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Chapter 1


The black flames raced forward hitting many of the Burai that were directly in front of Naruto. Some of the Burai pilots managed to eject before the flames reached them, but most weren't as lucky to avoid Amaterasu's all-consuming flames. Kallen had known what signs to look for, so she had managed to move the Guren out of harm's way before the fire was even close to reaching her. Immediately after the flames reached Naruto's first victims a torrent of bullets were fired at the Crimson Knightmare by the encircling Burai that remained in an attempt to destroy the fox like Knightmare, and kill the blonde pilot inside. The bladed tails reacted immediately proving their worth as an automatic defense, moving at nearly impossible speeds deflecting the barrage of bullets, some of the deflected bullets impacted with the ground harmlessly, kicking up dust along the way, others were shot back toward the guns they had they originally come from, and the remaining bullets hit a number of Burai causing substantial amounts of damage to them.

"Your Knigtmare's automatic defense is truly amazing Naruto, second, probably, only to that of the Gawain's." Zero mused to himself from inside the cockpit of his Knightmare. "Cease fire!" He ordered, "Bullets are useless against him." Listening to their leader all of the Black Knights stopped firing and waited for the dust to settle before they charged in.

From within the cloud of dust Naruto steadied his breathing and relaxed his muscles, preparing himself for the battle/massacre that was about to happen. While he waited Naruto reflected on how everything lead to this moment; and how he came to live in a world filled with giant robots and advanced technology instead of ninja and jutsu. How his life changed by mere chance, he still refused to believe that something like fate existed.


On the waterfall that lead into the Valley of the End was a man watching two young Genin's battle, one wearing an orange jumpsuit, the other a high collard blue short sleeved shirt and shorts, both wearing the standard shinobi sandals, the man wore a black high collard cloak with red clouds outlined in white and an orange spiraled mask that only had one eyehole. He had no real identity; it was something he had thrown away years ago. He went by different names, or titles depending how you wanted to look at it, Tobi, Madara Uchiha, and The True Leader of Akatsuki were just some of them. Once upon a time, before he set his ultimate plan into motion, The Moon-eye Plan, he went by the name of… Obito Uchiha. But that was long ago before…

Right now who he was or wasn't couldn't be further from his mind. At the moment his only concern were the two young teens that were on the verge of killing each other, one his fellow clansmen the other the son of his sensei. Seeing the two boys charge at each other one last time caused the masked man to move to intercept them before they endangered his plans any further than they already had.

'I'll be forced to move up my plans by capturing the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, but it can't be helped.' He thought to himself before he vanished by spiraling into himself.

'Damn it,' Naruto cursed to himself watching his opponent intently. Since he was woken up that morning by Shikamaru he just knew that he would be having a bad day. His belief was only confirmed when he was told that Sasuke Uchiha, his teammate and rival, had left at some point last night to join Orochimaru. He wanted to deny it at first, but he resigned himself to the truth soon after when his other teammate, Sakura Haruno, confirmed Sasuke's leaving and then proceeded to beg him to bring the traitorous Uchiha back.

He wasn't completely sure, but he believed that at that moment he honestly hated the pink haired girl for the first time. He hadn't exactly kept his feelings for her a secret, but for her to go up to him and then beg him to bring the Uchiha back to her effectively killing any feelings he might have had for her…

Flashback End

Naruto chuckled humorlessly as he remembered that moment. 'I crossover into a different dimension and yet the girl I fall for still choses the black haired, arrogant, revenge driven, pretty boy over me.' The blonde haired pilot thought somberly, 'Kami must seriously hate me or something.' He didn't dwell on it for much longer the dust had begun to settle and he refused to let those sheep who called themselves knights have the first chance to strike.

The pilots inside the Burai watched as the dust from the bullets that impacted with the ground began to clear. They assumed that their opponent would refrain from fighting in an attempt to stay alive for as long as possible. They didn't know Naruto Uzumaki all that well. From inside the dust cloud the Crimson Knightmare burst out heading toward the closest group of 14 or so Burai moving faster than they thought possible taking everyone, except select few, by surprise at his sudden charge. Four of the nine tails moved forward deflecting the bullets that the Japanese pilots had fired solely due to their self-preservation instinct. The other five tails sliced through just as many of the Japanese modified Glasgows. Stretching the fox Knightmare's arms out to its side Naruto fired the Slash Harken that each arm had, hitting a couple of Burai before he swung them around and tossed them into another pair of the Japanese Knightmare frames.

