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Chapter 5


Following the end of Prince Clovis' funeral the members of the Student Council all returned to the club room. Naruto, with Kyu lying across his shoulders, pulled out his laptop and cell phone, as he sat at the table located in the Student Council's clubroom and started relaying instructions to some of his workers. After the Emperor's not so subtle comment about the Namikaze Corporation, or more specifically his comment against him, Naruto was sure that there would be a backlash and the blonde shinobi wanted to be prepared for it. How big or small of an impact that backlash would make was still to be determined.

"Hey Naruto what are you doing?" Rivalz asked the blonde shinobi.

Looking up from his laptop Naruto noticed that everyone's focus was on him, letting out a sigh Naruto answered. "Running damage control," He replied.

The blue haired student rose one of his eyebrows, "Damage control?" Rivalz said confused.

"Because of what the Emperor said?" Milly questioned, having an idea of what the cerulean eyed student was saying, and getting a nod from Naruto in response.

Shirley looked between the two blondes confused. "I don't get it, what does what the Emperor said have to do with anything?" The orange haired girl asked.

Naruto tapped one of his fingers on the table he was sitting at, taking a quick glance at his laptop and the information on it, then answered Shirley's question. "Companies, like the Namikaze Corporation, for the most part rely greatly on the public's opinion of them. Things like bad publicity or faulty merchandise will cause the public's faith and loyalty to the company to fall, which in turn will cause them to want to buy less of our merchandise and the Namikaze Corp. ends up losing revenue." Naruto explained, "Because the Emperor called me a 'naïve child' there will be many who will doubt my ability to run the Namikaze Corporation effectively. In fact I know quite a few people who would like nothing more than use this as an opportunity to take it from me. And since a majority of the population will listen to him just because of who he is I have to come up with plans to make sure I don't lose clientele, or at least as few clients as possible." He finished, typing a few things on his laptop.

"You don't think it will be that bad do you?" Shirley asked him, concerned for her friend and fellow Student Council member.

"Hopefully it won't be." Naruto replied, "But I still should get things ready just in case it is."

Taking a seat at the table Lelouch looked at Naruto curiously, "What do you have planned?" The violet eyed boy questioned.

Naruto spared the raven haired boy a glance out of the corner of his eye before he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "Probably some promotions, sell some merchandise at reduced prices, sponsor some events." Here Naruto shrugged his shoulders again. "I might give out some the Namikaze Corporation's latest products out as prizes." He finished.

"I have the perfect idea." Milly declared cheerfully clapping her hands together, drawing everyone's attention to her. "We should hold a Ball here at the school."

Everyone stared at the blonde girl confused until Rivalz asked the question they all wanted to ask. "What are you talking about Madam President?"

Milly let out a huff, annoyed that no one else seemed to understand her brilliant plan, as she crossed her arms under her impressive chest. "Isn't it obvious?" The blonde Council President asked incredulously, "If we hold a Ball and the Namikaze Corporation gives out some of its products as prizes, like Naruto said, then it would be all the students will be able to talk about, making everyone forget about what happened today, or at the very least give them something else to talk about. It would be even better if word of this gets out to the parents of some of the more prominent students. Plus those very same students might someday takeover for their parents and you will want them to have a good opinion of your company." Milly finished looking straight at Naruto.

Naruto looked at his fellow blonde for a moment before chuckling, "That plan is so devious, I like it." He said to her with a grin.

"Thank you, thank you it's a gift really." Milly replied in a faux humble voice

"But aren't we already planning on having a party to welcome Kyu and Arthur as mascots into the Student Council?" Nina asked softly, Arthur being the cat the entire school was chasing the other day, while Kyu's fur bristled at being referred to as a mascot though no one noticed. "Is there even enough money in the budget for a Ball?" She questioned curiously.

"The party is for the members of the Student Council and the Ball will be for the entire school. And with everyone having to deal with Prince Clovis' murder, alongside with everyone worrying on about who Zero and Kurama really are, the school could use something to cheer everyone up." Milly said waving Nina's first concern off. "As to the budget…" She trailed off at the end as she stared at Naruto questioningly, since he was the one who knew it best.

"There isn't enough money left over for anything extravagant." Naruto told her shaking his head with a frown causing Milly to deflate a little at the news, "Luckily I heard this really reliable rumor that said that the Namikaze Corp. was looking to sponsor some events." The sapphire eyed shinobi finished with his usual fox like grin.

"Alright, then that settles it we're holding a Ball!" Milly said happily.

"Wait just like that?" Shirley asked in disbelief, "Don't the rest of us at least get a say in this."

Milly gave Shirley a sly look accompanied by a smile. "Oh, you have some complaints? I'd thought you'd be all for it considering you could ask a certain someone to go with you." She said teasingly and causing a light blush to appear on Shirley's face.

"Madam President!" The orange haired girl yelled embarrassedly.

"But I guess if that is how you feel we could put it to a vote." Milly said nonchalantly, "So all those in favor?" She asked the rest of the council.

"You already know I'm in." Naruto told her with a grin.

"I guess if there really is no problem with it then I'm ok with it." Shirley said bashfully a small blush still on her cheeks as she looked off to the side, and away from where Lelouch was standing.

"It does sound interesting." Nina spoke up quietly.

"You know I'm always with you Madam President." Rivalz added giving Milly a thumbs up. "I'll even help supply the drinks."

"It better not be anything alcoholic Rivalz!" Shirley said reproachfully recalling the incident with the champagne bottle from the other day.

"Like we could stop you from getting your way even if we tried," Lelouch remarked jokingly, Milly sticking out her tongue at him in response.

"Well I've never been to a Ball, but it sounds like fun so sure." Suzaku said hesitantly and with an unsure smile.

"Sounds great," Kallen said when everyone turned to her for her answer. Really she couldn't care less about the dead Third Prince, and she certainly wasn't the type of girl to enjoy going to Balls seeing them mostly as annoying and pointless. Sure given the right situation. 'And the right partner,' She thought taking a subconscious glance towards a certain blue eyed teen, Kallen was sure that she could enjoy herself. But in the end she had no real reason to oppose the Ball and she would most likely be expected to agree anyway.

"Good, then we can start planning now. If all goes well we can probably hold it in a few weeks," Milly stated plans already forming inside of her head. "Maybe we might even be able to get Spiraling Leaf to play at the Ball." She added looking at the band's lead singer expectantly.

"Sorry, but the band's got a concert soon, so we will be too busy getting everything ready to also worry about playing at a Ball." Naruto said apologetically.

"That's too bad I'll just have to think of something else then." The blonde Student Council President said, as she went back to planning things out.

"There she goes again." Rivalz said with a chuckle at seeing the glint that appeared in the blonde President's eye, before turning his attention to the other blonde in the room. "You know with all this talk about the Namikaze Corp. it has made me curious about something." The blue haired academy student stated.

"Oh, and what is that?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What the inside of such a place looks like." Rival replied. "I mean it would be awesome to take a tour of the place that is responsible for the most advanced innovations in the last few years."

"A tour?" Naruto repeated stupefied and surprised by the question. It wasn't every day that someone asked to take a tour of his company; in fact this would be first time anyone has ever asked that.

"Actually that sounds like an interesting idea Rivalz. I'd like to take a tour of the Namikaze Corporation as well." Lelouch said, as he started forming plans that he could use in the future.

"I'd love to go on a tour of the Namikaze Corp. as well." Nina said a bit of excitement evident in her voice, as she imagined taking a tour of such a remarkable place. The other members of the Student Council showing some amount of interest in the idea as well.

"Well I never really thought about giving a tour of the place to be honest." Naruto admitted truthfully, as he scratched his cheek. "Most people who go there are simply on business so they never bother to take the time to tour the facility." He added. "But with classes cut short today we could go take that tour now if everyone is free." The cerulean eyed pilot suggested.

"I just need to let Nunnally and Seiko know that I'd be going out, and I'll be ready to go." Lelouch said being the first to answer. Shirley's club activities had been canceled for the day. Milly and Nina didn't have anything to do that day. Rivalz had the day free from his job, while Lloyd had told Suzaku that it wasn't necessary for him to go in that day. Kallen, while interested to see what happened inside the Namikaze Corporation, saw anything that kept her out of her home as a good thing.

"That's fine," Naruto replied to Lelouch's statement, "It'll take me a few minutes to get us a ride there and then bring everyone back anyway." The former Jinchuuriki finished as he made a call on his phone.

A few minutes later everyone was waiting outside as a car pulled up to the club house that was big enough to fit everyone, with Naruto standing beside his orange and black motorcycle.

"This car will take everyone to Namikaze Corp. and then bring you all back when we're done for the day, or where ever you need to be." Naruto explained, "Anyone wants to ride with me?" He asked as he pulled out a second helmet, discreetly unsealing it but making it look like pulled it out from the seat's compartment, and got on his custom motorcycle with Kyu sitting in front of him.

"I will!" Milly volunteered cheerfully putting on the helmet and sitting down behind Naruto, wrapping her arms around his waist and not doing anything to hide the fact that she was feeling him up, as the young Uzumaki blushed lightly at the contact.

"Can you stop that?" Naruto asked her pleadingly.

"Nope," The blonde Britannian answered chirpily getting a groan from Naruto.

"Well I guess we'll see you all there." The cerulean eyed pilot finally said doing his best to ignore Milly's actions before taking off.

Kallen watched the two blonde's retreating forms for as long as possible, she could feel the anger building up inside of her at what Milly was doing to the half-Britannian she was riding with. The redhead did her best to remind herself that Naruto was just her friend so she had no reason to be angry, but that didn't seem to have any effect at all on what Kallen was feeling.

"I guess we should go." Suzaku said clearly finding amusement in his friend's situation, though he didn't notice that Kallen didn't hold his amusement or that Rivalz was slightly jealous of Naruto, as they all got in the car and headed toward the Namikaze Corporation.

In another part of the Tokyo Settlement, Cornelia sat within her office in the government building filling out some tedious paperwork, Guilford and Darlton helping her deal with some of the reports, when she heard a tentative knock on the door.

"Come in." Cornelia instructed elegantly signing another piece of paper, as the door opened and Euphemia walked in wearing an extravagant light violet and white dress, which gave a pleasant view of her chest with a choker around her neck that had a rose ornament attached at the front.

"You wished to speak with me, Viceroy?" Euphemia asked remembering how Cornelia told her how they should act more formally around each other, as she closed the door behind her.

"Yes Sub-Viceroy Euphemia. I wanted to inform you of my meeting with the head of the Namikaze Corporation, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and my decision regarding your desire to support his company." Cornelia informed her, while Darlton and Guilford dutifully continued working silently doing their best to seem like they weren't in the room with the two princesses.

"And what decision have you reached?" Euphemia questioned hesitantly, her hands clasped in front of her as she waited for her sister's answer, as she did her best not to fidget and show just how nervous she was about Cornelia's decision. If Cornelia refused to allow Euphemia to give her support then there wouldn't be anything she could do about her sister's decision.

"I must admit that my meeting with Mr. Namikaze was not what I expected. The young man was respectful, calm, despite the fact he was talking with such a high ranking official over something so important, and confident. Without any of the arrogance I expected of someone who owns such a renowned company at such a young age." Cornelia began listing some of the things she had noticed about the blonde, with a smile spreading across Euphemia's face at every positive thing her sister had to say about her recently made friend. "He clearly stated his reasons for wishing to help the Elevens rebuild the Shinjuku Ghetto without hesitation, and even gave a justification in how his actions could help support the Britannian government."

