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Chapter 2


It had been three years since the night Naruto had first woken up in this new world, and met Naoto, though he hadn't seen the older teen since. Since then he had been working hard to fulfill three separate objectives: the first create an identity for him in this world, second he needed to find a source of income, and finally he needed to continue training in order to get stronger so he could help anyone that needed it. He remembered having to fight some Britannian soldiers the night he arrived, though he didn't know it at the time, which Kyuubi told him were filled with malicious intent not too long after he parted ways with Naoto.

Thanks to his shinobi training it was easy to accomplish his first goal and forge the documents he would need in this world. It amazed Naruto how easy it was to get past the security that most of the buildings he infiltrated to create the forged documents had. Kyuubi figured that it was most likely due to the fact that the people of this dimension didn't know what a trained shinobi was capable of. Naruto realized that if people here didn't know what a shinobi was capable of then he could use it to his advantage. He ended up listing himself as an orphan half-Britannian and half-Japanese with no records on whom his parents could be.

When it came to his second objective Naruto had actually managed to find three different ways to get money, he figured he'd eventually need the extra financial security. The first had been thanks to both Jiraiya and the toads of Mount Myōbokuzan; about three months after arriving Jiraiya had managed to make contact with him through the summoning contract that Jiraiya and he shared. Gamakichi had been able to deliver a letter from the perverted sage saying that he had been looking for Naruto since the blonde had disappeared. They had at first tried to pull Naruto back to the Elemental Nations through a process called Reverse Summoning, but no matter how hard they tried something interfered with the toads' ability to summon him, the same thing happened when Jiraiya tried to have himself, summoned to where his blonde apprentice was located. They finally decided that it was a miracle that the toads could reach him at all. After Naruto told Jiraiya about needing to find a way to make money in this world Jiraiya had sent Naruto the entire Icha Icha series telling him to have it published in that world. Naruto was at first reluctant to do so, but eventually relented to the Toad Sage's suggestion after Jiraiya told him just how wealthy the perverted novel made him. Naruto had then demanded to know why the old pervert insisted on taking his hard earned cash if he had so much after Jiraiya had told him that.

To obtain his second source of income Naruto relied on his Shinobi training again to make it possible, he had "liberated" money from many corrupt businessmen and politicians. Naruto wasn't all that confortable with this until Kyuubi convinced him that by doing this he was crippling those who would otherwise abuse the power that money gave them, Naruto remembered how Gato used his money to oppress the people of Nami no Kuni, and any of the guilt he felt about what he was doing disappeared. It astounded Naruto how greedy some of the people he hit could be. It was only surpassed by his amazement at how much they seemed to enjoy flaunting their wealth to one another. His stealth abilities weren't even challenged, as he spent a couple of days at most following some of his targets before he was able to gather the passwords and codes needed to access where the greedy bastards kept most of their fortune. For anything that needed a biological signature to access he simply used his Transformationjutsu, a true transformation unlike the one taught at the academy. Any money Naruto took from any of his targets he made sure that it was only a small amount, so that the people he was stealing from wouldn't become overly suspicious and start looking into what was happening to their fortunes if large amounts started to disappear. As long as it was only a small amount the people who were having their money stolen from right underneath them they blew it off as unimportant, many having secret dealings that they didn't want other people looking into. Naruto made sure to hit his targets multiple times when it was safe enough to do so, that way he was able to cripple them financially as much as he could.

Naruto then invested some of the money he acquired into different companies, that Kyuubi approved of, of course, taking over most of them in the process, and often being from the people he stole from in the first place. He then had his newly acquired companies start giving supplies, food, clothes, medicine, for free or at a reduced price to the people of Area 11 that needed it, though this mostly consisted to giving the supplies to Elevens. This wasn't something that the "Britannian Elite" exactly approved of, but Naruto couldn't care less what they thought.

For his last source of income Naruto decided to create a band with just himself and a few transformed Shadow clones. When Kyuubi asked him why he started a band Naruto shrugged his shoulders and simply replied, "I just felt like it," and that was that. Thanks to shinobi being trained to be able to change their voices to anyone else's Naruto was able to change his so it sounded perfect while he was singing. He was also able to learn how to play a variety of different instruments thanks to the secret ability of the Shadow clones, after Kyuubi had told him about it.

His training had started off slowly, with no place to really train without the chance of being caught by someone, but after acquiring a few companies he was able to buy a private plot of land, a few of them actually, he was able to train without having to worry about being found out. Jiraiya once again pulled through for him and sent the blonde teen many different training scrolls along with a few jutsu that, along with Kyuubi's help, helped him improve quickly. Kyuubi proved to be a real slave driver when it came to his training refusing to let her former container and now partner be weak no matter the circumstances.

His relationship with Kyuubi was something that changed over the last few years. After a few months of being in this world they had discovered that Kyuubi could actually come out of the seal whenever she wanted. When Kyuubi first came out of the seal Naruto had been worried about how people would react to seeing a giant nine tailed demon fox suddenly appear in the middle of a city. Naruto was on the verge of a panic attack when a burst of smoke signaled Kyuubi's appearance into the real world, only to fall over laughing when the smoke cleared to reveal a small one tailed fox that was no bigger than Akamaru was back home. Kyuubi promptly bit the laughing teen's hand and refused to let go for a good 10 minutes. She had still been able to retain her ability to transform into a human form and preferred to stay that way whenever the two dimension travelers were alone, but was usually in her fox form whenever there was anybody else in the room with them she didn't particularly care about, or when she was feeling lazy and wanted to nap on Naruto's lap, around his shoulders, or on top of his head. After a year of really knowing each other and working together Kyuubi revealed to Naruto that her real name was Amami and that Kyuubi was only a title. From that point on the two had become even closer becoming almost like family to one another. Naruto wasn't 100 percent sure, but he felt that his relationship with Amami was what it was like to have an older sister, with how she would always push him to improve himself and took every opportunity she could to embarrass him.

Naruto didn't just train physically Amami also had him break into libraries after they closed at night, and got him to fill them with Shadow clones, so that he could learn as much as possible. She swore that all the other Bijuu were laughing behind her back at how stupid her former container was back in their home dimension, and refused to let him to be an idiot in this world as well. "Besides," She began one day, "It's pointless to be the head of your own company if you can't even run it."

Of course it wasn't all great; half a year ago an old toad called Fukasaku, though everyone called him Pa, had contacted Naruto and told him that Jiraiya had died fighting what remained of Akatsuki, though Itachi Uchiha had disappeared a year or two before. The old pervert didn't do it alone though he had the help from Kakashi, Maito Gai, Gaara, who had become the Godaime Kazekage, A the Raikage of Kumogakure, and his younger brother Killer Bee. When Naruto asked why two Kumo shinobi would help them defeat Akatsuki, Fukasaku had informed him that Bee was also the Hachibi Jinchuuriki and that Akatsuki had attempted to capture him earlier infuriating the Raikage.

Before the old toad had left Naruto had some of the best alcohol in that world bought and had asked him to deliver it to Tsunade with the message for her to drink for the three of them. For the next couple of days Naruto mourned for his dead teacher. Fukasaku had also left with the blonde a couple of things that Jiraiya wanted him to have one was his entire Fuinjutsu notes, the other was the first book Jiraiya had ever published "The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Ninja" with a note in the back saying how it was that book that inspired his parents to give him the name Naruto, after the hero of the story, how proud Jiraiya had been of the person Naruto had become, and that he couldn't be more honored to have been the one given the privilege of naming him along with being the boy's Godfather. That last revelation had hurt the blonde haired shinobi, to know that he had family so close and never knew, but it also made him incredibly happy that his Godfather was proud of him despite his initial shortcomings as a shinobi.

After that Amami felt that it was the best time to reveal a couple of other hidden truths to Naruto, specifically who his parents were. Shocked couldn't even begin to describe how Naruto felt when he learned that his father was Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, it was only matched with the shock he felt at learning that his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, was Amami's former container. Things had been a bit tense between the blonde and the red haired vixen for a while, but things slowly returned to normal between them and it was only helped by the fact that Amami could tell Naruto stories about Kushina back when she was a kunoichi. In order to honor the memory of his parents Naruto renamed one of the major companies he controlled into Namikaze Corporation, in memory of his father, while choosing to keep his mother's maiden name.

