonous white haired man said, smiling.

Luna, who was just shaking her head, agreed. "Yes, well seasoned, well cooked, and well presented, not that you would have noticed the last one, greedy gut."

"You saying I don't have table manners?" Artemis said with a grin, leaning fore ward.

"Oh, you have manners. You remembered the fork after all." Luna also leaned fore ward, looking into Artemis's eyes. "I'm still not sure about your identity though. You eat like a certain blond I know."

"Should I prove it to you?" Closer he leaned.

"And how, pray tell, would you do that?" She leaned closer as well.

"Hmmm... Like this?" Their lips meet.

And a huge explosion rocks the restaurant, knocking both cats out of their chairs. Looking over the table, and out the broken plate glass storefront of the restaurant Artemis groans, spotting some sort of monster knocking people around.

"And here I thought you kissed that well." Luna said, peeking over his shoulder.

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