Euphemia tried her best to keep herself as unbiased as possible, but found herself struggling to keep up pretenses. "So what is it that you've decided sister?" Euphemia asked again, her eagerness making her momentarily forget her older sister's request to speak formally with one another when in the presence of others.

Cornelia let out a mental sigh at her younger sister's slip up, but ultimately decided to let it go. Euphemia always tended to forget what was proper and expected of her as a princess, especially when it concerned helping others. She just did whatever she had too to help others, not caring how she was viewed by the public, or what kind of situation she put herself in. Cornelia feared that someday her sister's good heart would result in her being hurt, or worse. "As long as no problems rise up because of the actions of the Namikaze Corporation, I approve of your wish to support the company in the reconstruction of the Shinjuku Ghetto, along with any other Eleven residencies that the Namikaze Corp. reconstructs in the future. I will also be placing you in charge of all interactions between the government and the Namikaze Corporation. As such I'll expect you to meet with them along with Mr. Namikaze every so often, with proper escort, so you may turn in appropriate reports to me periodically. Is that understood Sub-Viceroy Euphemia?"

"Understood Viceroy," Euphemia answered, giving her sister a slight bow, "Is that all?"

"Yes that is all you can go now." Cornelia replied dismissing her sister.

Once the Sub-Viceroy left the room Guilford turned his attention toward Cornelia. "Your Majesty, with all due respect, do you honestly believe it is wise to allow Princess Euphemia to support the Namikaze Corporation, or to even allow that company to proceed with their plans?" Guilford asked the dark pink haired princess.

"Why Guilford if I didn't know any better, I would think you doubted my judgment." Cornelia said humorously.

"Of course not Viceroy," The black haired man said hastily.

Cornelia looked amused for a moment longer before turning serious. "I am sure about my decision." Cornelia informed her two knights. "Euphemia has made it clear that she wants to support the Namikaze Corporation and without just cause I have no reason to deny her request, as it is well within her right as Sub-Viceroy." The Viceroy of Area 11 said plainly. "As to the Namikaze Corporation, just because I put Euphie in charge that doesn't mean that I won't be keeping my own eye on things."

"And I suppose we should not mention this fact to Princess Euphemia." Darlton stated indifferently, as he handed the Second Britannian Princess a paper for her to look over.

"No, this is to be kept between us." Cornelia replied making sure her order was clear.

"Yes your Majesty." The two knights said at the same time.

Standing in front of the Namikaze Corporation building Naruto and Milly waited for the other members of the Student Council to arrive, Naruto having had his bike stored earlier, a couple of minutes later the other members were pulled up in the car that Naruto had called for. As everyone stood outside the building they all looked on in awe of the famous company building that was the head of innovations in recent years. Stepping inside the building everyone's attention was instantly drawn to the marble statue at the center of a water fountain.

"Wow she's beautiful," Kallen said looking at the stone image of Kushina.

"She's my mother." Naruto spoke, walking up beside the redheaded girl, a small smile on his face as looked at his mother's statue.

"So those are your parents?" The redheaded pilot asked him curiously, as the other members of the council listened silently.

Naruto's smile turned into a grin as he answered, "Yeah, Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, my mom and dad." He stated proudly.

"You look a lot like your father." Shirley pointed out.

Naruto nodded his head in agreement. "Apparently I got my dad's looks and my mom's personality." The former Jinchuuriki said, before he started walking toward the main elevator. "Alright we will start the tour by going up to my office, so I can drop off my things, and then I'll show you all the rest of the building." Naruto finished, signaling to his security guards that everything was fine, and getting signs of agreement from the others.

Stepping into the waiting room to his office everyone was once more in a state of awe at the sheer size of it, before they followed after Naruto toward the only door on that floor. Entering the office they noticed that it looked like your average office with a desk, chairs, a sofa, and T.V. screens mounted on the walls. The only thing that looked out of place was the elevator doors on one side of the room.

"So let me get this straight," Rivalz began, sitting down on the sofa and noticing how soft and comfortable it was. "You basically have an entire floor all to yourself?" He asked almost in disbelief.

"That's right." Naruto replied sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "The other room is sort of a waiting room for people that have an important appointment with me personally. If not there are other conference rooms inside the building that are used." The blonde Knightmare pilot told them.

"And what's this for?" Milly asked, taking a closer look at the elevator doors inside of Naruto's office.

"It's to take me up to my apartment." Naruto answered simply drawing curious looks from everyone.

"Apartment?" Milly repeated, not completely sure if she heard him right.

"I live on the floor above this one." The Shinobi stated, "There are only two ways to access it. Either the main elevator or this one, both of which need a pass code to get to it, so that without it, it would be impossible to get to my apartment."

"I'm guessing that it won't be included in the tour?" Lelouch asked jokingly.

"Afraid not," Naruto said with a grin, "It's a real mess right now."

"Oh, we don't mind a little mess." Milly said back with a sly grin. "If you have any underwear lying around then it will just help solve the question all the girls at school have on whether you wear boxers or briefs."

"Well if I wasn't before, I sure wont now." Naruto deadpanned, ignoring Kyu snickering that he could hear for their mental link as the fox jumped off his shoulder and laid down on one of the chairs located in his room, not wanting to take part in their tour. "Something personal like that would be like me asking what color your underwear was."

"Pink," Milly answered unashamedly, "Want to take a peak?" She asked her fellow blonde teasingly. All the boys turned different shades of red at Milly's offer, with Lelouch being the only one who was able to keep his composure. The girls' reactions were a little different, Nina had a light blush on her face, Shirley looked scandalized and seconds away from reprimanding Milly, and finally Kallen had narrowed her eyes with a frown on her face looking at Milly in displeasure.

"Madam President! What are you saying?! You shouldn't joke like that!" Shirley told the Class President.

"I don't think I can take many jokes like that." Rivalz muttered quietly to himself.

Milly giggled at their reaction, "You guys need to relax and learn to have some fun." She said with amused smile. "Besides I don't think Naruto minds if I joke with him like that, right Naruto?" The blonde haired President asked Naruto flirtatiously.

"I agree with Shirley Madam President. I don't think you should joke around like that" Kallen stated, "And I'm sure that Naruto agrees with me. Isn't that right Naruto?" The redhead asked eyes closed and with a smile on her face. Though her voice didn't once change from its soft spoken tone it did carry a dangerous quality that Naruto seemed to pick up on right away.

"Uh, that's right. Please stop Madam President." Naruto said with a forced smile on his, a bit of sweat suddenly appearing and dripping down his face.

Milly wasn't paying much attention to what Naruto was saying, as she was looking at Kallen intently before a knowing smile appeared on her face. "I see what's going on." She said cryptically.

"W-what are you talking about?" Kallen asked suddenly very nervous.

"Oh, you're just too cute." Milly spoke happily pulling the half-Japanese into a quick, if not somewhat, awkward hug before releasing her, "Don't worry I'll stop, I'm not the kind of girl that gets in the way of this kind of stuff." The blue eyed Britannian said giving the flustered redhead a wink.

"W-what?" Kallen stuttered out again, only for Milly to laugh good naturedly at her, while the other older members of the council looked at her with various degrees of sympathy knowing what she was in for in the future with their Class President.

"I'm completely lost." Naruto stated, as Suzaku chuckled at how dense his friend was and Kyu shook her head in exasperation.

"I'm sure you'll understand, eventually." Suzaku told him honestly, whispering the last bit to himself.

"It's best not to think about it." Lelouch supplied helpfully.

"Ok," Naruto said unsurely. "How about we get the tour really started then?" The sapphire eyed pilot asked, the others agreeing quickly, most of all Kallen who wanted to move on and forget about the conversation they just had, wanting to see the rest of the Namikaze Corporation. What little they had seen on the way to Naruto's office had already been amazing and they were anxious to see more.

Naruto decided that the first stop on the tour would be the Research and Development department, as it would be far more interesting than looking around a few offices of the more business related section of the company. While everyone was excited to have a look at the new advances in technology, Suzaku not as much as the others since he spent so many hours during the day basically' being surrounded by high tech while at work, none were more so than Nina. The black haired girl was basically radiating happiness and excitement, as she looked around at all technology that was being developed and tested.

"The Research and Development department," Naruto began. "Is responsible for the recent advances in technology, be it improvements in the things you use in your everyday life or the equipment that is used in the medical field." The blue eyed shinobi explained. "Of course the R&D division is also responsible for testing and coming out with new products that can be sold to the public. So they will be responsible for the prizes that I'll be giving out during the Ball." He pointed out.

"Any idea of what those prizes will actually be?" Milly questioned him curiously.

Naruto shook his head, "Not yet, I have to make a list of what new products have recently come out and which ones should be ready by the time of the Ball." Naruto answered, "I also think it would be a good idea if we decide between the two of us what the final prizes will be." He said Milly nodding her head in agreement.

"Yes~!" A female voice yelled out happily, cutting into the conversation, from a short distance away. The Student Council was surprised by the sudden shout and looked toward Naruto for a possible explanation, but the blonde seemed just as confused as they were as he didn't recognize the voice and it sounded too young for it to belong to any of his workers. Walking toward the source of the voice the group found a girl in her teens with light blue hair pulled into a short ponytail, wearing a short white lab coat and black skirt. She was pumping her fists up and down while shaking her hips, doing what appeared to be a small victory dance. Spinning around the others could see that she had her eyes closed and that she had on a blue blouse, which covered a moderate sized chest, a few bangs hanging in front of her face, as she continued to do her victory dance. "I figured it out~!" She stated happily with a cheerful smile on her face.

"Figured what out?" Naruto asked her making her freeze up with her hands still up in the air. "And who are you?"

Opening her eyes revealed a set of pink colored eyes looking at all of them embarrassingly, before her eyes settled on Naruto. Her expression swiftly changed from embarrassment to one of elation and in a split second she was standing in front of the bewildered blonde, her hands clasped together in front of her face, "Oh my god!" The girl practically squealed, freaking out Naruto a little, "You're Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze! You're incredible; you are signal handedly responsible for creating and maintaining the Namikaze Corporation, and all the remarkable things that have happened in Japan because of it, all before even turning 18. You are an inspiration and my personal hero." The blue haired girl declared, moving as close as to the blonde teen that she believed Naruto would let her; much to Kallen's hidden ire.

"Uh, thank you?" Naruto said unsurely with a nervous smile. "But you haven't told me who you are or what you are doing here." The former Konoha shinobi pointed out.

The girl's eyes widened as she recognized the truth in Naruto's statement, taking a couple of steps back, "I'm so sorry!" The girl said frantically bowing repeatedly to the uncomfortable Namikaze Corp. owner, "I must seem like a total weirdo suddenly coming up to you like that, and not even telling you who I am. I'm so sorry!" She finished apologizing again at the end.

"Ah, don't worry about it." Naruto said, trying to sound reassuring, with a kind smile on his face, "Just tell us who you are." The Kyuubi pilot instructed gently.

"Right," The girl replied completely composed now a 180 from what she was not even a second ago, "My name is Arianna Casterwill, but you can call me Aria." The self-introduced Aria said with a polite bow. "It truly is a pleasure to meet you Uzumaki-sama."

"You don't have to call me that, just Naruto is fine." The last Uzumaki said with a sheepish grin.

"Naruto-sama?" Aria asked, tilting her head to the side in confusion and looking remarkably cute.