That wasn't Amami's only revelation; she then told him how while they were being brought into this world chakra from both Uchiha's was being absorbed by him, and that it finally stabilized inside him changing his DNA slightly. When Naruto questioned the redheaded vixen on what she was talking about she replied that the influx of chakra had made it possible for him to activate the Uchiha clan's famous doujutsu, the Sharingan. Naruto didn't believe her at first, but after he channeled some chakra into his eyes, like Amami asked him, he watched in a mirror, as his sky blue eyes shifted into crimson red with three black tomes in each eye. Looking into those blood red eyes reminded Naruto of the last time he had seen eyes just like them and the grief he felt watching his best friend die while he survived, and how he inadvertently played a part in his death. The resurfacing guilt consumed Naruto before he even realized it causing a change in his eyes that neither he nor Amami expected his eyes evolved into the Mangekyou Sharingan. For the next six months Naruto trained in mastering the abilities of the Sharingan and Mangekyou Sharingan. In those six months Naruto could use Amaterasu effectively, though the chakra control necessary for Tsukuyomi made it so he could only hold it for a day and a half, unlike Itachi who could hold his illusion for three days, and the supposed third ability of the Mangekyou Sharingan, Susanoo, was completely out of his reach. He was at least thankful that Amami was able to heal the damage caused by the Mangekyou Sharingan.

With so many different resources at Naruto's disposal he began building a personal Knightmare Frame creating a Knightmare that was more advanced than any Knightmare created so far. It infused some of the world's most advanced technology along with making the frame out of chakra conductive metal that Naruto was able to recreate with Amami's help.

The date was August 10 in the year 2010 of the Imperial calendar; the Holy Britannian Empire had just declared war on Japan. The Far East island nation had held fast to its neutrality and now Britannia looms as the world's only super power.

Rights to Japan's underground resources became a hotly disputed issue straining the already deep rooted diplomatic tensions between the two sides. In the deciding battle for the mainland Britannian forces introduced into combat the humanoid anatomists armored knight known as the Knightmare Frame, the enemies forces were far greater than anticipated and the Knightmares obliterated the Japanese line of defense on the mainland with little effort. Japan became a dominion of the Empire the country was stripped of its freedom, its rights, and its name. Area 11, the defeated and once proud nation of Japan was rechristened with a mere number.

Though unknown to the world an unidentified variable will play a part in changing its entire destiny.

"Here is video footage of yesterday's terrorist bombings in Osaka," The news played in the background for the most part ignored by the occupants of a room in the Tokyo settlement, as balding elderly man played chess. He lifted up a chess piece his hand shaking fearfully trying to think where best to put it without it costing him the match. The other occupants of the room consisted of five bodyguards/thugs wearing black suits and dark shades, and a man with short brown hair wearing noble clothing that fit his social ranking. The elder had just finished putting his piece down when a timer went off signaling that time was up. "You're out of time." One of the men acting as a judge told him, "From here on you'll make your moves every twenty seconds."

The man's opponent, the nobleman, casually filed his nails with an utterly bored and uncaring look on his face responded, "Heh, very well I'm game."

Panicking slightly, the elder looked towards the board his eyes shifting around the room quickly trying to find some way to prolong the match when the elevator doors opened up behind him.

"Oh, did you substitute arrive?" The nobleman questioned rhetorically, as the elderly man hastily got up from his chair with a relief quickly spreading across his face.

"Oh thank heavens I'm saved," The elder said letting out a sigh, "Are things going well at school?" He asked one of the two boys that came out of the elevator.

"What have we here, school boys?" The noble asked taking in their appearance

The first boy wore the standard male uniform for Ashford Academy, black coat with yellow accents, a white collared shirt underneath, black pants and shoes, with a lean body, shoulder length black hair that was framed around his face so only a few strands fell over it. He had violet colored eyes with a smirk plastered across his face, as he stared down at the nobleman. The other boy was wearing the same thing only he had a helmet, with goggles on top, over his blue head of hair that spiked out slightly near the front, elbow length gloves over his hands, and had light grey eyes.

"Well look at this, a nobleman," The black haired boy replied.

"I envy you kids today. You have so much time on your hands, time for regrets. What's your name?" The nobleman asked the black haired boy rudely.

"Lelouch", the violet eyed boy answered walking over to sit in the seat previously occupied by the older man, "Lamperouge." Lelouch said smoothly not at all bothered by the noble's tone of voice, it was something he had grown accustomed to hearing when he was younger. Lamperouge, it was a fake name that he and his sister, Nunnally, used to hide from their past. Their real names were Lelouch and Nunnally Vi Britannia, son and daughter to the current Emperor of Britannia Charles Zi Britannia, the one man that Lelouch hated most in the world.

The blue haired boy walked passed his classmate and looked down at the chess board in astonishment once he noticed the position of the chess pieces.

"Oh whoa, now wait a minute there is now way you can win this one it's impossible, right?" The other boy questioned his friend.

"Rivalz," Lelouch began to say to the now identified Rivalz. "When do you think we'll need to leave in order to make our next class?"

"Uh, 20 minutes if we bust our hump." Rivalz answered taken back slightly by his friend's sudden question.

"Then be sure to drive safely on the way back. This will only take 9 minutes." Lelouch stated sitting down in the chair that the old man had occupied, the black chess pieces in front of him, "And by the way about yesterday..."

The old man nodded his head respectively, "Understood sir, we will discuss it later."

"Nine minutes? You only have twenty seconds per move." The noble said in disbelief at the black haired boy's claim.

Lelouch looked at the noble unconcerned by his time limit, "Enough time." He said seriously picking up his king.

"Hmm you start with the king?" The noble asked before he burst out laughing in clear amusement.

Lelouch didn't bother replying, though he did smile slightly.

In another part of the Tokyo Settlement a truck was speeding down the highway trying to escape the pursuing law enforcement. There were two people inside the speeding truck both wearing light blue uniforms with light blue hats on top of their heads. The one driving the truck was male with long black hair tied into a ponytail. The other person's face was hidden by their hat making it impossible to tell what gender they were, but they had red hair with two long bangs in the front framing their face and their hair spread out in the back.

"Perfect, after we finally steal this damn thing. It's all because Tamaki couldn't stick to Naoto's plan and now we've got a problem." The black haired complained angrily to his silent companion.

A pen landed on the floor the sound of it hitting the ground echoing throughout the room, as the Britannian noble stared at the board in shock looking at his only piece, the king, that remained on the board surrounded by Lelouch's black pieces, then his gaze shifted toward the boy in question who looked at him with the same clam indifferent look he's had since he first walked into the room. The noble's face, while still filled with shock, also gained a hint of anger in his features.

"How? How dare you give me that look boy, as if you're better than me! The same look that, that bastard always gives me like he is my superior!" The noble raged angrily toward the black haired boy he continued to watch him calmly, not reacting at all to the noble's anger.

"I have no idea what or who you're talking about." Lelouch stated evenly standing up, "But we're done here. Have a nice day nobleman." He finished entering the elevator with Rivalz right behind him. The noble seemed to only grow more agitated with the boy's words, but before he could say anything to Lelouch the elevator doors closed, the last look the noble caught of the black haired boy was the calm indifference in his eyes, and how easily the noble could picture those violet colored eyes being a sky blue.

"I love playing against the nobility when they lose they always pay out of pride." Rivalz said cheerfully, "By the way 8 minutes 32 seconds is a new record." He finished praising his friend at setting a new record for defeating an opponent in a game of chess.

"He didn't have much time to move either. And as opponents go the nobles are tepid, they are just over privileged parasites that's all" Lelouch replied uncaringly.

"Well then why don't you challenge one of the Elevens they are nothing like us Britannians." Rivalz suggested to his friend getting a thoughtful hmm from Lelouch. Seeing as his friend wasn't going to say anything else on the subject Rivalz decided to change it, knowing there was no real point in trying to get Lelouch to talk about something he lost interest in. "Who do you figure it was that the noble was talking about after you beat him?"

"I have no idea." The violet eyed boy answered honestly, "Probably just another nobleman." He supplied uncaringly.

Speeding down the highway on a black and orange custom built motorcycle was Naruto wearing an orange helmet that completely covered his head, an unzipped black cargo jacket, a form fitting orange t-shirt underneath, dark blue jeans, and a pair of black steel toed boots. A ringing caught his attention causing him to press the side of his helmet to answer the private phone he had built in, a number only one person had so far.

"Hello Uzumaki ramen, Naruto Uzumaki speaking what can I get you?" The blonde teen asked innocently.

"NARUTO UZUMAKI: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" The familiar voice of Amami shouted into his ear from the other end, causing Naruto to swerve slightly from the pain his ears were subjugated to.

"Ow," Naruto mumbled, "Ah, Amami what a surprise to hear from you." He finished faux cheerfulness.

"Surprise my furry red ass, where are you?" She asked him again.

"I decided to go for a relaxing ride in the Settlement," Naruto answered her.

"And I suppose the fact that there are 'terrorist' in the area has nothing to do with it?" Amami questioned him with what he was sure was a raised eyebrow, "Or the fact that your supposed to be in a business meeting right now."

"Can't you take care of it?" Naruto asked the redheaded vixen hopefully.

"I'm not going anywhere near those perverted old bastards," She answered him seriously before hanging up. Naruto didn't even get a chance to groan his displeasure before he heard the voices of the businessmen come through the line, and immediately figured that the devious fox and forwarded him to the meeting.

"Uzumaki, where are you? We've been waiting for a good 30 minutes!" One of the business men demanded.

