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Chapter 3


The Namikaze Corporation building was a tall structure, towering over most of the buildings surrounding it. The first thing that anyone who walked into the building for the first time would notice was the grand water fountain built in the middle of the lobby, and most importantly the marble statue built over it of a man with spikey hair, a woman with long hair that framed her face with a hair clip, and between them, in the woman's arms, was a cloth covered baby. None of the employees or the company's visitors knew who the two individuals were, but they correctly assumed that they were the young owner's deceased parents. The next thing that would be taken note of was the fact that both Britanians and Elevens were working peacefully with one another within the building.

Inside his office, near the top of the building, Naruto was working on some of the endless amounts of paperwork that he had to deal with on a daily basis. It was the day after the battle at Shinjuku Ghetto and Naruto was working on plans to help with its reconstruction after all damage it suffered. Walking into the room in her fox form, using her tails to open the door, Amami let out a sigh once she noticed that her partner was still at his desk working, where he had been since he arrived late last night. "What do you think you're doing?" She asked him.

"Working," Naruto replied without looking up from the papers on his desk. "There is still a lot for me to do if I want make sure Shinjuku gets rebuilt properly"

"What about school?" Amami questioned him, as she jumped onto his desk.

"What about it?" Naruto replied finally looking up from the paperwork on his desk to stare at the red furred vixen curiously.

"You haven't gone a single day since the start of the term." Amami pointed out, a few months ago she had finally been able to convince Naruto to attend Ashford Academy, but the boy had put off from actually going to school for one reason or another.

"What's the point of going to school when I'm the owner of a very successful company?" The former Konoha shinobi asked her, "Besides weren't you the one telling me yesterday that I needed to be more responsible with managing the company?"

"I never said you weren't responsible," The small vixen stated with a sigh, "And the point of going is so that you can actually meet and interact with people your own age. Even Tsunade said you should try and make some friends here in that last letter we received."

"I still have a lot of work to do, especially with the Shinjuku project, and making sure that the plans aren't blocked by some Britanian government official." Naruto reasoned.

"That's what Shadow clones are for." Amami countered, "There is nothing that you can do that they can't."

Naruto tried to think of something refute Amami's claim, but the Shadow clones only had two weaknesses one being the fact that they go up in smoke after one hit, which with the fact that they would be used to deal with paperwork and other trivial tasks wouldn't be that big of a problem. The other was that the Shadow clones would need a lot of chakra, and with his chakra in addition to Amami's it wasn't an issue either. "Fine I'll go." He said sighing in defeat.

"That a boy. You see things are so much easier when you just listen to me." The Kyuubi no Kitsune said smugly, as her single crimson tail swayed elegantly behind her. "Now go get ready for your first day." She told him using her tail to point towards a private elevator located in Naruto's office.

Naruto's office was the only office located on that floor, with a waiting area, with couches and a T.V., that lead to it, but the floor above his office also acted as his home with a living room, kitchen and dining room, restroom, and three bedrooms one for him, another for Amami, and the last one for any guest that stays over, if they ever had a guest, each with its own private bathroom. There was only two ways to get to the floor above one was the private elevator located in Naruto's office, which required Naruto to channel chakra into the button to go up. The other was the public elevator, but it needed also needed chakra to work or Naruto needed to grant permission for someone to visit. As extra security there were seals placed around the two floors, along with the rest of the building, which kept it safe from being destroyed by attacks both outside and inside the building.

"Yeah, yeah," Naruto muttered annoyed, as he stood from his desk and made his way toward the private elevator, "Damn troublesome fur ball."

"I heard that!" Amami shouted following after him.

In Ashford Academy Lelouch Lamperouge walked down one of the schools hallways towards his class, alongside some of his friends and fellow student councilmembers, as he contemplated the events of the other day. First and foremost was him meeting the mysterious girl with green hair and the power he obtained from her. After that it was his commanding of the terrorists and the nearly flawless victory over the Britannian forces, it would have been flawless if it hadn't been for the appearance of the White Knightmare Frame. When he managed to escape from the unknown Knightmare with the help of the woman in the Glasgow, he immediately went to confront his half-brother Clovis and learn about the events that led up to his mother's, Marianne, death before killing him.

He was brought out of his recollection of the other day when he stepped into his classroom to hear some of the other students talking about Shinjuku. Most of the information being broadcasted was tedious and totally inaccurate with the government blaming the Japanese terrorists for all the deaths that occurred in Shinjuku with the use of poison gas. What he couldn't understand is what they were trying to accomplish by hiding the fact that Third Prince Clovis had been killed, was it just to starve off anarchy. Remembering that he had killed someone caused Lelouch's stomach to churn uncomfortably forcing him excuse to himself to go to the restroom.

When Lelouch finally made it back class was about to start, but what had his attention was the group of four girls surrounding a fifth girl, asking the fifth girl a few questions, who hadn't been there when he had left earlier. It took him a couple of seconds, but Lelouch eventually recognized her as the girl from yesterday who was piloting the Glasgow. 'Of course, that's why she is so familiar.' Lelouch realized, as he made his way to his seat at the table behind where Kallen was sitting.

"What's up buddy? See something you like?" Rivalz questioned coming up behind his black haired friend, "You got a thing for her don't cha." He stated more than asked, unknowingly getting the attention of a girl with long orange hair that was sitting close by.

"Just thinking this is a rare event." Lelouch replied calmly, not bothered by his friend's questions, "She hasn't been here at school since this whole term started." The black haired boy pointed out, though Rivalz didn't look all that convinced by his Lelouch's answer.

"Kallen Stadtfeld, they say she is sick or something and she barely showed up at school last year either. Still her grades are at the top of the class and she is a member of the Stadtfeld family, which means she is well bread and rolling in money. Man you sure know how to pick them." Rivalz said telling the violet eyed boy beside him all that he knew about their classmate, and teasing him a bit at the end.

"It's not like that," Lelouch argued passively.

"Ah, you don't have to hide it, a touch to sheltered if you ask me." The short blue haired boy finished just as their teacher walked into the room.

"Alright everyone to your seats, I have one quick announcement before we start class." A non-descriptive man in a suit and short brown hair said, as he stood at the front of the room behind the desk. At once all the students complied with their teacher's instruction and sat in their respective seats, getting a nod of the head from their teacher at their quick compliance to his order. "Very well, like I said I have quick announcement before we officially start class. Today a new student will be joining us I hope you all make him feel welcomed." The teacher said, though if any of the students had paid close enough attention they would have noticed the discontented look he carried, and how his voice was just bit more strained than usual. Looking toward the door at the front of the room the teacher continued, "You may come in now." He directed.

The door opened smoothly, as the person on the other side calmly entered the room and made his way to stand by the teacher's desk. His physical appearance had many of the girls in the room blushing while the boys stared at him with looks of either interest, or jealousy at the affect he was having on the females in the class. He stood at 6'2 with shoulder length spikey golden blonde hair that framed his handsome face, which carried a small carefree smile that instantly put everyone at ease. His sky blue eyes seemed to entrance everyone in the room, as none of them had ever seen a pair of eyes that shade of blue. He also had three whisker marks on each of his cheeks that the girls thought, along with his slightly tanned skin, gave him sort of an exotic look. His body was lean, but with clearly defined muscles that gave him the appearance of someone who cared about physical fitness, but wasn't obsessed over it.

The next thing that everyone noticed was that his school uniform was slightly different than the standard academy uniform for boys'. For one the blazer and the white button up shirt were left open allowing everyone to see the black t-shirt he wore underneath, and the green gem necklace he was wearing. The other difference was that the standard yellow/gold colored accents were actually a bright orange.

"Hello everyone," The blonde haired teen began, drawing everyone out of their silent observations, "It's nice to meet you all. My name is Naruto Uzumaki." He said in a rich baritone that almost hypnotized all those who heard it, especially the young women as they started to blush a darker shade of red just from the sound of his voice, until they registered what his name was. Instantly the whispering of the class began, as they all tried to figure out what the teen with the Japanese sounding name was doing there. A very few came to correct conclusion and figured out that he was most likely half-Britannian and half-Japanese or at the very least an Honorary Britannian.

Kallen looked around at her classmates with barely disguised loathing at what some of them were starting to say about the blonde haired boy. Not even a minute ago a majority of them seemed to be completely enthralled by him, and now they were openly talking about him as if he were beneath them. She even noticed that the teacher seemed to be almost happy by the not so whispered comments that were being thrown at the new student. Really was it any wonder why she hated Britannia so much, they cared for no one but themselves and didn't care about who they hurt just because they were different from them. Part of the reason that she kept her own heritage so very well hidden was because she knew how much trouble the information would cause her if it ever became public knowledge. The trouble this guy had unintentionally given himself. Focusing her attention back to the boy in the front of the class she was surprised by what she saw. She had expected him to be angry or upset, maybe even a little bit sad, by what was being said, but instead Kallen found that the boy didn't seem bothered by the comments at all. Instead he still wore that same smile he had on when he first entered the room; his eyes hadn't dulled in the least bit and were still that same shade of brilliant sky blue. In fact he seemed to be staring directly at her, making her blush just the smallest of bit, in wonder and the slightest bit of recognition. Which was both strange and concerning, strange because she was sure that she had never meet the boy before, and concern because if he recognized her it might mean that he had seen her before helping out the resistance. She seriously hoped that wasn't the case.

Lelouch was also staring at the boy in slight wonder; it wasn't every day that they got a new classmate, especially one that was half-Britannian. What drew his curiosity the most was how his new classmate didn't seem to be at all bothered by the comments that were being made, which had escalated to the point of being badly veiled insults, and that the teacher wasn't doing a single thing to discourage. This guy either honestly didn't care what others said about him or he was an idiot. Whichever way it was that was as far as Lelouch's curiosity concerning the new student went. After all it wasn't like he was someone important that he had to concern himself with. No, right now he needed to focus on getting as much information out of Kallen as possible, and as soon as possible.

Naruto watched everyone in the class with a hint of amusement, walking into the classroom he already had a good idea of how they would react to his name, and he wasn't disappointed when the whispers started. He wasn't all that bothered by the things they said or the looks they were giving him, after his childhood in Konoha this was hardly anything. But there were two people in the room that drew his attention. One of them was a black haired boy; it took Naruto a couple of minutes to realize where he recognized the dark haired teen before he remembered that he was one of the boys he had seen the other day in the tunnels. With everything that happened yesterday, the explosion, fighting Britannian soldiers, the Kyuubi's debut, and the White Knightmare it was easy for Naruto to forget about him and the other two. But it looked like he was fine, so Naruto could only hope that the brown haired teen, Suzaku, and the mysterious green haired girl were as well.