"No, just Naruto," The blonde insisted with an eyebrow twitch. "Or if you have to use something then 'Mr.' is fine."

"I couldn't do that." Aria denied, frantically shaking her arms up and down. "Calling you by your name like that would be wrong of me and 'Mr.' just isn't enough to describe how incredible you are Naruto-sama." The blue haired girl said with a determined look in her eyes.

Naruto let out a sigh before he finally realized something, "Wait you said your last name was Casterwill, right?" He asked her getting a nod from the young Ms. Casterwill, "As in Katerina Casterwill?"

"That's right." A more mature voice answered from behind the group. Looking behind them they saw a woman who looked to be an older version of Aria with darker colored hair that was tied in a ponytail, with her bangs framing her face, but came down to her mid back. She wore a black skirt, a light green button up shirt which gave the barest hint at her cleavage, and a white lab coat with an I.D. clipped on to it. "I'm sorry if my daughter has been a bother to you Mr. Uzumaki. I thought I was perfectly clear that she was to stay in my office and out of trouble, while she was here." She said giving her daughter a faux disapproving look, that Aria answered with sheepish smile, as she walked to stand beside her.

"Being stuck in your office was boring, and I wanted to see more of the labs here." Arianna told her mother pacifyingly. "So, I decided to take a small look around when I found a few scientist having trouble with something, so when they took a break I decided to take a look at it myself, and was able to figure out what was wrong." She finished excitedly.

"Is that so," Katerina said with an exasperated sigh, and then turned her gaze toward Naruto. "She might not always seem like it, but my daughter is actually quite the prodigy. I taught her everything she knows. She has been dreaming of being able to come and work here for a while now." The blue haired woman explained. "I suppose that is why she thought it would be a good idea to stick her nose where it didn't belong."

"I see," Naruto murmured amusedly before finally introducing his friends to the older woman, "This is Katerina Casterwill; she is the head researcher in charge of the R&D department, and possibly the smartest woman I've ever meet." The cerulean eyed pilot informed them.

"Thank you for the compliment Mr. Uzumaki," Katerina said with an amused laugh. Naruto then introduced the other council members to the two bluenettes. "Nina? This wouldn't be the same Nina Einstein that we've had our eye on would it?"

"The very same," Naruto answered with a nod.

Katerina smiled gently at the girl. "Well Ms. Einstein I hope to see you joining us sometime soon. I've heard many good things about you." She said, causing the black haired glasses wearing girl to become slightly embarrassed.

"Ah, thank you." Nina said with a flushed face, bowing her head at the woman's praise.

"My so polite, my daughter could learn a thing or two from you in that regard." Katerina said, teasing her daughter as Aria let out a huff looking off to the side away from her mother with a pout on her face.

Naruto chuckled at the light blue haired girl's expense. "Now as funny as this has been." He paused to let out a chuckle at Aria's indignant shout, and whine about how they were being mean to her before continuing. "Would you please explain what exactly you figured out, Aria?"

"Of course," Aria replied excitedly before growing serious. "From what I could gather from the scientists before I, uh helped, they were having trouble figuring out the algorithm necessary to create a flow of energy that can be placed in what you could call a 'loop' so that the energy doesn't diminish while the battery is being used to produce flight, and doesn't need to be recharged or refueled after it is used." She said walking to the nearby computer that she had been working on before everyone entered, and then continued already guessing what they might ask next. "Now, what makes this power source different from what is used in jets and planes is that it won't constantly need energy being feed into it and would be for smaller machines, at least that is what I've gathered. Really the idea is quite amazing and highly advanced I'm surprised that those dimwits were able to come up with it in the first place."

"That would be because they didn't come up with the idea. That honor belongs to our extraordinary boss here." Katerina informed her daughter and at the same time embarrassing the blonde business owner. "Mr. Uzumaki came up with the idea a few months ago and has been working on it whenever he can. He simply asked them to assist him with its development because of his busy schedule." The blue haired woman explained.

"That makes sense." Aria said innocently, "If it's Naruto-sama then I don't doubt he would be able to think of something as amazing as this." The younger blue haired girl stated confidently with a nod of her head, as if her statement made perfect sense.

"Wait does that mean that you're creating hover boards and cars?" Rivalz asked excitedly. "What about a hover bike?"

"Well, those are possibilities." Naruto acknowledged with a chuckle, "But my top priority would be developing something for people in wheel chairs to give them more mobility and no longer be hindered by things like stairs." He said and then turned to face Lelouch. "I'd actually like to give one of these to Nunnally when they're made. Of course it would have to be modifies to suit her needs specifically."

"Is there a problem?" Katerina asked with the concern only a mother could express. Naruto chose let Lelouch answer that question as it was up to him to on whether to talk about Nunnally's condition or not.

"My sister lost her ability to see when she was younger." Lelouch explained to the blue haired woman, as he did his best to restrain his emotions that emerged when he recalled exactly how that happened. Turning to his attention to his classmate Lelouch gave the blonde student a grateful smile, "Thank you for the offering to help Nunnally, Naruto I really appreciate it." The black haired student said honestly, his concern for Nunnally and her wellbeing superseding anything else.

"The poor dear, I can see why that would be a concern." The head researcher said, as she paused for a moment to think about the problem. "What if we were to include sensors to keep track of the immediate surrounding area?"

"Oh, how about developing something similar to sonar for things farther away? Aria suggested helpfully.

"Those are both good ideas." Naruto remarked truthfully. "But right now how about we continue on with the tour, Aria you're more than welcome to join us." The blonde shinobi said with Arianna quickly agreeing, anything to get the chance to spend more time with her hero. With a pleasant smile Naruto turned to elder bluenette, "Dr. Casterwill I can't think of anyone better to give of us a tour of the R&D department then its head researcher, so what do you say?"

"I would be delighted Mr. Uzumaki." Katerina answered.

The head researcher proceeded to show the members of the Student Council, along with her daughter, the rest of the Research and Development division and the many projects and experiments that were being made. Most of the things that they were shown and discussed seemed to go right over the heads of the academy students, as the technology would have been better placed in a science-fiction movie rather than real life. Of course Nina did understand what was talked about and she was simply awed by everything that was being developed, and made her want to actually join the company all that much more. The indigo eyed girl had noticed that there were Elevens present, but she was able to keep herself calm mostly because she could distract herself from noticing who they were by focusing on the inventions, and because she felt secure being she was surrounded by her friends. Finishing showing them around Katerina turned to her boss.

"If I may, what is the next stop on your tour Mr. Uzumaki?" The researcher asked.

Naruto looked thoughtful for a moment before answering. "I think I'll show them the gardens before heading on into Medical Division." He supplied.

"I see," Katerina murmured with a knowing smile. "I'll be sure to send word of your intentions to the head of the department." She said looking as if she was trying hard not to laugh for some unknown reason to the majority of those there.

"Right," Naruto muttered.

"Another thing sir," Katerina began. "I'd like to give both my daughter and Ms. Einstein a more thorough and in-depth tour of the R&D department." She informed the blonde shinobi.

"I don't see anything wrong with you giving Aria a more detailed tour," Naruto stated with a shrug. "But it is up to Nina if she wants to join you." He finished, looking toward the shy black haired girl.

"Uh, well I." Nina started unsurely.

"Come on Nina go for it." Shirley spoke up, giving her friend an encouraging smile. "It was obvious that you were just enjoying yourself and you're probably the only one of us who knew what was actually going on."

"Yeah, and if you're going to work here someday then you should definitely see what it is all about." Rivalz noted with his own grin.

Looking toward her other friends and fellow council members they all encouraged their friend to agree. Turning her gaze back to the chief researcher and whiskered blonde, Nina gave a small hesitant nod with an equally small smile. Aria in the mean while stood off to the side with a pout on her face disappointed that she wouldn't get to spend any more time with Naruto-sama.

"Nina," Naruto began drawing the black haired girl's attention to him. "I want to know how you'd feel about an internship here at R&D section of the Namikaze Corporation." The shinobi stated.

"An internship?" Nina questioned somewhat hopefully, it wasn't a job offer but it still meant that she would be given the opportunity to work in such an amazing place.

"Yes an internship," Naruto replied with a smile. "I can't offer you an actual job position because of your anxieties. But we can work on it and if you show improvement then actual employment will definitely be a possibility in the future. In the mean time you can get used to working here under Dr. Casterwill's jurisdiction."

Nina considered the offer for a second and thought over everything that was said. It was true that she still had some issues to work through, but she could honestly say that if it meant that she could work here then she would put in her best effort to overcome them. She had already proven that she could ignore what their nationality was as long as she stayed focused on her work. So with a resolute nod Nina gave Naruto her answer of acceptance and thanked him for his offer.

"That's good then welcome to the Namikaze Corporation, Nina. I'll meet with the principal of Ashford to see about setting up a schedule, so that you can still attend classes and come here afterwards." Naruto said, after everyone congratulated Nina on accepting, before turning to face the still saddened Aria. "Now Ms. Casterwill I believe your mother said something about you working here?" He questioned, causing the light blue haired girl to perk up slightly. "From what I saw today alone you are more than qualified in regards to understanding everything that is being developed, proving your mother's claim about your intelligence, and finding solutions to problems that some of the other scientists were having with their research. As such I'd like to offer you a job here, on a trial bases of course incase this turns out to be more than you can handle, or not what you want to do. Do you accept?" Naruto asked her.

"Yes, of course I accept!" Aria answered instantly. "Thank you for this chance I promise not to let you down." The pink eyed girl swore, taking Naruto's hand in hers' and shaking it.

Naruto just smiled at her before turning toward Katerina. "Take as much time as you want showing them around." Naruto informed her, "I'll be sure to have another car ready to take Nina back to academy once you're all done." He finished, the older woman nodding her head in understanding.

Separating from the three science geniuses the remaining members of the tour group left the R&D department, and moved on to what Naruto told them would be an indoor garden connected to the Medical research department. Entering the garden the six remaining council members were shocked by the size of the garden that would more properly called a medium sized park. They could see trees, along with bushes, a few benches scattered around the place that were occupied by a few people that seemed to be relaxing, and a variety of different kinds of flower beds. There was even a small river going through the middle of the park.

"This place is incredible." Kallen said closing her eyes for a moment to take in the scent of all the nearby flowers.

"I'll say." Milly agreed.

"It's all so beautiful." Shirley added, her gaze shifting around to take in everything that she could.

"Thanks," Naruto said with his fox like grin. "I'm the one that takes care of this place, so I'm glad you all like it." He finished gaining mildly surprised looks from the others.

"Is that so?" Milly questioned with a smile, "Who would've thought the great Naruto Uzumaki had such a green thumb." She said rhetorically.

"Seriously though," Rivalz said, "Is there nothing you can't do?" The short blue haired academy student asked.

"Well I've never tried my hand at painting," Naruto answered scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "And I'm sure that there are others things as well."

"That sounds like the kind of thing that a person that everything comes naturally to would say." Lelouch remarked good' naturedly and in an amused tone.

"That actually sounds a lot like you Lulu," Shirley said. "It doesn't ever look like you try too hard to do anything."

"Is that so, I've never noticed." Lelouch replied lightly with a smile.

"For me it's actually the opposite." Naruto admitted, drawing everyone's attention back to him, as he reminisced about the past. "If you would have met me back when I was around 12 then you would think that I was an idiot that would never be able to do or attain anything." The blonde shinobi revealed catching everyone by surprise. The idea that the person in front of them was an idiot seemed like such a foreign concept that it was completely impossible in their minds. "But everything that I've achieved is the result of me pushing myself to my very limit, and then kept going till I'd almost pass out where I stood, be it physically or mentally."