Naruto let out a mental sigh before speaking as politely as possible, "Sorry gentlemen, but something very important came up and I had to step out." He lied smoothly.

"What could be more important than finalizing our business agreement?" Another of the businessmen enquired arrogantly.

'Just about everything,' Naruto thought silently to himself. "About that, I'm afraid that Namikaze corp. will have to decline your business offer, as it goes against our objectives." He said again in a false polite tone.

"WHAT?!" The two businessmen shouted, causing Naruto to wince from having someone scream in his ear for the second time that day.

"But this deal will see an increase in both our company's income!" The second businessmen argued.

"Correction," Naruto stated somewhat coldly, "It will see a 24.3% increase in your company's profits, while Namikaze corp. will only see a 2% increase and the prices of a majority of our merchandise being raised, so that they'll only be available toward the Britannian community leaving the Japanese people without one of their major suppliers for goods. I simply cannot allow that." The stunned silence he received afterwards almost had the cerulean eyed boy chuckling. "Don't think that just because I'm young you can trick me into agreeing to such a crummy deal. Besides if I didn't catch on to your little trick than my partner would have." He finished offhandedly.

"Why do you care so much for those worthless Elevens?" The second businessman asked Naruto angrily ignoring the fact that they were trying to cheat him. "You won't get far in this world if you continue to support them like you have Uzumaki!"

"Don't you know?" The first businessmen asked his partner the sneer evident in his voice. "Uzumaki is only half-Britannian one of his parents was a dirty Eleven. The boy must feel some sort obligation to his fellow trash." He said before continuing to speak to Naruto. "Isn't that right, half-bred?"

"Half-bred huh, well I guess you're right I'm only half-Britannian after all." Naruto admitted calmly not at all perturbed by the fact that the man knew that piece of information, seeing as it wasn't technically true and he never bothered trying to hide the fact he listed himself as half-Britannian and half-Japanese. "That's something I don't understand about you full-blooded Britannians, you believe that just because of a mere circumstance of birth that it makes you better than all the Areas you've conquered. Yet right now you are the ones, who need to make this deal with my company, aren't you?" He asked them, but didn't wait for an answer. "Gentlemen you've wasted enough of my time and you have 5 minutes to get out of my company before security removes you from the premises."

"W-what Uzuma-"

"You can't do thi-"

"Goodbye gentlemen." Naruto finished cutting off the two businessmen before they could finish and ended the call, "Happy now?" Naruto asked after a couple of minutes.

"Quite, now if only they would stop making so much noise." Amami's voice answered him having called the blonde haired shinobi again once she heard the yelling begin from the conference room she knew that Naruto was supposed to be having his meeting. "By the way have you seen the latest news?" She asked him and receiving a "no" from him. "I'll send the video feed to your motorcycle's onboard computer." She said before the screen on his motorcycle turned on and began playing, showing footage of a building with smoke coming out of it. And thanks to Amami training him to be able to sense chakra and his basic shinobi training to always be aware of his surroundings Naruto didn't have to worry about crashing into anyone or anything. The video then changed to show the Britannian flag.

"We apologize for the delay, now his Royal Highness Prince Clovis, Third Prince of Britannia, will address the nation," The announcer said before the screen changed once again to show a male with long blonde hair that fell to his mid-back, blue eyes, and dressed in expensive looking clothes that was reserved for royalty.

"To all my imperial subjects, including of course the many cooperative Elevens who choose to serve the Empire of Britannia," Clovis began moving his hands in a grand gesture, as he spoke.

In the truck the two occupants were watching the news feed when the passenger finally spoke up after the Third Prince's last comment.

"We are not Elevens we are Japanese" The passenger shouted in what was obviously a female voice.

"Do you not see my pain? My heart was ripped from my chest only to be torn apart." The blonde prince said gripping at his chest and closing his eyes. "The remnants are filled with rage and sadness. However as ruler of Area 11, I will not tolerate terrorism of any kind. Because the battle we fight is a righteous one, a virtuous battle to protect to the wellbeing of one and all. Now then everyone I would like you to join me in observance of the eight who died for justice in the line of duty." He finished before the announcer from before asked for a moment of silence.

'I'm not sure to either be impressed by his acting skills, if not a bit over dramatic, or be disgusted by the fact that he's hosting a party while all this is happening.' Naruto thought with a scowl looking at the image of one of the princes of Britannia, having received an invitation to attend the party himself, cutting the feed at that point. "So do you know if anything else has happened?" Naruto asked the crimson vixen.

"Yeah, apparently the Japanese who attacked that building managed to steal some medical supplies, or at least that's what they stole according to the information the Britannian government released to the public. The truck the Japanese escaped in is also currently being followed by law enforcement." Amami answered.

"You think they're trying to hide something?" Naruto replied referring to her comment about the Britannian government.

"Most likely," The redhead admitted honestly, "Namikaze corp. supplies more than enough medical supplies to the Japanese. It's very likely that our little Japanese freedom fighters have been able to get a hold of at least some of the supplies for themselves, so there's no reason for them steal any. Plus I looked into it myself and what I found was that reports say that they stole poison gas." She finished.

The blonde haired boy raised an eyebrow at that, "Poison gas?" Naruto questioned no one in particular a smirk spreading across his face, " You know I think that things are finally starting to get interesting," The cerulean eyed boy said excitedly his fox like grin spreading across his face under his helmet.

"What are you planning Naruto?" Amami asked the blonde haired boy suspiciously.

"I think that it's about time that I took a more active role in this war." Naruto answered her, "I'll call you later." He finished ending the chat driving off the highway and pulling into an alley where he sealed away his bike into a storage seal he had located on his arm. Naruto then sent more chakra into the seal on his arm unsealing some shinobi clothing that he had secretly made in this world, and a couple of things he was sent from the Elemental Nations after Jiraiya's death. Once he changed into his new clothes Naruto disappeared in a Leaf Shunshin and began his search for the truck that supposedly transported the poisonous gas.

When Naruto finally found the truck it had just swerved off the road and crashed into the empty construction site. A boy with black hair that he would guess was about his age wearing school clothes had gone down to help while all the other Britannians watched the accident like they would an animal in a zoo, Naruto was disgusted by how they were all acting. Before Naruto could do anything to help, the truck pulled out of where it crashed, causing the boy who had climbed onto the top to fall inside the back through a hatch. Naruto followed after them quickly his speed being more than enough to keep up with them.

"Stop the vehicle," A voice called from above. Looking up Naruto could see three military copters following after the hijacked truck.

"Surrender now and you get the chance to defend yourself in court. Stop and surrender at once," Another pilot ordered before he opened fire on the truck, though they didn't come anywhere close to hitting the truck and only served as warning shots.

"Give up now or we shoot to kill" The final pilot said making their intentions clear.

"Now what do we do, that's the army." Nagata asked the passenger from inside the truck.

"Have you forgotten that's what I am here for," The passenger said taking off her hat revealing a young woman with dark blue eyes, a heart shaped face, a red bandana around her head, and shoulder length dark red hair that stuck out in the back with the two bangs framing her face. She got up from the seat and proceeded to walk towards the back of the vehicle, removing the blue coat to revealing red and brown clothes underneath. (AN: I don't even know where to begin in describing her clothes so I won't) "Can you enter the subway via the Azabu route?" She asked Nagata.

Lelouch who had been stuck in the back since the truck pulled itself out of where it crashed hid behind a large canister, watching as the redhead walked pass him sure that he had seen her somewhere else before.

"Kallen, let's use it here, why not?" Nagata asked in return.

"Because that would mean a bloodbath," The now identified Kallen replied back walking up the stairs of something that was located in the very back of the truck.

Outside Naruto watched as the military started to fire at the truck in earnest only for the gun to be destroyed bringing the copter down with it, by something that came out of the back of the truck. 'That's a Slash Harken,' Naruto realized recognizing the weapon that was common on all Knightmare Frames. Looking at the truck it's back opened up revealing a red Knightmare taking a closer look Naruto identified the Knightmare as an older model, a Glasgow most likely.

"You fellas know full well what this bad ass mother can do!" Kallen shouted, dodging the fire from the other two copters and fired the Slash Harkens in retaliation bringing down a second copter. Right after she knocked down the second copter another plane appeared this one different from the others as it carried a Knightmare that was noticeably different from Kallen's Glasgow the most notable being that it was mainly a light purple color.

"The rest of you back off, I will take this guy," The pilot of the new Knightmare said disengaging itself from the plane that was caring it. "I can only assume you dug that obsolete relic out of some scrap heap," The pilot said deflecting the Slash Harken Kallen launched at him with one of his own. "An over the hill Glasgow is no match for a Sutherland." He continued twisting his Knightmare around once he landed on the street. "Not to mention a filthy Eleven who spurns the compassion of our glorious Emperor." He finished firing the gun that the Sutherland was carrying and hit the Glasgow's left arm. The pilot was a man in his 20's with chiseled features, neatly combed turquoise hair, and yellow eyes, wearing a blue royal guard uniform.

