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Chapter 4



That was the best way to describe the couple of days after Kurama and Zero's revealed themselves to all of Area 11. All the general public would talk about for those two days was about the two masked figures, what they had done, and who could possibly be under those masks. Another important piece of information circulating around was the rumor that the Second Princess of Britannia, Cornelia Li Britannia, was on her way to Area 11 to become its Viceroy and discover the identity of Zero and Kurama. But personally she was more interested in capturing Zero for murdering her half-brother, Clovis.

Naruto finished signing some papers on his desk, while the T.V. in his office once more played the news of the procession before switching to show two pictures of Zero and himself in his Kurama disguise, as the reporter once more questioned the identity of the two mask wearing individuals and warned the public about how dangerous they were. Along with their pictures was a quick list of crimes the two were accused of Zero the murder of Third Prince Clovis and helping Suzaku escape, while Kurama was being charged with obstructing the military and aiding and abetting Zero in his plans of escape.

"Well you sure made a spectacular appeareance." Amami commented almost uncaringly from her place on the couch. "Right now everyone is trying to figure out who is the bigger threat between Zero and Kurama. Zero, the one responsible for Clovis' murder, or you, Kurama, the one some are calling superhuman because of what you did on the bridge." She finished just as the news changed to a video feed showing Kurama deflecting all the bullets from the Sutherlands and moving around, only they were showing it in super slow motion so everyone could see, though they still hadn't come up with anything that helped explain his Rasengan. "So any particular reason you're skipping school, after one day." She said more than asked in an accusing tone.

"First of all I'm not skipping I called the school to let them know I wouldn't be going today." The blonde shinobi began.

"And just because you called it means that you're not skipping?" Amami asked skeptically with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course it does." Naruto said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "As to the reason I'm not going to school today it's because today the reconstruction of Shinjuku officially begins, and I want to oversee it personally." He told her finishing signing the last of the paperwork, for now, and stretched his arms above his head before taking a look at a nearby clock. "In fact we should probably get going now." The sapphire eyed Knightmare pilot finished standing up and making his out of his office.

"'We'?" Amami questioned.

Looking over his shoulder at her, "Well you can either come with me or stay cooped up in here all day." Naruto said before facing forward again.

Amami only thought about it for a second before shifting into Kyu disguise and followed after her former Jinchuuriki grumbling a few unintelligible words as she followed behind him.

At Ashford Academy Lelouch was being forced to entertain an unwanted guest. When the black haired teen had arrived home last night he was surprised to find the girl from Shinjuku, the same girl who gave him his Geass and who he saw take a bullet to the head, in his home who called herself C.C., sitting at the table beside his sister. Now they were in his room discussing the events of the other night and his plans for the future when a certain question came to mind that he desperately wanted the answer to.

"C.C.," Lelouch said drawing the green haired girl's attention.

"What is it?" C.C. replied without looking up from the magazines that were spread out on the bed, as she ate a slice of pizza.

"Have you given anyone else the power of Geass?" He questioned her seriously.

The question caught C.C. by surprise, out of all the questions that she imagined he would ask her that was one of the last ones. Looking over at the violet eyed boy, C.C. made sure to keep face as neutral as possible so he couldn't see how surprised by his question she was, or the uneasiness that the question managed to generate, "Why?" She asked him instead keeping her tone of voice apathetic.

"Kurama," Lelouch began a little pissed off that she didn't just answer his question, but considered it better than her just refusing to answer at all, like she had done with some of his other questions. "He was able to do things last night that should be impossible for anyone else. The only way I can rationalize his abilities is if he somehow also possessed Geass and if that's true then he most likely obtained it from you, which means you are my best bet in figuring out his true identity and what other abilities his Geass grants him." Lelouch concluded, starring at the immortal witch expectantly.

C.C. let out a mental sigh of relief; there were some things that Lelouch wasn't ready to learn about just yet. "Oh, that's why." She eventually said evenly, turning a page in one of the magazines to show a picture of the kitsune mask wearing individual that they were talking about. "Well if it makes you feel any better, then no I didn't give Kurama Geass." C.C. answered making sure to choose her words carefully.

"Not really." Lelouch answered honestly. If C.C. didn't give Kurama his abilities then there were only two other likely possibilities, either Kurama was naturally that fast, and who knew what else, or there was someone else out there who had given him Geass. Neither of the possibilities were pleasant ideas but one was definitely better than the other. "Could someone else have given him Geass?" He asked her.

C.C. was quite for a second as she decided if she should answer him or not, "No." She finally said, before turning her attention back to the magazines and ignoring Lelouch completely and enjoying her delicious slice of extra cheese pizza. Seeing that his unwanted guest wasn't about to answer any more of the questions he had Lelouch turned his own attention back to his computer, as he searched for any information available to the public about the events of the other night, more specifically what happened to Suzaku after he went back to his court marital.

Arriving at the site of the reconstruction Naruto got off his bike, doing his best to ignore Kyu screaming in his head about his reckless driving, the blonde haired shinobi took a moment to look at the many destroyed buildings of the once proud city that had been left in ruin because of the war and again because of the massacre that happened there a few days ago. With a final look towards the destroyed Tokyo Metropolitan Government building he made his way to where a group of people had gathered waiting for him. Moving to stand in front of everyone he got everyone's attention, taking a closer look at those who had gathered Naruto wasn't surprised to see that all those who volunteered to help rebuild Shinjuku were Japanese.

"Aright before we get started I want to make a few things clear." Naruto began speaking loud enough for everyone to hear. "As of this moment you are all employees of Namikaze Corp. which means that you will all be expected to follow the general procedures for any Namikaze employee." Naruto then went on to explain everything else that would be expected of them while they worked to restore Shinjuku, and what benefits they would have available while the reconstruction was happening. He also assured them that professional construction companies would be hired to deal with anything that was too big or heavy for them to do on their own, but that the first few days would be dealing with removing debris and burying the bodies of those who were killed and still needed to be buried. "Now any questions?" He finished.

"Yeah I have a question!" A voice shouted from the crowd. Turning toward the source of the voice Naruto found a short cut brown haired man with a red bandanna around his head, who Naruto recognized as Tamaki, with the other members of the small resistance surrounding him, all of them with exasperated looks on their faces, "Why the hell are we listening to a snot nose brat like you?! We are supposed to believe that the head of this stupid company wants to help us and then sends a kid instead of coming himself; he's obviously making fun of us! How do we know that he's not lying to us and is just going to take what little we have when were done fixing everything?!" Tamaki argued heatedly.

"That's enough Tamaki." Ohgi muttered reproachfully to his friend, especially since he recognized the teen's features as the ones Kallen told him about a few days earlier and was nearly 100% sure about the blonde's identity.

Naruto just smiled in amusement before saying something he was sure was going to infuriate the dark brown haired man, "You're quite the hothead aren't you." Naruto said making it sound more like a statement than an actual question, as he used the same words he used to describe the man the first time he met him. By the look on Tamaki's face Naruto's statement got the desired results as the short tempered Japanese man remembered the last person who said the same thing to him, while his group of friends chuckled to themselves in the back ground.

"Why you…" Tamaki growled glaring at whiskered teen.

"Anyway, I probably should have introduced myself from the beginning." The blonde shinobi said interrupting the older man and speaking to the crowd, "I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and as our friend so elegantly put it, the head of this stupid company. As to his second question, well I could talk about all the things that Namikaze Corp. has done in order to improve living conditions for the Japanese, but at the end of the day you're just going to have to trust me and believe that I only want to help you all." He paused for a second as he stared at everyone. "I want to make one thing perfectly clear though, I am not forcing anyone to work for me and no matter what I will rebuild Shinjuku. If any of you feel you can't trust me enough then you are free to leave." When no one made a move to leave a smile spread across Naruto's face. "Alright then let's get started. Today we will start working on this area right here." Naruto finished pointing at an area map of Shinjuku that he had set up, as he took off his black cargo jacket revealing his orange shirt and placing it down on one of the nearby tables he had set up, and picked up some of the nearby tools.

"Um, what are you doing?" Ohgi questioned the sapphire eyed pilot curiously.