Finally regaining their senses the remaining five Burai fired their own Slash Harken at their opponent attempting to restrain him long enough to land a decisive blow. The Slash Harken came close, but eventually they were all cut down by the fox's tails like the bullets were. Speeding toward them Naruto cut into all five Burai with the clawed hands of his Knightmare that glowed in a faint light blue before they stopped. Not even a second later the Burai all fell to the ground each having varies claw marks on their frames.

Releasing a steady breath Naruto righted his Knightmare so it was standing straight up waiting for his opponents to make the next move. While he waited his mind once more returned back to the past his memories of that day continuing from where he left off.


But still he promised her he'd bring Sasuke back, if for no other reason than to make sure his former teammate paid for abandoning their village. So he set out, along with Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akamichi, Kiba Inuzuka and his Ninken Akamaru, and finally Neji Hyuuga.

The retrieval team was quickly forced to separate when they encountered the Sound Four, each of them forced to fight their own opponent. Choji fought against Jirobo, Neji took the spider freak Kidomaru, Kiba and Akamaru against the brothers Sakon and Ukon, and Shikamaru fought against Tayuya, the only female member of the Sound Four. Leaving Naruto to press ahead, though he had to stop momentarily with the arrival of Kimimaro, the leader of the Sound Four, but he was able to continue his chase of the last Uchiha when Rock Lee arrived to fight the last bone user. When Naruto finally caught up to the Uchiha they were at the Valley of the End, a location famously known for the fight between Madara Uchiha, founder and leader of the Uchiha clan, and Hashirama Senju, Shodaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato.

At first Naruto had tried to convince Sasuke to return with him, but the Uchiha had refused to listen to anything Naruto had to say, so with no other options the two began their battle.

"Sasuke! I'm giving you one more chance to stop this!" Naruto shouted to the monster his former teammate had become. His skin had become an ashy gray, with the power of the second level of the curse seal he had been able to achieve. On the bridge of his nose a black four pointed star had appeared and the sclera of his eyes becoming black, the three tomes of the Sharingan, spinning lazily in his eyes, and his lips having turned a blue color. His hair had grown out more and dulled in color, and had two hands like wings coming out of his back.

"I told you Naruto that the time for talking is over! Nothing you say will convince me to go back, so let's just end this!" The avenger shouted back creating a Chidori in his hand, the blue lighting turning black with all the curse mark's corrupted chakra Sasuke was pushing into it.

Naruto let out a heavy sigh gathering chakra into his hand, the mixture of his normal chakra and the Kyuubi's youki creating a purple hued Rasengan, for one final clash with his former best friend. When both jutsu were fully charged the two boys leapt at each other at an unsaid signal. With shouts of,



The two met in the middle, chaos surging from the point that there jutsu collided.

A second, he was a split second too late to stop them. Tobi couldn't believe that all his careful planning was being destroyed because he was a split second too late. By the time he had reappeared between the two Genin their attacks had already met. But things only got worse when his arrival caused an unexpected reaction. He knew something had happened because he could feel his body being torn to shreds, his chakra being taken from him, and could see the same thing happening to his fellow Uchiha, while the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki was being protected by the Bijuu's cloak leaving him relatively unharmed.

Tobi's attempts to activate his Jikukan Ido, which allowed himself, or anyone/anything that he was touching, be transported to a separate dimension, only made the pain he felt worse as more of his chakra was taken from him at a faster rate. He could see the tainted chakra of the curse seal mixing with the youki energy that the blonde Jinchuuriki was releasing. His vision started to grow dark and the masked Uchiha knew that his time was coming to an end, but as he watched the chakras mix together he noticed something. It started off faintly a small ripple in space where the Chidori and Rasengan met, barely anything at all, but slowly it grew in intensity and the ripple became a tear in space. Before everything went completely black he noticed that the chakra he used for the Jikukan Ido was also converging with the other two energy sources creating the tear in space, he also noticed that the amount of chakra that went into the tear wasn't consistent with how much chakra he had lost. So where was the rest of his chakra going?

Naruto could also see the tear in space and could feel himself being pulled into it. He also noticed the strange individual in the orange spiraled mask who had appeared beside him, but his attention was mostly focused on the boy across from him. His sapphire blue eyes were filled with regret and sorrow, as he watched the life slowly drain away from the eyes of his friend and rival. He had failed to save someone precious to him and had unintentionally broken a promise he made to another of his precious people, even if he was unsure how to feel about her at the moment. He knew of course that there was nothing he could do at the moment to save Sasuke's life, but for right now he would mourn for the person he considered his brother.