"That sounds insane." Suzaku said; stupefied by Naruto's resolve and drive exceed his limitations.

"Probably," Naruto concurred evenly. "But because of it I've been able to build this company and help so many people." He continued before a smile spread across his face. "But enough about that let's get back on track. This garden, along with a rec. room, a library, and a gym were all built to help people take a break and relax. We can take a look at those places as well later."

"I can see why." Milly said with a content sigh, "It must be very nice to just spend the day here relaxing.

"Wait, rec. room?" Rivalz questioned.

"Yeah, but people here are usually always so serious that it's more like my own private game room." Naruto revealed.

"Hey Naruto what is that?" Kallen asked pointing towards a glass wall with automated glass doors, with what looked like an extended part of the garden on the other side. The Ashford Academy students could even see the small river continued on the other side.

"That is one of the entrances to the Medical Research Division." Naruto answered, as he began a leisurely walk towards it, with everyone following behind him.

Crossing into the other room the small group was instantly surrounded by a few security guards.

"Did we do something wrong?" Shirley asked nervously looking at all the guards, even though she knew that couldn't be possible since they were there with owner. While outwardly Lelouch looked confused his mind was currently racing, trying to come up with plans and backup plans incase these guards posed a threat to him and the others. Kallen looked at the guards as well her gaze hardened ready to put up a fight and knock as many of them out, though she hoped that it wouldn't come to that as it would expose the fact that she wasn't as weak and feeble as she was supposed to be.

"No not at all." A man that was obviously Japanese with dark brown hair and black eyes wearing a button up shirt, dark colored dress pants, and the expected white lab coat, answered. He had a smile on his face that was filled with obvious amusement. "These good fellows are here to keep an eye on Mr. Uzumaki, to make sure that he doesn't get near any of the plants." He explained. "I'm Soichiro Higurashi by the way, Chief Researcher in charge of the Medical Division."

"Huh? Why not?" Milly questioned, after introducing herself and the others, wondering why Naruto wasn't allowed near any of the plants.

"Oh, the answer is really quite amusing." The brown haired man replied with a chuckle.

Naruto cut in at that moment. "It's because I can't tell the difference between medicinal herbs and weeds." The blonde shinobi remarked dryly. "I can take care of the most exotic plants without any trouble, but when it comes to herbs…" Naruto trailed off at the end.

"They all seem to die." Higurashi supplied with a pleasant smile, earning a glare from his teenage boss.

"So I guess you really can't do everything, huh?" Rivalz asked jokingly, getting a grunt in reply from Naruto, as the others laughed lightly at his expense.

"Can we get on with the tour," Naruto asked, though it didn't come out sounding out like one.

"Of course," Soichiro replied cheerfully, "If you will please follow me."

Soichiro proceeded to give them a tour of the medical facilities, and an explanation about everything that the Medical Division was responsible for both within and outside the company. Higurashi also revealed how they worked alongside the R&D department to develop any new technology that would make medical advancements possible. The Student Council members really enjoyed the tour of the facility, and were grateful that so many intelligent and kind individuals were working so hard to improve medical treatment.

After they left the Medical Division Naruto showed his friends the rest of company, stopping by the cafeteria and enjoying the almost five star foods that were being served. He also included a stop at the library and rec. room like he had promised, and spent some time relaxing in both places. They eventually returned to the front lobby when Naruto finished the tour of the company.

"Now what?" Rivalz asked questioning what they'd do now that the tour of Namikaze Corp. was over.

"Well," Naruto began walking up to the group, having been talking to the receptionist in the lobby and gotten a few files. "I can have the car take you back or we can continue the tour by heading toward Shinjuku." The blonde shinobi offered them.

"Would that be ok?" Shirley asked with some trepidation evident in her voice. "I mean we wouldn't want to get in the way or anything."

"It'd be fine." Naruto reassured her, "You guys can just check it out and help a bit if you want."

"I'll go." Suzaku stated resolutely, determined to help out rebuild one of Japan's destroyed cities anyway he could.

"I'd like to go as well." Kallen said softly she wanted to see for herself what exactly Naruto was doing to help rebuild Shinjuku and those living there. Of course she would have to be extra careful not to be recognized by anyone there.

The remaining members took longer to decide on whether to go or not. While Milly, Shirley, and Rivalz didn't have the same fear of going there and the people that called the Shinjuku Ghetto home as Nina, they were still hesitant of going. Lelouch contemplated what would happen as a result of him choosing to go or not. Eventually they all agreed once Naruto reassured them that everything would be okay, Lelouch having no other choice but to agree once everyone else did seeing as he didn't really have a good enough reason to skip out.

"Good I just need to take care of a few quick things and then we can go." Naruto told them before walking to the receptionist and relaying some quick instructions and then returned. "Ok let's go." The sapphire eyed pilot said.

"Hey, Naruto, if you don't mind me asking, but is it normal for you to rely on your receptionist like that, for her to hold files like those for you?" Milly asked him curiously.

"She helps me often actually. Usually with minor stuff like this or if something suddenly comes up," Naruto answered. "I should probably hire a personal assistant to help me with the day to day things though." He finished plainly.

In another part of the building Aria's ear suddenly twitched.

"Uzumaki!" A male voice shouted loudly, which three male members of the Student Council recognized, two from hearing it once before and the other for having to deal with the person on multiple occasions. Making his way toward them, with a smug sneer on his face, was the nobleman that Lelouch had played in a game of chess against the day he first obtained his Geass. "I've been looking for you." The nobleman stated with an insincere smile.

Looking at the blonde pilot everyone was surprised to see his demeanor change from what they were used to seeing. The expression on his face was one of apathy his eyes half lidded in boredom and disinterest, as he watched the brown haired man approached. "Ah, Darius, what a pleasant surprise what can I do for you?" Naruto asked politely, and though his smile was far more sincere than the nobleman's it was obvious to the Student Council members that it was all for the sake of looking courteous.

The aforementioned Darius seemed to grow visibly angry at Naruto's casual tone of speaking to him. "As disrespectful to your betters as always I see." Darius said scornfully. "You should learn to call me by my appropriate title boy. I am Lord Dung to you." The brown haired noble stated almost proudly.

The members of the Student Council were looking at the man incredulously, not believing that this man wanted to be called Lord Dung.

"Right, Lord Dung." Naruto said dryly silently wondering if the man was really that stupid, at the very least if he really wanted people to use his title than have them call him Lord Darius. "Is there something I can do for you?" The former Jinchuuriki asked again.

"Actually it's more like what I can do for you." Lord Dung said pompously. "With the Emperor's statement the Namikaze Corporation is all but finished with you in command. But in my infinite mercy I'll do you the honor' by letting you sell your company to me, so that it may have someone who is truly worthy owning it and directing it." He finished smugly.

Naruto just started to chuckle lightly, much to the surprise of his friends, as if what Darius had was some kind of joke, which to him it really was. Naruto's next words were spoken plainly as if to a child, "Lord Dung that really is quite the generous offer' but completely unnecessary. I can assure you that I can run my company and despite what you may think just because you are a pure blooded Britannian that does not mean that you are more fit than I to run a company, especially Namikaze Corporation. I believe that it was your lack of ability in understanding how to run a business that resulted in your own company falling through. Leaving you with no other choice, if the rumors are too believed, but to act like a common thug terrorizing business owners for profit," Naruto stated, all of it coming out sounding like if they were simply talking about the weather.

"You ruined my company!" Darius snarled his voice steadily rising in volume.

"I simply did what any businessmen would do, ran my business to the best of my ability." Naruto replied evenly. "I did not, and do not, cheat or take part in any illegal backdoor deals. If your company fell through it was because it couldn't compete with mine, and you simply weren't capable of running it."

"You insolent!" Lord Dung all but roared. Taking a closer look at the blonde's expression the Britannian nobleman saw the same bored look the boy always wore whenever they spoke. "Even now that' look in your eye, as if you were better than me, looking down on me! I am Lord Darius Dung how dare a worthless half-bred like you look down on me?!"

"Ah, so Naruto was the one you were talking about back then." Lelouch said smiling, bringing the noble's attention to him. "I was curious, even if only for a second, at who you were referring to back then."

"You!" Darius yelled recognizing the Britannian student. "I should have realized then that you were an acquaintance Uzumaki!"

"I think that, that is enough. I've spent enough time on you for today Darius I think it is time you left." Naruto said signaling for his security. "Please leave now Darius and I'll ask you not to return, again."

Darius Dung scowled at the boy as the two security guards put their hands on his shoulders and proceeded to forcefully escort him out of the building. "Listen well Uzumaki, you haven't heard the last of me. I'll make you pay for your impertinence and make sure that you finally remember who your betters are!" The man shouted, as he was lead out the door and away from the premises.

"What is that guy's problem?" Shirley questioned, angry with how the noble spoke to her friend and Lelouch.

"Darius Dung is, besides obviously stupid from his insistence in being called Lord Dung, a narrow minded bigot and bully." Naruto answered. "I've been forced to endure his presence on multiple occasions and the result is always the same. With him leaving after proclaiming that he is better than me, and me proving how untrue that is." He continued, "But enough about that let's get going." The Kyuubi pilot finished, leading everyone outside to the car that was waiting for them.

Minutes later as the Student Council were making their way toward the Shinjuku Ghetto, and Naruto was looking over a few files that his receptionist had given him; Rivalz asked him a question that the blue haired boy had been wondering for a while about. "Hey Naruto," Rivalz began. "I've been wondering why exactly you are attending Ashford. It's not like you really need to, you're the owner of a million dollar company after all. So why waste your time with going to school?" The blue haired Britannian student asked.

"Actually I've been wondering that myself." Suzaku added, the others voicing their similar curiosity at the question.

"Well Milly actually explained one of the reasons earlier." Naruto started, "One reason was to make connections with the future generation that will be in charge of their family businesses and those from prominent families." He said beginning his explanation.

"Like me." Kallen stated, not asked, disdainfully. She felt angry, and though refused to admit it even to herself, disappointed with the fact that the only reason Naruto had gotten to know her and been so nice was because he wanted something from her. 'I should have known better.' The redheaded resistance pilot thought to herself. The Stadtfeld name did carry a lot of power behind it after all, even in the Britannian homeland, so why wouldn't the owner of a company want to get close to the sole heiress.

"Actually you fall under the second reason." Naruto replied honestly easily guessing what the ocean blue eyed girl was thinking, after all more than one person had tried getting closer to him just to get something out in return. "The other reason I decided to attend Ashford was to make friends. It is kind of hard to make friends when running a business, especially ones your own age that aren't interested in only what they could get out of the friendship." He finished, looking right at her and giving her a genuine smile.

"I see," Kallen said returning Naruto's smile with one of her own. Sky blue eyes met ocean blue ones and the two simply stared silently at one another for a moment, before that moment was broken by the sound of Milly's voice.

"We'd offer to leave you alone so that you can have your moment, but that is kind of impossible right now." Milly spoke with a teasing smile on her face that had both Naruto and Kallen blushing lightly, while the others let out a few chuckles at their discomfort. "So what do you got there?" She asked referring to the files that Naruto was looking over, changing the subject in rare choice to show mercy to her' embarrassed victims instead of continuing to tease them.

"They're just some of the contracts for the voluntary workers helping reconstruct Shinjuku." Naruto answered. "There are two different kinds that I need to look over."