"You didn't think that I was just going to sit back and watch you all work, did you?" Naruto asked with an amused expression on his face already knowing that, that was exactly what Ohgi and everyone else was thinking.

A few minutes later Naruto had noticed that one of the resistance members, the one that he had saved, Nagata was having a bit of trouble clearing some of debris most likely because his injury was still bothering him, even if it was only a little. Coming up with an idea Naruto got the black haired man's attention.

"Are you alright?" Naruto asked him in order to start a conversation.

"Uh, yeah," Nagata answered uncertainly a bit uncomfortable with the idea that someone that was about 10 years younger than him was his boss; he didn't have a problem with it he just found it a bit strange. "My shoulder is just a bit sore." He stated his friends moving in closer wondering what was going on.

"It seems that it's giving you a bit of trouble." Naruto pointed out, "It would probably be best if you didn't strain yourself." The blonde fox Knightmare pilot said.

"So what are you going to do? Force him to leave." Tamaki growled out while the others reprimanded him for his tone.

"No nothing like that." Naruto replied surprising them a bit with a wave of his hand. "I think it would be better if your friend became my assistant here."

"Assistant?" Nagata questioned astonished.

"Yeah, as much as I'd like to be here all day every day to help out, I do have other things that I need to do. When that happens someone needs to be here in charge making sure that everything is going smoothly. I think it would be best if it was someone they could trust." The sapphire eyed teen clarified his reasoning.

"Are you sure about this?" The long black haired man pressed.

"Are you trying to talk me out of it?" Naruto asked him back with a raised eyebrow.

"No it's just, what is it that I would have to do?" Nagata asked him.

"Nothing difficult," Naruto reassured him before going into an explanation and moving toward one of the tables that held some papers. "For the most part you'll be watching over everyone here and directing them. Making sure there are enough supplies and everyone is doing their job, breaks are of course allowed as long as no one abuses their right. Besides that you will also have some paperwork that will be needed done, but don't worry it won't be anything difficult and I'll help explain everything." The blonde former Konoha shinobi said pointing out some of the papers that Nagata would need to complete. "And of course you will be paid more for the extra responsibilities." He added in at the end.

Nagata thought it over for a second but couldn't see a reason not to agree to Naruto's offer. "Alright I'll do it." Nagata said with a smile.

"Good." Naruto replied, "There is only one thing I need to know before you can get started."

"What's that?" Nagata asked.

"Well I really should learn the name of my assistant for this project." Naruto said with a smirk spreading across his face.

"My name is Nagata, Nagata Takeshi." He answered holding out his hand, while his friends silently cheered for their friend.

"Nice to meet you Nagata Takeshi I'm going to be counting to you." The cerulean eyed shinobi replied with his fox like grin, as he shook his new assistant's hand.

The sun was starting to set on one of the most… interesting days that Suzaku had ever had. His day started with him being cleared of all charges in the murder of Prince Clovis, of course after Zero's announcement the result was obvious. But his interesting day didn't start until shortly after when he met a girl, now this wasn't the normal going out and meeting someone in a socially acceptable place or maybe running into each other like what happened in an anime and magna. Instead he met the girl, Euphie as he came to learn she was called, when she jumped out the window of a building, now that he thought about it he guessed that was the sort of thing one would expect from an anime/manga.

Euphie had long light pink hair that was styled elegantly around her face with a couple of buns on each side of her head that fell down to her waist, a couple long strands of hair that twisted at the tips, and a few bangs falling around the right side of her face. She had violet-blue eyes and soft cream colored skin. She wore a long white sleeved shirt that helped emphasize the size of her breasts with the bottom half being a light green color, and a long orange skirt. Euphie also had on red heeled shoes and a red chocker around her neck. Her choice of clothes was simple yet they gave her this defined beauty that many girls would find hard to copy.

Since meeting Euphie he had escorted the pink haired girl to different places all over the Tokyo settlement and Suzaku could honestly say that it had been one of the most enjoyable days he's had in a long time, as a final request Euphie had asked him to take her to the Shinjuku Ghetto. He didn't understand her reasons for wanting to go, but he had already agreed to take her wherever she wanted to go and wasn't about to go back on his word. So that is how he found himself once more in Shinjuku Ghetto looking at the graves that were erected by the residents that managed to survive, using whatever they could savage as headstones, with Euphie standing beside him looking solemnly at the varies graves until a couple of voices broke the silence that had fallen over the two of them.

"Man they didn't use RG's on the Elevens, I figured they wouldn't."

"Hey look those are marks from hummer rounds get a clear shot of it."

"Say cheese."

Looking over they saw two Britannian students standing by a destroyed statue taking pictures of the destruction. What was alarming, and caused Suzaku to move in their direction, were the three Japanese men that had cornered the students and had knocked the camera down to the ground damaging it. The source of the commotion was Tamaki and two of his friends and fellow resistance members, Yoshitaka Minami, a man with short purple hair and wore glasses over his purple eyes, and Toru Yoshida who had slicked back brown hair that bushed out at the end. Tamaki was yelling at the two students to leave but they refused causing Tamaki to become angrier, when Suzaku rushed in to keep things from escalating further Tamaki told him to stay out it and swatted at him knocking the sunglasses Suzaku was wearing off.

Once he had a good look at him Tamaki couldn't help but ask, "Are you…Suzaku Kururugi?" He questioned him while Yoshida and Minami whispered loudly amongst themselves. "This guy is nothing more than a slave, big deal you're an Honorary Britannian nobody cares. You sold your pride, your people, your soul, yet you call yourself Japanese!" Tamaki shouted at the end with a scowl on his face.

No your wrong I-" Suzaku denied.

"I am not wrong!" The dark brown headed Japanese resistance member shouted cutting him off, as he threw a punch at the Honorary Britannian.

Before anyone knew what was happened someone caught Tamaki's arm in theirs and twisted it behind his back and forced the proud Japanese man down to his knees. Suzaku noticed that the person responsible was a blonde haired boy about his age with blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks and a frown on his face, as he looked down at the brown haired man and a small fox on his shoulder.

"That's enough," Naruto muttered his eyes shifting between Tamaki and the other two resistance members. "What exactly did you think you were doing?" The whiskered pilot asked no one in particular, before releasing his hold on Tamaki.

"It's U-Uzumaki." Suzaku heard one of the students stutter out making him wonder why they were suddenly so nervous.

"Well?" Naruto said expectantly.

"We were just on a break." Tamaki replied rubbing his shoulder soothingly.

"According to Nagata you guys went on break about 30 minutes ago," Naruto shot back causing Tamaki to silently curse his friend, "Not only that when I finally find you you're starting a fight."

"Well these guys-" Tamaki started only to be cut off.

"Are none of your concern." The cerulean eyed shinobi stated. "Now get back to the construction site before I reduce your pay for skipping out on work or fire you from Namikaze Corp.'s employment, all of you." Naruto finished turning his gaze to Yoshida and Minami making sure that his threat was for them too.

"You can't do that!" Tamaki argued.

"If you had read your contract you would know that I can." Naruto said back, "If you do anything that shows Namikaze Corp. in a bad light or are irresponsible I'm in the right to dismiss you, if you don't believe me you can check with Nagata he has some contracts in case anyone else volunteers. Like I said this is voluntary I can't stop you from working but that doesn't mean that I have to pay you if you prove to be a lousy employee." He concluded.

Tamaki growled at Naruto, but his friends managed to convince him to leave, but not before he spit in Suzaku's direction.

Naruto watched the three rebels leave before turning his attention to Suzaku and Euphie, who had appeared while Naruto was dealing with Tamaki. "Are you two alright?" Naruto asked them politely.

"We are fine thank you." Euphie replied with a bow, "And yourself? Oh, I'm Euphie by the way and this is Suzaku."

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, it's nice to meet the both of you, and I'm fine." Naruto answered the pink haired girl with a smile on his face. "And this is Kyu." Naruto said gesturing to the crimson furred fox on his shoulder.

"Oh she is simply adorable." Euphie stated lifting the small vixen off of Naruto's shoulder, with his permission, and preceded to smoother the kitsune against her chest.