'Goodbye Sasuke.' The blonde Uzumaki thought before he was pulled into the tear in space.

When Naruto opened his eyes again he was in a sewer that he had only visited a couple of times before. Picking himself up from the murky water, his clothes strangely not wet, he began trudging toward where he knew the Kyuubi's cage to be located in a daze. Walking into the room that contained Kyuubi, Naruto didn't even register the fact that the once closed iron gates that once housed the great demon fox were now wide open, and the piece of paper with the kanji for 'seal' floated uselessly in the ankle high water.

"Well what an interesting turn of events' this came out to be, huh Naruto?" A dark voice asked him, a pair of crimson slit eyes snapping open from the unending darkness that lied behind the gate.

At the sound of his name Naruto came out of his daze registering the fact that he stood in front of Kyuubi with nothing in between them. His body grew tense waiting for the mighty beast to jump out at him in an attempt to consume him like it's threatened to do before. "What the hell do you want fox!?" Naruto shouted out at the demon fox edgily. "I don't know how you broke the seal, but I won't let you attack Konoha!" He shouted pulling out a kunai from his pouch.

"Hm, there is no need for that kit." Kyuubi said disinterestedly, "Besides even if I wanted to attack your little village that is no longer possible."

Naruto gave Kyuubi an uncertain look, "What do you mean it's no longer possible?" He asked putting the kunai hesitantly away.

"We are no longer anywhere near Konoha. We are not even in the same dimension." The fox answered him.

"How is that even possible?" The sapphire eyed boy questioned the demon fox confusedly and a bit of distrust.

"I'll explain, but first it might be best if I transformed into my human form." Kyuubi said, and before Naruto could question the demon fox about what it was talking about, the giant crimson eyes disappeared. From the darkness walked out a girl that looked a couple years older than him, long crimson hair with a few bangs framing her angelic heart-shaped face, her skin a healthy tan color a little lighter than his own. She wore a dark red kimono top that left her shoulders bare allowing for a generous view of her C-cup breasts, a black obi tied around her waist, and black cloth arm warmers on each hand tied by red string. A red knee length skirt with black frills at the end and black shinobi sandals. On the back of her shirt there was a picture of her in her fox form. What finally convinced Naruto that this was Kyuubi were her crimson slit eyes, "So how do I look Naruto-kun?" She asked the shocked teen.

Naruto at the moment was doing a good impression of a fish his mouth opening and closing in an effort to say something, but nothing would come out. "Y-y-you're a-a girl!" Naruto was finally able to sputter out in shock.

Kyuubi's eyebrow started to twitch while a tick mark appeared, "What because I'm the strongest demon to ever exist automatically means that I have to be male!" Kyuubi shouted indignantly hands on her hips.

"No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Naruto said quickly waving his hands back and forth in denial. "I was just surprised, and with how masculine your voice was when you were a giant fox I kind of just assumed you were a guy."

"Well that's obviously not the case. Is that going to a problem?" She asked him sweetly, too sweetly in Naruto's opinion.

"None what so ever," The blonde haired boy instantly replied.

"Good, then we can continue with the explanation about what's happened." Kyuubi stated with a smile, "We were pulled through a rift in space when your jutsu clashed with that of the Uchiha and that masked shinobi appeared between you two thanks to a space-time jutsu." A smirk spread across her face, "And because my youki was protecting you, you weren't killed like those two idiots were by the tear." The red haired vixen said smugly before letting out a sigh. "Though I've lost most of my power from crossing into this dimension," She muttered mostly to herself.

"What do you mean you lost most of your power?" Naruto asked cutting in, "And who was that guy anyway?"

"That man was an Uchiha that's all you really need to know for now." The demon queen began, "And I didn't really 'lose' my power it's more like I can't access it." She continued knowing that she will need to explain. "While I still have all my youki we each can only use about one tail worth of power at a time."

"Each? Does that mean that you're still going to be with me?" Naruto asked getting a nod from Kyuubi, "Why?"

"Why not?" Kyuubi replied shrugging her shoulders, unintentionally drawing Naruto's attention to her chest before he quickly looked away his face a light red, "You keep things interesting. Now I think it's time you wake up Naruto and see what this new world has to offer." Kyuubi said before Naruto started to fade away. "There are still things we need to talk about, so see you soon Naruto." She finished just as Naruto disappeared completely.