The second person that drew Naruto's attention was a girl with shoulder length dark red hair and ocean blue eyes, who wore the standard academy uniform for girls, a yellow blazer, black skirt, and a short green tie. Her hairstyle might be different but Naruto was sure that she was the same girl he had met yesterday who was piloting the Glasgow. Naruto wondered why she was there, but it wasn't the foremost thought in his mind. Yesterday when he had seen the resistance members headbands he had been reminded of Naoto and the fact that he wore one exactly like theirs, and now here today with her hair straight down Naruto noticed the similarities between the two redheads, and could only come to the conclusion that this beautiful girl was the sister that Naoto mentioned to him three years ago. Of course if this was in fact true or not would have to wait for the moment, as he still had a few things to say towards his new classmates.

"As most of you have already figured out from my name," Naruto began focusing the student's undivided attention back on him, "I am half-Britannian and half-Japanese." He stated, confirming their thoughts, without any hesitation getting some surprised looks from his classmates at how easily he just said that. "Some of you might refer to me as a half-blood, though personally I prefer half-breed, sounds cooler." Naruto continued smile still in place. "I hope that you can all look beyond my heritage and so that we can all get along with one another; or at the very least act civil toward one another. I know that some of you are uncertain about me being here but know that I'm here for only one reason, and if you can't trust that then at least trust in the fact that the principle agreed to me being here."

Just as he finished saying that a small red blur came through the open door and jumped on top of Naruto and landed on his shoulders. It was a small crimson fox that only he knew was actually Amami the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It only took a couple seconds for the girls in the class to fall in love with the cute little kitsune.

"Oh, this is Kyu." Naruto said introducing Amami by the alias they agreed on, as the small fox yipped in reply.

"Mr. Uzumaki," The teacher began sternly, "We do not allow pets in the school."

"Well for starters she's not really my pet." Naruto began getting a yip of agreement from Amami, while mentally she was cursing out the teacher with every word in the book. How dare he call a being of her status a simple pet. "Secondly it really wasn't my choice about her being here; she won't listen to a thing I say." Another yip, "If you really have a problem with it please feel free to do something about it."

The teacher seemed to take some offense to what Naruto said, as he marched up angrily to the blonde and reached out to take the small kitsune. Only to retract his hand in fear when Amami suddenly snapped her jaw at his outstretched hand and bared her very sharp teeth to him. The teacher couldn't really explain it, but suddenly he felt this feeling of dread wash over him like if he did anything he just might die, not knowing that Amami was releasing a miniscule amount of KI. Sweating lightly the teacher took a cautious step back. "No its fine she can stay." He decided nervously, getting curious looks from his students.

"That's good," Naruto said cheerfully, as he pulled out a piece of paper from inside his blazer. "The principle also gave me this paper giving me permission to have Amami here with me." Naruto explained handing the piece of paper to the teacher who gingerly took the piece paper from the blonde student, keeping his eyes on Amami all the time in case the small demon tried to bite his hand off. Snatching it from Naruto's outstretched hand he quickly began to read it, as Naruto continued. "It also states that I'm allowed to have my uniform like this along with the small modifications that I made."

Reading through the piece of paper the teacher found that it everything that Naruto said was true, so handing Naruto back his paper the teacher coughed into his hand in an effort to save face in front of his students, "Very well, everything seems to check out. Mr. Uzumaki if you would please take the seat next to Ms. Stadtfeld we can begin with today's lesson." The teacher said walking back to his desk.

Kallen blinked in surprise at the fact that Naruto would be sitting next to her, before she looked to her left and saw that there was in fact an empty seat right next to hers, 'That's weird,' She thought, 'So all this time there were two empty seats right next to each other in the middle of the class.' She wondered silently to herself.

Naruto just grinned at the man's retreating back before shifting his gaze to the other students, noticing that the only seat that was free was next to the red haired girl. Walking up towards her Naruto gave the girl a smile, and introduced himself to her. "Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki," He said pleasantly.

Kallen stared at the boy for a second, before she nodded her head and spoke as calmly as possible, not letting any of the apprehension and curiosity she felt towards him to be seen. "Kallen Stadtfeld." She answered evenly.

The two teens stared at each other for a moment before Naruto asked her something that he really wanted to know, "Um, this might seem a little strange. But does the name Naoto mean anything to you?" He questioned.

Kallen's eyes widened surprised to hear her brother's name come from the blonde's mouth, "How do you know that name?" She asked him instead, her voice just a bit guarded.

"I met Naoto a few years ago." Naruto answered, "He told me he had a sister my age and you sort of look a little like him."

Kallen nodded her head in acceptance before one of the girls that were surrounding her before spoke up, "You have a brother Kallen? I didn't know that."

"He passed away a few years ago. It is not something I like to talk about." Kallen replied softly her attention still on the cerulean eyed boy, who she noticed was looking at her strangely, "What?" She asked him apprehensively, still not completely sure she could trust Naruto not to be a problem for her.

Naruto shook his head, "Nothing it's just your eyes seem strange."


"Mr. Uzumaki." The teacher cut in, "If you would please take your seat, so we can start class." He finished some of the distaste he felt for the half-Britannian boy seeping into his voice.

Naruto threw the teacher a grin over his shoulder. "Sure, sorry." He said taking his seat besides Kallen.

The red haired pilot wanted to ask again what he meant by his comment, but the teacher called for everyone's attention and class began.

Later that day Naruto was walking aimlessly through the halls of Ashford Academy, with Amami lying comfortably across his shoulders. It was lunch time and he was just spending the time between classes looking around his new school since he had already eaten his lunch. While nobody else could tell by how he was acting Naruto was actually having a mental conversation with Amami through the mental link that they had established.

'Is it really I good idea to stay here?' Amami questioned her former container.

'What's that? You're the one who insisted that I come to this place.' Naruto pointed out briefly glancing down at the fox on his shoulder.

'That was before I knew that there was someone here that had seen you in your disguise.' Amami told him, 'If that girl, Kallen Stadtfeld, figures out you were the guy in the fox mask yesterday it could spell serious trouble for us.' The Kyuubi finished.

'Is that what you're so worried about?' Naruto thought amusedly.

'This is no laughing matter Naruto!' Amami thought back at him irritably. 'We have to think of something before she figures it out.'

'Relax.' Naruto told her pacifyingly. 'Don't you remember? That's why I had you place the genjutsu on the mask. The jutsu will keep anyone from being able to make the connection between me and my secret identity; they could have a picture of me with and without my mask on right next to each other and not be able to see a resemblance between the two of us. I also used the Sharingan to reinforce the genjutsu you placed on it, so it will practically take me taking my mask on and off and telling people who I am before they can make the connection.' Naruto thought, 'Besides that the only thing that could give me away is my hair, and do you know how many Britannians' have blonde hair?'

'Fine,' Amami thought acceptingly before staring at her partner curiously, 'But I wonder why your trying to convince me to let you stay when earlier today you would have used this excuse to get you out of school.' She said suspiciously. 'What's changed I wonder?'

Naruto chuckled nervously, 'I have no idea what you're talking about.' He answered just as they walked into the courtyard where a bunch of other students were enjoying their lunch break talking with friends.

Amami was just about to say something when they both suddenly felt a spike of energy coming from somewhere nearby. Neither shinobi nor Bijuu recognized what type of energy it was seeing as it was neither chakra nor youki, but they could tell that it wasn't something natural and strong enough for them to take note of. Looking toward where the energy spike came from they saw Lelouch and Kallen talking to one another away from everyone else in the courtyard.

'What was that? What are they doing?' Naruto thought to his former prisoner.

'I don't know.' Amami admitted honestly, something she didn't like to do because after living for as long as she has she did not enjoy the idea that there were things that she still didn't know.

'We should investigate.' Naruto stated, 'To see if we can figure out what the source of that energy spike was.' He declared.

'Yes I'm sure that's the only reason you want to go over there.' Amami thought privately to herself before answering her partner, 'And how exactly are we supposed to do that?'

Naruto chuckled lightly to himself before picking up Amami up off his shoulders and holding her out so she was facing him, 'Easy my dear Amami we use our secret weapon.' The blonde shinobi told her with a mischievous smile on his face.

Kallen stared at the dark haired boy in front of her fiercely, well as fiercely as she could without revealing that she wasn't actually frail bodied, the violet eyed boy had suddenly come up to her and told her not to mention Shinjuku. She was about to demand to know what he was talking about when a sound below her drew the red haired girl's, and Lelouch's, attention. Looking below them they saw the red furred fox, the one that had arrived with Naruto earlier, at Kallen's feet looking up at the girl with its head tilted to the side. Kallen couldn't help herself, as she bent down and picked up the adorable little kitsune. "Well hey there, aren't you the cutest little thing? What are you doing here?" Kallen asked Amami while petting the Kyuubi no Kitsune on her head.

While physically showing that she was enjoying being petted internally Amami was seething at Naruto's idea. 'Naruto I swear you're going to pay for this. I am an almighty demon, the strongest of the Bijuu. How dare you use me like some cute cuddly pet you take to the park to pick up women. I promise Naruto, YOU. WILL. PAY!' She swore at him even though she knew that he couldn't hear her at the moment.

Lelouch was silently thankful for the distraction that the small fox presented him with when he realized that his Geass was no longer working on Kallen. He was contemplating what the possible reasons behind why his new power wasn't working on the girl in front of him when another voice broke him out of his thoughts.

"Ah that's where you went off to Kyu." Naruto said walking up to the pair at a steady pace an unassuming smile on his face. He focused his attention on Kallen, while giving Lelouch a nod of acknowledgement, "Sorry about that she just left for some reason." The blonde ex-Jinchuuriki said rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"It's fine." Kallen said returning his smile with one of her own before looking down at the small vixen in her arms, "She is absolutely beautiful and her fur is so soft." Kallen complimented, as she said that she could have sworn that the fox gave Naruto a smug look before it disappeared and the kitsune was snuggling herself into her arms. "You must take good care of her. How long have you had her?" She asked her blonde classmate.

"Hm, I've had Kyu with me for about three years now." Naruto answered thoughtfully, "Though most of the time it feels like I've had her with me my whole life." The former Konoha shinobi added in at the end.

Lelouch had been quite while the other two teens had been talking, part of him thankful to the blonde for distracting the red haired girl the other part of him was angry about being ignored by the both of them. Quickly he tried to think of something that would ensure that all of Kallen's attention was focused on him when he remembered something Naruto said from earlier. "Naruto," Lelouch spoke up getting their attention momentarily. "Earlier in class you said you met someone named Naoto, who turned out to be Kallen's brother, I'm curious how did you meet him exactly?"

Kallen was startled slightly by Lelouch's voice, she would admit to herself that she had forgotten about the violet eyed boy while talking with the boy whose heritage was like her own, but wasn't afraid to claim what he was or the consequences that followed. When she remembered that Lelouch was also there she wanted to again demand to know what he meant when he mentioned Shinjuku, but the question about her brother made her instantly curious about what the answer was.