'Oh my,' Kyu thought over her and Naruto's mental link. 'This girl sure has a nice pair on her, not a bad size and they seem so soft.' She remarked.

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise, though neither Suzaku nor Euphie noticed his reaction, 'W-what the hell Amami!' Naruto shouted over their link, as a small blush bloomed across his face. 'What are you saying?!'

'Oh relax would you it's just an observation.' Kyu thought back amusedly, 'There's no need for you to be so embarrassed.' The small one-tailed vixen stated.

'Whatever,' Naruto grumbled.

'Or could it be that you're jealous of the fact that I get to feel them.' Kyu said and Naruto just knew that had she been in her human form a huge fox like grin would have been on her face similar to his own.

O-of course not,' Naruto replied his blush only getting a bit darker.

'Oh,' Kyu mused, 'What if it was Kallen?' She asked him enjoying the way he immediately reacted to the name, as she watched his face burn red and his eyes widen further. 'You know Kallen's chest is actually a bit bigger than this girl's.'

'S-shut up!' Naruto stuttered completely flustered now, as an image of Kallen came to mind in the outfit he had first seen her in. That outfit left little to the imagination while highlighting all her womanly curves at the same time.

'What is it about redheads' that drives you Namikaze men crazy?' Kyu wondered.

'I have no idea of what you're talking about.' Naruto denied.

'Right,' Kyu said disbelievingly.

"Well I'm not okay." One of the Britannian students who had a bandana on his head said, drawing Naruto out of his conversation with Amami, as he held up his busted camera.

"Why did you just let them go like that Uzumaki, from the rumors going around at school you should have been able to beat the crap out of those Elevens!" The other student demanded.

"What I want to know is what you two are doing here." Naruto said more than asked, his flushed face back under control, as he fixed his gaze on the two of them. "While the area isn't restricted all civilians should have already been advised of the fact that reconstruction would be going on, so they should remain clear of the area unless absolutely necessary."

"That's none of your business Uzumaki." The bandanna wearing student said.

"If your presence here causes trouble for Namikaze Corp. then it is my business." The shinobi pilot answered.

Instead of answering him the two students turned their ire to Suzaku. "And why didn't you do anything. Damn it some honorary citizen you are." The second student criticized.

"You should have killed them." The first student asserted, "What are a few dead Elevens to a guy like you? Who do you think is taking care of you all these years anyway?"


The silence that followed was because of Euphie slapping the bandanna wearing boy across his cheek, shocking everyone into inaction. "I'll not allow you to insult this man any longer you oaf." She said angrily as she glared at the Britannian student.

"Why you-"

"I think that you two should leave, now." Naruto intervened, as he glared at the two teens as well, "Unless you want to learn for yourselves whether those rumors from school are true or not." He threatened a miniscule amount of KI leaking out, but more than enough to scaring the two students shitless.

"Come on man let's just get out of here." The second Britannian student said with his friend quickly agreeing and leaving the area.

"Naruto can I ask you something?" Suzaku questioned curiously after a moment of silence.

"Sure." Naruto replied passively.

"You mentioned the Namikaze Corporation a couple of times. Can you really do all that stuff? I mean you have to be someone really important if you can really do what you said." Suzaku stated at the end.

"I'm going to have to set up an interview or something eventually for this." Naruto mused to himself before focusing his attention on Suzaku. "To answer your question yes I can, though I want to avoid it if I can. I'm the head of the Namikaze Corporation; my full name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

"Really that's incredible." Euphie said surprised. "Even back in the homeland the developments and advancements that the Namikaze Corporation have managed to achieve in the last few years are talked about by nearly everyone."

"Well it's not that big of a deal." Naruto replied sheepishly scratching the back of his head.

"What are you doing here?" The brown haired Japanese pilot asked him. "You mentioned reconstruction, but reconstruction of what?"

"Can't you guess?" The blonde shinobi asked, before a wide grin spread across his face and he spread his arms out wide, "The reconstruction of Shinjuku."

"You're going to rebuild, Shinjuku." Suzaku uttered in a shocked trance like state.

"Yup," Naruto said cheerfully. "But I don't plan making it an extension of the Settlement; I plan on restoring Shinjuku to what it was before the war."



"Why do this?" The white Knightmare pilot asked. "What reasons could you have for spending your time and resources for something no other Britannian cares about? Not that this is a bad thing or that I'm not happy that you're doing it, but I don't understand why."

"Do I need to have a reason?" Naruto mused out loud to no one in particular, before shifting his attention out to the surrounding landscape. "It was my Godfather's wish to see the world at peace; he gave his life trying to achieve that dream. Now I've inherited his dream and this is my first step in making it a reality."

"Do you really think you can bring about peace?" Suzaku asked.

Naruto nodded once, "Yes, but I know that I won't be able to do it by myself or anytime soon I'm not that arrogant or stupid, for every person that agrees with my ideals there will be at least 10 that will oppose me."

"So what will you do?" Euphie asked.

"For peace to be possible the cycle of hatred must first be destroyed, I've already started. The Namikaze Corporation is a symbol, a symbol of hope to the Japanese people that no matter how bad it is there is still the possibility that things will get better." Naruto began with a smile, "I hope that by restoring Shinjuku and giving the people back their lives before the war that some of the hatred they bear will disappear, even if only a little." He continued before turning to his fellow Knightmare pilot. "And you Suzaku do you think that peace is possible?"

"I don't know. It seems like such a foreign concept to me sometimes." The green eyed Japanese teen answered truthfully. "When I was 10 the world seemed like such a terribly sad place a world without any sort of hope. I'm not sure if peace is possible, I don't even know what it is I would do in order to try and achieve it, but I do know that if I don't try and do something than others will lose more of the people they love, and I don't want anyone else to suffer like I have." Suzaku said, clenching his fists at the end. "What you're trying to do is admirable Naruto, but like you said not everyone will agree with your methods, so I don't know if that is an actual answer."

'Not everyone will agree.' Naruto admitted to himself already knowing that this was true. 'But that is why Kurama exists to help convince people.' "I have a question for you Suzaku." Naruto said changing the topic.

"What is it?"

"Your name is Suzaku and your father's name is Genbu." The blonde shinobi pointed out, getting a nod out of the Honorary Britannian, "What I want to know is, and I'm sorry if this is a sensitive subject, if your mother's name was Byakko?" Naruto asked him curiously.

Suzaku nodded his head, as he smiled sheepishly; the question was one he got used to hearing when he was a kid. A lot of people thought it was either cute or funny about the theme that the Kururugi family had when it came to names.

"I don't understand what does Suzaku's mother's name have to do with anything?" Euphie asked confused, as her gaze shifted between the two teens.

"Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko, and Seiryu are the names of four guardians in Japanese mythology." Naruto explained drawing look of understanding from the pink haired blue-violet eyed girl. "The reason I asked was because I found it sort of interesting, and also kind of funny, to see if they were all named after one of the four."

"Yeah, you and a bunch of other people," Suzaku murmured quietly to himself.

Right after Suzaku finished saying that an explosion occurred nearby drawing the four's attention instantly to the column of smoke followed by the two people who drove up in a large transport truck, one a blue haired woman and the other a silver haired bespectacled man. Naruto learned that the woman was called Cecile when Suzaku ran up to them before offering to help gather data for something called the Lancelot, while saying his goodbyes to him and Euphie. Naruto didn't know what he was talking about until Suzaku came out of the back piloting the white Knightmare Frame that the blonde shinobi had battled in Shinjuku a few days ago.

'So the pilot of the mysterious white Knightmare, the Lancelot, is Suzaku, huh?' Naruto thought, watching the Lancelot blast off in the direction that the Purebloods were fighting. 'This is very interesting Zero, Suzaku, and I have similar goals and yet in the grand scheme of things we might turn out being our greatest rivals.' The former Jinchuuriki realized.

"Naruto I'm sorry." Euphie spoke up, getting Naruto's attention and handing Kyu back to him, "But I must do my part in order to stop this fighting." The pink haired girl explained before giving him a small bow and running off in the direction that the Lancelot had gone off in.