Opening his eyes groggily Naruto was able to notice a few things right away. First that it was dark out, which probably meant that it was night time. Second, he was lying on the ground. Lastly that there was currently someone shaking Naruto's shoulder trying to get his attention.

"Hey! Hey kid, are you alright?" The distinctively male voice asked him.

Naruto let out a groan in reply, as he tried to sit up despite the protests of the guy beside him. His body was a bit shaky, can't cross over into a different dimension without suffering some sort of aftereffects, but he was eventually able to sit up, so he was no longer lying on his back. "Where am I?" The blonde dimension-hopper asked.

"Your right outside of the Ghetto," The unknown male answered him.

"Ghetto?" Naruto asked confusedly

"Yeah, you know what's left of what once was Shinjuku."

"Oh," The shinobi muttered holding his head trying to shake away the remaining cobwebs.

"Are you alright? Maybe you should lie back down and get a bit more rest." The male suggested.

"No I'm fine my mind is just a bit foggy that's all." Naruto replied. Looking towards the guy, Naruto tried to make out some sort of details to at least get an idea of what he looked like, but it was hard to do with no light, and having the moon blocked out by a few clouds didn't help. He didn't sound too much older than him to Naruto; he could tell the guy had dark colored shoulder length hair, a bandana around his head, and dark blue eyes. "Can you tell me what's been going on lately to help jog my memory?" The cerulean eyed shinobi asked as innocently as he could.

The older teen gave Naruto a strange look, at least Naruto thought he did, but complied to his request anyway. So he told him about the Holy Britannian Empire, the existence of Knightmare Frames, and how the Britannians used them to invade and conquer Japan, renaming it Area 11 afterwards.

"Then why help me?" Naruto asked him after the teen was done explaining, "From the way you talk about it your obviously Japanese, so why help me when for all you know I could be Britannian."

The teen let out a chuckle before replying, "Actually I kind of figured you were Britannian from your blonde hair, there aren't that many Japanese people with that hair color, though I don't know what to make of your clothes. I mean seriously man, what is up with the bright orange jacket and pants? If I didn't notice your hair then I would have definitely seen your clothes," He joked.

"What's everyone's problem with the color orange? It's an awesome color." Naruto grumbled, "So why help me?" The shinobi asked again.

The teen was silent for a minute before he answered, "I can never forgive Britannia for what they've done to my home, and I promise to help free it someday. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to hold every Britannian I meet accountable for things they had no control over." The short haired teen said with conviction in his voice.

"That's definitely something I can respect." Naruto commented with a grin.

"Plus I have a younger sister that is about your age." The teen added, "I'd want someone to help her if she needed it."

"Is that so?" Naruto mused before standing up.

"Hey! You really shouldn't be moving around like that. We should get you to a hospital to make sure you're alright." The teen suggested.

"Nah I'm perfectly fine," Naruto said stretching a bit to get the kinks out of his muscles.

"Are you sure?" The teen asked him concernedly.

"Yeah," Naruto said offhandedly. "Thanks for the helping me though. My name is Naruto Uzumaki by the way." Naruto said introducing himself.

Through the darkness Naruto could just barely manage to tell that the older teen was smiling back at him. "It's nice to meet you Naruto I'm…"

Flashback End

"Naoto Kozuki," Naruto said whispering the name of the first person he met in this world. Shifting his Knightmare to the right Naruto was just able to dodge the Guren's clawed right hand barely missing having his Knigtmare's head ripped off. Immediately after Naruto had to jump back to avoid the Slash Harken that Kallen had fired, his Knigtmare's tails not being able to block the projectiles from such close range.

"Please Naruto if you surrender peacefully we might be able to convince Zero that this isn't necessary," Kallen pleaded with him over the loudspeakers of her Knightmare.

'Your sister has come a long way Naoto,' Naruto thought silently to himself. "And by 'this' I assume you mean killing me?" The former Jinchuuriki questioned her; he wasn't expecting her to give him an answer. "We both know that's not going to happen." Naruto replied, although he wasn't very clear if he was talking about him surrendering or being allowed to live. The two just stared at each other for a moment both wishing that things had turned out differently. Naruto made his Knightmare jump into the air away from Kallen before diving toward another group of Burai in order to avoid fighting her for a while longer. "I've already said this before I'm not going to let you just kill me. So if you really mean to kill me then come at me with everything you've got!" Naruto shouted.

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