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Rubble that is all that is left, all that anyone can make out, of the landscape that was once one of the proud cities of Japan, or as it is now called Area 11, after the initial invasion by the Holy Britannian Empire in 2010. But that battle is more than seven years old now, and soon this place would be better known for another entirely different reason.

At the center of the ruins stood a single Knightmare Frame, but this Knightmare Frame was one of a kind. It was humanoid shaped, with most of its armor being a dark crimson color with black lining its shoulders, the bottom of its feet, chest, and along its knee guards. Its head had fox attributes to it with its eyes being a solid orange. But the most prominent feature on the Knightmare that made it so unique were the nine tails that swayed behind it, and even though they were made of metal they moved with such elegance that they never even came close to colliding with one another.

Inside the pilot was a young boy of about 16 with a black mask on that hid most of his facial features. He had spikey golden blonde hair that fell around his face. Through his face mask you could see a shining pair of sky blue eyes, if one were to look under his mask they would see six strange marks that almost looked like whiskers, three on each cheek. The clothes he wore were something only he would know the meaning of. His name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. And right now he was in some serious trouble.

'How did it come to this?' the blonde boy thought to himself. This place, these ruins, they were meant to be his grave site.

Looking around him the boy saw that he was being surrounded by, at the very least, 60 Burai, the Japanese modified Glasgows, from what he could see alone all their guns trained on him. Some could say it spoke highly of his piloting skills, that so many people were needed just him, but considering that not too long ago he considered these people his comrades, allies, nakama, his friends, he really couldn't find any reason to be proud of any of this. Exactly how many times did he risk his life to save theirs? Only to be betrayed by them at the end. While he was never an official member of the Black Knights he had, on more than one occasion, fought alongside them protecting the people of Area 11, no matter who they were, and against the rule of Britannia. And tonight he was supposed to fight alongside them, as they initiated their attack on the Tokyo Settlement, even though he was going against his better judgment.

His eyes focused in on the only Knightmare Frame that stood apart from all the others, across from him amongst all the Burai stood the Guren Mark 2. And inside was a pilot that he knew very well, she was his girlfriend after all, or ex-girlfriend considering the situation. Kallen is a girl his age with shoulder length red hair that spikes out in the back, and dark blue eyes that were better compared to the color of the sea in contrast to his sky blue ones.

"Et tu Kallen?" Naruto asked over his frame's speaker system, some of the anger, sadness, and disappointment he felt leaking into his voice.

"I'm sorry Naruto," Kallen replied, doing her best to keep her voice as steady as possible, "But we have to do this, for the good of Japan's future." She said, her voice sounding a lot stronger and confidante than she was actually feeling at the moment.

'Is it for Japan or for Zero, Kallen?' Naruto thought some bitterness seeping into his thoughts. He had often wondered what Kallen would do if she was forced to pick between him and Zero, 'Guess I can stop wondering now.' Out of the corner of the screen monitor his eye noticed another Knightmare Frame approaching taking a closer look he realized it was the Gawain, Zero's personal Knightmare. 'Speak of the devil.'

"Sorry Naruto," Zero's voice was heard coming over the Gawain's speaker system, after he arrived to the soon to be battlefield, "but you are an obstacle that stands in the way for my vision of Japan's liberation."

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Naruto demanded angrily, "Aren't we fighting for the same thing, for the same goal?"

"You're wrong Naruto," Zero replied coolly, "Our goals are similar Naruto that much is true, but you lack the conviction necessary to fight against Britannia as you should. You say you want to free Japan from Britannia's rule, yet you will still put that freedom in jeopardy for the simple fact that you do not agree with the methods used. How can we possibly trust you if you are just as likely to fight against us as you are to fight with us. We cannot allow such an unpredictable variable to live Naruto, so that is why you must die!

"I see," Naruto said with his face lowered, his voice barely coming above a whisper. "And you all agree with him?" He asked them as a whole, though what he really wanted to know is if that is what Kallen thought too. When he didn't get an answer to his question he took it as a sign of their agreement and continued, "Very well then. I won't bother trying to change your minds if you all so strongly believe in what Zero is saying." He spoke solemnly.

"But," At that point the nine tails started to move more fiercely and wildly than before, as the tips opened up releasing dark red blades from each tail before closing around them, so that each tail started to carve into the earth around the Knightmare frame, "if you think that I'm just going to let you kill me than you are mistaken."

The left eye of Naruto's Knightmare turned black. "Amaterasu!"

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