'So are we going as well?' Kyu asked her former warden over their mental link.

'Of course,' Naruto replied before taking off, easily outstripping Euphie, and arriving at the arena to watch the show from the shadows.

"Everyone lower your weapons at once! In my name I command you!" Euphie ordered a few minutes later, a commanding tone in her voice completely different from the kind and caring girl from before. "I am Euphemia Li Britannia of the Empire and the Third Princess of the Royal Family! I am assuming command here, now fall back!"

Off to the side Naruto let out a whistle at Euphie's true identity. "Oh wow, the Third Princess who would have thought." Naruto commented in slight awe.

"What surprised me was that you didn't jump in there the moment that the princess was in danger." Kyu said from her perch on the sapphire eyed pilot's shoulder.

"There wouldn't have been a point." Naruto replied evenly catching the look of sadness on Euphemia's face that everyone else seemed to miss when Suzaku kneeled in front of her. "Suzaku had already moved in to protect her. Kurama showing up would serve no meaning besides showing that he can't stay out of the spotlight; in fact Kurama making an appeareance could be perceived as a threat to Euphemia's safety. After all a sword wielding enigma that is known to have taken down Britannian military Knightmare Frames doesn't exactly inspire a sense of confidence and security with them." He reasoned.

"I suppose." Kyu relented.

"Let's go things seem to be winding down here." The Knightmare shinobi pilot decided before disappearing from the area.

That night Euphemia Li Britannia, Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, greeted her elder sister Cornelia Li Britannia, Second Princes of the Holy Britannian Empire and Viceroy of Area 11, Cornelia's first order the immediate capture of Zero.

The next day at Ashford Academy a new student stood at the front of the class introducing himself although everyone recognized him at once, even if for two of them it was for completely different reasons.

"I'll be joining the student body here at Ashford Academy beginning today my name is Suzaku Kururugi, it's a pleasure to meet you." Suzaku announced to the entire class.

"Well isn't this a surprise." Naruto muttered with a small smile just loud enough for Kallen to hear him and even she had to strain her hearing in order to do that. She stared at him for a moment wondering what he meant, but when it became obvious that he wasn't about to elaborate she turned her focus back to the front of the class.

It was an hour later during one of the class's breaks that the students started to talk amongst themselves. After the incident with Naruto a couple of days back they were more hesitant to make any sort of comment, but that hesitance had slowly faded away in the last hour. They tried to decide amongst themselves wondering what Suzaku, an Eleven, was doing there, his involvement in Clovis' murder, and the likelihood of him being a terrorist. The class's apprehension kept everyone from interacting with him, even three members of the Student Council were hesitant from approaching, Rivalz and Nina more so than Shirley.

Ignoring the rest of the class Naruto calmly walked up to Suzaku. "Hey there Suzaku," Naruto greeted the brown haired boy with a smile.

With wide eyes the Japanese teen looked up at the person who had said his name, "Naruto?" Suzaku said surprised to see the cerulean eyed teen from the other day. "What are you doing here?"

"Same as you," Naruto replied with a shrug. "I'm a student here."

Though Suzaku was happy to see that he knew more than one person in the school he couldn't help but flinch at what some of the other students were saying, and the things that they started to say about Naruto. "Naruto not that I'm not happy to see you, but do you really think it's a good idea to be talking to me?" Suzaku asked him uneasily, he could feel the stares that the other students in the classroom were giving the two.

Naruto dismissed Suzaku's concern with a wave of his hand, from that one sentence the blonde shinobi already figured that the green eyed pilot was the type of person who would selflessly sacrifice himself for the good of others, it was something sort of noble and rather stupid at times. "There's no need for that, I'm half-Britannian and half-Japanese Suzaku their opinion of me won't change just because I'm talking to you." Naruto reassured him. "So how did you get into the academy?"

"Euphie arranged for a proper investigation to be held and then she enrolled me in school saying that a 17 year old should be in school." Suzaku answered before catching something out the corner of his eye. Quickly standing up, "Excuse me Naruto there is something I need to do right now." Suzaku said before leaving the classroom. Naruto knew why Suzaku had suddenly left, with his training he was always aware of his surroundings, so he had seen how Lelouch had made his way out of the room stopping just long enough at the door to pull his collar before continuing. If Naruto's assumption was correct and the two teens really did know each other than it was most likely a secret signal between the two that they had come up with.

"Hey Naruto," Rivalz said as he walked up with the others, Kallen having joined them. "How do you know the new guy?" He asked.

"I met him yesterday near the construction site." Naruto answered him, offering the girls a smile that had them all blushing, one more than the other two.

"So everything is okay with that, with the Purebloods?" Shirley asked referring to what Naruto had told them in the club room.

"Yeah," The cerulean eyed shinobi replied. "After that incident with Zero the Purebloods lost a majority of the support that they had before. Plus they couldn't risk doing anything without everyone becoming suspicious that their opposition somehow involved Orange." Naruto finished just a bit of distaste entering his voice at the reminder of how his favorite color was used.

"What do you think about him, I mean the new transfer student? Do you think that he is dangerous?" Nina asked nervously wanting to know Naruto's opinion.

Naruto looked surprised for a second by the question before he thought about it. "Dangerous? No, not really, he seems like the type of guy who would put others ahead of himself even if it means that he will come out hurt in the end." The blonde shinobi said with his arms crossed over his chest before focusing his attention completely on glasses wearing girl. "Don't let what other people say about him bother you Nina I know that it might be a bit scary for you, but Suzaku honestly seems like a good guy. I don't expect you to just open up to him, but at least get to know what kind of person he is before forming an opinion of him." Naruto stated doing his best to reassure the shy black haired girl.

I-I'll try it's just that," Nina mumbled softly.

"Like I said don't push yourself just give Suzaku a chance. Now," Naruto said before turning his attention back to everyone. "What did I miss yesterday?" The blonde former Jinchuuriki asked with a wide grin on his face.

A grin that Rivalz returned, "Oh nothing much," He began, "Just Kallen punching Lelouch in the stomach." The blue haired Britannian said more amused that his best friend was punched by the frail looking redhead than anything else.

"Really?" Naruto asked snickering, before shifting his attention the girl with ocean blue eyes who seemed to be embarrassed by the conversation due to the light blush that crossed her cheeks. "Wish I had been there to see it." The sky blue eyed boy said with a laugh. "So was there a reason or did you punch him just for the hell of it?" He questioned her.

"Uh, well I." Kallen stammered nervously, silently cursing herself for her slip-up the other day.

"According to Shirley it looked like Lelouch was trying to kiss her." Rivalz commented unperturbed about the scandalized shout from Shirley for revealing that she had seen what had happened when she had been walking by a nearby window.

The cheerful and amused look that Naruto had suddenly disappeared, the grin left his face as he became serious, while he starred directly at Kallen. "He didn't do anything to you did he?" Naruto asked her sternly.

Kallen stared at the boy in slight shock, while the others fidgeted uncomfortably at the sudden turn of events, surprised by how serious he was acting all of a sudden. When Naruto had first entered the class and was then confronted by Alex Mercer on his first day he had been calm and collected, amused, and maybe even a little indifferent with the situation, but now he appeared completely serious, maybe even a little protective, with a fierce determination in his eyes that managed to ensnare her in their gaze and took her breath away. "No nothing." Kallen found herself' unconsciously answering Naruto's question, as she watched the blonde shinobi's cerulean blue eyes lightened up and gazed at her warmly causing her to blush lightly.

"That's good." Naruto replied with a smile, just as the warning bell went off to signal the break was coming to an end and everyone started to go back to their seats, Lelouch walking back into the class with Suzaku following a minute later and just before the next teacher walked in. For the rest of the day Kallen would throw the blonde curious glances wondering why he suddenly seemed so protective of her.