"Kallen, we should both split up. Both of us can't risk being killed. Run for it" Nagata contacted her through a radio link that was built into the Glasgow.

"But-" Kallen tried to argue only to be cut off.

"No, just get out of here now." Nagata finished saying just as another Sutherland appeared in front of him and opened fire. Inside the second enemy Knightmare was a female pilot with long silver hair that was pulled back in a ponytail with some of it falling on the right side of her face. She had light chocolate brown skin with yellow eyes, and wore a female purple version of the royal guard uniform that revealed some of her generous bust.

"Simple minded Eleven," She said snidely watching the truck swerve off onto another road in an attempt to evade the barrage of bullets.

Before anything else could happen the gun that the first Sutherland was carrying was suddenly cut in half before exploding damaging both of its arms, "Well the hell!?" The Britannian pilot wondered out loud.

"You know her over the hill Glasgow is still much better than your defective Sutherland." A male voice neither of the pilots recognized spoke up drawing their attention. Between the two Knightmares stood a person wearing a black high collard cloak with red clouds outlined in white, standard shinobi pants and sandals, though neither of them knew that, black shirt underneath with Anbu vest over it, on his arms he had black fingerless gloves and Anbu arm guards. Over his face he wore a red and black fox mask that hid most of his face from view, but left his mouth exposed. He had blonde spikey hair that fell around the mask with a couple of bangs even falling over it. And, though neither could see it from where they stood, his bright blue eyes could be seen through the eye holes. In his hand was a katana with a crimson blade that almost looked like it was giving off its own light and a black spiral guard, with a white hilt, its scabbard was black and hanging across his back. "And here is a piece of advice Britanian if you're not careful that arrogance you possess will see you killed."

"Who the hell do you think you are to be lecturing me?" The turquoise pilot growled out, "And how were you able to damage my Knightmare? There is no way you managed to do it with that little butter knife!"

"Answering your questions in reverse order this sword was my mother's and its name is Akashini, and you shouldn't underestimate what it is capable of." Naruto said holding up the sword with a smirk on his face, "As to my name I'll be keeping that a secret for now."

"What do you think you're doing?" Kallen shouted, finally coming out of her shock of seeing the masked blonde suddenly appear in front of them out of nowhere. "If you don't get out of here now you're going to get yourself killed!"

Naruto looked toward the Glasgow from over his shoulder with a raised eyebrow, "Did you not just see me cut that things gun in half with just my sword?" Naruto asked the crimson haired pilot amusement clearly evident in his voice, causing Kallen's face to redden slightly in embarrassment. "I've already said that you shouldn't underestimate Akashini, but you should also not underestimate me," He finished confidently.

"Well here is some advice for you, Eleven!" The enemy Knightmare pilot shouted, the Sutherland's right arm raised and its arm blade extended, "Don't take your eyes off your opponent!" He finished bringing the blade down where Naruto was standing.

"Look out!" Kallen shouted out a warning to the blonde trying to fire a Slash Harken to intercept the blade, but it wouldn't fire, "No way it's stuck." She said in a panic trying to fix the problem before turning her attention back toward the screen afraid that she would see the masked individual, who judging by the sound of his voice was around her age, being crushed by the enemy's blade only to be surprised again by what she did see.

When the enemy brought down their blade Naruto disappeared for a second only to reappear on the blade and began to run up its arm. Slashing at the Sutherland's arm with his sword Naruto, putting some of his training to use, and channeled some of his wind chakra into the chakra conductive blade easily cutting through the Sutherland's arm. In another burst of speed Naruto disappeared again and reappeared at the Knightmare's feet slicing at its landspinners reducing its mobility.

"Incredible," Kallen said in astonishment, as she watched Naruto slice into the Sutherland. "He's so fast. And he's cutting through that Knightmare like it was nothing." Shaking off her amazement momentarily Kallen lifted up the Glasgow's left arm and fired it at the Sutherland, making sure that Naruto wasn't in the line of fire. When the arm impacted with the Sutherland it exploded causing a smokescreen to appear obstructing the enemy pilot's view. Looking around quickly Kallen tried to find Naruto in the smoke, but couldn't see him anywhere. Not being able to spare any more time looking for the mysterious blonde Kallen sped away from the smokescreen.

'Damn it, they've escaped.' The Sutherland pilot thought furiously. He would have tried to follow after at least the Glasgow, but with the damage that the masked blonde had done to his Knightmare he knew that he wouldn't be able to keep up with it as it escaped, 'Another time then.'

Naruto, having left through a Leaf Shunshin right after Kallen had fired her left arm at the Sutherland, had went off in search of the truck and found that it had crashed again and it was now stuck in one of the old subway tunnels. He could see that the door to the back of the truck had been opened and that there were two people standing in front, of what Naruto figured, was the canister containing the poisonous gas. Taking a closer look Naruto could see that one of the figures was the black haired boy from before and that he was talking to a Britannian soldier with brown hair that was about their age. From what he could hear their names were Lelouch and Suzaku respectively.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock when the canister suddenly opened up, but instead of unleashing poisonous gas like he believed it would a girl in a white jumpsuit and long green hair fell out, the two other boys being just as shocked as he was by the sudden turn of events. Leaving the two boys and girl alone for the moment Naruto went to check on the driver, making sure to stick to the shadows so he wasn't seen by anyone. Taking a look through the window on the driver's side Naruto let out a silent curse when he noticed that the black haired driver had a bullet wound in his shoulder and a lot of blood was flowing out. His injury was bad and would need immediate medical attention or else he'd die from possible blood loss. Before Naruto could move to help the injured driver he caught the sound of several footsteps approaching and a new voice spoke up.

"Stinking monkey," A voiced called out, some lights now shining on the truck. Taking note of the newcomers Naruto saw that there were a total of ten soldiers, including the apparent leader of the group who had spoken up; all their guns trained on other three other teens, as no one had seen him having been hidden from view on the other side of the truck. "Being an Honorary Britannian will not excuse you."

"Sir, I was told this was poison gas." Suzaku said walking up toward his superior. The Honorary Britannian's statement only seemed to infuriate his superior, as he began to berate the boy before presenting him with a gun and ordering him to kill Lelouch. Suzaku refused saying that Lelouch wasn't a terrorist, but a civilian who was unfortunate enough to get caught up in this mess.

"Very well," The leader of the squadron said after Suzaku's continuous refusal to shoot his childhood friend. He placed the gun against Suzaku's side and pulled the trigger causing the boy to fall to the ground.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch shouted watching his friend collapse to the ground. Naruto was about to move in and attack the Britannians when he heard a weak voice come from inside the truck. Turning his attention to the driver Naruto watched as slowly reached toward something on the dash board.

"Death to Britannia… Long live Japan." Nagata said weakly. Naruto's eyes widened in alarm, realizing what the Japanese man was attempting to do, and only just managed to grab onto the driver's shoulder, and disappear in another Shunshin a second later before the truck exploded.

When the two of them reappeared they were outside, on top of a building a short distance away from where the explosion took place, but out of sight so any planes that passed through the area would be unlikely to see them. As soon as they arrived Naruto spent the next several minutes applying the little medical jutsu he knew to help heal the wound. After he was sure that the black haired man wouldn't die from his injury he finished by dressing the wound in some healing ointment that he always had on him in case of emergencies and some medical tape.

A few minutes later Naruto heard a groan behind him and looked back at the black haired man that had just regained consciousness. While Naruto waited for the man to wake up he had kept a look out for anything that could pose a threat. "I see that you're awake," The blonde shinobi remarked walking toward the man who was still lying down, "That's good."

"W-what's going on? Who are you?" Nagata asked trying to sit up only to be held down by an arm being placed on his uninjured shoulder.

"Easy there you're safe, but if you move around too much right now you're going end up reopening your wound." Naruto said gently, "And all you need to know right now about who I am is that I'm a friend."

"Well my name is Nagata, and if you saved my life than I owe you my thanks. I was sure I was going to die down there." Nagata admitted introducing himself to cerulean eyed boy.

"Don't worry about its-" Before Naruto could say anymore he was cut off by the sound explosions occurring far away along with the sound of gun fire and helicopter rotors. "That's coming from the Ghetto." Naruto stated worriedly.

"What's happening?" Nagata asked him, but didn't try to get up knowing that with his injuries he'd only make things worse.

"I'm not sure," The blonde answered softly before closing his eyes and extending his chakra sensing capabilities toward where the Ghetto was located. What he sensed caused him to clench his fists and grit his teeth. The chakra signatures of the civilians that lived in the Ghetto were disappearing at a rapid pace. "The civilians, they're being killed." He finally said.

"What? How can you possibly know that?" Nagata questioned him disbelievingly.