"Uh, who are you?" Naruto asked with cocking his head to the side acting like he didn't know what the boy's name was.

"Oh I'm sorry my name is Lelouch, Lelouch Lamperouge. We are in the same class." Lelouch answered pleasantly with a smile on his face.

Naruto could see that though Lelouch projected an aura of benevolence he wasn't being sincere, and instead was only acting kind to him in order to achieve something. The dark haired boy hid his true character well, definitely better than Kallen, but the blonde shinobi wasn't so easily fooled. A result of growing up in a shinobi village filled with people who hated him, and would act nice towards him just so they could gain his trust and then stab him in the back, and being able to faintly sense the emotions of other people thanks to Amami. Still for the mean time he had to play along. "It's nice to meet you Lelouch." Naruto said, "And to answer your question I meet Naoto three years ago. I was passed out, out in the forest near the Shinjuku Ghetto when Naoto found me and helped me regain consciousness; my mind was a bit hazy at the time so he told me where I was and made sure I was alright.

"What were you doing out there that made you pass out?" Kallen asked Naruto questioningly.

"Sorry but I rather not talk about that." Naruto replied just a bit of sadness seeping into his voice, as the memories of what lead up to his arrival into this dimension resurfaced before he shook it off, there was no point on dwelling on the past especially something that was three years old.

"Don't worry about it." The red haired girl said shaking her head slightly, "But since you brought up Shinjuku," She continued shifting her attention from Naruto to Lelouch her eyes once more gaining a fierceness to them that Naruto immediately noticed, "What was that earlier? Why did you mention Shinjuku?"

Lelouch silently cursed his new classmate inside his head. Instead of diverting the blue eyed girl's attention to himself, Naruto just focused it back on him. Luckily he was saved from having to answer when a new voice cut into the three's conversation.

"Hey Eleven trash, Uzumaki!" The voice shouted causing the three teens to turn toward where the voice originated from, only to see three boys standing together a short distance away from them. The boy in the middle stood slightly in front of the others, most likely the leader of the small group, with a sneer on his face while he stared at Naruto completely ignoring the two other people who stood beside the blonde.

Kallen did her best not to glare at the three of them; she had been expecting this kind of reaction the moment that Naruto had announced his status, but that didn't make it any easier for her not to be angry at them. Shifting her gaze towards the blonde beside her she was once more surprised by what she found. Instead of any sort of anger, worry, or fear Naruto seemed to almost be amused by the three academy student's hostility towards him. 'Just who is this guy?' Kallen thought in silent wonder.

"Do you guys need something?" Naruto asked them doing his best to keep his voice even, and not show just how much he found all this funny. He knew that something like this would happen eventually, but he didn't expect it to happen the same day that he arrived at the school. 'Well at least I can deal with this now instead of later.' The sapphire eyed boy thought.

"You can get out of our school." The leader of the group said condescendingly.

"And if I refuse." Naruto shot back almost challengingly a smirk on his face.

"Well then." The leader said his two goons stepping forward cracking their knuckles, "We will just to make sure you don't refuse, won't we?" He asked threateningly.

Lelouch was about step forward to remind the three unruly students that he was there and try to keep this from escalating further, but before he could Naruto held up his arm and kept him from doing so. The dark haired boy looked at Naruto questioningly while the whisker marked boy subtly shook his head.

"I'll handle this." Naruto told him.

"Are you sure?" Kallen asked anxiously. He wasn't really planning on taking these guys on by himself was he? Three on one was more than the average person could handle. Too bad Kallen didn't know that Naruto was far from being average.

"It'll be fine." The former Konoha shinobi replied calmingly with his hands in his pockets, as he stepped closer to the three students. Kallen nodded her head somewhat reluctantly holding Kyu closer to her, which she just realized was still in her arms.

The three teens charged at the blonde shinobi recklessly their fists raised, without any real plan behind their attack. Naruto grinned as he almost effortlessly weaved through the boys' punches, not even bothering to take his hands out of his pockets. Naruto didn't even bother trying to fight back, these brats were completely untrained in the art of fighting and were just throwing punches around wildly, so him actively trying to fight them would be overkill to the extreme since he could have all three of them on the ground covered in bruises and bleeding slightly in less than a minute, besides the whole point of this was to draw a crowd, which they were slowly gathering.

Ducking under another sloppy punch Naruto moved a few steps away before turning around to stare at the rambunctious trio, all of who were breathing quite heavily. "Are you guys done?" Naruto asked them.

"Shut…Up!" The leader gasped wiping away a bead of sweat from his brow. "You haven't even tried to fight back you damn coward!"

"True." Naruto conceded uncaring about the fact that the teen had just called him a coward, "But seeing the condition that you are all in that hardly matters." He continued. "Now tell me do you know what that building over there is?" The cerulean eyed former Jinchuuriki asked gesturing to a building off to their right.

"That's the administrative building." One of the other boys answered automatically.

"Correct." Naruto said, "But more importantly it is where the principal's office is located, an office which is facing in this direction." Naruto pointed out before continuing. "Now from where you three are standing the principal can't see you, but if you continue your little attack then you would be forced to come to me and then you would be in clear view."

"So what?" The leader scoffed uncaringly, "Do you honestly think that the principal will take your side over ours half-breed? Hell he will probably thank us for providing a service to the school by getting rid of some worthless trash." He stated almost proudly. "Besides do you have any idea of who I am? I am Alex Mercer son of Daniel Mercer, one of the head developers of Namikaze Corp. the principal would be a fool to punish me, unless he wants to deal with the wrath of my farther and the Namikaze Corporation." The teen boasted arrogantly, only to shiver slightly when he noticed the look on Naruto's face.

The grin on Naruto's face could almost be called feral now, as he stared down the boy across from him, "Namikaze Corp huh? If you three would excuse me for a second," Naruto said pulling out his phone from his pocket, started looking through his contact list, and called someone confusing everyone watching. "Hello, Mr. Mercer?" Naruto began the name of the person he was talking to quickly drawing everyone's attention, "How are you today... That's good to here. I called you to inform you of a couple of things… No nothing like that. It's just that today I started attending Ashford Academy and you would not believe who I have right here in front of me, your son Alex. In fact why don't I let you talk to him," The shinobi finished tossing his phone to the befuddled Alex, who juggled the phone for a second before holding it up to his ear.

Alex didn't know what the bastard half-Eleven was trying to do by acting like he was talking with his father, but it didn't really matter in the end he figured. "Hello?" Alex asked tentatively.

"Alexander?" The voice of Daniel Mercer came through the other end.

"Father!" A shocked Alex said his eyes wide in surprise.

"Listen to me Alexander," Dr. Mercer implored his son, "Please don't do or say anything that will anger Mr. Uzumaki. You don't have the slightest of ideas of who he is and if you anger him it could easily cost me my job."

"But fath-"

"No buts Alexander this is very serious." Daniel Mercer said cutting his son off, "Refrain from expressing yourself appointed opinions or our entire family will end up suffering the consequences of your foolish and rash action" Mr. Mercer ordered his son. "Keep out of trouble and try to be civil."

"Understood father," Alex said a bit bitterly, as he tossed the phone back to Naruto uncaringly.

Easily catching his phone Naruto held it up to his ear, "Don't worry Dr. Mercer your son has been behaving perfectly… Yes it was nice talking to you as well. I'll let you return to your work now." He said before hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket. Everyone in the courtyard was quite, as they tried to get their minds around what just happened and not being able to understanding a bit of it.

"Who the hell are you?!" Alex all but demanded glaring at the blonde across from him.

"I suppose a more proper introduction is in order, very well then." Naruto mused before coming to a decision. "My full name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, owner of the Namikaze Corporation, and lead singer of the band Spiraling Leaf." The blonde student said with a smile, "It is nice to meet you Alex Mercer, son of Daniel Mercer, a head developer of Namikaze Corp." The subtle threat behind his words wasn't missed by those watching.

"Y-you're t-t-the owner of N-Namikaze Corp." Alex stuttered in shocked disbelief.

"Yes." Naruto answered simply.

Right after Naruto answered the whispers began again, as everyone discussed what they knew about the Namikaze Corp. and all it had accomplished in the last few years since its formation, along with a few mentioning that they had relatives that worked there. Well the male students talked about the company anyway the female members of the student body had focused on his second declaration. The identity of the members of the famous band was something that they had all wondered about, and now they had the handsome lead singer of the band as their classmate! None of them cared about the fact that he was half-Eleven since that hardly mattered now that they knew this very important piece of information.

Naruto shivered at the looks that a lot of the female student body was giving him, and Kami help him even some of the boys, and could already see the beginning formations of a fan club. His identity as the owner of Namikaze Corp. and lead singer of Spiraling Leaf weren't all that well known by the public, in fact Naruto went out of his way to make sure that as few people as possible knew what he looked like, but he also knew that eventually that it would have to become public knowledge that's why he wanted to tell everyone on his terms. He had planned it all out from the moment he told everyone that he was half-Japanese and half-Britannian he had known that some idiot would try to start a fight with him, so he decided to reveal his identity whenever the first idiot wanted to start something. The fact that young Alex was the son of one of his workers was mere coincidence. Of course he hadn't considered the possibility of fan-girls when he came up with his plan and now he just might pay for it.

Kallen stared at the blonde in no small amounts of amazement. She of course knew about the Namikaze Corporation, and even she would, secretly, admit to being a fan of Spiraling Leaf's music, it was thanks to that company that the resistance had sufficient medical supplies on hand. It was also thanks to them that the Japanese people lived in better conditions than they would have without. To have the boy – no man who made all that possible right in front of her was nothing short of amazing, he had done so much in a few years, arguably maybe even more than anyone in the resistance, and yet he was the same age as her.

Lelouch was also looking at the blonde student, but his stare was more calculative rather than amazement. Like everyone else there he had also heard of the Namikaze Corporation, he also knew that what the company was doing, hiring and selling to Japanese people without any sort of discrimination, was not something that a lot of Britannian nobles agreed with, but they had been unable to do anything to sabotage the company. If the whiskered marked teen in front of him really was the owner of famous company than that meant when the time came Lelouch could possibly have one more person to help support him in his goal of destroying Britannia. He guessed that his new classmate was important after all.

"Sorry for the trouble." Alex finally said grudgingly, "We'll be going now." He finished motioning for his two underlings to follow him.

With the entertainment over most of the students went back to whatever they were doing before. Naruto made his way back toward where the red haired girl and black haired boy was standing, his carefree smile still in place as he approached them.

"So," Naruto began.

"Are you really the head of Namikaze Corp.?" Kallen couldn't help but ask still a bit shocked by the information.

"Yes." Naruto answered with a chuckle, "Is it really that impossible to believe?" He asked them.

"Yeah," Lelouch said.

"Just a bit," Kallen admitted.