"What's the difference?" Shirley asked curiously.

"The first contract is a day to day basis. It is a short term contract where the contracted is only expected to work for one day and get paid for that one day. The other contract is long term, where a person will work for Namikaze Corp. as long as they want, or until their contract is justly terminated, and they are paid at the end of the week." Naruto explained, as he looked through another contract, "Of course those with long term contracts earn more than those that have a day to day contract." He finished.

"Buy why are you looking them over?" Suzaku questioned his blonde friend.

"I'm just familiarizing myself with files of everyone that's been contracted and making sure everything is in order." Naruto replied.

"Is there any chance I could sign up for one of those day to day contracts?" Rivalz asked him.

"I don't see why not." The cerulean eyed shinobi answered. "We'd have to wait until we get there for you to sign a contract since I don't have any blank ones with me."

"That's fine; I could really use the extra cash." Rivalz said with a smile.

"You should know that the day to day contracts also depend on how much work you put in, it's so people can't get paid for doing nothing or just a little." Naruto added, though Rivalz was fine with it and accepted the terms.

"I'd like to help as well," Milly said. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Oh, me too," Shirley added enthusiastically.

Lelouch, Suzaku, and Kallen also voiced their interest to help where ever they could. Lelouch didn't need the money or felt any sort of obligation to actively help with the reconstruction, but he did feel that it was a good opportunity to observe the Japanese, and look for possible excuses he could use to help convince them to help him in his Zero persona if the need ever arose. Suzaku and Kallen on the other hand didn't think that they could just sit back and watch as their people worked to rebuild their lives.

When they eventually reached the site the first thing they saw was the residents of Shinjuku hard at work clearing what debris they could, while others worked on repairing whatever homes they could. The Japanese people having been instructed that one of the first things that should be restored were the residences, so as many people could have an actual home as quickly as possible. The full blooded Britannians, with the exception of Lelouch, fidgeted slightly just standing there feeling out of place amongst the people that had been left with so little because of their government. Kallen and Suzaku were filled with a sense of pride and happiness at seeing their people getting back a sense of what they lost because of the war, though Suzaku also felt some regret deep within him.

It didn't take long for the whispers and the looks of discontent to start being sent their way once the inhabitants of Shinjuku realized they were there. But along with the looks of displeasure that was being directed at them there were also smiles and looks of gratitude, most of which were solely for the male blonde student that was standing at their side. Soon enough Naruto saw Nagata make his way toward them.

"Hey there boss." Nagata greeted his employer, as he tried not to act like he knew Kallen. "Glad to see you here."

"Nagata," Naruto returned his greeting with a nod of his head, before gesturing to his fellow students. "These are my friends Milly, Shirley, Kallen, Rivalz, Lelouch, and Suzaku." He continued pointed to each one of them when they were being introduced. "They'd like to help us out today with the rebuilding, we'll need some of the day to day contracts." The former Konoha shinobi said and then turned to the Ashford Academy students. "This is Nagata I put him in charge of overseeing this operation while I'm not here. He handles the paperwork and keeps track of the supplies on sight to make sure that there is enough for everyone.

After everyone was contracted to work for Namikaze Corp. for the day Nagata and Naruto separated them to their specific duties. Kallen, Milly, and Shirley were instructed to watch over the younger children, in a sort of daycare that the Namikaze Corporation had set up, Suzaku, Rivalz, Lelouch were asked to help with the clearing of the debris. Lelouch had to be given a different job when it became obvious that he couldn't handle the physical work, so instead he was to help Nagata dealing with the administrative work. Naruto of course also helped remove the debris whenever he wasn't looking over the plans for Shinjuku's restoration and what area would be best to work on next.

A few hours later the girls were playing with the children, doing their best to keep them entertained, when Nagata walked into the building that daycare was being held in.

"I trust everything is going well?" Nagata asked pleasantly, sending a subtle glance in Kallen's direction.

"Everything's fine." Milly answered with a smile.

"That's good." Nagata said, "I just came to tell you that we'll be having dinner in about half an hour, so that we can have the kids ready, and you are of course welcomed to join us."

"Dinner?" Shirley asked surprised before looking at the clock located in the room and noticing what time it was. "Wow I can't believe it's gotten so late already. I guess we were having so much fun playing with the children that none of us really noticed what time it was." The orange haired girl observed.

At that moment one of the children walked up to Nagata with an excited look in his eye. "Will Naruto-niisan be making the food again?" He asked hopefully, wanting to taste the delicious food that Naruto was able to prepare last time again, a sentiment that was shared by all the other children.

"Yup," Nagata answered with slight grin. "He even told me that he's getting some delicious dessert ready." The black haired Japanese man stated, the children immediately cheering at the news, "But that you're only going to get it if you all are washed up." He finished, the kids eagerly nodding their heads before rushing off to get ready.

"Naruto can cook?" Kallen asked stupefied, "I didn't know that." The redhead said definitely.

"Yeah it came as a surprise to all of us as well, but he's actually very good at it." Naruto replied.

"Excuse me Nagata, I've been wondering something." Milly spoke up drawing the Japanese man's attention to her. "I've noticed that the children add the word 'niisan' to the end of Naruto's name, what does that mean?"

"It's a term of endearment that children use for someone they look up to that means 'older brother,' which can be used for someone that isn't necessarily related to them." Nagata answered, "The reason they call him that is because to a lot of them this is the first time they have been given the chance to experience an actual childhood filled with toys and games, and not have to worry on whether they will go to sleep that night hungry, or if they will have to wake up early the next day and help their parents search out the city for anything they can salvage." He finished a look of respect and admiration clearly evident on his face.

"Naruto's really done a lot for the people here, hasn't he?" Kallen questioned a small fond smile spreading on her face, at hearing everything he's done for the children who at that moment were rushing to clean themselves and the room they were in, up.

"A lot more than many of us ever thought." Nagata replied, as he remember that in the past the resistance members had believed that the owner of the Namikaze Corp. had only ever done what would earn him money for his company.

"And this isn't the only thing he's working on personally to help others." Kallen continued remembering his plans for people stuck in wheelchairs. Naruto might have offered to give Nunnally a custom made one, but with everything Kallen had learned about him in the time she has known him she was sure that he was more than ready give them all away despite how financially unsound it might be.

"I don't doubt it." Nagata said. His admiration for the younger man growing to almost match the gratitude he felt towards Kurama for saving his life.

"You know, Kallen, Naruto really is amazing." Milly said gaining the Japanese and half-Japanese attention, the two of them nearly forgetting that Milly and Shirley were there. "If I were you I'd stake my claim before another girl does." She said teasingly.

"Oh? Do you happen to like Naruto, Kallen?" Nagata asked his friend, enjoying the way that the blush that had appeared at the blonde girl's teasing had grown dark enough to match the color of Kallen's hair.

"I-It's nothing like that!" Kallen insisted frantically, though she knew that no matter how much she denied it Nagata would still tell the others. "W-We're just friends!"

"Right," The black haired Japanese said dubiously with a smirk on his face. "You could do worse for a potential boyfriend you know." Nagata told her.

Kallen had to admit that Nagata had a point, but that didn't mean she had to come right out and say it. "Didn't you say that dinner was almost ready?" She questioned the older black haired man in an attempt to change the subject, "We should get going." The redheaded pilot finished.

"Aright, let's get going." Nagata replied in relenting tone of voice. "Is everyone ready?" He asked turning to the children who had been patiently waiting.

"Hai!" They all answered at the same time.

A couple of minutes later saw the members of the Student Council, with the exception of Naruto, sitting together at one of the tables that had been set out. Rivalz had his head lying against the table clearly worn out from the day's work; while Suzaku was also noticeably tired he was faring much better than his blue haired classmate.

"Man I'm completely exhausted." Rivalz managed to get out.

"It wasn't that bad." Suzaku said smiling in clear amusement.

Rivalz let out a groan at Suzaku's statement. "You know what? I agree with Lelouch you really are a health nut. How can't you be tired after all of that?" He questioned the brown haired Japanese boy incredulously, only for Suzaku to let out a sheepish chuckle.

Right then several of the residents that were acting sort of like waiters started to bring out the food that had been prepared. To say that the members of the Student Council were astonished at the food that was being presented was an understatement, it looked far better' than anything they had seen at the Namikaze Corporation's cafeteria earlier that day.

"Naruto made all of this?" Kallen asked no one in particular.

"Yeah, are you surprised?" Naruto inquired showing up, getting nods from everyone there who looked to be only seconds away from drooling. "Well to be fair I did have help making it all." He continued while rubbing the back of his head.

"From what I heard you're still the one who is responsible for making the food so delicious." Nagata said walking up to the table that they were all sitting at with the other resistance members. "Is it alright if we sit with you?"

Kallen felt slightly nervous, not to mention angry at Nagata, at having all her of friends grouped together and the possibility of her, or one of the others, accidently letting something slip out and revealing her true identity and her involvement with the resistance. 'Damn it Nagata! What the hell are you thinking?!" Kallen mentally shouted at the long black haired man.

"Sure." Naruto answered welcoming them.

"Thanks," Nagata said before introducing the academy students to his friends, "These are my friends Ohgi, Inoue, Minami, Yoshida, Kento, and the one with the attitude problem there is Tamaki, it'd be best if you just ignore him." He finished introducing his friends.

"Hey!" Tamaki shouted in affronted.

"Oh, before I forget here." Naruto said handing each of the members of the Student Council a check. "Normally you'd be given the money for the time you put in, but I think a check would be simpler for all of you."

"I don't think I can accept this." Suzaku said looking at the check in his hands sorrowfully.

"It's yours Suzaku you've worked hard for it." Naruto told him.

"It just feels wrong for me to accept this." The brown haired Japanese replied.

"Then do whatever you want with it." Naruto stated, "Donate the money if that's what you want to do, it's yours to do with whatever you want Suzaku, so just take it." He finished getting a nod from the green eyed teen.

With the dramatics done, for the moment, everyone turned their attention back to what mattered most at the moment, i.e. the food.

"This all looks so good!" Shirley gushed.

"Seriously Naruto we find out there is one thing you can't do and then you come out with this." Rivalz added in.

"Well let's not focus on that right now and just enjoy the food." Naruto said and as if that was some sort of signal everyone, with the exception of the Student Council, shouted an "Itadakimasu!" before digging into their food.

"What was that?" Milly asked, the others just as curious as the blonde Britannian girl, looking around.

"It's a Japanese tradition." Suzaku surprised everyone by answering. "It's done just before eating and means something along of lines of 'Let's eat' or 'Thanks for the food.'" He supplied before saying his own, "Itadakimasu," And enjoying the meal.

"Is that so," Milly mumbled, before she and the others tried it out for themselves, only Kallen actually managing to pronounce it correctly.

After a few minutes of enjoying their meal and polite conversation when Nagata asked Naruto about the plans he had been looking over earlier.

"I was looking over the blueprint for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the building with twin towers over there," Naruto pointed to the leaning building for the benefit of the Student Council. "I'm trying to figure out what to do with it."

"What do you mean?" Ohgi asked the blonde teen.

"For starters," Naruto began. "The building is structurally unsafe; it could collapse at any moment if enough pressure is applied, which means that it will have to be rebuilt from the ground up." He said pausing for a second before continuing, "The other problem is finding out what exactly we're going to do with it. Because Britannia abolished Japan's governing body we need to find a new purpose for it." The shinobi stated.