"I'm sorry I don't have time to explain right now." Naruto replied preforming a single hand seal for his favorite jutsu, "Shadow clone jutsu." The former Konoha shinobi said, creating 20 Shadow clones, gaining a stunned look from Nagata at seeing 20 individuals that looked like exactly his mysterious savior appear out of nowhere. "All of you you're to save and evacuate as many of the civilians from the Ghetto as you can. Now go!" Naruto ordered them getting a quick salute from his clones before they all disappeared. He then created another two Shadow clones, "You two are to stay here and watch over Nagata, understood?"

"Hai Boss," They both said at the same time.

Turning his attention back toward Nagata he gave the injured man a reassuring smile, "Don't worry they'll keep you safe." Naruto told him walking toward the edge of the building.

"What are you going to do?" The black haired man questioned him.

"I'm going to help stop this pointless massacre." The former Jinchuuriki answered him before he jumped over the edge, getting a shout of surprise from Nagata, and began wall-walking down the side of the building. Jumping onto another rooftop Naruto pulled out his cellphone and called his partner and former tenant, "Amami." Naruto said immediately after the other line picked up, "Where are you right now?" He asked her urgently.

"I'm at the warehouse," Amami answered him, "After you told me about your plans of being a more active part of this war I figured it would be best if I headed here."

"Good," The blonde shinobi began. "It seems that the noble Third Prince of Britannia has decided to begin a massacre of all the residents of the Shinjuku Ghetto." He continued the word noble dripping with sarcasm. "I need you to send Kyuubi to my location." Naruto instructed.

"Kyuubi?" Amami asked him bewildered.

"Yeah, can you do it?" He questioned her.

"Of course I'll send it right away." Amami answered him assuredly.

"Thanks Amami you're the best." Naruto finished ending the call.

At the warehouse Amami, wearing the same thing she wore when Naruto saw her in her human form for the first time, looked down at a mostly Crimson Knightmare Frame from the control room. The Knightmare Frame Kyuubi was a Crimson Knightmare that could transform between its fox form and the normal humanoid Knightmare. It had nine tails and looked a lot like she did when she was in her own fox form, explaining where it got its name from, there was also hints of black on its, feet, shoulders, legs, arms, and chest. Its head was fox shaped, with the ears pointing back, three fangs on each side of its mouth, and solid orange eyes. When in its humanoid form it stood on its hind legs, with the landspinners being a part of the leg at the back instead of being connected to the side like most Knightmare Frames. It had steel claws for hands that could channel chakra and a Slash Harkens on each arm. Its head remained mainly the same, the only difference being a change in position for the head, and the that its mouth as a fox shifts to become the metal piece that covers the lower part of the face of most mechas, making the fangs look more like whiskers. It did lack the normal Knightmare Frame's hump back something both Naruto and Amami agreed was a good thing, but still offered a way to eject if necessary.

"Well looks like you finally get a test run." Amami said a smile on her face, as she typed in some commands on the main computer in the control room. On the floor Kyuubi, in its fox mode, lite up signifying that it was on and all systems were operational, and was currently receiving its orders.

"Alright!" Amami said excitedly typing in the last command, "Prototype Knightmare Frame 009 Codename: Kyuubi…Launch!" With that last signal Kyuubi shot out of the warehouse and was on route toward where Naruto's signal was located.

"Show those self-serving Britannians why you shouldn't mess with a fox, Naruto." Amami said to herself, as she began scanning all of Kyuubi's readings and made note of any important information for later.

For the last half hour Naruto had been destroying various tanks and Knightmare frames, making sure that any soldier he knocked unconscious wouldn't wake up for at least a good four hours. Afterwards he would create several Shadow clones and instruct them to evacuate any civilians that were in the area. Sadly Shinjuku was a large area and there were still some casualties. He had just finished knocking out another Britannian soldier when he had to jump to the side in order to dodge a volley of bullets from a Knightmare that had come up from behind him, while he dodge the bullets the soldier who he had just knocked out ended up being hit. Turning around he saw the Sutherland positioning its gun to fire again.

"Hold still you Eleven trash and accept your death!" The pilot from inside the Sutherland said condescendingly.

Naruto growled lightly at the sound of the pilot's voice, "You just killed one of your comrades don't you feel any sort of regret for that?" He questioned the unknown pilot angrily. Naruto could hear the scoff from the pilot as he replied.

"Regret? That loser deserved to die if he couldn't even handle a single piece of scum like you. He's nothing but a disgrace to the empire." The pilot answered Naruto nastily.

"I see," Naruto spoke softly his eyes hidden by the shadows of his mask making him look more ominous, "Then I don't feel any regret for what I'm about to do." With that he lifted his katana channeling wind chakra into its blade, causing the blade to look like it extended and pierced the Knightmare right where the cockpit was located. (AN: Sort of like Gin's Shinso from Bleach.)

Looking down the pilot saw blood slowly spreading out from his chest, "W-what the hell!?" The pilot gasped clutching at the wound on his chest that had suddenly appeared. His eyes wide with fear, shifting to look at the monitor in front of him that now had a hole going straight through it that let some of the light from outside in. "H-how?"

Naruto didn't answer him instead he pulled the blade back slightly, reducing the amount of wind chakra he was channeling into the blade, before swinging the sword cutting the Sutherland diagonally. Naruto turned away from the falling Knightmare not wanting to waste any more time that he could be using to help the rebels fight the Britanians that were needlessly killing civilians.

Out in a different part of the Ghetto, a Britannian tank was firing at unarmed Eleven civilians only for a Slash Harken to come out of the ground and pierce into the tanks side causing it to blow up. The Slash Harken then retracted back to a one armed Glasgow.

"Those damn Britannians," Kallen said with tears in her eyes not willing to look behind her at the bodies of the Japanese that were surely now lying pools of their own blood.

"Don't worry everything is fine. Just concentrate on taking down more enemy units," A voice that she recognized, but didn't know who it really belonged to, said reassuringly from behind her. Turning the Glasgow around quickly she was once more surprised to see the masked blonde standing behind her and in front of the civilians that seconds ago she was sure had been killed by the tank's gunfire.

"It's you," Kallen murmured in awe, subconsciously noticing that there were bullet holes in the ground right in front of the mysterious blonde.

"Sorry, but we don't have time to chat right now. We need to focus on leading the civilians out of here." Naruto told her, pointing the civilians towards a different direction that he knew was safe and that he had a few of his clones were keeping guard of.


"By the way," Naruto began just as he was about to leave, "You're doing really well inside that old Knightmare model. You must be a truly amazing Knightmare pilot." Naruto complimented her.

"A-ah t-thanks!" Kallen just managed to reply before Naruto vanished in a swirl of leaves, a faint red dusting her cheeks.

"Kallen," A male voice came over the radio, "Can the Glasgow still move?"

"Don't worry Ohgi, it's alright I'll decoy them. Just get the people out of here the only ones that would be captured are those of us in the resistance!" She told him wiping away the tears from her eyes setting out to find more Britannian forces. Ohgi was a man in his 20's with short black hair that lead their group's resistance ever since Naoto died.

"I know but we are trapped, they've got us completely surrounded," Ohgi replied dishearteningly.

"We have to do our best." Kallen stated determinedly.

"I know, but at this rate it's going to take a miracle to get through this." Ohgi said, as gunfire could be heard coming from his side of the radio. Kallen didn't answer after that unsure if it would really take a miracle or if they already had one working with them.

Moving down the street helping any survivors escape Kallen fired her Slash Harkens at a military copter making it explode and bringing it down. Hearing something coming from behind her Kallen turned around only to find that two enemy Sutherlands.

"Well if it isn't our Glasgow friend," The pilot of the closest Sutherland said. Kallen easily recognized the voice as it being the one belonging to the Sutherland pilot she had fought before when she had split up from Nagata. Judging from the lack of battle damage he had obviously gotten himself a new Sutherland to pilot, "Doesn't look like your little mask wearing friend is here to save you now, so you won't be escaping me this time!" He finished firing his assault rifle at her. Kallen quickly dodged his, along with his companion's, fire and then moved down a nearby narrow street, "Running away? You won't get far! No one escapes Jeremiah Gottwald for long!" The self-introduced Jeremiah shouted following after the retreating Glasgow.

An alarm inside the Glasgow suddenly blared to life drawing Kallen's attention to the control panel that showed that the Glasgow's depleted energy supply. "Only 30 minutes left." Kallen said in a panicked voice.

"The west entrance," A new voice said as the radio suddenly cracked to life, "Use the tracks to move to the west entrance," The voice said.

"Who is this, how do you know this code!" Kallen demanded more than asked. She knew that the voice didn't belong to any of the members in the resistance, and it also didn't seem like the one belonging to the mask wearing teen.