"Well believe it." Naruto replied laughing lightly at his private joke, while Amami subtly rolled her eyes. "It's not something that I like to advertise as it will just bring me unwanted attention, but it had to eventually come out and this seemed like as good as time as any, so I figured why not." The sapphire eyed boy finished shrugging his shoulders. Before they could say anything more a new voice cut into their conversation, this time a female voice.

"Hey you guys! You know it's time to head over to the Chem. Lab you better get a move on!" A girl with waist length orange hair and yellow green eyes named Shirley Fenette shouted from a nearby window, as she waved her arm at the trio.

At that moment Lelouch could have kissed Shirley. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that sooner or later Kallen would have returned to questioning him about Shinjuku and his involvement with yesterday's events, until he figured out what he could say Lelouch had to buy as much time as possible, but what concerned him the most was why his Geass suddenly stopped working. "Oh crap it's my turn to set up for class!" Lelouch exclaimed before rushing off.

"Was it just me," Naruto started, as he and Kallen watched Lelouch run off. "Or did he seem to overreact a bit." He said out loud before turning to face Kallen, who focused her attention on him now that they were mostly alone. "You know it is nice to see that your eyes have changed from this morning. They seem far more real now and they have this certain fire to them." The Kyuubi pilot commented.

"What?" Kallen asked confused for the second time that day by the blonde's strange words.

Before Naruto could say anything else he suddenly felt a strange sense of dread come over him. When he looked around he noticed that he was slowly being surrounded by a number of varies girls, all of them having a weird look in their eyes. Naruto gasped nervously, as he spared Kallen a glance, "I think I should get out of here now. I'll see you in class." He told her before he ran away, the horde of hormonal teenage girls chasing after him.

"Hey hold on a second!" Kallen called out after him, but the blonde shinobi had already disappeared from view. Looking down Kallen stared at the small fox that was in her arms. "Looks like he forgot about you," The ocean blue eyed girl murmured to the crimson furred vixen, "I guess I'll just have to return you during class Kyu." She said petting the kitsune on top of her head before heading off toward her next class.

In her mind Amami was laughing her ass off at her former container's misfortune.

That night Naruto and Amami were back at their home in the Namikaze Corporation building relaxing after the day's events. They had just settled down in the living room when Naruto began asking the questions that he had been wanting to ask since earlier that day.

"So do you know what that energy spike was? Or how Lelouch and Kallen were involved?" Naruto asked his former tenant.

"Do I know what that energy spike was? No not really." Amami stated evenly. "But I think that I have an idea of what exactly happened."

"What is it then?" Naruto questioned curiously.

"While Kallen held me I could feel a residue of whatever that power was on her. From there I could trace it back to the black haired boy, Lelouch; he seemed to be the source of the energy. While I don't know what the power is the signature was similar to what you would expect from genjutsu." Amami said, pausing for a second before continuing. "That probably means he was controlling her for something. Though we still don't know how the genjutsu he has works, or if I'm even right about any of this, so all this is a guess at best."

"Well at least we know something." Naruto muttered. "What are the chances of this genjutsu of Lelouch's working on us?"

"I'm not sure." Amami admitted, "Like I said it was only similar to a genjutsu, so I don't know how it will affect us. Chances are that it won't work considering that you poses the Mangekyou Sharingan and you have me to help break any type of control he gets over you."

"But what about you?" Naruto pushed, noting that she had left herself out of her explanation.

"Please like a simple ningen could ever control the great Kyuubi no Kitsune." Amami said arrogantly, as she puffed out her chest. Naruto looked at the demoness amused, a look that Amami took quick note of, and knew why he was looking at her like that, "Oi just because it happened once-"

Naruto quickly held upped two fingers.

"Fine! Just because it happened twice doesn't mean that it will happen again." The redheaded vixen said irritably, "Besides if it ever does work you will be able to tell through our mental link that something is wrong and use the Sharingan to stop me or override whatever he tried to get me to do." She finished.

"That's good; we don't know what Lelouch's motives are, how he got this power, or if we can trust him. We can't risk him controlling us and using Namikaze Corp.'s resources for his own objectives." Naruto finished seriously with Amami agreeing with him.

The next day things had settled down a bit since Naruto's announcement. There was a lot of talk amongst the students and faculty on whether the blonde's claims were true or not, but with the way that Alex reacted the other day they were slowly coming to accept that one of the most successful businessmen in Area Eleven was a 17 year old, half-Japanese half-Britannian school boy. Most didn't know how they should react towards the news, knowing that someone they usually considered below full blooded Britannians actually stood above them. But of course there were those who didn't care what Naruto had or what he had been able to accomplish, to them he was still some half-blood filth that needed to learn his place, they just couldn't go around threatening the sapphire eyed boy like Alex had.

Classes had yet to start for the day and Kallen was on the roof of one of the buildings talking to someone on her phone.

"So, how is campus life treating you?" Ohgi's voice was heard asking from the receiver.

"Stifling," Kallen answered discontentedly, "I was stuck in History class yesterday. Look maybe I should just head back."

"The army is on high alert right." The black haired Japanese man said, "Stay there let things cool down for now." He tried to reason with her.

"But what about the voice on the radio and the guy with the fox mask that helped Nagata?" Kallen asked him. "How is Nagata by the way?" She added in at the end concerned for her friend that had come so close to dying.

"He's recovering," Ohgi said, letting out a sigh at the end still thankful that his friend was alive, "I don't know what it was that, that masked guy did but Nagata's wounds are almost completely healed now a few more days of bed rest and he should be as good as new." He told her before continuing, "We can't go looking for a voice, and we haven't got a clue on how to find the guy with the fox mask." He paused for a second, as the stared at a photo behind him which showed Naoto, Kallen, and him out by a river. "Besides Naoto would be happy to see you back at school. Forget about Shinjuku for now." The dark haired man finished.

Kallen lowered her gaze at the mention of her brother before something else came to mind. "Hey Ohgi," She began.

"What is it?" Ohgi asked.

"Since you brought up Naoto, did he ever talk about a Naruto to you?" The red haired girl asked him.

"Naruto?" He questioned her confused

"Yeah, spikey blonde hair, blue eyes, and three whisker marks on his cheeks." The dark blue eyed pilot replied

"Well now that you mention it," Ohgi started, as remembered his childhood friend telling him about a boy with that description a few years ago. "Naoto did mention finding a kid your age that looked like that passed out near the camp we set up a few years ago. He said it happened the night before we found all those Britannian soldiers knocked out. Why?" He asked curiously at the end.

"Because I just met him," Kallen told him. "He's going to school here."

"Oh? That's interesting." Ohgi replied.

"But that's not the reason I brought him up." Kallen said making Ohgi all the more curious. "His full name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

The black haired Japanese eyes widened, "Namikaze, as in the Namikaze Corporation?" Ohgi asked incredulously.

"Yeah," Kallen answered simply

"So you're going to school with the kid of the head of Namikaze Corporation?" Ohgi asked her again with a hint of disbelief in his voice.

"No," Kallen stated calmly, "I'm going to school with the head of Namikaze Corp."

"What?" Ohgi gasped in surprise, "But that would mean that this guy's only 17 years old!"

"That's what it seems like." She said, before telling Ohgi everything that she learned about the whisker marked blonde.

"Incredible," Ohgi muttered, "Listen I'll be in touch." He ended before hanging up.

Kallen pocketed her own phone, as she thought about everything that happened in the last few days. Remembering the incident at Shinjuku she also recalled the person who wore the fox mask and ended up saving her and her friends lives. For some reason the more she remembered what he looked like, the more she felt like she should know who was behind that mask, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't figure out who it was. Then there was that voice that she and the other resistance members heard over the radio. The last thing she recalled was what happened yesterday with Lelouch and how he never answered her question about Shinjuku.

'No it couldn't have been his voice,' Kallen thought to herself, as noted how similar Lelouch's voice was to that the one giving her orders.

For the rest of the day Kallen watched Lelouch suspiciously trying to decide if her thoughts from earlier that day, if it was possible that Lelouch was the voice over the radio that she heard the other day, so far she wasn't sure as the dark haired teen hadn't done anything suspicious, and she couldn't remember the voice well enough to come to a decision. Naruto had noticed Kallen's suspicious looks towards Lelouch and knew that it must be because of something that happened yesterday. Naruto wasn't the only one to notice, Lelouch had also seen the looks that Kallen was throwing him and knew that he would have to do something about it soon.

After classes ended for the day Naruto had to quickly leave the room or be caught by the horde of fan-girls that were after him, so he wasn't there to witness the interaction between Kallen and Lelouch that happened after he left. Lelouch had asked Kallen to accompany him to the Student Council's club room where he assured her that they would be able to talk without being disturbed, only for each member of the student council to appear one right after the other.

"Um, what is all of this?" Lelouch asked.

"Lelouch don't you know?" A girl with shoulder length blonde hair and dark blue eyes wearing an apron asked him back, as she pushed a cart full of food into the room, "I thought that is why you brought her. We are inducting Kallen into the student council, well her and one other person we are just waiting for him to arrive." She said.

Just as the girl finished saying that the door to the club room was opened with Naruto rushing into the room, with Amami on his shoulder, and quickly moved to the side pushing themselves against the wall both breathing heavily for some reason. When the doors slid closed everyone in the room could hear what sounded like a stampede on the other side of the double doors.

"That…was…close." Naruto gasped between breaths.

"What was that?" The blonde girl asked him.

"Fan-girls," Naruto answered simply, as a shiver went down his spine at the mere mention of that word.

"Well it's good to see you made it. We're just about to welcome you and Kallen into the Student Council." She told him.

"Madam President?" Lelouch voiced his confusion.

"It was my grandfather's idea actually." She began knowing what Lelouch was wondering about.

"The Principal," Lelouch stated more than asked.

"He thought it best that with Kallen's poor health she would have a harder time with regular club activities." The Council President said setting the food out on one of the tables in the room, "As for Naruto, with his popularity it would be difficult for him to join any regular club." She continued. "Plus thanks to him we were able to easily get the budget to balance." The blonde girl concluded cheerfully.

"What? No way," Rivalz said amazed. "That thing was like impossible to figure out and would have taken us hours to get done."

"Naruto did it in 10 minutes." The female blonde stated almost proudly.

"Amazing," Shirley said awed.

"Well after having to deal with the financial transactions of the Namikaze Corporation all day a simple budget wasn't that hard to do." Naruto said bashfully, as he moved to stand closer to everyone now that things had quieted down and he couldn't hear anymore fan-girls outside.

"Then it's decided." The blonde Council President declared, "From today onward Naruto will help take care of the financial part of the Student Council."

"What, don't I get a say in this?" Naruto asked bemused.

"Nope," The president immediately replied. "This is a direct order from the Student Council President; refusal will see you being penalized." She finished cheerily pointing a finger in his direction.