For the next couple of days Naruto had to watch as some of the Britannian students would do varies things to harass Suzaku. He tried to get the brown haired boy to stand up for himself, but each time the Japanese pilot would dismiss the actions against him, and both knew that reporting the abuse to the teachers wouldn't result in anything happening. Of course just because Suzaku and the teachers wouldn't do anything didn't mean that Naruto was willing to sit back and let things happen. The other student's treatment of Suzaku reminded Naruto of some of the things that villagers would do to him back when he lived in Konoha, so he retaliated in the same manner that he did back then, by pranking them in some of the most embarrassing ways possible. Of course he made sure that Suzaku always had a solid alibi whenever something happened. The rest of the school avoided Suzaku as best they could, Nina herself shifted from being outright afraid of the guy to just apprehensive.

School was over for the day and all that was left was club activities that the students of Ashford Academy had to attend. Naruto and Kallen were walking toward the Student Council clubroom, with Kyu walking along beside them in order to stretch her legs for a bit. The two blue eyed pilots were just making idle conversation about everyday things, every few seconds Kallen would throw Naruto a sidelong glance. While she was genuinely enjoying the blonde's company she also wanted to know exactly how much he knew about her brother and his involvement with the resistance, but she knew that she couldn't ask until she was absolutely sure she could trust him and in a place where no one would over hear their conversation.

Suddenly the P.A. system came on.

"This is Milly Ashford your Student Council President, cat hunt everybody! There's a cat loose on campus that needs to be rounded up so put everything on hold people. Participating clubs get budget priority and whoever catches our feline friend will get an extra special prize, a big old kiss from one of the members of the Council! Milly declared finishing with a maniac laugh.

"Members of…" Naruto began.

"The Council…" Kallen continued.

"Like us!" They finished at the same time before two different groups of both fan-boys and fan-girls popped out from behind some nearby bushes and trees.

"Exactly!" They all shouted as one, they started to talk about the implication of the President's words and what kind of kiss they would be getting then came to the conclusion that they could get a kiss on the lips from either Naruto or Kallen depending on who was asked, before they took off in search of the cat.

"Hell no!" Naruto shouted causing Kallen to jump slightly, "I barely saved my first kiss last time there is no way I'm going to allow it to get stolen now." He stated looking down at the crimson furred fox. "Kyu run interference and distractions make sure that no one catches that cat." The blonde shinobi ordered, though they both knew that if she wanted to Amami would refuse and leave him to his fate, after while Kyu nodded her head and ran off. Naruto let out a relieved sigh thankful that the Bijuu had actually listened to him instead of letting him suffer before leaving and beginning his own search for the cat.

Kallen was left on her own mildly shocked that the small kitsune seemed to understand what Naruto was saying before she registered the fact that, one she was by herself and two that there was literally now hundreds of guys after her first kiss. "There is no way that's how I'm going to get my first kiss." She said before running off, not caring at the moment about the fact that she was supposed to act sick and feeble.

Kyu was having the most fun she has had in a long time that didn't involve her causing massive amounts of collateral damage to the surrounding area and villages. She had cast a low level genjutsu to change her appearance to that of a simple cat before leading numerous Britannian students on a wild goose chase before jumping up high to someplace they couldn't reach or casting another genjutsu to turn herself invisible, leaving them confused as they searched high and low for her.

Right now she was out running the Equestrian club as they chased after her on their horses shocking them due to the fact that their fastest horses couldn't keep up with her.

"How is that cat so damn fast?" One of the Equestrian club members asked, "This is impossible!"

"Did those science geeks experiment on it or something?" Another member questioned.

"That doesn't matter!" A third member stated. "Just catch it so we can get our prize!"

'Ha as if any of you children could even come close to catching me.' Kyu thought smugly a grin spreading across her fox face as she saw that she was approaching one of the school's water fountains. 'Now follow me a bit longer little children.' Kyu slowed down giving the Equestrian club the false belief that they were catching up because she was getting tired, causing them to erupt in a cheer before she disappeared.

"What the Hell?! Where did it go?!"

"I'm telling you those damn science geeks did something to it!"

"I don't care just find it now!"

Casting another genjutsu Kyu had the horses see a large snake appear out of thin air scaring them and forcing them on their hind legs, causing them to drop their riders into the water before they ran away. The club members were left spluttering out water, confused, and their clothes completely soaked through as they watched their horses run off without a hint of slowing down anytime soon. Moments later the Equestrian club came to a sudden realization, not only had they lost the cat but now they would also have to chase after their own horses.

Kyu seeing her job done snickered as she snuck off to search for any other students that she could play with, i.e. torment. 'Really all the annoying things I do for that boy.' Kyu thought before spotting more prey/students heading her way. 'Let the next round begin.'

Naruto was searching high and low for the cat just as Milly got done announcing that she wanted whatever it was holding brought back to her. "Whatever that cat's holding better be worth it." Naruto muttered to himself, for a moment he considered creating and army of Shadow clones to search for the cat, but in the end decided not too since that was overkill and settled for just creating two. It was only after Naruto created his two Shadow clones and began his search again that he realized something. 'It's been three years, I'm the owner of a billion dollar company, probably the strongest person on this planet aside from Amami, and I'm still being made to chase after a damn cat like a fresh out of the Academy Genin!' Naruto shouted in his mind before spotting the purple furred cat with a limp walking toward what he knew was a dead end. 'This better be worth it.' The cerulean eyed pilot thought once more.

Turning the corner Naruto saw that the cat was indeed trapped, but was shocked when he saw what was on top of its head. 'Is that Zero's mask?' Naruto wondered recognizing the mask that the cat had on from when he met the masked individual and the many posters located throughout the school. 'I guess if I had anything doubts about Lelouch being Zero I can forget them now.'

Taking a deliberate step forward in order not to frighten the masked cat Naruto felt a chill run down his spine before he could even get close. Turning his head to the right slowly, almost fearfully, with wide eyes Naruto saw a group of girls with a predatory look in their eyes. Though they were all wearing their academy designated uniform they were also decked out in the traditional fan-girl ensemble of t-shirts, headbands, and the flags and banners that all proclaimed their love for the blonde singer.

"O-oh, h-hey girls," Naruto greeted the group of at least a dozen girls nervously and with a wave of his hand. "I suppose you're here after the cat."

"No." One of the girls declared, Naruto couldn't tell which one.

"Why should one of us settle for a single kiss, when we could all get as many as we want if we catch you and more," Another girl said. "So while the rest of the school is busy with a cat hunt we are on a fox hunt." She finished.

Naruto took a single step away from the group, while at the same time they all took a single step forward as one. Naruto took another couple of steps back only for actions to be mirrored perfectly by his fan-girls taking the exact number of steps forward exactly when he stepped back. Not wanting to wait for the girls to decide to rush him Naruto turned around and made a mad dash away from his fans the girls following immediately afterwards, not even sparring a glance to the cat wearing Zero's mask.

The cat walked out of the dead end behind the girls stopping just long enough to scratch at the mask on its head in an attempt to take it off before running off.

Kallen while searching had bumped into Shirley, the two female students quickly agreed to work together to catch the cat when they realized that they were both worried about being forced to kiss someone. After a couple of minutes they had managed to corner the cat under a table by a staircase, though neither managed to get a good look at it, both of them had a determined glint in their eyes.

"Okay we do this right and our lips will be safe." Kallen said before looking over to Shirley who was standing beside her, "Shirley you cover the rear." The redhead half-Britannian told her fellow Council Member before she moved forward towards the cat.

"Wait a sec." Shirley spoke up.

Kallen stopped as she glanced back at Shirley. "What's the matter?" She asked her.

Shirley grew noticeably more nervous. "Who would you want to get a kiss from? Is there anyone in particular?" The orange haired girl asked Kallen tentatively. Unbridled an image of Naruto appeared in Kallen's mind causing her to blush, the blush only got worse when she remembered how Naruto looked when he got out of the shower. At the same time an image of Kurama also appeared in Kallen's mind. "It wouldn't be Lulu would it?" Shirley questioned seeing the blush that had spread across Kallen's face and had come to her own conclusion.

"Just what would make you think that?!" Kallen demanded incredulously. "If that was what I wanted I wouldn't have punched him a few days ago." She pointed out, causing Shirley to stammer embarrassedly as she recalled the event. While the two girls were having their little argument they never noticed the purple furred cat walk calmly away behind them. When they finally did notice they once again began to look around frantically.

