Chapter 3

Funky. Groovy. Those were words that Lance could stand. But "shimmy"? Now that was a different matter.

Lance's bottom was racing down an iron tube. He felt like he was in that Dragonair slide back in Blackthorn when he was a kid. Starting through the mouth and twirling down a plastic slide without any breathing room. The inside was dark and only faint shades of dark blue could be seen. You came out of the tail. Some kids teased Lance by comparing him to toilet waste when he came out of the slide. When Clair found out she was angry. Boy, did she love Dragonairs and Lance. She blasted those kids into oblivion.

Yes, the slide was the same. Except for the blades, rabid polar bears, bombs and flying Camerupts. We'll get to that later.

Lance was the last to get in because he was claustrophobic and the slide was very tight and small. He remembered...

'I'll go in first.' announced Cynthia, 'You boys need to learn to adapt to different environments.'

Cynthia looked as beautiful as ever - surpassing the beauty of a Jynx and beating the humour of a Mime Jr. At least, that's what Lance thought.

Cynthia leapt into the large hole, the remainder of the "table". Thanks to Gary and his architectual knowledge, they took off a sheet and found eight feet holes, large enough for the gold statues feet to fit in. Then, the table blew up. Go figure.

Alder followed her lead. The Kanto champion leapt into the hole, saying, 'Smell ya later, suckers!'

How nice, Lance thought. The water-specialist put his legs into the hole and sat on the floor around the hole. He stopped for a minute, staring into space.

'I know that you're clastorphocib.' said Wallace.

'Claustrophobic.' Lance corrected.

'Yeah, whatever. See you later.' and with that, Wallace tilted his body and fell in.

Lance stared at the large abyss he was to fall into. He couldn't do it. But he had to.

He sighed and jumped into the hole.

And that's what lead him here.

Spinning around in the tube, he could see nothing except more of the tube to slide through.

He twirled around inside the slide. He eventually got bored. He twiddled with his fingers. He hummed music. He played with his hair. But nothing seemed to occupy him.

It was dull until he heard a girlish scream.

Lance immediately knew it wasn't Cynthia. He had heard her scream when he caught her dressing. Much less high-pitched. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. You caught her dressing? Lance erased the thought and pondered more about who screamed. It hit him.


Wallace acted all suave and cool all the time but really, he was very girlish and easily frightened.

Suddenly, Lance's spinning trip stopped as he landed on some material. It was white and soft like snow. He felt the material.

It was snow!

Lance pondered about why snow was underground. He suddenly tripped over a large chunk of snow. Lance got angy as his face was full of the material. He threw snow at the chunk of snow, even though he knew that the chunk of snow wouldn't be pained. Boy, how wrong he was.

The large chunk of snow groaned.

'Um...Is that a good thing?' Lance asked himself.

'BEARTIC!' the chunk of snow appeared to be a Beartic.

The Beartic looked like a normal polar bear - white and fluffy, stumpy legs and long arms, black claws, wet snout and two tiny ears. It had a scalactite-like beard that glowed when using powerful moves to destroy the opponent. Let me tell you from Lance's experience, it glowed a lot!

'Oops...' Lance began, realising his mistake.


The Beartic's beard glowed and shot out a powerful Ice Beam. The Ice Beam narrowly missed Lance's head.

'Dragonite! Go!' Lance said, throwing an Ultra Ball.

When the light disappeared, an orange dragon appeared.

The Dragonite had antenna-like things on the right side and left side of its face. It had a thorn-like claw on his head, also on the Dragonite's hands and legs. It had a lined part on its chest that stopped at its long tail. It had small wings - outlined in orange and inside green. It had black eyes that brought smiles to everyone's faces, including the Dragonite itself.


Even though Dragonite had a very big disadvantage, Lance had hopes for his beloved pseudo-legendary.

'Dragonite, use Hyper Beam!'

The Dragon-type sucked in all air around it, its lined chest enlarging. It returned to normal size when Dragonite threw its arms and wings back and released a multi-coloured beam. It was white then red then blue then pink then black.

Unfortunately, the beam didn't hit the Beartic. Also, Dragonite couldn't use anymore moves for a while.

The Beartic's beard glowed and its two arms began to spin. The arms began to glow as well. The Beartic charged.

'No! Dragonite!' Lance screamed.

'Wailord, use Hydro-Pump.' said a voice from behind.

A blast of water rushed towards the Beartic and slammed into it. The water blasted the Beartic and the force hit the ground so hard, it crashed into ice and sank into the water.

Wait, there's ice?

Lance turned around to see...


Wallace was seated on top of his Wailord.

The Wailord was also residing on water that used to be ice. It was huge, had four fins, a tail and was half-blue and half-white with stripes underneath.

'Hello, Lance. So where to next?'

'I'll just collect my Dragonite and we can sail aimlessly. Is that fine?'

'Just fine.'

'Stupid Scizors. Not like mine.' Gary grumbled as he sat on a broken seat in a small room underground.

Wallace and Lance had saved Gary from a group of Scizors - basically red, metal-coated Scythers. Instead of "scythers" like its pre-evolution, it had claws which had a black circle with a yellow one in the centre. White, transparent wings and yellow, piercing eyes.

'I like Scizors,' commented Alder, sitting on a couch with Wallace and Lance, 'But I hate Gengars!'

The other male champions had prevented a Gengar from harming Alder. Gengars - nasty, large, humanoid ghosts. Stubby feet and arms. Small tail and ear-like thorns on top of its head. A tuft of purple "hair" and red, freaky eyes.

'I love all Pokemon! But an Exploud almost burst my eardrums.' Cynthia said, standing up.

An Exploud had screamed in Cynthia's ear several times. The Exploud had lavender pipes rimmed with yellow on its head. Large mouth with four, little teeth. Lavender arms and knees with more pipes. Two tails which also acted like pipes and little claws on big, lavender feet.

'Lets start already!' Wallace moaned.

'Yes!' Cynthia agreed.

'So, what is the meeting about, Cynthia?' asked Lance.

'Well,' she began, 'The Pokemon League for every region is going to fall. Not enough challengers are coming. A company called 'Poke Prison' is going to terminate the League. It captures Pokemon and keeps them in prison!'

'What!' Lance shouted, 'We can't let them do that!'

'Exactly! That's why we need challengers or a challenger.'

'Who?' asked Alder.

'Paul?' asked Lance.

'No.' Cynthia said.

'Trip?' asked Wallace.

'No.' Cynthia repeated.

'Gary?' asked Gary.



All the champion's eyes widened.

'Ash Ketchum!' they said in unison.

'Yes! Meeting over!' Cynthia exclaimed.

'So...' started Wallace. 'How do we get out of here?'

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