"Well when you put it like that I guess I really don't have much of a choice, do I?" Naruto questioned with an amused smile on his face.

"Thanks buddy." Rivalz said coming up behind Naruto and patted him on the back. "You have no idea the load you took off of us."

"Aright," The blonde Student Council President began, "We've put this off long enough already it's time we introduce ourselves to our two new members. I'm Milly, and if you haven't figured it out by now the Student Council President." The now named Milly finished.

"It's nice to meet you." Kallen replied softly with a small bow.

Next introduce himself was Rivalz, "Hi I'm Rivalz, the Secretary. If there is anything you need help with I'm your man."

"Hi I'm Shirley and I'm a member of the Swim club, welcome." Shirley said introducing herself after Rivalz.

Finally the last person to introduce themselves was a girl with black hair that was pulled into two pig tails that fell over her shoulders, wore round rimmed glasses the standard female academy uniform. "Hi there my name's Nina." She said shyly, as she threw fearful glances in Naruto's direction and took a slight step away from him.

"It's nice to meet all of you." Naruto told them with a large smile that actually caused the other girls to blush lightly.

"Shirley?" The voice of a young girl began drawing Naruto and Kallen's attention. When they looked in the direction that the voice came from they saw a girl a few years younger than them in a wheel chair with her eyes closed, a gentle face, wearing a pink dress and a long white sleeved shirt underneath, and had long light brown hair, carrying what looked like a few desserts in her lap making her way over in their direction. Seeing the young girl in a wheelchair caused Kallen to look sadly at her. "I'm sorry, but could you set these on the table for me?" She asked softly.

"Oh sure thanks Nana," Shirley answered, as she quickly made her way over toward the younger girl.

"Nunnally what are you doing here?" Lelouch asked concerned for his sister.

"This is Lelouch little sister." Milly informed the new members.

"I'm still in the Middle school group, so I can't be on the Student Council yet." Nunnally said to them.

"That's alright you're an honorary member in our group." Rivalz told her with Nina agreeing with him.

"Well if that's the case." Naruto began smiling softly at the fragile looking girl. "It's nice to meet you Nunnally, I'm Naruto." He said, as Amami jumped off his shoulder and made her way over to Nunnally before jumping onto her lap. "And the small ball of fur in your lap is Kyu a small fox that likes to follow me around." The blonde shinobi finished just as Amami nuzzled herself into Nunnally.

"Naruto?" Nunnally began questioningly, "Ms. Sayoko told me that Naruto is a type of Japanese food topping." She finished tilting to her to the side, while she petted Amami's head.

Everyone there, with the exception of Nunnally, could see the twitch in Naruto's eye and how his smile became just little bit strained, Kallen could also just barely keep herself from laughing as she remembered one of the meanings for Naruto's name, and though he seemed annoyed it wasn't at Nunnally. "Well she would be right." Naruto said in false cheerfulness, "It's a ramen topping, which by the way is the best food in the world, also called Fish cake. Buts that just one the meanings, the one I was named after is Maelstrom." Naruto stated stubbornly.

"Well hello it's a pleasure to meet you Naruto, Kallen, and Kyu." Nunnally said pleasantly, looking down at the fox in her lap at the end.

"Thank you, you as well," Kallen replied just as nicely and with a smile on her face.

"Right, should we kick this off with a toast." Rivalz said placing a bottle of champagne on the table next to all the food.

"Champagne?" Shirley asked seeing the bottle that Rivalz held.

Yeah, but we are on the Student Council we shouldn't." Nina said nervously, as Rivalz began to open the bottle.

"Aw, come on loosen up you guys." Rivalz said trying to uncork the bottle.

"No way, we're going to get in trouble." Shirley argued trying to pry the bottle of champagne out of Rivalz's hands. What followed was a short game of keep away; as Rivalz did his best to keep the bottle out of Shirley's reach before he tossed it at Lelouch. Noticing who had the bottle now Shirley pushed pass Rivalz and charged at Lelouch. Sadly in her effort to get the bottle she ended knocking herself and Lelouch over which resulted in the cork blasting off the bottle in Kallen's direction. Luckily Naruto had been standing next to the short red haired girl and had been able to knock the cork out of the air easily, while gently pushing Kallen off to the side.

"Now tell me that wasn't cool." Naruto said with a grin on his face until a spurt of wine, which came from the opened bottle, hit him on the top of his head before hitting the rest of his body soaking him completely, "This is not so cool." Naruto muttered before lifting his head a bit and letting some of the champagne land in his mouth. "Good year though." He concluded.

"I'm so sorry Naruto." Shirley said, as she immediately started to apologize to the soaked blonde male.

"Don't worry about it." Naruto said waving off her apology.

Kallen stepped up from behind Naruto. "You didn't have to do that you know." The redheaded girl told him.

"Well I wasn't about to let a pretty girl like you get hit by it." Naruto told her kindly, not noticing the light blush spread across her face because of his compliment. Being sheltered in her home or fighting out in a war didn't see her being complimented all that often, but it was something nice to hear every once in a while, even if she wasn't all that concerned with physical appearance. Plus she could tell the blonde meant it as a simple compliment and nothing more. Unlike some of the other Britannian students who would do it either to get in good with the Stadtfeld family or on the off chance she would sleep with them, neither of which were an actual possibility.

"Thank you." Kallen murmured softly unclear if it was for Naruto's compliment or for helping her.

Naruto gave her one of his fox like smiles before moving one of the wet locks of hair out of his face, "Now I need a place to get myself cleaned up." He said out loud.

"You can use the bathroom we have here in the club house." Milly offered.

"And you can borrow some of my clothes while we wash yours." Lelouch added.

"Thanks but that won't be necessary." Naruto told him, as he pulled out his phone. "A perk of owning your own company is that you always have someone to help with these sorts of situations." The blonde shinobi said before making a call on his phone, once he was done he focused back on the group. "There that's been taken care of now if you don't mid showing me where the bathroom is."

"Sure, just follow me and I'll take you there." Lelouch told him, as he began making his way towards the bathroom with Naruto following silently behind him.

A 15 minutes later Lelouch entered the club room with some clothes in his hands having just received them from the Namikaze Corp. worker who delivered them. "Naruto's clothes are here." He told them, all of them having been curious about who had been at the club house's front door.

"Wow that only took 15 minutes." Rivalz said looking down at his watch. "Do you think they do fast food delivery?"

Lelouch smiled at this best friend, "Would be nice not having to wait all day." He said jokingly, "I should take these to Naruto now." Lelouch finished.

"Hold on," Kallen spoke up drawing the dark haired teen's attention to her, "Here let me take Naruto's clothes to him. I feel like I still owe him for keeping me from getting hit by the champagne." She finished, as she moved to stand next Lelouch.

"Sure thing," Lelouch said giving her a friendly smile, "Let me just get something from my room real quick and I'll show you where the bathroom is." He told her handing her the clothes and walking out of the room. Not too long later Lelouch came back, "Alright let's go." He said.

"That was fast. You went all the way to the boy's dorm?" Kallen asked, trying to strike up a conversation as they walked down a hallway.

"Actually I live here." Lelouch replied, "It would be pretty hard for my sister to live off at the dorms. The principal of the school lets us stay here as a favor."

"I see." Kallen muttered just as they came up to a door.

"Anyway here we are." Lelouch stated, as he knocked on the door.

On the other side of the door Naruto was in the shower enjoying the warm water when he heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" He called.

"Naruto, it's Lelouch and Kallen we've brought you your clothes." Lelouch answered.

"Ok the curtain is drawn, so you can come on in." Naruto said opening the door Lelouch and Kallen walked into the room closing the door behind them. "You know you didn't both need to bring me my clothes."

"I-I wanted to thank you again for what you did earlier." Kallen said her voice hitching a bit at the beginning, it was only until she saw the curtain that she realized that blonde former Jinchuuriki was naked on the other side.

"There's no need to thank me Kallen. It wasn't that big of a deal and I was happy to help you." Naruto told her.

"Still…" Kallen murmured. At that moment the phone that was located in the bathroom started to ring.

"I should get that." Lelouch said moving to pick up the phone, "If I don't someone will come, is that ok?" He asked at the end, though he answered the phone without waiting for an answer.

"Isn't it a little strange to have a phone in a bathroom?" Naruto asked no one in particular.

Lelouch ignored the blonde's question as he answered. "Hello Ashford Academy's Student Council? No this… Oh, it's for you." Lelouch said, as he handed the phone over to a confused looking Kallen. "He says he knows you." The dark haired teen added.

"Hello?" Kallen asked taking the phone and holding it up to her ear.

"Glad you're still alive Q1." A voice said over the phone.

Kallen let out a silent gasp as she turned herself around so she was facing Lelouch only to find him staring off into space. 'Was I wrong?' Kallen wondered to herself, as she stared at the black haired boy.

For his part Lelouch was doing the best he could to keep his face impassive and not let a smirk spread across it, 'While the situation isn't as ideal as I would like.' Lelouch thought throwing a quick glance at the hidden blonde, 'This is the best opportunity I have available to trick Kallen into not being suspicious of me.'

"1600 hours the day after tomorrow." The voice began again, "The observation deck at Tokyo tower. Come alone." The voice instructed.

"Who are you?!" Kallen demanded into the receiver. "How did you arrange that cease fire order?! Hey don't hang up!"

"Did you say 'cease fire'? Seems like you keep dangerous company," Lelouch remarked evenly.

"Oh, um that was…" Kallen stammered, as she tried to think of something to say.

"Let me guess." Lelouch cut in, "You're talking about a game something online." He said in a friendlier tone of voice.

"Yeah you got me." Kallen said going along with Lelouch excuse.

"Well there is nothing wrong with that." Naruto said, "But what I'm interested in is how this guy knew to call here. Because either this guy is psychic or you have a stalker Kallen." The blonde former Jinchuuriki finished opening the curtains, having gotten a towel and wrapped it around his waist earlier while Lelouch and Kallen were talking.

Kallen turned her head to face Naruto when she froze in place. She watched transfixed, as Naruto's dripping wet hair framed his face perfectly, how the water cascaded down his chest toward his chiseled abs, and stopped at his waist. When Kallen first saw Naruto her face instantly became the same shade of red as her hair, but as eyes traveled lower and she took in his full appeareance her face steadily grew a darker shade of red until it was too much, and Kallen fainted due to the sensory overload. As she was falling Naruto managed to grab ahold of her before she hit the ground.

"Do you think it was a good idea come out of the shower while we were still here?" Lelouch asked.

"I figured you two wouldn't mind considering you were having an entire conversation while I was trying to get clean." Naruto told him. "Now if you don't mind taking her so I can get dressed." The cerulean eyed shinobi said.