The first Shadow clone spent the first few minutes searching the school grounds before realizing that there was too much area to cover, even with three of the same person looking for the cat. Stopping in its search it thought for a moment trying to figure out something that would make it easier to draw the cat out and make it come to him. It only took a second longer for the Shadow clone to come up with an idea that could work, making its way towards the kitchen the Naruto Shadow clone used its shinobi training to sneak into the kitchen. Being careful to make sure that none of the cooks and other workers saw it, the Shadow clone snuck out all the fish it could find before laying it out in the open. The Shadow clone figured that if the cat was at all hungry then it would make its way towards it in search of the food.

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea,' The Shadow clone thought to itself watching as many different types of cats came out of nowhere, and some birds flew down as well, and started to eat the fish that was laid out, but sadly none of the cats were the one that Naruto, and the rest of the school, was looking for. 'Well I'm definitely not going to clean this up.' The Shadow clone thought seeing the mess that was left over from the fish that was left uneaten before it dispelled itself in a poof' of smoke.

Later the groundskeepers would wonder who was responsible for all the fish remains that was left on the ground and cursing that person for forcing them to clean up the fish and what the cats and birds had left behind.

The second Naruto Shadow clone was in the Ashford cafeteria gorging itself on all the ramen it could eat.

"Hey kid, aren't you participating in this cat hunt the Council President has set up?" One of the cafeteria workers asked the clone.

"Nope," The Shadow clone replied cheerfully, as it finished its twentieth bowl of ramen. "I'm just here to eat ramen, so keep them coming."

"Are you sure you can pay for all of this?" The worker asked doubtfully as another bowl was brought to the blonde haired teen.

"Don't worry money isn't a problem." The clone said dismissively digging into his new bowl of ramen.

"If you say so," The worker said with a shrug of his shoulders not really caring as long as he can get paid. A sudden commotion from the kitchen drew the two individual's attention. "What's going on back there?" The worker asked.

"All of the fish are gone!" One of the man's coworkers shouted.

"What?! We just bought a whole bunch!" He shouted as he made his way back into the kitchen leaving the Naruto Shadow clone to enjoy his half-finished bowl of ramen.

Naruto eventually got away from his fan-girls, regrouped with Kyu, and saw the masked cat enter a building through an open window. Naruto ran towards the entrance, but stopped when both Lelouch and Suzaku appeared at the same time. Though they were all surprised that they had each appeared it was Lelouch and Suzaku that were the most surprised by Naruto's appeareance.

"Naruto!" They both shouted with wide eyes as they took in the state of the blonde's clothes, as Lelouch gasped out for air trying to catch his breath.

"What happened to you?" Suzaku asked him shocked.

Naruto's appeareance was in a state of disarray his blazer had some tears in it and it and his white collared shirt were hanging loosely on his body. His spikey blonde hair was unnaturally messy as it jutted out at strange angles that were different from how it normally looked. He also had some scratches on his face along with a bit of dirt that gave him a haggard appearance. "My fan-girls decided to use this opportunity to try and have their way with me. I barely escaped." Naruto explained brushing away a bead of sweat. He might be a shinobi but all type of power was basically useless when facing a horde of hormonal fan-girls.

One of Suzaku's eyebrows rose in question, "Fan-girls?" The brown haired Japanese pilot said confusedly.

"That's right I didn't tell you this." Naruto began, "I'm not only the owner of the Namikaze Corporation, and I'm also the lead singer of Spiraling Leaf." He clarified.

"Is that so," Suzaku mused. "Not that it is any of my business, but wouldn't having a whole bunch of girls after you be a good thing?" The green eyed Honorary Britannian asked him.

"Yeah, I have a few around the school and they don't seem so bad." Lelouch added in skeptically.

"You have admirers Lelouch there is a difference." Naruto replied, shaking his head, "And you're right having a whole bunch of girls after you isn't' all that bad, but don't let the name fool you fan-girls are anything but normal girls. They are more like demons in human flesh masquerading as girls, and the occasional boy." The blonde shinobi said with a shudder, and for some strange reason both Lelouch and Suzaku shuddered as well. The sudden meowing of the cat drew the three boy's attention up towards the roof. "The cat's up there, let's go." Naruto stated, starting up the stairs with Suzaku behind him followed by Lelouch.

"Suzaku, Naruto wait don't go up there!" Lelouch shouted out after the two.

"But the Student Council President said to catch it." Suzaku replied.

"And I want to get this over with, before someone else catches it." Naruto commented.

"Don't worry about it. I'll get the cat." Lelouch offered frantically trying to keep up with the other two teens.

"I was always more agile than you! Remember when that little bird got loose!" Suzaku reminded his friend in a teasing tone.

"Quite talking ancient history," The black haired Britannian youth retorted.

The cerulean eyed ninja glanced back at the Vice-President of the Student Council from over his shoulder, "Ancient history?" Naruto guffawed, "Just the other day you were struggling to keep Kallen up. Not to mention she knocked the air out of you with a single punch."

Suzaku chuckled at his friend's plight. "I see that you are as good with women now as you were seven years ago Lelouch."

"Shut up!" Lelouch snapped at his childhood friend lightly, "For a girl, who is supposed to be ill and feeble Kallen punches hard, makes me scared to think of what she could do if she wasn't sick. I was sure that she cracked a rib or two."

"Excuses, excuses," Naruto replied continuing his accent up the stairs, as both he and Suzaku left Lelouch behind.

"They're both exercise nuts." Lelouch muttered to himself' as he watched both of them follow a cat out a window.

Once outside all small group' of students, along with the remaining Student Council Members and Nunnally, gathered to watch the three teens that were still chasing after the cat on top of the roof of a bell tower. One was at the open window and the other two were making their way towards the top where the cat its head hidden by the bell, one of the teens had a small crimson object hanging around his shoulder, they were each easily identified as Lelouch, Suzaku, and Naruto. The blonde shinobi was having an easier time walking up towards the cat by applying chakra to his feet as opposed to Suzaku who was forced to crawl on his stomach.

"How are you doing that?" Suzaku asked amazed.

"Trade secret," Naruto replied with a large grin.

Lelouch watched as his two fellow academy students draw closer to their target. 'I guess I can understand Naruto's reasons for wanting to catch the cat, but what about Suzaku? He never went along with the crowd like this.' He thought, before letting out a yell as he slipped when he tried to follow after the two.

Alerted by the sound, and by the many gasps from the students down below, Naruto and Suzaku looked back to see Lelouch slowly sliding over the edge of the roof top as he desperately tried to get a hold on the roof to stop his descent.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku shouted out loud in worry for his friend, as he moved to save Lelouch from falling.

"Damn it," Naruto cursed. "Kyu you deal with the cat." He instructed, cutting the flow of chakra into his feet so he began sliding down the roof alongside Suzaku, as he threw an arm back in the direction of the masked cat allowing Kyu to run on top of it and reach the cat.

Lelouch did his best not to panic as he slowly fell off the roof of the bell tower until he felt each of his hands being grabbed by someone, much to the relieved sighs of those below them who were too focused on Lelouch's wellbeing to take notice of anything else. Looking up he noticed that both Naruto and Suzaku had one of his hands in theirs, but it was what he saw passed them that instantly drew all of his attention. Next to the bell the cat had managed to get its head out from under it without knocking the mask off, with Kyu standing next to it. For a second Lelouch was scared that the crimson furred fox somehow recognized the mask until he saw her hit the mask with her paw causing it to fall off the cat's head and roll down the roof until it got stuck, letting out a relieved sigh Lelouch felt himself being pulled up from the edge of the roof where he was dangling by Suzaku and Naruto.

Retrieving Kyu, the ancient kitsune confirmed that it was indeed Zero's mask and that she had knocked off the cat so no one else discovered that truth, Naruto walked out towards the building's entrance, Suzaku having gone ahead with the cat and Lelouch staying back for some reason that only Naruto and Kyu knew about. When Naruto came out of the entrance it was to a tense standoff between Suzaku and the rest of the students. He took a quick look around to get a feel of the situation and noticed that the feelings in the air by those present were mostly ones of uncertainty as no one knew how to react to the situation, and as a result were too afraid to do the anything. Walking forward Naruto patted Suzaku on the back, a bit roughly as it caused the Japanese student to stumble forward.