"That doesn't matter. If you want to win then you're just going to have to trust me." In a different part of the Ghetto hidden from view was a Sutherland, but unlike all the other Sutherlands that were piloted by Britannian soldiers the one inside this Sutherland was Lelouch. After the truck had exploded Lelouch and the green haired girl had managed to escape the Britannian soldiers, sadly it didn't last long. When Lelouch and the girl found the exit to the subway tunnel they found that the soldiers from before had beaten them there and where waiting for them. Having first shot down and killed all the civilians that were hiding inside the old building. Once the soldiers had discovered the two hiding the leader had fired at Lelouch only for the girl to get in the way and take the bullet to her head. What happened afterwards Lelouch still wasn't completely sure; all he knew was that he now possessed the power of the king. The power to subject everyone to his rule and he was going to use that power to make the Empire of Britannia pay. With a single order he had commanded all the soldiers to kill themselves, which they happily complied to, he had then tricked a silver haired women into handing over her Knightmare Frame, obtaining the Sutherland that he was now piloting.

With wide disbelieving eyes the red haired girl registered the words spoken to her, "To win?" Kallen mumbled softly. With how things were going all she had been thinking about was surviving this battle, but the very idea about actually winning had seemed almost impossible to her. The only chance they seemed to have of actually coming out ahead in this had been the sudden appearance of the fox mask wearing teen, but here was someone else that was also promising them a chance at victory and Kallen couldn't almost believe it. Without many other options she did as she was instructed. The Glasgow leapt onto the overhead bridge and hooked its Landspinners onto the track. "Okay what am I supposed to do now." She asked, as she glanced behind her noticing that the two Sutherlands were right behind her. Kallen let out a light gasp when she looked back in front of her and saw a train speeding towards her.

"Since you trusted me, you are going to win. Jump onto the train" Lelouch instructed her over the radio.

"Gotcha," She replied making the Glasgow leapt onto the train and continues to the carriages. Due to the fact that he had been following so close behind her Jeremiah was forced to use his Sutherland to stop the train from advancing further.

"If that's your plan, you go after the Glasgow," Jeremiah ordered his subordinate keeping the train in place.

"Yes my Lord." The nameless Sutherland pilot answered jumping into the air, but was shot by two Slash Harkens one hitting the Sutherlands midsection the other knocking off its head. Jeremiah turned his gaze toward where the Slash Harkens had come from only to see that they had been fired by a fellow Sutherland.

"What the...shot by friendly fire? What's your name and your unit?" Jeremiah demanded angrily, "We are after the one armed Glasgow-" He continued, but was cut off when the unknown Sutherland started fire at him, "Oh my god, a terrorist!" Jeremiah shouted fearfully. He started to retreat, but one of the bullets hit the Sutherland's leg destroying it making the Sutherland fall to its knees. Pulling out his Knightmare's assault rifle and was about to fire at the rogue Sutherland when out of the corner of his eye he saw that the red Glasgow was charging at him. With no clear chance of winning now the turquoise pilot ejected out of his Knightmare the pod firing off into the distance.

"You saved me, but how did you get a hold of a Sutherland...huh?" Kallen went to ask after watching the parachute for the pod deploy, but stopped mid-sentence when she noticed that the rogue Sutherland had disappeared. "What... Where did he go?"

"Kallen!" The familiar voice of Ohgi shouted Looking around she saw that her friends and fellow resistance members had arrived, all of them keeping a look out for enemies. "What the hell was that radio message earlier?" Ohgi asked her.

"What? He contacted you too?" She asked them in turn.

"Sure did and Yoshida's group should be here soon," Ohgi said finishing just as his radio crackled to life.

"Are you in charge?" The mysterious voice asked through Ohgi's radio.

Grabbing his radio Ohgi answered uncertainly, "Uh...yeah."

"I present to you the cargo in that train over there. They're tools for your victory. If you want to use them to win, then follow my orders." Lelouch told them seriously. Using the Glasgow to open one of the train's compartment; Kallen stared with wide eyes at the compartment filled with Sutherlands, and by the sounds of it the other compartments held the same thing.

"Woman in the Glasgow," Lelouch began.

"Eh...yes." The red haired pilot answered after a second.

"Stay where you are, your unit is going to run decoy got that?"

"Understood," She replied.

"Energy fillers status?" He questioned.

"About 15 minutes worth is left," Kallen answered him.

"Then recharge it. In 10 minutes I'll contact you with your next instructions." Lelouch finished giving his last orders to the redhead before he cut the connection with her.

Naruto stared at the scene in front of him in slight amazement, in the last 15 minutes or so the resistance fighters had been able to completely change the tide of the battle. He could obviously tell by the fact that they were far more organized now that something had changed, and that they were now being led by someone new. What amazed him was the fact that this person was at the very least a decent tactician to be able to predict the enemy's movements. Suddenly Naruto blinked, as memories from a recently dispelled Shadow clone told him that Kyuubi had arrived. Standing from where he was watching everything unfold the blonde shinobi headed in the direction that Kyuubi was located.

When he reached where Kyuubi was waiting, still in its fox mode, Naruto noticed that there were a few Sutherland encircling the crimson fox Knightmare. He couldn't tell whether they were Britannian soldiers or rebel forces, but either way he had to get to his Knightmare. Moving at speeds that were impossible for anyone else, besides Amami, to move at without the use of a vehicle Naruto sped past the Sutherlands and jumped onto the Kyuubi's back entering the cockpit that was located there. Naruto had barely settled himself inside the cockpit and taken the controls when the surrounding Sutherlands had opened fire on him, he was never more glad than now that the armor coating Kyuubi was stronger than the steel used for most Knightmares and that it didn't make Kyuubi all that heavier, whoever they were they obviously didn't think he was on their side. Grunting slightly from the shock of the impacting bullets Naruto flipped a switch on the controls bringing the Kyuubi's tails to life, as a blade extended out of each tail. Moving in front of him widely the tails began to deflect the bullets that were heading his way, it was something that Amami and him had worked together to create. Using sensors to detect the incoming projectiles the tails would move to block or deflect any bullets and Slash Harkens that were shot at him. It was supposed to be the Knightmare's ultimate defense against projectiles. Letting out another groan from another bullet hitting Kyuubi Naruto realized that while the tails were deflecting most of the bullets they were moving a bit slower than anticipated and some of the bullets were still making their way through the automatic defense.

Making Kyuubi jump off to the side to get out of the line of fire Naruto was at least satisfied with its response time, it seemed to react more to his thoughts rather than the controls in his hands. Now that he had a couple of seconds away from the continuous barrage Naruto took count of the number of opponents he was facing. There were two straight in front of him, the IFF showed that there were three more behind him, and one off to the side. Deciding on a plan of action Naruto rushed forward to the two Sutherlands in front of him. Kyuubi moved faster than they had expected, catching them off guard, and in an instant Naruto was on them. Jumping up Kyuubi opened its mouth revealing an assortment of sharp looking fangs that quickly bit onto one of the Sutherlands' head tearing it off, at the same time Naruto swung Kyuubi around two of the bladed tails extended at cut off the other Sutherland's head and legs leaving it in three separate pieces. The remaining four Sutherlands immediately started to fire at the Crimson Knightmare and once again Kyuubi's tails came to life blocking most of the bullets with a few getting through. Refusing to just sit still and be attacked Naruto charged at the lone Sutherland.

The one Sutherland reacted better than the other two from before, having been better prepared for Kyuubi's unnatural speed, and had immediately started to back up from the approaching fox Knightmare not once letting up from his fire. Naruto started to channel his chakra into Kyuubi through the controls in his hands and sent it toward the Knightmare's clawed hands making them a faint blue. Moving in closer with a quick burst of speed the blonde pilot extended Kyuubi's left arm out its claws pointed straight at the enemy Sutherland. In a moment of panic the Sutherland pilot hit the ejection button fearing that the claws had been heading for the cockpit. Without someone piloting it the Sutherland began to fall to the ground, but not before it received some vicious claw marks to its chest.

Looking toward the remaining three Sutherlands Naruto noticed that they were moving towards him, apparently they decided to take the fight to him, and were moving in a triangle formation, Naruto let them move in closer before he did anything. Once he felt that they were close enough Naruto hit another switch on the controls and Kyuubi started to transform from its fox mode to its humanoid one, the three Sutherlands slowing down to watch the transformation take place. When the transformation ended Kyuubi now stood proudly on its back legs its tails swishing behind it almost lazily, especially compared to wild movements from before. Throwing his left arm forward Naruto fired a Slash Harken at one of the Sutherlands taking it by surprise, but it moved just enough so the Slash Harken had just managed to graze its arm causing sparks to appear. Twisting the arm around Naruto made the Slash Harken change directions so that it encircled the Sutherland keeping it in place. Lifting up Kyuubi's right arm Naruto fired the other Slash Harken that was located there severing the Sutherlands head from its body before retracting both lines. The second Sutherland had in the meantime moved in close with its arm blade extended hoping to tear into the fox at close range. Sadly, for him, Naruto moved one of the tails to intercept his blade with its own. Blocking something was a lot more difficult than deflecting a projectile and required Naruto to do it himself. The Sutherland stood still for a second, as its pilot processed the fact that his attack had been stopped, but that one second was all it took as the other tails smashed into the unmoving Sutherland knocking it a good distance away. The final Sutherland stricken with fear by the fact that a single enemy unit had been able to defeat five Sutherlands almost instantly began firing at the Kyuubi without pause, but none of the bullets hit since Naruto had Kyuubi jump into the air to avoid the barrage of fire. Naruto twisted Kyuubi midair, so that it was parallel with the Sutherland beneath him before the tails surged forward cutting into the Sutherland and leaving nothing but pieces in the wake.

