Hello MAD here and sorry to tell you guys this but the BY Battles Be driven fanfic will be discontinued momentarily but don't worry I'll come back and update it when I got the time but with all my school and work it might take a while to do that. Any how here is a one shot fanfic of Kung Fu Panda, please enjoy.

Frozen Fun- Who knew a simple bathroom break would turn to chaos by some cold weather

Po and Tigress just finished a simple mission of eradicating a gang of bandits in a far away village and now even thought that the season is winter and in where they are returning are below freezing the two insisted to go home to the valley of peace

"That was awesome Tigress! Me punching the bandit in the face then another came from the darkness then you used you awesome tigress speed and whacked the living daylight out of him then-" Po words was put to a as Tigress put the tip of her claw to Po's lips

"Please Po for once I just want a quiet and peaceful trip back home we just have finished a mission right now" Tigress said

"Right silence mood got ya" Po said putting his paw on his lip then doing an imitation of a zipper in his mouth

Tigress just rolled her eyes at the sight

After a hour of walking Po came to a halt

"Um Tigress I need to use the bathroom" Po said making Tigress twitch her eye brow

"I told you not to drink all those tea the villager offered us" Tigress scold

"But they where so delicious anyhow it will just take a few seconds" Po said before going to a corner near a rock

Tigress just sighed at the events as she wait Po to finish his business

"Um Tigress I think I need your help" Po pleaded now fear is present in his face

"Since when it took two person to pee?" Tigress ask nearly growling to the panda

"I'm stuck!" Po yelled

"What!" Tigress nearly jumped out of her fur

"I'm just doing my business and looking at the sky when I look after a moment the water's frozen solid" Po yelled as he begun to shake because of the temperature of the winter

"OH GOD!" Tigress snarled then walking next to Po

"Tigress use your claws to break the yellow ice" Po suggested

"NO WAY PO!... It is just too disgusting!" Tigress replied as she blush

"Well we need to do something I can feel that we're going to have Popsicle the wrong way!" Po was beginning to panic

Tigress then put her arms and then putting Po in a hug

"When I say 3 pull with all you might" Tigress commanded

Po just replied with shouts insisting not to and try another way but the Tigress had already chosen her option


"Wait! Tigress! Wait!"


"I heard of a solution to this they said your partner needs to pee the water to melt it of!"

"3!" And then with on big pull tigress has separated the panda from the frozen grip of the yellow ice

"Ouch! Ouch! the pain! Tigress how could you I could have lost 'it' you know" Po spoke quickly hiding 'his' from the feline

"Be thankful it is still attached now need to continue"

"Um Tigress?" Po said putting his puppy dog face on

"What?" Tigress coldly replied

"I need to poop" Po sheepishly spoke

"PPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Tigress snarled with the top of her lungs

Po filled with fear said "No worries I'm just finished"

Tigress angered face turned into a dumbstruck as she thought of what the panda meant

"Guess I don't need to pull my shorts of" the panda grinned