"Good job up there Suzaku." Naruto told the boy with a fox like grin breaking the tense silence that had appeared.

"Huh?" Suzaku uttered looking back at Naruto confusedly.

Shirley was the first one to react as she rushed forward toward the blonde and brown haired teens. "You saved him thank you so much!" The yellow-green eyed girl said thankfully, Rivalz quickly followed Shirley's lead.

"Yeah way to go there Naruto, new guy," The blue haired Britannian student added.

Milly came forward next only one thing on her mind. "That cat was carrying something wasn't it?" Milly said.

"Yeah there was something on its head, but I never got a good look at it." Suzaku answered apologetically.

"I didn't either." Naruto lied when Milly, Rivalz, and Shirley's attention turned to him in silent question.

"Whatever that cat had on must be the embarrassing secret that Lelouch is hiding!" Milly insisted excitedly.

"So that's it Madam President." Lelouch's voice came from behind Naruto and Suzaku, as he stepped out of the shadows of the building looking as calm as ever something that both Milly and Shirley seemed to be depressed about.

"So, uh, do you two know each other?" Kallen asked the question that everyone there was wondering. Suzaku tried to deny the accusation, but wasn't given the chance to.

"He's my friend." Lelouch stated clearly so that everyone could hear him. "Madam President would you permit him as a member of the Student Council," The black haired Britannian requested shocking three of his longest friends. "The rules are clear all students are required to join a club." He said.

Milly looked thoughtful for a second before a smile graced her face. "Well you are the Vice-President I suppose I can't refuse." She said happily.

Everyone was more relaxed after Milly's declaration; Nunnally kissed both Suzaku and Lelouch on the cheek surprising both boys when she mentioned that it was the reward that Milly had promised for catching the cat. When Nunnally offered Naruto the same reward for his part he insisted that she give it to Kyu since she was the one that technically caught the purple furred cat, but he couldn't come up with an excuse when she said it was a thank you for helping save her brother.

"Alright then let's celebrate the catching of the cat!" Rivalz cheered, "Everything is on the new guy naturally, or even or rich friend here." The light grey eyed Britannian student said slinging his arm over Naruto's shoulder disturbing Kyu from her perch on the blonde shinobi's shoulder, causing her to growl lightly at the blue haired male and making him remove his arm and smile sheepishly.

"Sure thing," Naruto answered jokingly, laughing at his reaction to Kyu.

"Oh back off!" Shirley scolded the blue haired boy, making his smile all that much wider, before introducing herself to Suzaku. "Hi there I'm Shirley pleasure to meet cha."

"Oh right, I'm Rivalz." Rivalz said with a hand behind his head.

"Milly Ashford, Student Council President." Milly continued.

Nina looked at the scene apprehensively before her eyes settled on Naruto specifically, as he watched the proceedings approvingly. She remembered everything he has said so far in concern to her fear of Elevens and what he had said to her the day that Suzaku had joined the academy, about how she shouldn't judge the boy until she got to know the type of person he was. So far, from what she had seen, Naruto had been right and Suzaku seemed like a good person. With that in mind she continued the introductions.

"I'm Nina." The black haired girl said shyly, shocking her friends slightly that she spoke up at all, but unlike her friends and fellow Council Members she didn't approach the brown haired Japanese. She could be civil with Suzaku, but that didn't help when it came to her fears.

Suzaku stared at everyone, a smile appearing on his face. "The pleasure is mine." He finally said.

For the next half-hour the members of the Student Council showed Suzaku around the club house and informed him of some of the things he would need to do as a member. Not too long after Naruto had to excuse himself when he got a call from the receptionist at Namikaze Corporation informing him about a meeting that had been arranged at the last minute, and one he had to attend. Naruto abruptly leaving made the others question who set up the meeting with their fellow Council Member that required his immediate attention, the blonde's refusal to answer left them all curious.

An hour later Naruto sat at his desk in an actual suit instead of the clothes he regularly wore finishing up some paperwork while he waited for person who set up the meeting to arrive. Amami was up in the apartment waiting, both agreeing that it would be best for Naruto not to have Kyu there when the guest arrived, but with their mental link open so she could hear everything that was said. Naruto had just finished signing a paper when there was a knock on the door to his office.

"Come in." Naruto instructed setting his pen down. The door opened and a black haired woman stepped to the side bowing as she let the people she was escorting into the room before closing the door behind them.

The first two to enter were both male and were dressed in a similar to one another. They wore a dark red coat that was closed with a gold pattern at the front, black shoulder pads, gold cuffs around their wrists, and blue cloth that acted as belts around their waists, black military combat boots and white pants that were tucked into the boots, and white gloves. Though they were dressed similarly their physical appeareance was vastly different from one another. One had long black hair that was pulled into a ponytail and wore glasses over his light blue eyes; he was tall with a slender frame. If Naruto had to use a word to describe the man it would probably be elegant, or at least something similar. The second man by contrast had short cut light brown hair that was brushed back black colored eyes and a diagonal scar going across his face, thick eyebrows, not as thick as Lee or Gai-sensei's though, that gave him a rough appeareance because of his more defined facial structure. He stood about the same height as his companion but with a more muscular frame. Once they entered the room they moved to stand apart putting some space between them and making room for the third person to easily stride toward Naruto, while they stayed behind closer to the door standing almost at attention.

The third person strode forward and stood confidently in front of Naruto, she had dark pink hair that came down to a little past her shoulders, indigo colored eyes, and easily very beautiful, it was Cornelia Li Britannia the new Viceroy of Area 11. She was dressed in clothes similar to her two subordinates except that her clothes accented her womanly curves, her boots were white, and over it she wore a white cape that separated into segments at the bottom and top.

"Please have a seat Viceroy." Naruto said gesturing to one of the seats in front of her desk.

The Second Princess of Britannia took the offered seat without saying a word, as she took in the appearance of the person across from her. He was younger than what she had expected, even younger than her sister Euphemia, and she wasn't sure if the whisker marks on his cheeks were some type of tattoos or birthmarks, but it wasn't the whisker marks that drew the majority of her attention. It was the look in his eyes and the air around him. She had dealt with many politicians and businessmen in the past and they were all the same in her opinion. They were greedy, lazy, and self-centered. When they looked at her it was with lustful calculating eyes, or ones filled with fear and nervousness, thinking what she could do for or to them, but the teen in front of her was noticeably different.

There was no fear, greed, or lust in his eyes, something that surprised her considering he should be a hormone driven teen, either that or she was losing her physical appeal, something she personally didn't want to consider as a woman. Instead his gaze spoke of confidence, a respect she couldn't quite identify, and how he viewed them as equals. For that last part Cornelia wasn't sure if she should feel impressed or insulted. To be viewed as an equal by a half-Britannian that was younger than her wasn't something she ever thought she would witness.

"You obviously know who I am, and these are two of my personal knights Guilford and Darlton." The Second Princess said gesturing to the two behind her, who nodded their heads once at Naruto at the mention of their names, "Now how about you introduce yourself." The tone in Cornelia's voice made it obvious that it was a demand and not a request.

"Of course," Naruto replied placidly. "I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze owner of this company. What can I do for you princess?" The shinobi asked calmly keeping his gaze focused on the woman across from him, but making sure that he could also see the two that came with her in his line of sight.

"You can start by telling me what you are trying to achieve by helping the Elevens rebuild the Shinjuku Ghetto." Cornelia commanded firmly not bothering with beating around the bush.

Naruto was taken back slightly by the inquiry but didn't let the surprise show through his calm façade, as he answered as best he could his typical response probably wouldn't be acceptable in this situation. "First off I'd like to begin by saying that I in no way mean to offend or disrespect you or the Britannian Empire, Viceroy Cornelia." Naruto began.

"Very well," Cornelia replied evenly her eyes hardening looking for any signs that might hint his involvement with forces working against the empire, namely Zero.