"Do you have any ideas?" Kallen asked him with an eyebrow raised in question.

"Yeah," Naruto said nodding his head. "I'm thinking of turning it into a branch facility for the Namikaze Corporation, so the residents of Shinjuku have something close by that they can rely on in case of emergencies. I'm thinking of renaming the building Hypnos." (AN: I couldn't help myself.) The sapphire eyed boy explained, saying the last part mostly to himself' and then turned his attention to Nagata. "I'm going to need you to make sure everyone knows what I'm planning to do, so they can decide for themselves if they find that acceptable." He instructed.

"Got it," Nagata said with a nod.

"Enough with the business talk." Milly said cutting into the conversation. "After working hard all day you should relax~." She finished playfully stretching out the last word a bit.

"I can't take this anymore!" Tamaki suddenly shouted.

"Tamaki," Ohgi said warningly. Right now wasn't the time for his brown haired friend to lose his temper.

Nagata turned to student group with an apologetic look in his eyes. "Sorry just do your best to ignore him if you can." Nagata told them.

"How can you all just sit there across from the enemy and a traitor like nothing's wrong?! Tamaki demanded, "He's sitting there complaining about all the work, who the hell do you think is responsible for it all?!" The brunette continued pointing a finger at the wide eyed Rivalz.

"Hey what the hell is your problem?!" Milly shouted back standing up from her seat and slamming her hands on the table, rattling the food a bit.

"My problem, your all my problem?!" Tamaki retorted angrily.

"Tamaki I've warned you before about this sort of thing." Naruto said calmly, though if you listened close enough you could hear the edge in his voice.

"Like I give a damn!" The angry Japanese man replied, not caring about the fact that he was talking to his employer.

"Hey shut up already!" A voice shouted from behind Tamaki. Turning around Tamaki was about to tell off whoever was yelling at him, only to be surprised when he saw he was being glared at by nearly everyone there, unsurprisingly Tamaki's shouts had been loud enough for everyone to hear.

"They're here helping us!" Someone else in the crowd shouted.

"Who cares where they are from, or who they are, as long as they are doing something to help?!"

"Yeah, the Nee-sans were really nice!" A child's voice shouted over the crowd.

Nagata took that moment to quickly explain that last sentence to the girls. "Nee-san is like the suffix Nii-san and means 'Older Sister.'" Nagata supplied with a smile. "Seems like you made your own impression on them," He finished his smile turning into a grin.

"Um, thanks." Milly said unsurely. "But don't you think the same way your friend does?" She asked him, as she spared a glance toward Tamaki who was being attacked verbally by all the residents of the rebuilding Shinjuku.

"No, not at all," Nagata immediately replied. "I mean with someone like Naruto doing everything he for can for everyone and after spending some time with him, then I don't see how anyone really could." He paused to once more smile apologetically at them. "It's just that Tamaki is a bit more opinionated."

"You know what?! I'm out of here!" Tamaki shouted, drawing everyone's attention back to him, as he stormed off.

"Well so much for having a relaxing dinner." Naruto said, trying to lighten the mood.

"It might not having been all that relaxing," Lelouch began, "But the little dinner show was sort of entertaining." He finished smiling, somewhat, in amusement.

"I was going to suggest this before, but Naruto could sing us a song to help everyone relax." Milly said before turning her gaze toward her fellow blonde, "What do you say?"

"No." Naruto refused right away. "It's not like I can get the other members of the band here anyway." He continued, knowing that last part was a lie since the other members were just Shadow clones using the Transformation jutsu.

"That's fine you can just sing a solo then. Besides I'm not giving you much of a choice on the matter." The Council President replied before turning toward the crowd. "Hey does anyone have a guitar or something? Naruto's agreed to sing a song for us!" Milly shouted out to them.

"Here I managed to salvage one." One Japanese man said as he brought over a guitar, though worn, still looked playable. "Take care of it please." He pleaded handing the guitar over to the reluctant teen with whisker markings on his cheeks, who assured him that he would take good care of it.

Naruto let out a sigh, as he looked at the expectant gazes that everyone was sending him. "One song and that's it." He relented too much cheering. Moving to stand where everyone could clearly see and hear him Naruto began to sing.

(AN: Listen to the song Swing Life Away by Rise Against here if you want, if not let's continue.)

After Naruto was finished singing everyone started to cheer for him. Handing the guitar back to its owner, Naruto made his way back toward the table the Ashford Student Council and resistance members were sharing. He briefly wondered how the Britannian students would react if they learned who exactly they were sharing a table with.

"See that wasn't so bad." Milly said to Naruto once he joined them.

"Whatever," Naruto mumbled with a light blush on his face. It was different to sing in front of his friends compared to singing in front of strangers.

After everyone enjoyed the meal that he had prepared, Naruto proceeded to take the members of the Student Council back to their respective dwellings in the car that had been chauffeuring them around all day. The last person who he was escorting home was Kallen who stayed in the Stadtfeld home, which was really a mansion more than a home, where Naruto proceeded to walk her to the front door.

"You didn't have to do this." Kallen pointed out to him.

"Probably," Naruto admitted. "But I still wanted to." He added and then continued speaking. "So what do you think about everything that happened today?" The cerulean eyed pilot asked her curiously.

"It was… interesting." Kallen eventually answered after a moment of thought, as she recalled everything she saw earlier that day.

"Yeah that tends to happen a lot when I'm around. An old friend would always call it troublesome." Naruto said with a chuckle. "Of course he found everything that didn't involve sleeping or cloud watching troublesome." He added as an afterthought.

Kallen stared at him for a moment, trying not to pay attention just how good he looked while smiling, "You know you're different from what I thought you would be." The redhead told him.

The blonde shinobi just gave her a curious look at her statement, "Oh, how so?" Naruto asked her with a raised eyebrow.

"It's how you treat everyone and how you want to help them." The ocean blue eyed half-Japanese pilot began, "It's not like how a rich business man, whose focused on mostly how much profit they will gain, would act. And it's different from how a famous person would pretend to be nice to others for the sake of the camera. You genuinely care about others and don't seem to care how it makes you look towards others." Kallen said telling him what she honestly thought.

"I guess it would be because I understand how they feel." Naruto replied.

"What do you mean?" Kallen asked him curiously.

"Even before the war my childhood wasn't exactly the best." Naruto said distantly revealing a bit of his past to Kallen, but making sure to change it just enough so he didn't reveal that he was from a different dimension. "I grew up with nearly nothing. There were people who looked after me from time to time, but for the most part I was on my own. When I established the Namikaze Corporation my past was one of the reasons I decided that I would help all those that I could." He told her definitely.

Kallen stared at him wondering exactly what kind of childhood he had to make him feel so strongly about helping others. It honestly amazed her to see someone with so much determination in them that wasn't fueled by anger. Most of the members of the resistance were fighting against Britannia out of some sense of revenge or duty for their ruined country. Nagata, until recently when his life was saved by Kurama, fought mostly for revenge for his lost family. Ohgi fought to free Japan because he knew that it was the right thing, but his self-confidence was an issue that most times it left him second guessing himself. While Kallen also fought for her home country she also did it in memory of her brother, Naoto. But Naruto wasn't weighted down by anger; he might not be fighting against Britannia directly but he was still bringing about changes that were definitely helping the Japanese.

"You really are something else." Kallen eventually said, as Naruto gave her his patented fox like grin.

Before anything more could be said the door to the Stadtfeld home was opened by a woman wearing simple maid clothing with a white apron. She had slightly tanned skin and dark brown hair, but what Naruto noticed right away was the similar facial structure the woman had to Kallen along with her blue eyes that were similar to the redhead's standing beside him. Except for the color of her skin and hair Naruto was sure that he was looking at an older version of Kallen, and most likely her mother. The only other exception was that the woman's eyes were duller then Kallen's and a fatigue that Naruto could clearly see had nothing to do with her physical state of being.

"Mistress your home," The woman spoke in a soft relieved tone of voice. "I'm so glad I was starting to get worried." The look in her eyes as she stared at Kallen showed honest care and concern. It was only then that the woman Naruto was there also. "Oh, sorry I didn't realize you had company." The way she said it was polite, but with the intense look that she sent him Naruto was sure that she was looking for any sort of ill intentions towards Kallen.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki; it's nice to meet you." The blonde Uzumaki said introducing himself. "I'm a friend of Kallen's from school."

The brown haired woman seemed to be surprised by Naruto's last name and the knowledge that he attended Ashford Academy along with Kallen, but she still smiled kindly at him and gave him a small bow. "It is a pleasure to meet you, thank you for escorting Mistress Kallen home."

"No thanks are necessary, I was happy to do it." Naruto replied before turning towards Kallen. "I'll see you at school tomorrow Kallen." He said as he turned to leave.

"Yeah, Goodnight," Kallen answered softly.

"Maybe the next time we go out it can be just the two of us." Naruto called back as he got into the car.

"W-What?!" Kallen sputtered confusedly in question, as a light blush spread across her face, though the question was left unheard as Naruto had already been driven away.

"Mistress Kallen I so happy that you are making friends at school." Ms. Kozuki said after she and Kallen had entered the Stadtfeld home. "Mister Naruto seems nice, is he just a good friend or something more perhaps?" She asked hoping to know Kallen's relation to the blonde with whisker like markings.

"That is none of your business!" Kallen snapped. For a moment the redheaded Stadtfeld heiress considered telling her mother about Naruto having known Naoto, but in the end decided against it. No point in bringing up something that would change nothing and only remind the woman of what she had lost. "I'm going to my room." Kallen stated evenly, as she walked pass the woman without looking at her, a part of the half-Britannian regretting the way she spoke to her mother.

"Yes, Mistress," Ms. Kozuki said in a submissive tone, doing her best not to let any of the pain she felt at the way Kallen talked to her show on the surface.

A few days' later Shirley and Kallen were in Student Council room setting up a cat house for Arthur. When the other members of the Student Council asked Naruto what they could get for Kyu Naruto had replied that a comfortable bed would be enough to make the lazy fox happy. Kyu proceeded to try and claw out Naruto's face.

"Say can I ask you something important?" Shirley began her back towards the redhead, who was currently playing with both Arthur and Kyu.

"Huh, sure what is it?" Kallen replied distractedly.

"Kallen are you hiding something from us?" Shirley asked, "If it's something to personal."

"No what are you talking about?" The redhead asked, paying closer attention to the orange haired girl, as she pulled Arthur close and slowly reached into her skirt's pocket and pulled out a small pink hand purse.

"You can tell me I promise not to be to shocked or upset." Shirley assured, "Well the thing is I happened to see you before." The yellow-green eyed Ashford student revealed.

At Shirley's statement Kallen hit a button on her purse that released a hidden blade scaring Arthur and making Kyu look at her as if she were stupid, not that Kallen noticed the kitsune's expression.

"Are you interested in going out with Lulu?" Although it was a question Shirley made it sound more like an accusation.

"Lulu?" Kallen repeated completely taken back by the different direction that the conversation had taken from what she expected.

"The other day I saw you outside." Shirley told her, "It looked like you two were about to kiss, or something."

"What?!" Kallen nearly shouted, standing up from where she had been kneeling with Arthur in her arms held against her chest, while Kyu looked at the drama that was unfolding with amusement evident in her eyes. "I thought we cleared this up the last time. And what about what Milly said before in the Namikaze Corp. building?!" Kallen questioned trying her best to not outright shout at her female classmate.

