Well this is actully my first real fic on here I guess... Anyways characters are very OOC and this is like a Romeo and Juliet sorta thing but with marching band! Yeah I'm a total band geek. and I know I just lost whatever readers I did have with that but whatever. I still think it'll be fun.

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"The world outsiiiiide-"
The radio was cut as a car parcked next to a bricked building with silver letters that said "BAND".
Inside the car Snow yawned and finished off the rest of her water. Tossing the bottle to the back seat she looked in her rearview mirror and chuckled a little. None of the kids at school would recognize her right now. She was wearing short black shorts, sneakers, and a blue band shirt from the year before. Her long black hair was tied into a high ponytail and her pale face was missing the thick black rings around her dark brown eyes. You see, Snow was your typical Goth girl here at Stokerton High... Though she didn't like to think of herself as stereotypical... But it was hard with all the name calling and assortment of foods thrown... Being in band didn't help much either.
But today was the first day of the year. Well band year, that is. That's right in the middle of the scorching summer at the buttcrack of dawn was band camp. She had a love hate relationship with it. But this year was different. This year she would be running the band... along with her friend Andrew. Grabbing the black tote bag next to her on the passenger seat, she got out, locked the beat up gray car and entered the building.
She entered the room and was bombarded with chatter. She looked around the corner and saw a few kids she recognized from rookie camp the week before. Ah freshman. They looked so scared. Some looked excited and some tried to act brave... But she could see it in their eyes. They were terrified. Snow gave a small smile, she remembered what that felt like.
She was in the middle of remembering her noob days when the next thing she knew she was flat on her back, her vision obscured by a black and purple mop of hair.
"Snow!" The body on top of her screamed in excitement.
"October, I just saw you yesterday."
"Yeah but that was like... 24 hours ago" the other girl replied.
"October get off her," a cool voice said.
"Yeah, give the rest of us a chance to say hi to our new drum major!" Another boy's voice screamed.
October finally got off, straightening her blue shorts and black tank top.
Two males helped Snow up. One was a boy with silver hair, Kristoff, and the other was a boy with black hair, her co-drum major, Andrew.
"Hey Snow!" The third boy there yelled.
"Hi Sprat" she smiled back.
"Hey did you hear-" the hyper boy was interrupted by their band director, Mr. Lawrence
"Can I see all student staff please?" He called from his office.
Snow and her group of friends and three other teens walked into the small room.
"OK guys, we got a lot done at rookie camp this year so we can spend some time introducing ourselves and whatnot. Snow, Andrew, you guys can talk for a little while; tell them what band is all about and the show. After, we'll go to the discuss field and take it from there. Sound good?"
After everyone agreed, they walked into the middle of the blue carpeted room. Snow looked around. Decorating the white bricked walls of the slightly large room were trophies and plaques and pictures. No matter how they were treated here at Stokerton High, no matter what names people called them, or what they threw at them. It was worth it. They were still the Stokerton High Pride of the Wildcats, known and respected by other bands throughout the state. And she would make sure they kept that reputation.
She started clapping her hands together at a moderately fast tempo, cracks of her hands echoing off the walls around the room.
"Band TEN-HUT!" she yelled, the loud booming voice contrasting to the usually soft, timid voice of the small girl.
"GO!" about 70 kids roared back to her. Backs straight, knees unlocked, heads high, shoulders back, feet together, hands hovering above the mouths of the wind players in a two handed fist, behind the backs of the guard girls, and fists at hips of percussionists. All of them still as statues, looking forward with "eyes of pride" as they called it. Even the noobs got it down. The student leaders smiled in satisfaction.
"That's great you guys!" Andrew beamed.
"Meet at the center right now ok?" Snow announced.

There was only silence.

"OK?" Andrew said a little louder, there were scattered OK's here and
there, mostly everyone scared to talk. Snow gave them, the "at ease" and they all walked to the middle of the room.

"Ok guys, well I know it's early-" Snow started. And it was true. No one liked waking up at 5 am to be at the band room by 6... IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. But they did anyways.
"-So instead of jumping right into work, we're gonna introduce ourselves a little bit and announce this years show so let's start wiiiiiith... you" she stated, pointing to a girl next to her.
She looked terrified and Snow had never seen her before. Definitely a freshman. After the rest of the band was done they moved onto Michelle, the guard captain, Jake, the drum line leader, Kristoff the low brass leader, Sprat the trumpet leader, Jason the saxophone leader, and October the upper woodwind leader, a position held by Snow as a junior and happily given up as a senior.
"Well I'm Andrew; I'm one of your drum majors this year. I'm a senior and I used to play alto saxophone."
"And I'm Snow, yes that is my real name, and I'm your other drum major this year and I used to play the clarinet."

"So welcome to the Pride of the Wildcats!" Sprat welcomed.

"Trust me guys this year's gonna be totally cool" Michelle added.

"And now it's time for the show... this year, the Wildcat marching band will be playing..." Jake started, tapping his hands on his legs in a makeshift drum roll.
"The very well known" October added.
"One of the most recognizable bands in the 80's" Kristoff commented.
"The music of Journey" Snow and Andrew finished in unison.
There were cheers and slight "huh?"'S across the room.
"That's right boys and girls, this year our music selection will include Anyway You Want It, Open Arms, and of course Don't Stop Believing" Andrew announced.
"This year's gonna be great guys, I have a great feeling about this year" he continued.
"Yeah, we did excellent last year but I know we can do even better this year" Snow added.
"You're part of the Pride of Stokerton now. The Wildcat Marching Band. You are part of a long line of traditions, respect, pride, and fun."
"Get used to the people around you, make friends with them. You're gonna be seeing us a lot more than your biological family."
"And we're a family too. A home away from home. It's gonna get hard sometimes, but all the excitement, the friends, the memories, the rush of performing and that sense of accomplishment when you're awarded a caption and you hear the audience cheer. It's all worth it"
"So we're stepping it up a lot this year-"
"I know it's intimidating right now to you freshman, but it's nothing to be scared of."
"Yeah, I remember when I was just a nooblet clarinet player. I was scared, my first year was tough. Just like yours is gonna be. I thought I'd never advance in this band. But my sophomore year, I started practicing and dedicating myself more. Junior year, I made clarinet section leader. And now here I am. Four years later as a senior and your co-drum major" Snow finished. She and Andrew smiled at each other. "Alright! Returners! Lead freshman to the discuss field, let's go!" She ordered.
Her band started filling out the door, Snow smirked, slung her bag on her shoulder, and flicked the black sunglasses from her head to the bridge of her nose in one swift movement.

Oh yeah, this was her year.

This was basically my freshman year, our show was Journey and I played the clarinet and practiced on the discuss field cause the cheerleaders said we go in their way. Actually was my 8th grade jazz teacher. And I know October and the others didn't really go to to Stokerton but whatever. It's called fanFICTION right?