"Oh sure," The violet eyed boy said moving to take the passed out girl into his arms, when he did Naruto noticed that the dark haired student was struggling a bit to keep Kallen up. Naruto let out an amused chuckle.

"You're not all that strong, are you?" Naruto asked him amusedly.

"No I'm more of the thinking type than being physically strong." Lelouch answered, as he slowly made his way toward the door.

"If you say so," Naruto replied offhandedly just as the door closed behind Lelouch. A couple of minutes later Naruto emerged from the bathroom wearing his new clothes, which consisted of a dark red t-shirt, black cargo pants and tennis shoes, a belt that hung loosely around his waist with a silver fox head belt buckle, white jacket and orange spiral like flames on his shoulders, and lastly was the necklace he won from Tsunade. "Alright, what do you say we rejoin the others now?" Naruto asked taking Kallen from Lelouch and holding her in a bridal carry.

"Sure," Lelouch said thankful to be free of the extra weight he had been carrying. Returning to the club room Lelouch began telling Naruto a few of the things that they had to do as members of the Student Council. "The Council doesn't require much work, I guess. Beyond occasional paper work we'll sometimes plan school events."

"Like the Cultural Festival?" Naruto asked shifting Kallen in his arms slightly to make sure she was comfortable.

"Yup like that. Along with the Cross dresser's Ball, the Absolute Silence Party, and Swimsuit Day." Lelouch said with a straight face.

"Really?" Naruto asked with a chuckle causing Kallen to grumble slightly, as she unconsciously snuggled herself closer into him. "That sounds like some fun." He commented with his fox like grin on his face.

"Well you can always trust our President to keep things entertaining." Lelouch said cheerfully and with a fond smile on his face. "You'll be spending a lot of time with her so I hope you're ready." He finished. "Hey I noticed something all your clothes are brand new, why is that?" He questioned his blonde classmate.

"Oh that." Naruto began, "I have a security set in at my home to keep people out, and currently I'm the only who can get in or allow others in. It was easier to just have some new clothes bought." Whisker marked blonde concluded, just as they were walking back into the club room where everyone was waiting.

"Oh my, what happened?" Shirley asked rushing over towards them and checking over the unconscious redhead.

"Nothing to worry about," The blonde shinobi started, "She just fainted, she should wake up soon." He finished, as if roused by his words Kallen began to shift in his arms and groggily opened her eyes a bit confused as to what happened. "Ah, I see that sleeping beauty is awake." Naruto commented with a teasing edge to his voice. Kallen's eyes widened in surprise once she realized where she was and more importantly whose arms she was in.

Before she could say anything Shirley once more voiced her concern, "Kallen are you alright?" She asked the redheaded girl worriedly.

"I-I'm fine." Kallen told the Swim club member, as Naruto put her down so she could stand on her own two feet.

"What happened?" The orange haired girl continued to ask.

"Nothing! I-I just fainted nothing to worry about." The half-Japanese pilot said, blushing slightly remembering what exactly caused her fainting spell, as she took a discrete glance back at Naruto and her mind flashed the image that caused her to pass out for just a second.

Suddenly Nunnally's voice cut into their conversation, as she called out to her brother, "Lelouch it's awful!"

"What is?" Lelouch asked her. Looking her direction Lelouch noticed that Nunnally along with Milly, Rivalz, and Nina were watching some sort of news broadcast on the telelvsion.

"Prince Clovis has been found dead." Milly answered turning around to face them.

"They're saying he was killed." Rivalz added.

Naruto was surprised by the news, hearing that someone had actually managed to kill the Third Prince of Britannia despite all the protection detail that had to surround him specifically to prevent this sort of thing from happening. No normal person should have been able to accomplish such a task without being seen at some point and be immediately captured as they were trying to escape, 'Which means it had to be done by someone with training in assassination, or an ability that gave them an advantage.' Naruto rationalized and he knew that at that moment there was only one person that he knew of with a ability like that. 'Now the question is what reasons Lelouch has to kill a royal.' Naruto mused to himself, as he threw a glance at the black haired boy out of the corner of his eye.

"Prince Clovis has been taken from us." Jeremiah Gottwald said over the television broadcast for everyone to hear, behind him several Britannian soldiers stood at attention. "He fought for peace and justice against all of the Elevens. He died a martyr. We must all bury our sorrow and carry on his will." The man with turquoise colored hair finished passionately.

Finishing his speech the broadcast was cut off to show different footage. This showed a boy of 17 with brown hair being led by a bunch of soldiers that had their faces completely covered. The boy was trying to say something, but was punched by one of the soldiers for his efforts. "We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news." The female announcer with blonde hair said, "The man suspected as the murder has been captured. According to this report the suspect is an Honorary Britannian, Private Suzaku Kururugi, a former Eleven and an Honorary Britannian. I repeat Suzaku Kururugi arrested for murder."

"Damn it!" Naruto said out loud, getting everyone to look at him surprised by his sudden exclamation, as he pulled out his phone and started to send messages to various people in his employment. "This is a serious problem." He muttered still looking down at his phone.

"Is there a problem, Naruto?" Milly asked her fellow blonde somewhat uneasily.

"A project of mine is in danger of being stopped before I can even officially start it." Naruto replied without thinking about it.

"Project?" Rivalz asked curiously.

"The reconstruction of Shinjuku." Naruto answered shocking everyone into silence.

"W-what?" Kallen stammered surprised. "You're going to rebuild Shinjuku?" She asked disbelievingly, yet hopefully at the same time.

"That was my intention." Naruto said putting phone away and refocusing his attention back on the other members of the Student Council. "I started the idea last night, but if those people are now in charge of the government then it will be much harder for me to do that."

"What do you mean?" Shirley asked curiously.

"Those people were a group that likes to call themselves Purebloods." Naruto began. "You can tell by the red feather they wear on the left side."

"I've heard about them." Lelouch spoke up, "They are of the belief that only Pureblooded Britannians should be part of the military, their view is that a Pureblooded Britannian is incapable of being a criminal. Also by removing all non-Pureblooded Britannians from military service they can remove the concept of granting Elevens the status of Honorary Britannians." Lelouch explained before getting a confused look on his face. "But I don't see how any of that would affect your reconstruction project." The violet eyed teen pointed out.

"Everything you said is true, Lelouch." Naruto stated passively, "There is just one thing that you don't seem to know about. Due to Namikaze Corp.'s success in the economy the Purebloods have seen it as sort of an insult to them personally. Now you haven't heard of this because the Purebloods have decided to focus on their goals and just let the Britannians that have to deal with my company personally, and a few Britannians of minor Nobility, deal with it but they have made sure that I know what their opinions are a couple of times in the past."

"I don't understand." Shirley said, "Why would they be so opposed against the Namikaze Corporation? Some of their products are the best in the entire world and advances all fields of study are possible because them." The orange haired girl pointed out almost fiercely.

Naruto let out a light laugh before focusing his attention on solely her. "I appreciate your high opinion of my company Shirley." The sapphire eyed teen told her honestly, "And the answer is really quite simple. It's because I, a lowly half-breed, am the one who owns such a great company. They see it as another insult that anyone that is not pure Britannian could achieve what I have" The Konoha shinobi stated mirthlessly. "So now that they have a seat of power they will most likely try to 'put me in my place.'"

"But that doesn't seem fair." The girl with yellow-green eyes said remorsefully.

"Few things in life are fair." Naruto replied. "All you would have to do is go to the Ghetto and you could see that."

"We couldn't do that." Nina spoke up immediately, "The Ghetto is a dangerous place. There are a lot of Elevens in that area."

Naruto shifted his attention to the glasses wearing girl, and absently noticed how she flinched on the slightest bit and took half a step back when he looked at her. "Are you afraid of Elevens?" He asked her bluntly.

The black haired girl's eyes widened, as her pupils began to shake at having her phobia addressed straightforwardly without any hesitance on her blonde classmate's part. "I-I." She stammered unable to say anything constructive.

"You know," Naruto began slowly, moving closer to the dark haired girl, "I am half-Japanese. Does that mean that you're only afraid of half of me? What half would that be? The top half or the bottom? Left or right? Front or back? Or do you prefer the top left half and bottom right?" The whisker marked shinobi continued to ask her almost jokingly.

"Well, I uh…" Nina spluttered trying to come up with a thing to say.

"If I offer my right hand would you shake it or scream in terror?" Naruto continued lightheartedly. "Truthfully I think your fear is senseless. Most Britannians live their entire lives inside the Settlement without taking so much as a step into what once was Japan, and instead rely on the media to them how terrible Elevens are. While it is true that some Japanese people are dangerous the same could be said for Britannians, after all not all Britannians are upstanding citizens of society; am I right?" He finished in more serious tone.

"I suppose so." Nina answered unsurely.

Naruto gave the girl a gentle smile before closing his eyes. "Nina Einstein," Naruto began getting her full attention. "A student of Ashford Academy and member of the Student Council, currently in her third year of school. She is marked as having excellent grades and is at the top of her class academically. Her teachers report that she has a brilliant mind for technological advancements." He finished saying opening his eyes Naruto noticed that everyone was looking at him in varies degrees of astonishment, but again he focused solely on Nina. "The Namikaze Corporation has had their eyes on you for a while now and was interested in offering you a job with us sometime in the future." Naruto told her.

"Really?" The glasses wearing girl asked him astonished.

"That's great news Nina." Shirley said happily.

"Yeah congratulations." Rivalz added.

"Hey hold on a sec." Lelouch said cutting of his friends from congratulating their friend, before turning his attention to Naruto. "You said 'was interested?'" The black haired boy asked him with a raised eyebrow emphasizing the use of past tense. All those in the club room took a moment to think over the blonde shinobi's words and realized that Lelouch was right; turning their attention back to Naruto they waited for an explanation.

"That's right." Naruto said nodding his head in confirmation. "With Nina being afraid of Elevens there is no possible way for her to be able to work at Namikaze Corporation." The cerulean eyed blonde began, "When I first established the Namikaze Corporation I made sure that all my workers understood that they would be working besides both Britannian and Japanese, and treated equally. That means that for Nina to be able to have a job at Namikaze Corp. she would be comfortable working with the Japanese people, and I can't have her just working with Britannians because that would show favoritism." He explained, as looked around he noticed that they all understood what he was saying, but he also saw the look of sadness that Nina was expressing at the fact she had inadvertently cost herself the chance at working at such a prosperous company, "That being said." Naruto continued, "There is still a chance for you to work at Namikaze Corp. all you have to do is work passed your fears Nina." He finished giving the black haired girl a small kind smile.

Nina nodded her head, as she tried to return Naruto's smile with one of her own, but she was still feeling a bit uneasy in the presence of the blonde.

"I'll have to go now." Naruto told everyone, "There are some things that I'll need to take care of personally." He finished getting Kyu to leave her perch on Nunnally's lap and jump onto his shoulder, with a few goodbyes Naruto exited the club room.