"But you never answered me on who you wanted to get a kiss from then." Shirley shot back fiercely. "And half the time Milly says things like that just to tease or embarrass someone. So is something going on between you and Lulu, you can tell me." Shirley said desperately needing to know.

"It's nothing like that!" Kallen insisted.

"Then do you really like Naruto?" The full Britannian student asked instead. While it wasn't what Shirley really wanted to know if Kallen said that she did then that would help ease some of the orange haired girl's concerns when it came to Kallen and Lelouch.

"Well, I uh…" Kallen started only to trail off at the end, she wasn't completely sure how to answer that question. Kallen was sure that she felt something for her fellow half-Britannian, but she wasn't sure what those feelings were. Though at the very least she knew that she did consider him a friend, admired him for everything he's done, and was attracted to him physically. Without meaning to the memory of him in the shower came to the forefront of her mind. Besides that there was also the thing that Naruto said the night he dropped her off, though he hadn't brought it up since then, and Kallen wanted to know if he had been joking or if he had actually meant that he wanted to go out with her. She found that he didn't hate the idea of going out with the handsome blonde.

To Shirley Kallen's inability to answer her question just made it more evident that the redheaded Knightmare pilot was interested in her Lulu.

In a Royal Transport Carrier that was moving through the Tokyo Settlement Cornelia, along with Darlton, Guilford, and some other Britannian soldiers were looking over a map that showed the Saitama Ghetto and the Knightmare Frames that were moving into place.

"The Saitama Ghetto is now completely surrounded. The Yamato Alliance's hideout is located somewhere in here; half the people in this neighborhood are cooperating with them. So if we proceed now," Darlton explained, turning away from the monitor to face the Viceroy of Area 11.

"What would be the effect on production?" Cornelia questioned from her seat.

"Primary sector output should decrease by 0.2 percent." Darlton answered immediately.

"Within expectations you mean, alright." Cornelia stated, her gaze shifting to stare at three men towards her left who were dressed similarly in grey clothes standing next to one another with their right hands resting over their hearts. "All of you here participated in the Shinjuku disaster, is that correct?" She asked them.

"Yes and we are indebted to you Princess Cornelia for your mercy." The man in the middle began.

"That's not what I'm asking." Cornelia said cutting the man off fiercely, before turning her gaze back to the monitor, "Do you think the conditions are similar, to those in Shinjuku?" The dark pink haired princess continued with a smirk playing across her lips. "Zero is a criminal with a flair for the theatrical. I've recreated the same conditions that existed in Shinjuku in order to draw him out. If he is the overconfident type I predict that he will come here to try and kill me." The Viceroy explained for the benefit of her subordinates.

"Viceroy," The man from before started. "You would really risk your own life like this?" He asked.

Cornelia stared at the man with an uncaring disinterest. "What you fail to understand is war is a struggle between pride and life." Cornelia said.

"But your Majesty what of Kurama, we had confirmed reports of his presence in Shinjuku and the appeareance of an unknown Knightmare Frame that resembled a nine tailed fox, that we can only assume was piloted by him." The same man tried to argue.

"Are you suggesting that we drop the operation simply because of one man?" Cornelia asked threateningly.

"Of course not Viceroy," The man said immediately backtracking.

"Kurama is an unknown factor, should he appear then we simply capture him like we will Zero." Cornelia stated confidently.

Back in Ashford Suzaku was walking toward the club room, after he finished work for the day, humming as he twirled something that he had picked up to tease Arthur with. He was almost to the council room when a voice that the brown haired Japanese recognized spoke up from behind him.

"Well someone seems happy." Naruto noted walking up to Suzaku.

"Naruto," Suzaku greeted his friend with a smile. "How are you?"

The blonde shinobi shrugged his shoulders. "Can't complain, I just finished with some business and decided to come back here to hang out with everyone and pick up Kyu." Naruto replied.

"Is that so? I just got off work also." Suzaku said, "I'm guessing that Nina is already at the Namikaze Corporation then?" The green eyed teen asked, as the two continued walking toward the council room together.

"Yeah," Naruto answered, "She has been doing a great job and has been handling things well, all things considered." He stated.

"I see, that's good," Suzaku said his smile growing just a bit wider, he had been informed of Nina's little phobia and made sure to give the dark haired girl the room she needed so she needn't feel panicked by his presence. The two male teens had reached the council room's door just in time to hear shouting coming from the inside when the door opened revealing Kallen shouting at someone.

"Like I said there is nothing between Lelouch and I!" Kallen shouted to the other occupant of the room, not realizing that Naruto and Suzaku were standing right there if the gasp she let out when she saw them was anything to go by.

"There is nothing between Lelouch and you?" Naruto repeated, "I guess I should feel relieved then." The cerulean eyed former Jinchuuriki said with a grin.

Kallen blushed slightly at what Naruto had just said, as she silently wondered how long he had been standing there and how much he had heard. If it had been just Suzaku then she could have just brushed him off, since despite both of them being members of the Student Council, they had barely said a word to each other in the days they knew one another, aside from a few pleasant greeting during the day.

"Lelouch?" Suzaku questioned slightly ignorant of what was going on, as he wondered what his childhood friend had anything to do with the situation. Peeking into the council room he could see Shirley holding on Arthur in her arms, and it looked like she was on the verge of tears. It seemed his friend really was bad with women if he was the cause of making one cry without even having to be in the same room.

"It's nothing," Kallen managed to get out, quelling the blush on her face until it disappeared, and then turned to address Shirley one last time. "Anyway that is how it is." She stated before walking away. Naruto watched Kallen walkaway, as he hummed thoughtfully for a second before following after the redheaded girl leaving Suzaku to deal with the orange haired one.

Deciding it was best to start things with something simple Suzaku asked Shirley a question he hoped would help calm the yellow-green eyed girl. "Where is Lelouch?"

"I don't know where he is and I don't give a damn!" Shirley snapped at him the tears at the corner of her eyes threatening to spill over.

As Suzaku looked at the girl that seemed seconds away from breaking down he silently cursed his friend for leaving him to deal with the emotional girl on his own. Off to the side Kyu did her best not to draw attention to herself by bursting out laughing, as she watched the spectacle that was playing out before her.

It didn't take long for Naruto to catch up with Kallen, though the redhead seemed reluctant to talk with the blonde about what had happened. He also wanted to ask about the women that he meet the other night, but he was sure that was something else that Kallen didn't want to talk with him about.

"It was nothing," Kallen eventually said breaking the silence that was between them.

"What was?" Naruto asked thought the answer was obvious.

"That thing back there. What Shirley was saying about me and Lelouch, it's nothing, there is nothing going on between us. She was just being paranoid, or something." Kallen told him. She wasn't sure why she was explaining herself to him, she really didn't have to. Kallen just knew that she didn't want him to misunderstand anything.

"You don't have to explain anything to me." Naruto replied giving the red haired girl a smile. "Besides I believe you." He added at the end.

Kallen was momentarily surprised by his steadfast belief in her, though the smile she returned to him showed how much she appreciated it. "I know but still…" She began only to trail off at the end still not sure how express what she was feeling. Instead of stressing on putting words to what she was feeling Kallen decided it was best to change the subject, and this was the best chance she had to talk about what she had been wondering about for the last few days, "Naruto?" Kallen began tentatively.


"Uh, never mind," Kallen murmured deciding not continue with her question at the last second, her confidence wavering at the last second stopping her from asking what she wanted in regards to his comment from the other night. Kallen wasn't sure how'd she'd react to the answer he would give her at the moment.

Naruto looked at her questioningly and was about to press the issue to see what was on her mind when his cell phone went off. "Hello…Aria? How did you get this number?" The blonde shinobi asked after answering his phone. Kallen instantly stiffened slightly at mention of the pretty bluenette, as she stared at Naruto intently and listened carefully to what was said. "What was that? … Okay, thanks." Naruto said finishing the short phone call.

"What was that about?" Kallen asked doing her best to not sound interested, but not quite managing it.

"Aria called to tell me about some news that is being broadcasted that she was sure I'd be interested in." Naruto explained looking for the broadcast on his phone and quickly finding it.

"Military authorities reported that they have surrounded the Saitama Ghetto, a known hiding place for terrorists. Viceroy Cornelia is also on the scene and entry to that area is strictly restricted." The female newscaster reported, "It appears that a full scale assault will be launched in 2 hours," After the reporter finished saying that Naruto cut the feed to his cell and putting it in his pocket.

"Damn, so that's what she meant." Naruto muttered grimly to himself.

"What?" Kallen asked, her fists clenched in anger at the news. "Who are you talking about?"

"I haven't told you or any of the others who I meet with when Suzaku first joined the Student Council did I?" Naruto asked her, though it was more of a rhetorical question. "My meeting was with Princess Cornelia." The cerulean eyed pilot revealed, Kallen's eyes widening in surprise at the information she was given. "To make a long story short at the end of our meeting she told me that the Namikaze Corporation would be able to help rebuild another of the ghettos in a few days. I guess this is what she meant." He finished with a clear frown on his face before letting out a sigh. "And here I thought I was done with work for the day." Naruto mused humorlessly, as he said a quick goodbye to Kallen before returning to the council room to pick up Kyu so that they could go.

As Kallen watched the blonde leave a part of her was desperately trying to figure out what it is she, or the other members of the resistance, could do to help those in the Saitama Ghetto. But going there with Cornelia surrounding the area would make it nearly impossible to get in, and all but suicidal if they somehow managed to get in. With no other feasible alternative Kallen had no choice but to wait for new information to arrive about what was happening.

Back in the clubroom Kyu was highly disappointed in the turn of events. After Naruto had left Suzaku had done his best to comfort the distraught Shirley and eventually got her to tell him about her apparent feelings for Lelouch. Suzaku tried to help by calling using the club phone and ask him what his thoughts and feelings on Shirley were, only for said orange haired girl to snatch the phone out of his hand not even a second later and ended the call. What followed was a quick game of tug-of-war with the phone resulting in Suzaku following on top of Shirley their faces inches apart from one another, both of them with a healthy blush on their cheeks.

The cause for Kyu's displeasure was the fact that after being in the same position for nearly an entire minute neither had done a single thing about it, she had even gone through the trouble of restraining Arthur so he wouldn't interfere with what was happening and ruin her fun by attacking Suzaku, like the feline seemed fond of doing. But they didn't move closer to close the small gap between them with a kiss, and they didn't jump away from each other in embarrassment. They just looked into each other's eyes, yellow-green meeting forest green, unable to break eye contact with one another.

"Am I interrupting something?" Naruto asked from the doorway when he entered the room and noticed Suzaku and Shirley's compromising position. The sound of the blonde's voice seemed to break whatever trance Shirley and Suzaku were in because they immediately scrambled to get away from one another, the blushes on their faces darkening just the slightest bit at being discovered by someone in such a position

"No," Suzaku said not even looking in Naruto's direction.

"Not at all," Shirley added keeping herself busy by unnecessarily straightening out her clothes. Neither of the Japanese or Britannian students could look in the others direction as well, as they did their best to avoid eye contact with one another.

"Ok?" Naruto said not to sure what was going on with them. From the corner of his eye he could see Kyu pouting, or at least the fox equivalent of a pout. "Something has come up and I will have to go. I just came to get Kyu." The whisker marked shinobi said, Kyu making her way towards him and jumping onto his shoulder.

"It's nothing serious, is it?" Suzaku asked him once he managed regain some sense of self-control.