"I do not agree with the methods Britannia uses to establish their rule over the Areas." Naruto stated simply knowing that with a person like Cornelia it was less likely she would be angry if he came out and said it instead of dragging it out. "Or more precisely I do not agree with the conditions you leave the people you defeat. The reason I wish to rebuild Shinjuku is to give them some semblance of the life they've lost."

"So you're doing this because you pity them or feel some sort of guilt." The Viceroy asserted, just because she's allowing the teen to say his piece doesn't mean she wants to hear it.

"No," Naruto denied, "I do not believe in giving or receiving pity and I have nothing to feel guilty about, I simply want to give them back their homes and their lives. By doing this I also believe that I am helping the empire."

This statement made Cornelia curious, "How so?" She asked with an elegant eyebrow raised in question.

Naruto took a pose similar to the one he remembered Tsunade used to take when she sat behind her desk. "After the war the Japanese are left with nothing, so they grew to hate and resent Britannians blaming their suffering on them. By giving them back what they've lost they no longer have a reason to hate Britannia and oppose it, after all if they're happy what possible reason would they have to fight, and with that there would that many people less willing to support Zero in his endeavors." Naruto reasoned. "Of course there will still be those who will fight, but nowhere near as many."

Cornelia thought over what the half-blood Britannian said and could see the sense behind his reasoning. People need a reason to fight, no matter what that reason might be, but once they lose that reason they become complacent and submissive. She also agreed with leaving Zero without any type of support, there had already been numerous uprisings by the Elevens in response to Zero's appearance, which brought up the question. "What is your opinion of Zero and Kurama?" She asked him as she gestured to her right where the T.V. screen was paused on an image of Zero and Kurama.

'Careful Naruto,' Amami warned over their mental link. 'A woman like Cornelia has a lot experience dealing with people. If you outright lie to her she will know and you obviously can't tell her the truth.'

'I know.' Naruto replied, 'I'll just have to be as honest as possible without revealing anything.' He decided. "They're dangerous." The blonde shinobi stated in an even tone while staring straight at Cornelia. "Zero for obvious reasons and the possibility that he could have some sort of contacts within the military if the incident with Jeremiah is anything to go by. Not to mention that there is the chance of Elevens rallying behind him. But personally I think that Kurama might be the most dangerous one of the two." Naruto stated.

'Someone is a little full of themself.' Amami remarked.

'Shut up.' Naruto replied dryly.

"And how exactly have you come to that conclusion." Cornelia inquired forcefully; the idea that the person responsible for her half-brother's death was being considered a lesser threat did not sit well with her.

"While Zero is an obvious threat we at least know where he stands." The blonde shinobi said, "Kurama on the other hand is a mystery we know, according to him, that he will fight to protect but what we don't know by what means. We also don't know if anyone is helping him, if he will try to recruit Elevens like Zero most likely will, or how he managed that speed and the destruction of the Sutherlands. It could be a specialized suit with advanced technology that gives him his abilities." Naruto supplied.

The Second Princess eyes narrowed, "Technology that the Namikaze Corporation can provide?" Cornelia questioned in an accusing tone.

"No," Naruto rebuffed immediately with a shake of his head. "Namikaze Corp. does not research or develop technology for the use of warfare. A careful account is kept of what every employee is researching ensuring that they aren't developing something they shouldn't." The Crimson Knightmare pilot explained.

Cornelia nodded her head, though she accepted the teen's explanation that didn't necessarily mean that she believed it, it wouldn't be the first time that an employee embezzled company resources for their own purposes after all, but that was a different matter for another time, "Very well. Now I'm sure that you are curious about my reasons for setting up this meeting Mr. Namikaze, especially on such short notice." Cornelia began, getting a nod from Naruto. "Sub-Viceroy Euphemia has expressed her desire to help and support the Namikaze Corporation in their reconstruction of the Shinjuku Ghetto; as such I wanted to see for myself what kind of person was leading this project. I want to make it perfectly clear right now that as long as your plans do not prove to be a danger to the Settlement, or Britannia as a whole, and as long as the Sub-Viceroy gives you her support than you should have no problems with any government official unless it's by my or Princess Euphemia's orders." The dark pink haired Princess/Viceroy told him, as she stood up and saw herself out Guilford opening the door for her.

"I understand, thank you for informing me Viceroy Cornelia." Naruto said standing up at his desk and giving the princess a slight bow before straitening himself out.

"Oh, by the way Mr. Namikaze," Cornelia began stopping just at the entrance of the door and looking over her shoulder at the blonde teen. "In a few days the Namikaze Corporation will be given the opportunity to help rebuild another of the Ghettos." She said mysteriously, confusing Naruto, before leaving Guilford and Darlton following dutifully behind her, and closing the door as they left.

'What was that about?' Naruto thought to himself as he replayed Cornelia's departing words to him in his mind.

'I can't be sure.' Amami replied, 'But if she was saying the truth then we will find out soon enough.' She finished.

'I guess you're right.' Naruto finished letting out a sigh at the end, for some reason he was sure that when he found out what Cornelia meant it wouldn't be anything good.

The next day all the students were once again gathered in the Auditorium for Prince Clovis' funeral, but this time attendance was mandatory for all students so Naruto had no other choice but to be there, all the students stood perfectly in line as they looked towards the giant screen that was displayed at the front of the room. Naruto stood between Lelouch and Suzaku near the front of the auditorium, with Kyu on his shoulder, watching as the screen showed everyone that was in attendance for the Third Prince of Britannia's funeral in the capital city of Pendragon before settling on a giant picture of Clovis holding a rose with a podium in front of it. Walking up to the podium was a man in his 60s with hair that had grown white with time and been curled. In front of everyone stood the 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannia Empire, Charles Zi Britannia.

"All men… are NOT created equal!" The Emperor began his speech.

Naruto did his best to hide the scowl that wanted to appear on his face from the Emperor's words, Amami on his shoulder could sense the negative emotions that her former holder was hiding along with the ones coming from Lelouch, there was even some distaste coming from Suzaku.

"Some are born swifter afoot, some with greater beauty, some are born into poverty and others born sick and feeble. Both in birth and upbringing, in sheer scope of ability every human is inherently different." The Emperor continued.

'Just because people are born into a certain life doesn't mean that, that life can't eventually be changed, either by their own actions or the actions of others.' Naruto thought, 'Or that a person can't eventually surpass their limitations with enough hard work and dedication.'

"Yes that is why people discriminate against one another, which is why there is struggle, competition and the unfaltering march of progress."

'But progress that depends on such things will eventually lead up to absolute ruin.' The blonde shinobi retorted mentally.

"Inequality is not wrong, equality is."

'What right do you have to say that having so much while others have so little?'

"What of the E.U. which made equality a right? Rabble politics by a popularity contest. The Chinese Federation with its equal distribution of wealth? A nation of lazy dullards. The Namikaze Corporation, for all its accomplishments is rumored to be run by a naïve child who believes in helping everyone and treating them with respect and equality, despite the obvious differences in class, breeding, and abilities."

'Bastard,' Naruto thought a glare appearing on his face for only a moment, as he heard some faint whispering from the nearby students.

"But not our beloved Britannia, we fight, we compete, evolution is continuous. Britannia alone moves forward, advancing steadily into the future."

'And as a result other nations are forced back into the darkness.'

Even the death of my son, Clovis, demonstrates Britannia's unswerving commitment to progress. We will fight on, we shall struggle, compete, plunder and dominate, and in the end, the future shall be ours."

'What of those that do not agree with Britannia? Will you destroy them and leave them in ruin for the sake of your progress?' Naruto questioned his face as impassive as before.


Naruto closed his eyes. 'Britannia needs to change or face their inevitable destruction.' The cerulean eyed blonde shinobi thought, as he listened to varies shouts of the people who attended Clovis' funeral repeating their Emperor's words.

At the same time at the entrance of the Namikaze Corporation a person walked up to its front doors.

"I can't believe it I'm finally here!" A voice said excitedly as they looked up at the Namikaze Corp. building. "I might actually get a chance at meeting him!"

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