Letting out a sigh Naruto closed his eyes the red of the Sharingan disappearing as he did so, having turned on the doujutsu for that last maneuver to make sure he didn't accidently kill the pilot inside. "We'll all things considered not bad for a first battle." Naruto muttered to himself.

"Is that so?" Amami's voice said, one of the monitors showing that a communications link had been established between the Knightmare Kyuubi and the real thing back at the warehouse. "So I'm guessing that it's working perfectly." She finished.

"More or less," Naruto answered her with a large grin, "A few adjustment here and there and I think we will be able to continue with its testing."

"That's good to hear." The red haired vixen stated.

"Yeah, now if you would excuse me I have a few more Britannian asses to kick today." The blue eyed boy said cheerfully.

"Sure thing have fun," Amami replied with just as much amusement before she ended the communication.

With a large grin on his face Naruto shifted Kyuubi back into its fox form, it being faster when it was in that mode, and headed toward where the IFF indicated that a large group of Sutherlands had gathered.

It was all going according to his plan. Every move that the enemy made he already had something ready to counter it, if his half-brother was anything then it was predictable Lelouch thought confidently, of course not everything was going according to his plan. He had noticed that a few enemy Sutherlands were being destroyed that had nothing to do with the resistance group that he was leading, but he put it off as merely other rebels doing what they could. He had also been worried when a small group of six Sutherlands had separated from the large group, almost considering the possibility that they might have discovered the trap he was setting. His worry lessened slightly when he noticed that they were headed towards an unidentified Knightmare Frame and figured that they were just being used to back up a new reinforcement. He then put it out of his thoughts completely when the six Sutherlands were destroyed by the unknown Knightmare. Besides he had to focus his attention to what was happening right in front of him because with this last move it would check. Lelouch was so busy imagining his victory that he was caught completely off guard when all the enemy units were suddenly destroyed, if he had been paying attention and traced the pattern which the Sutherlands were destroyed he would have noticed that it created a spiral.

"What the hell?" Lelouch said out loud before grabbing his radio, "Q1 have you deployed the trap?" He questioned.

"No, I'm still waiting for the signal," Kallen's voice answered from the other end.

"Then what the hell happened?" Lelouch muttered to himself. Turning his attention to IFF screen he noticed that in the middle of the destroyed Sutherlands now stood the unidentified Knightmare from before, 'Impossible,' The black haired boy thought, 'A single Knightmare should not have been able to take all those Sutherlands out of commission in such a short amount of time.' Moving his Sutherland carefully Lelouch looked toward where the trap waited to be deployed. There standing in the midst of a whole bunch of rubble that was once Britannian Sutherlands stood, it being in its human mode again, a single red Knightmare Frame. He almost thought it was the Glasgow but a couple of things stood out that made that theory impossible, for one it had both its arms, and secondly it had nine tails moving behind it. 'What the hell is that thing? I've never seen anything like it before.'

In a different part of the Ghetto one of the rebels was keeping a lookout for anymore enemy units when the pilot inside saw something, "Huh...what is that?" A short cut dark brown haired man asked himself, noticing that a new Knightmare had suddenly appeared and was heading in his direction. The new Knightmare was mostly white with gold accents on different parts of its body and a red jewel at the center of its chest and had solid green eyes. "It doesn't look like a Sutherla-" He didn't even get to finish his observation before he was taken down.

Back with Lelouch he was watching the Crimson Knightmare trying to decide what the next best course of action was when one of the resistance members voice suddenly came from the radio he had in his hand. "This is B group. Reporting enemy presence."

"Reinforcements? Real battle is different isn't it?" Lelouch asked no one in particular bringing up the radio to his ear, "Status?"

"Everyone ejected, but they took out four units in nothing flat." The voice answered anxiously.

"Enemy numbers?" Lelouch continued to ask.

"Just one. I think it's a new model. Never seen anything like...Ah!" the Resistance pilot replied, but the connection was destroyed before he could finish.

"What's happening out there?" The violet eyed boy demanded, but didn't receive an immediate answer. "A decoy?" He wondered turning his attention back toward the Crimson Knightmare he could still see, "Q1 do it now!" Lelouch ordered signaling Kallen to use the trap they set. From underground Kallen fired the Glasgow's Slash Harken at the ceiling of old abandoned tunnel destabilizing the ground above where Naruto was standing. The wide smile he was wearing at the thought of crushing the enemy unit suddenly disappeared when the fox Knightmare jumped away from the area that was crumbling down covering more distance in a single jump than should've been possible for a Knightmare Frame, and keeping it safe from harm. "Impossible," Lelouch murmured disbelievingly.

For the next few minutes Lelouch relayed orders towards his forces, the Crimson Knightmare having disappeared after the failed trap, something Lelouch was thankful for since he doubted he'd be able to handle two opponents with the amount of trouble he was currently having with one. But no matter what his plan was the unknown Knightmare was able to outperform the resistance fighters and destroying the Sutherlands he had gifted with in the process. From what he was able to gather from the little information that the rebel forces were able to witness before they were destroyed the new Knightmare was designed for close combat and was able to reflect bullets.

The last standing rebel group had just fallen when Lelouch saw a White Knightmare suddenly appear in the hole of the building he was hiding in. The black haired student had barely managed to lift the Sutherlands arms up in a defensive position when the White Knightmare struck him with a punch. "You mean that this thing is what's been ruining my plan?" Lelouch asked out loud. "Nothing more than a pilot how dare he." He said angrily before the floor gave out beneath them from the combined pressure the two Knightmares were excreting. Dropping a couple of floors Lelouch watched as the White Knightmare dove down at him its fists raised to strike only for it to be stopped by the one armed Glasgow.

"Hey I'm returning the favor," Kallen said holding the White Knightmare back. Lelouch using the opportunity that presented itself escaped leaving the other two behind; he had something more important to attend to after all. Kallen was holding the White Knightmare back for as long as she could, she had even fired a Slash Harken at the thing but it had been easily caught, but she knew that she was being quickly overpowered by the new opponent. She was just about to eject, hoping that she bought whoever was helping enough time to get away, when a fist suddenly slammed into the White Knightmare forcing it to let go and knocking it through a wall and out of the building. There standing before was a Crimson Knightmare with fox attributes and nine tails that were almost motionless.

"Hey are you alright?" A voice she recognized, having heard it twice before, asked with concern from the fox Knightmare.

"Uh, yeah," Kallen replied in a daze, "Thanks for saving me."

"Don't mention it." Naruto said dismissively, "Listen take this chance and get out of here. I'll hold that thing off."

"What?" Kallen said incredulously, "You can't fight that thing on your own." She argued.

Naruto let out a sigh before replying, "Your Glasgow is in no condition to continue fighting. Besides haven't we already been over this, you shouldn't underestimate me."

"But," Kallen began, but knew that he had a point the Glasgow was on its last leg and wouldn't last long at this rate. And he had already done a few amazing things before she'd just have to put her faith in that he would be able to do it again, "Fine, but you better make it out of this." The redheaded pilot relented before leaving in a different direction than the one the White Knightmare was thrown toward.

"If I didn't know any better I would have sworn she was worried about me." Naruto mused to himself before leaping through the hole that the White Knightmare had created.

Outside the White Knightmare was just picking itself up inside piloting the Knightmare was none other than Suzaku. After being knocked out from his wound he had woken up in the medical bay near the Prince Clovis' transporter, his life had been spared thanks to a broken watch that he kept with him. When he woke up he met a short silver haired man, and his blue haired female assistant, and was offered the opportunity to pilot a new Knightmare Frame called the Lancelot. At first he had been unsure, but he eventually agreed as he saw it as the perfect opportunity to end all this senseless fighting.

"Are you another terrorist?" Suzaku asked over the Lancelot's loudspeakers.

Inside Kyuubi Naruto smiled at the question, "Terrorist, Hero of Justice. It all depends on how you look at it and who you ask. I, for example only have one wish and that's to help everyone who needs it no matter what anyone else thinks."

"I don't understand," Suzaku began, "If you want to help everyone why would you agree to all this pointless murder. If you really want to help then join the military and change how things are run from the inside."

"Pointless murder," Naruto muttered, "Funny you should say that when you're working for the one who ordered the massacre of everyone living in the Shinjuku Ghetto without caring who it was. You say to change things from the inside, but that is not always possible people will oppose the change you're trying to make happen and then the people who you wanted to help are left suffering, as they wait for something that might not happen." Naruto told him, "I understand that sometimes you have to work with those you don't want to, but if I always confirm to their decisions then I can't do everything I know I can. I'm fighting you right now for the ones who are depending on to give them a better future." Naruto finished, as he charged at him an action that was copied by the Lancelot.