The next day the most noteworthy thing that happened was when all the students were called into the auditorium for a memorial ceremony in honor of the Third Prince. After the memorial ceremony Naruto didn't stay long, with all classes canceled for the day. Instead he returned back to the Namikaze Corporation and continued working on his planned reconstruction of Shinjuku, so far the Purebloods hadn't been able to gain enough of a foothold in the government to stop him, but unless something happened they would soon have enough power backing them up to impede everything that Naruto was trying to accomplish.

Something else that he had to think about was procession of Suzaku Kururugi. He recognized the brown haired boy as the one who had been with Lelouch when they were underground. Naruto didn't know all of the facts, but from the way that Suzaku had acted the other day he doubted that it was him who killed Clovis, and was instead being used by Jeremiah as a scapegoat in order to further his own objectives. It made sense in a way if Jeremiah showed an Honorary Britannian as the one responsible for Clovis' death then it would discourage the idea of granting any other Elevens the title of Honorary Britannian.

'It looks like I will be making my second appeareance tonight.' Naruto thought to himself an amused smile on his face.

'Should I have Kyuubi prepared for use?' Amami asked, back in her human form, as she lay on the couch in Naruto's office reading a book having listened in on Naruto's thoughts. (AN: I've decided at this point that whenever Amami is in her human form I'll just refer to her like this and Kyu when she is in her fox form.)

"No," Naruto answered out loud, as he stood up from his desk and made his way toward the elevator in his office. "Because of the path the procession is taking Kyuubi would be spotted before it even reached me and be attacked. I should probably create a seal that will allow for the storage or instant transportation of Kyuubi at some point." Naruto mused thinking out loud at the end. "But for now I'll go alone." He finished

"Alright then, I'll be sure to keep my eyes one the news for you." Amami said never once looking up from the book she was reading.

Hours later Lelouch was waiting for big unveiling to all of Area 11, so far everything had gone exactly like he planned. He was just seconds away from the transport carrier that held Suzaku, which was being surrounded a few Sutherlands while a number of Britannians watched the supposed murderer of Prince Clovis was taken by, all of being led by Margrave Jeremiah. He had been able to convince the terrorists, which included Kallen, to follow him if he made the impossible happen, as a demonstration of his power.

Of course there was still something that confused the former Britannian Prince. It was something that Kallen had said when they had met earlier.

Flashback Earlier That Day

Lelouch was standing across from four members of the resistance, which had come like he knew they would, in a disguise that he had specially crafted for himself. Their close victory over Britannia in Shinjuku made the rebels desperate to believe that they actually stood a chance of winning if they followed his command. Of course they were skeptical that he could actually do anything and that is why he promised to demonstrate what he is capable of, and at the same time he would be able to save Suzaku. Lelouch was eventually brought out of his thoughts by sound of Kallen's voice.

"You won't show us your face then at the least tell us if you have anything to do with the other guy." Kallen demanded.

'What?' Lelouch thought surprised, but outwardly he kept a calm façade. "I have no idea what you're talking about." Lelouch replied as calmly as possible.

"Don't mess with us!" Kallen shouted angrily, "Do you honestly expect us to believe that the both of you showed up one right after the other, on the same day and then expect that it was just a coincidence!" The redhead continued, "That guy with the fox mask does something that should be impossible and you tell us with your power you're going to do the same thing."

"What the hell is she talking about? What guy?" Lelouch nearly snarled mentally, as he was getting tired of the girls accusations, it was obvious that something had happened yesterday that he wasn't aware of. "I am being completely honest with you when I tell you that I have no knowledge of what you're talking about. As far as I knew your group and I were the only ones fighting against the Britannians the other day, but now I look forward to meeting this person." Lelouch told them his voice still even.

End Flashback

While it was true that Lelouch was curious about whom the other masked person was he was also frustrated with the idea that there was someone going around that posed a potential problem to his plans for Britannia. He also wanted to know what the person with the fox masked did that was impossible, as Kallen failed to clarify what exactly it was he did. 'Could he possess the same power as I do?' Lelouch wondered not liking the idea even more. He was going to have to either convince this guy to work for him or find some way to make sure he doesn't become a potential threat. 'That is going have to wait for now.' The black haired student thought, as he felt the car come to a stop.

"You dare desecrate his Highness's transport!" Jeremiah shouted, "Come out of there!" He ordered from his perch on his Sutherland right in front of the carrier that Suzaku was being displayed on for everyone to see, with two more at the transport carrier's side and a final one coming up behind it.

Across from his was an exact replica of Prince Clovis' car being driven by a disguised Kallen. The Britannian flag, that was on the royal transport ignited, and turned to ash revealing a masked individual waiting behind it. The figure wore a black cape that wrapped around his body that was outlined in gold and the underside was red. He wore a mask on top of his head, which acted more like a helmet, keeping his entire head hidden from view. The faceplate was blank with what looked like a bird in flight on the bottom half of the mask. Under the cape Lelouch wore a dark purple suit that was also had gold accents, and a white ascot around his neck.

"I am Zero!" Lelouch announced out loud for everyone to hear.

Whispers instantly broke out, as everyone was trying to make sense of the nights sudden developments. Questions were being asked about the identity of the masked figure and whether he was a terrorist or not. The last thing anyone expected to hear though was clapping that could be heard by everyone in attendance.

"My, oh my," Naruto began already in his disguise, as he clapped his hands one final time. Standing on the transport carrier was Naruto with his back to Suzaku and the two Britannian soldiers that were guarding him. "That was quite the entrance Zero." He remarked amusedly. Everyone's attention was instantly switched from Zero to the figure that stood calmly in front of the supposed killer of Prince Clovis. The masses once again began whispering as they all wondered who the new person was and how he was there when no one saw him second ago.


"Don't move!"

The two Britannian soldiers that stood guard of Suzaku shouted, as they aimed their guns at Naruto's back not that the mask wearing blonde seemed to care.

Zero stared at the other mask wearing individual and figured from the fox mask that the person was wearing that he was the one that Kallen was talking about earlier, but before he could do anything to confirm his thoughts Jeremiah spoke up.

"You!" Jeremiah snarled, as he spun around to stare at the person behind him and pointed the gun in his hand straight at him. Before everyone's eyes Naruto disappeared only to reappear only a second later standing on the bridge in front of Jeremiah's Knightmare with his back to him.

"Now, now there is no need for that." Naruto said in a tone an adult would use when speaking to an unruly child. Everyone had looks of shock on their faces as they watched fox mask wearing teen literally disappear before reappearing a short distance away like he teleported from one location to the other as if by magic.

In another part of what once was Japan the other members of the resistance group were watching the proceedings carefully both in concern for their two friends and comrades that were there and to witness the power that Zero said he possessed. They watched in anticipation and worry as Zero revealed himself to the world only to be shocked beyond anything they could have expected when they saw the mask wearing blonde suddenly appear out of thin air.

"It's that guy again." Tamaki said still a bit angry about that hot head comment the blonde made about him.

"You sound like you didn't expect him to be there, Tamaki." A voice from behind the gathered resistance members spoke up. Turning around they saw all saw Nagata standing behind him with his arm in a makeshift sling.

"Nagata why are you up? You should be resting." A female resistance member with long dark blue hair said in concern.

"What and miss this? Not a chance." Nagata replied with a small grin on his face, as he took a seat at the table the resistance members had in the room, and with that they all returned to watching the live broadcast.

Kallen smiled faintly once she laid eyes on the teen that saved her a couple of times the last time they had met. Since this whole thing started she had been trembling slightly, afraid of being discovered by the military and shot down without any way that she could protect herself. But once she saw the mask wearing blonde she felt herself become calmer, as a sense of safety washed over her. 'Thank goodness.' Kallen thought grateful that there was someone there she knew could keep them safe if the need arose.

"Just what the hell are you!?" Jeremiah demanded.

Naruto stared at the turquoise haired man from over his shoulder his eyes expressing how unconcerned he was with the few guns he had pointed at him. "I was hoping to keep my identity quite for a bit longer, but I guess I will have to do it now." Naruto said shrugging his shoulders uncaringly. "I am a shinobi, and you can call me Kurama!" Naruto stated loud enough to make sure that everyone heard.

"Well then Kurama I hope you are ready to die!" Jeremiah said before pointing his gun to the sky and firing a single shot. That seemed to a signal because as soon as the bullet was fired another four Sutherlands were released from the planes that carried them, all four of them surrounding Naruto their guns trained on his unmoving form. "All units open fire now!" The Pureblood Britannian shouted.

"Watch out!" Kallen cried out in worry even though she knew it was pointless.

Lelouch, hearing his redheaded classmate scream out in concern, just confirmed his thoughts that this guy was definitely the one she had mentioned earlier. In his mind Zero was silently cursing the blonde because of how Kurama had unintentionally and unknowingly interfered with his plans to free Suzaku. He was also astonished with the speed that the blonde shinobi possessed, as it exceeded anything he had ever seen before, and if he was truthful with himself Lelouch would admit that he was sort of jealous of the cerulean teen's physical abilities.

Before anyone could register what had happened Naruto was holding Akashini in his hands, as he started to deflect all the bullets that were fired at him, swinging his blade at nearly impossible speeds becoming almost a blur. 'I'll have to remember to thank Tsunade for telling me about Hinata's variation of the Kaiten.' Naruto thought as he channeled chakra into his arm and his mother's blade creating a thin line of chakra to extend from the blade. 'Although I don't possess Hinata's natural flexibility to perform her jutsu, by using Akashini as a medium I can work through that problem.' The former Konoha shinobi thought to himself'.

When the Sutherlands eventually stopped firing Naruto broke the cycle he created with a final slash of his blade to the side, all the bullets that were fired at him falling down around him. (AN: It's best to compare it to what Ichigo does in bankai in his fight against Byakuya.)

'Impossible!' Zero thought his eyes widening beneath his mask, 'He defected…'

"All of them." Kallen mumbled unknowingly finishing Zero's sentence.

Everyone was once more staring at the blonde with wide eyes and their mouths hanging open completely stupefied by what they had just witnessed.

Turning around Naruto pointed his sword at the stunned Jeremiah. "What is with that look? This will be the third time I've said it in front of you, but you shouldn't underestimate what I can do." He told the stunned Pureblood with a smirk on his face.

"Why you." Jeremiah growled glaring at the smirking blonde heatedly.

That was it Zero couldn't wait anymore he had to intervene and try to get his plan back on track. Lifting his hand up in the air he snapped his fingers, drawing everyone's attention back on to him, and causing the back of Clovis' car to fall open revealing a dark red colored canister, the same one the green haired girl had come out of back in Shinjuku.

"What in the…?" Jeremiah muttered.

"Jeremiah be careful he's got the…!" The silver haired woman named Villetta shouted out in warning.