They meet when they were halfway between each other and started to trade blows. Suzaku activated the Lancelot's Slash Harkens but didn't fire them instead using them more like wrist blades. Naruto countered by using Kyuubi's clawed hands or its bladed tails, which he had reactivated. Aiming for the fox Knightmare's head Suzaku attacked it swiftly with the Lancelot's bladed hands only to have the Kyuubi move its head out of the way every time making him miss. One of Kyuubi's tails rushed forward, but was blocked by the Lancelot's bladed hands, though because of all the force that the tail carried behind it, it pushed the Lancelot backwards into the air. Using the distance between them to his advantage Suzaku fired the Slash Harkens at the Crimson Knightmare. The Slash Harkens came close to hitting him, but Naruto was able to deflect them by using Kyuubi's tails. Naruto fired his own Slash Harkens in retaliation, but Suzaku spun the Lancelot out of the way of the incoming projectiles.

Not letting up for a second Naruto rushed forward toward where the Lancelot was falling throwing a punch along the way only to have it countered by a punch from Lancelot, the collision causing the ground they were standing on to crater. Suzaku then attacked with a kick, but Naruto ducked under it and managed to grab the Lancelot's outstretched kick with one of Kyuubi's tails. Using the hold he had on the Lancelot Naruto threw the White Knightmare up into the air and fired his Slash Harkens at it only to have them blocked by Lancelot's own.

For the next two minutes neither pilot let up fighting each other all out, as they moved through the Ghetto. Neither of them had the upper hand as whatever one tried the other was able to counter it, that is of course to say any blow one landed the other would land one of their own soon after. They had just passed a building when it started to crumble and two people fell out of it, a mother and her young child. The two pilots saw the two civilians falling and immediately put their fight on hold in order to save them. Though Lancelot was closer to the falling pair Kyuubi easily passed him, having shifted into its fox mode, before jumping into the air and changing mid-jump back to its human form and caught the two. With all the debris that was falling the dust that was kicked up hid the Kyuubi and the two civilians from view. Naruto used the dust cloud to escape, he would have continued his battle with the White Knightmare, but his priority had changed to making sure that the woman and her child were safe.

A short while later Naruto stopped and put the woman and her child down. "Listen," Naruto spoke soothingly, "Head in that direction and you'll find other civilians hiding out in a shelter that will keep you safe until this is all over." Naruto instructed pointing her in the direction she should be heading.

"A-ah, thank you," The woman said hesitantly before sprinting off in the direction Naruto indicated. Naruto watched her run off with a smile before he headed in the opposite direction to draw attention away from where she was going.

After the mask wearing teen told her to escape Kallen had left running toward the rendezvous point being forced to abandon the Glasgow because of all the damage it had suffered. "Kallen," Ohgi shouted behind her from a warehouse she had just passed. Stopping she turned around and joined her friend entering the warehouse, which she noticed was filled with other survivors along with members of the resistance.

"Ohgi, who was that voice we heard." She asked her friend thinking about the one mystery they both knew about.

"Damn if I know. He doesn't answer when I call, so maybe he-" He began but was interrupted when the front warehouse was suddenly blown down. Through the newly made hole a tank appeared followed by a bunch of Britannian soldiers all caring guns.

"See I told you, instead of following someone we don't even know, we should have used the poisoned gas. Damn Nagata to hell" The brown haired man that was first taken out, who was named Tamaki, complained.

"So this is where you elevens vermin scurried off to," The Tank Commander said looking down all the survivors from his place on the tank "Prepare to fire," He ordered causing the soldiers to train their weapons on the civilians and resistance members.

Seeing all the guns pointed in her direction Kallen closed her eyes in fear, "Naoto." She whispered quietly. The room was suddenly filled with a loud 'Thunk' as the cannon on the tank fell off followed a lot of 'thuds', as the soldiers and the Commander fell over unconscious. Opening her eyes Kallen stared in amazement at the destroyed cannon piece that was cut cleanly through. She was just beginning to guess what had happened when her friends started to voice their confusion.

"What the hell just happened?!" Tamaki asked angrily starring at the fallen over soldiers expecting them to stand back up and fire at any moment.

"You know," A voice that only Kallen recognized began, "This is the third time I've come to your rescue." There sitting on the ruined cannon was the masked blonde haired teen looking at Kallen specifically. "I wonder if this is what they call a destined meeting." He finished amusedly.

"Wh-what?" Kallen questioned her face going slightly red.

"Who the hell are you?!" Tamaki demanded pointing his gun at the teen.

Naruto shifted his attention the brown haired male not at all worried about the gun pointed at him, "You're a bit of a hot head, aren't you?" Naruto asked rhetorically.

"What did you jus-" Tamaki began, but was cut off when Naruto jumped off his perch from on the tank and began speaking toward everyone.

"Now is anyone in need of medical aid?" Naruto asked, but no one in the warehouse was injured. "Well that's good to hear." He commented.

"Alright, who are you?" Ohgi said stepping in, "Are you the voice from the radio?" He asked him.

"Voice from the radio?" Naruto replied confusedly, "I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about." He admitted honestly.

"Then who are you?" Ohgi questioned.

"I'm a friend." Naruto answered simply.

"A friend? You've got to be kidding me. It's obvious that this guy is some type of Britannian spy that's trying to get our guard down!" Tamaki intervened.

"That's not true," Kallen protested coming to blonde's defense. "He's been helping me since the very beginning; he saved a few civilians that were about to be killed, and helped me escape from that White Knightmare. And in case you've forgotten Tamaki he just saved all our lives. Why would he need to catch us off guard when we were already finished?"

"W-well… t-that is." Tamaki began trying to come up with something to explain the blonde's actions.

"You're not really trusting are you, and here I even brought you all a gift." Naruto said intentionally leaving what the gift was unsaid to make them more curious.

"Gift? What gift?" Kallen asked him.

"Well technically I'm returning something back to you." Naruto said with a fox like grin on his face, which went really well with his mask. Letting out a whistle as the signal Naruto stepped to the side, as a couple of clones walked into the warehouse carrying Nagata who was lying down on a medical cot.

"Nagata!" All the members of the resistance shouted rushing toward their injured friend.

"Hey guys, I'm glad to see you're all alright." Nagata said with, as much enthusiasm as he could manage.

"But how?" Kallen asked, "I heard an explosion I thought you had…" She left the last part unsaid.

"Yeah I almost did," Nagata admitted, "But this guy was able to save me somehow." He said pointing toward the mask wearing blonde. Walking toward the blonde Kallen and Ohgi wore grateful smiles, as they look toward the blonde.

"Thank you for helping our friend." Ohgi began.

"Yeah we really appreciate it," Kallen continued. Looking closer at the blonde her eyes widened when she noticed something strange about his eyes. They were blood red and had three black tomes in each one. "Your eyes!" The redhead said surprised.

Naruto looked at the girl in confusion for a second before he realized what she was talking about. "Oh yeah, it's just a little trick I know to help hide my actual eye color." He lied smoothly.

"Oh," Kallen muttered quietly, though now she couldn't help but wonder what his real eyes looked like.

"Attention all forces, cease fire at once. I, Clovis Third Prince of Britannia and Royal Viceroy of Area 11 hereby command you," The voice of the Third Prince sounded over some loudspeakers. "All forces are ordered to seize fire at once. You will also seize destruction of any buildings or property. All casualties, whether Britannian or Eleven, shall be treated equally and without prejudice. In the name of Clovis la Britannia, you are hereby ordered. Seize fire at once. I shall allow no further fighting! Clovis finished giving his orders.

"So what just like that it's over?" Ohgi questioned disbelievingly.

"Hm I wonder," Naruto began drawing everyone's attention, "I wonder if the military will be mad that I knocked all these soldiers out." Naruto said indicating toward the Britannian soldiers that were still lying passed out on the ground.

"How did you do that anyway?" Ohgi questioned him, "One second they're about to fire and the next they're out cold."

"Oh that, I just happen to be very fast." Naruto replied giving Ohgi an answer without revealing anything. "Anyway I should be going now that things are over. Take care." He finished turning away from them dismissing his clones after they had put Nagata down, making more questions appear in the minds of everyone there.

"Wait your just going to leave without even telling us who you are?" Kallen questioned him.

"I told you I'm a friend and for right now that is all I can tell you." Naruto replied looking back at them. He suddenly stopped when he finally noticed the headbands that they were all wearing.

"What is it?" Kallen asked him after he just stood there staring for a minute.

"It's noting," Naruto said shaking his head, "It's just that your headbands reminded me of someone. Goodbye." And with that final farewell the mask teen disappeared in a Leaf Shunshin.

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