'Yes Jeremiah,' Lelouch thought a smile appearing on his face, 'You never saw inside this thing so you assume it hold poison gas.' He paused glancing down at Kurama who was staring at the canister. 'As for Kurama, you don't even have an idea of what this thing contains, but if the army is hesitant to do anything than you won't risk doing anything either.' He finished almost smugly believing that he had been able to outsmart someone he wasn't even prepared for. Of course he didn't know that Naruto was aware of his bluff and the fact that the canister didn't contain poison gas and was just letting this proceed for the fun of it.

"You bastard," The turquoise haired Sutherland pilot said darkly. "He's taken every Britannian here hostage, and he's done it without them even knowing it." He said more to himself than to anyone else. In an act of desperation Jeremiah pointed his gun at Zero threatening to fire.

The next few minutes were filled with tension, as the public tried to understand the importance of the canister. Jeremiah eventually realized that he couldn't risk firing at Zero without the masked figure detonating the canister, or accidently missing and hitting the poison gas container itself. Finally the Pureblood Britannian asked for Zero's demands which his reply was the release of Suzaku. When Jeremiah pointed out the fact that Kururugi was charged with killing the Third Prince of Britannia, Zero told him that, that was a lie.

"No you are mistaken Jeremiah he's no murderer." Zero stated calmly. "The man who killed Clovis was myself!" He declared announcing his deed to all of Area 11 the news shocking everyone and rendering them speechless for a moment, well almost everyone.

"Ah, so you're the one responsible for Clovis' murder." Kurama said a hint of amusement in his voice. Zero stiffened noticeably before spinning around to stare at where the voice came from, but still kept Jeremiah in his sights, his cape flaring up as he did so, only to find the blonde fox sitting comfortably on top of the canister. "Tell me what you have achieved by killing Prince Clovis and then announcing it to the world. Wouldn't it have been better if the world didn't know of your existence, Zero?" The fox mask wearing blonde questioned his counterpart.

"I did it for justice!" Zero retorted, "Justice against Clovis for all those he has wronged. For Suzaku Kururugi who would be punished for a crime he did not commit, but no one would listen to." Making a grand gesture with his hands at the end before continuing, "And you Kurama will you join me and fight for justice against Britannia?" The cape wearing teen offered holding his hand out to the cloak wearing one.

"Justice," Naruto mused. "Justice is such a fickle thing don't you think. You say you fight for justice, but only what you perceive justice to be. I've known men who have killed hundreds and rationalized their actions by saying that it was in the name of justice." The blonde shinobi finished.

"Then Kurama, why do you fight?" Lelouch challenged.

"To protect," Kurama stated resolutely. "I fight to protect that which I consider precious. So I will fight for this city, for this country, for my home and the people in it. It doesn't matter to me if they are Japanese or Britannian I will protect them to the best of my ability." He finished standing on top of the canister perfectly balanced his cloak moving slightly in the low wind.

"Enough of this!" Jeremiah shouted angrily causing Zero to focus his entire attention on him, "You two will pay the price for mocking the crown!" The four Knightmare Frames that were surrounding Naruto before moved so they now circled the replica of Clovis' car their guns ready to fire at a moment's notice.

"We are so screwed." Kallen muttered from her seat in the car, as she began to tremble again.

"Hey," Kurama said appearing in the seat beside her. "Don't worry about it I promise to protect you should anything happen." He told her reassuringly. Kallen stared at him for a second before nodding her head, her trembling lessening until it stopped completely, the blonde's promise doing more to calm her than anything Zero said he could accomplish.

"Careful you don't want the public to know about Orange, do you?" Zero questioned.

"Okay I officially hate this guy now." Naruto murmured quietly, when Kallen looked at him questioningly he explained. "Orange is my favorite color and Zero just made it a bad thing." He muttered crossing his arms under his chest while Kallen shook her head in mild amusement.

Tapping his foot on the roof of the car, Kallen slowly drove the car further, as Lelouch continued his preplanned speech. "If I die then it will all go public. If you don't want that to happen you will do everything in your power to let us go, your prisoner as well." Lelouch ordered activating his Geass, as a part of his mask slid back to reveal his left eye.

Naruto felt a spike of energy the moment that Lelouch gave his order and recognized it as the same kind he felt the other day, giving support to the idea that Zero was Lelouch. Focusing his sensing abilities he tracked it coming from Zero and felt it influence Jeremiah. Sensing how the power was working felt it was better to compare it to the Yamanaka clan's mind techniques. Whatever it was that Zero did it seemed to working, as Naruto noticed that Jeremiah started ordering for Suzaku's release much to the protest of the other Purebloods.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that one of the Sutherlands was getting ready to fire. Disappearing in a burst of speed he reappeared, sword drawn, in front of the Knightmare Frame with one slash he deflected the bullet that the Knightmare had fired right back at it destroying its hand. Charging at it at nearly impossible speeds Naruto cut through its legs making it crash down on the ground. The other three Sutherlands seeing their comrade out of commission opened fire on Kurama. Jumping into the air the blonde shinobi evaded the barrage before falling down towards the nearest Sutherland and sliced one of its arms off. Spinning himself around Naruto slammed a Rasengan to one of the Knigtmare's legs completely destroying it, much to the shock of the crowd that could see what he did.

A third Sutherland fired its Slash Harkens at the former Jinchuuriki, but Naruto side stepped them both easily. Grabbing onto one of the Slash Harkens Naruto was pulled along with it once it was retracted, sealing his mother's blade in a storage seal he had on his body specifically made for it, he formed a Rasengan in his now free hand. The Sutherland pilot seeing Kurama approaching him with the spiraling ball of destruction in his hand aimed directly for his Knightmare's torso. He had seen what that ball of light had done to the other Knightmare Frame and wasn't willing to suffer the same fate as it by coming in personal contact with it. Decision made the pilot hit the ejection button just as the Rasengan came in contact with the purple Knigtmare's chest.

The fourth Sutherland seeing the last of its comrades, which fell with it from the planes that carried them when Jeremiah signaled, opened fire on the shinobi in an effort to avenge its fallen comrades. Only to watch astounded as the cerulean eyed boy kicked off the remains of the Sutherland it was on and twist himself around midair, unsealing Akashini along the way, before channeling his Wind chakra into the blade extending the reach of the blade, and started to slice into the fourth Knightmare Frame. When Naruto stopped cutting into the machine all that remained of the Sutherland, that hadn't been turned into scrap metal, was the cockpit with the pilot wetting himself inside out of fear.

"Ladies and gentlemen," One of the TV announcers began, "If you are watching this not only has the mysterious figure Zero, the apparent murderer of our dear Prince Clovis, negotiated the release of Suzaku Kururugi, but the other masked figure, Kurama, has decimated four military Knightmare Frames in seconds. Just who are these people?!"

Landing back on the ground Naruto turned his attention towards the others and noticed that Jeremiah had taken care of one of Sutherlands and was in the process of dealing with the other, the last Knightmare Frame piloted Sutherland refused to move from where it stood after witnessing what happened to its comrades.

"This way hurry!" Kallen urged, rushing past him after Zero who had Suzaku in hand, as they jumped off the bridge. Naruto looked around before shrugging his shoulders, figuring that he might as well, and followed after them.

Later the members of resistance group were inside an abandoned building discussing the night's events. Tamaki was still refusing to trust Zero arguing that there was no way that what happened could ever work a second time.

"Got to give them some credit though," Ohgi began a far off look in his eyes as he remembered everything that happened, "Got to admit nobody else could have pulled that off not the Japanese Liberation Front and certainly not me. We always thought that a full out war with Britannia wasn't a possibility at all, but maybe with him and Kurama it is. After all it's not every day that a guy destroys four Sutherlands in less than 10 seconds." He finished.

In another part of the abandoned building Zero and Suzaku were talking to one another, as Zero tried to convince Suzaku to join him, while Naruto watched on silently sitting down on a flat surface not too far away with one of his legs crossed.

"This nation it can be changed for the better, and from within." Suzaku declared, as he stared up at Zero. "And any ends gained through contemptible means aren't worth anything."

"You are quite the honorable person, aren't you Suzaku Kururugi?" Kurama asked drawing the messy brown haired teen's attention. "You are willing to believe that Britannia no matter how corrupt can still be saved." The mask wearing blonde pointed out.

"That's right." Suzaku replied evenly, "I have faith in the system, that change can be achieved without the need to wage wars or having to kill anyone, so no more lives are lost. I might not be able to free Japan from Britannia rule, but I will make sure that its people are free."

"How interesting," Kurama commented, as he picked himself up and brushing off some imaginary dirt, "Three different individuals that have similar goals to one another, but with different ways of trying to obtain that goal, changing Japan from what it is right now."

"Seems that way," Suzaku stated as he began to walk away.

"Wait, where are you going?" Zero demanded.

"My court martial begins in an hour." The brown haired Honorary Britannian replied.

Zero clenched his fist angrily. "Are you mad the only reason they are giving you a trial is to find you guilty, the judge, the prosecution, and defense!" He shouted at Suzaku's retreating back.

"Rules are Rules." Suzaku said without turning back to face Zero. "And if I don't go they'll start cracking down on Elevens…and Honorary Britannians."

"But you'll die!" Zero argued.

"I don't mind." The green eyed boy said.

"Tell me Suzaku what do you think would have happened if tonight's proceedings had gone like they were supposed to?" Kurama asked him confusing Suzaku and stopping him in his tracks.

"What do you mean?" Suzaku replied confused.

"If Zero had not interfered like he did then Jeremiah would have most likely used the crimes against you to push forward his own ideas and make things worse for all the Japanese. Your death would have signaled the start of the end of any hope the Japanese had of obtaining any sort of freedom or peace, and all you sacrificed, all you wished to accomplish, would have been for nothing." The blonde explained.

Suzaku looked down at the ground as he registered the sapphire eyed teen's words before looking back at Zero. "If that is the case then I guess I should thank you for saving my life, so thank you. But that doesn't change my opinion or my decision I'll go back and stand in court, and if I'm proven innocent then I'll do whatever I can to make sure that Britannia does change from the inside." He declared determinedly then continued his journey back to the settlement.

"Very well, but before you leave let me give you some advice. Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash. There might come a point someday day when you will be forced to make a choice between the two of them." Naruto told him getting a nod of acknowledge from Suzaku showing that he did listen to what Naruto said.

"Don't be an idiot!" Zero shouted one last time at Suzaku.

"You know an old friend of mine always used to tell me that." Suzaku said not stopping, "He said I was a fool. It's my weakness I guess." He finished.

With Suzaku gone and things settling down now that everything was over Naruto decided it was the best time to leave. Lelouch barely registered Naruto's leaving, as he watched Suzaku walk back to the settlement, a scowl appearing on his face as he watched his friend walked away. Things hadn't gone exactly like he had expected tonight, not at all.

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