"Probably," Naruto answered honestly. "But nothing I shouldn't be able to handle." The blonde teen reassured them. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." He finished as he turned to leave. 'So what was happening between those two?' Naruto asked Kyu through their telepathic link.

'Nothing,' Kyu replied with a huff 'Absolutely nothing.' Damn ningen ruining her fun by freezing up like that.

With Naruto gone Suzaku and Shirley were left alone in the club room in an awkward silence.

"So," Suzaku began, slightly uncomfortable and unsure about what to say, as he avoided looking at Shirley.

"So," Shirley repeated just uncomfortable as Suzaku and also refusing to look at him.

Lelouch sat in his room placing the military uniform he acquired last time in the Shinjuku Ghetto in a suitcase while C.C. laid down on his bed. Not too long ago he had about Cornelia's plans for the Saitama Ghetto and how it was obviously ruse to draw his attention and make him show up. Even knowing that it was a trap Lelouch was confident in his ability to outwit Cornelia and turn things in his favor. Besides it gave him the perfect opportunity to get close to Cornelia in order to get answers about his mother's murderer and then kill the dark pink haired Viceroy afterwards. His attention was so focused on the goal ahead he even ignored the call that came from the Student Council room

C.C. couldn't understand, not that she tried really hard to, Lelouch's motivations. He claimed that the need to find the truth behind his mother's murder was just as important as destroying Britannia, yet he was risking his life for one of those goals against an opponent he was most likely going to lose against, despite what he believed his capabilities might be. And as long as Lelouch needed to fill his end of their contract C.C. would not allow him die or throw his life away.

"If that's true then what happens to Nunnally? Should I simply give up on my sister because she is frail, I refuse to accept that!" Lelouch stated slamming the suitcase close and standing up. "I'll wipe out that sort of world myself." He declared determinedly.

It was noble, to an extent, C.C. decided. That Lelouch would go to such extremes that he would was even willing to change the world itself for his sister, but Lelouch was hardly the first person she meet with the same sorts of convictions and they had all died during the process of changing the world and its ideals. Getting up from the bed C.C. moved to stand in front of the door, cutting Lelouch off and keeping him in the room, with a gun trained on the black haired Britannian youth. "You can't go Lelouch. You need to fulfill your part of our bargain, so I won't have you dying before that." C.C. stated with very little emotion in her voice.

"Notice what you are saying and what you are doing are contradictory." Lelouch pointed out, keeping a calm demeanor.

"Oh, I won't kill you. I'm merely going to shoot you in the leg to quiet you down." C.C. replied evenly, the gun not wavering from where it was being pointed for even a second.

"Now I get it." The black haired Britannian said with a confident smirk. "You are unable to use Geass yourself, aren't you?" Lelouch asked though it could also be considered a statement, and from the small gasp C.C. let out and by the tiny change in her facial expression he was right. "I'm not surprised I suspected as much. You obviously wouldn't have asked me to do it if you could have done it yourself." He finished as he pulled out a gun of his own and pointed it at C.C.

"Do you honestly think you can threaten me with a gun?" C.C. asked completely unconcerned about the gun in Lelouch's hand, perks of being an immortal.

"Yes I do." Lelouch replied with the same confident smirk as before, as he moved the gun so its barrel was now aimed at his head. "Until I met you I was dead, an impudent corpse existing behind a false guise of life, a life in which I did nothing real. Day to day I merely went through the motions of living as if I were a zombie and I always had the feeling of gradually dying. If I am condemned to go back to that, then I'd rather." He finished threatening to pull the trigger. Staring directly into C.C.'s golden colored eyes Lelouch's confidence was unfaltering as he was sure that his bluff would pay off. If he was right about C.C. then she wouldn't do anything that'd risk his life for the sake of fulfilling their deal, so Lelouch was confident that she'd yield and let him leave.

"Stop it!" C.C. shouted showing the first signs of actual emotions since Lelouch met the light green haired girl, as she let her arm drop to her side with Lelouch doing the same. "I see now it is life without meaning and a life like that." She finished looking down at the floor with a saddened smile on her face, before turning her gaze back to Lelouch, her expression back to its normal apathetic self. "Fine if you feel that strongly about it then I won't stop you."

Lelouch was pleased with himself at being able to read the situation so perfectly, and with his only obstacle cleared Lelouch walked pass C.C. and out of the room.

With C.C. by herself she laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, she had no doubt that Lelouch would lose control of the situation and need help. He might be an exceptional strategist but he still had no, or at the least very little, experience when it came to actual combat and the unpredictability of the human nature. Besides that there was something that had caught her attention and she wanted to see it for herself, and C.C. was sure that she would if she went to the Saitama Ghetto.

The two hour deadline was drawing to a close on the Saitama Ghetto and already the Britannian military had the entire area surrounded, as they waited for their orders to begin the attack. The few Japanese people that lived in the ghetto were terrified of what was happening as they were rounded up. The sound of gun fire could already be heard in the distance and what exactly that meant was not lost to any of them as they already knew what their fate would be. From within the Royal Transport Carrier, Cornelia watched as the last few soldiers moved into place on the monitor.

"We are done sweeping away those in charge." Darlton reported glancing back at the Viceroy.

"It's nearly time to set our plan into motion, so shall we begin?" Cornelia asked, though everyone knew that it was a rhetorical question.

"Right," Darlton replied once more facing the monitor. "Attention all forces, commence eradication of the Saitama Ghetto!" The proud Britannian general ordered over the speaker system. With that one order hell was unleashed on the devastated Japanese city, as foot soldiers, tanks, planes, and Sutherland Knightmare Frames stormed into the Saitama Ghetto, killing every citizen that they came across.

Lelouch had managed to sneak into the ghetto earlier and he now watched the ensuring chaos with a clear glare, as he noted that no matter whom it was that was in charge things didn't change when it came to how Britannia did things. Lelouch was brought out of his thoughts when a Sutherland came up behind him, but he was completely unconcerned, he already had a plan to acquire the Sutherland for himself.

In another part of the Saitama Ghetto, Naruto stood, in his complete Kurama disguise, with his eyes closed listening the sound of gunfire and the terrified screams of the Japanese people before they were forever silenced, it didn't matter if they were man, woman, or child they were shown no mercy. Snapping his eyes open Naruto revealed his Sharingan eye, the tomes spinning rapidly, and a couple of seconds later about fifty Shadow clones came into existence.

"You know what to do." Kurama began, "Protect and escort the civilians to safety!" He finished, slashing his left arm out in front of him, dismissing his clones so they can carry out his orders, as they all disappeared in a blur of speed. From the wrist of the hand that was still held out in front of him hung a red crystal similar to the one given to him by Tsunade all those years ago. "My turn," Kurama muttered to himself, as he pushed chakra into the crystal, and in a flash of red light the Kyuubi Knightmare Frame appeared in its fox mode.

Naruto had applied a seal to the crystal, which acted like a Summoning jutsu. It wasn't like putting it in a storage scroll as Naruto didn't seal the kitsune Knightmare away into the crystal, but actually summoned it like he would summon toads. The blonde shinobi altered the seal just a little bit so instead of appearing in a puff of a smoke the Kyuubi would appear in a flash of crimson light, and the same would happen when it was un-summoned and returned to where it was stored in his private warehouse, mostly because Naruto thought it would look cooler than a puff of smoke.

Jumping into the cockpit Naruto activated the fox Knightmare and, unlike in the battle in Shinjuku, the IFF system which would allow him to be clearly detected by others. After all it was the best and easiest way to draw as many enemy soldiers to him as possible.

In the transport carrier Cornelia watched as her forces were slowly over taken by the terrorists that were hiding in the Saitama Ghetto by using stolen Sutherlands in the last several minutes. But despite all this Cornelia was far from worried everything was going according to how she planned, and in a few of minutes she would be able to proceed with the next phase of her plan.

"Exactly like Shinjuku." The soldier that stood in the middle of the three that Cornelia granted leniency to remarked uselessly.

"Has there been any sign of Zero yet?" Another of the soldiers asked, but before anyone could answer his question a new icon appeared on the monitor that registered itself as an enemy Knightmare Frame.

The images sudden appeareance instantly caught Cornelia's attention, along with everyone else's. So far all Knightmare Frames used by what was assumed to be Zero's forces were stolen Sutherlands, so the sudden appearance of this new Knightmare Frame caught everyone by surprise, "Report! What information can' we gather about this new enemy Knightmare." The indigo eyed princess commanded.

"Milady the Knightmare is not registering in any of our databases of known Knightmare Frames. As it stands all the information we have is the name that it is displaying under, Kyuubi." Darlton said.

"A custom Knightmare then," Cornelia murmured to herself an indignant look appearing in her eye at the knowledge, as she watched some of the Sutherlands under her command approaching the area that the Kyuubi was located at. "Very well, I want an image of this thing immediately. The second those Sutherlands arrive' if it turns out to be the Knightmare that Kurama is suspected of piloting then have them engage it in combat, and capture it and its pilot." Cornelia relayed her orders.

"Your Majesty, we are receiving reports on multiple sightings of the masked figure Kurama throughout the Saitama Ghetto." A nameless soldier in the room spoke up, bringing up multiple pictures of Kurama taken by Britannian soldiers, all within minutes if not seconds of each other.

"How is that possible?" One of the three similarly dressed Britannian soldiers questioned, his gaze shifting from picture to picture and the entire Kurama look a likes, though no one bothered to answer him. He and his companions were only there because Princess Cornelia allowed them to be there.

Cornelia looked at the images, her gaze calculative and piercing as she tried to make sense of what she saw. 'Could Mr. Namikaze have been right and Kurama's abilities are a result of some performance enhancing suit, then all these individuals are most likely his underlings.' Cornelia thought the frown on her face deepening in displeasure.

"Viceroy I have new Intel!" Another soldier shouted urgently.

"Well what is it." Cornelia demanded impatiently.

"One of the Sutherland pilots was able to land a hit on one of the masked figures, only for figure to go up in a cloud smoke. The pilot was just barely able to transmit the information before his Sutherland was listed as being destroyed." The Britannian soldier said at once, not wanting to displease his princess and risk suffering her wrath.

Cornelia tried to make sense of this new information. Did that mean that all the copies were some type of illusion? Were they all just fakes? But that couldn't be possible because the copies were attacking and affecting actually destroying the Knightmare Frames they came across, along with anything else they came across. "For now we have to focus our attention on the unknown Knightmare. Keep track of the reports in case something else comes up, but it is most likely that the original Kurama is piloting the Knightmare if we capture him then we'll have answers as to how he is able to fight Knightmare Frames, and what exactly those copies are." The dark pink haired Second Britannian Princess instructed.

"Yes your Majesty." All the soldiers under her command answered in perfect unison.

Lelouch had also noticed the unknown unit that appeared on the IFF system monitor, and was trying to decide what the best course of action to take was. It didn't appear that the new Knightmare Frame was aligned with the Britannian forces, but that could just be ruse by Cornelia to draw him out. Another possibility is that Kurama had once more appeared like he did on the bridge, and how he supposedly did in Shinjuku. Either way the appearance of the unknown Knightmare was completely unexpected and unsolicited as it added an independent variable that changed how he was sure Cornelia's forces would react.

"P4, move 100 meters southeast of your current position and do recognizance on the new unit." Lelouch instructed to one of the resistance members that lived in the Saitama Ghetto through a walkie-talkie, "Stay out of sight and avoid confrontation at all costs, simply observe the proceedings and how the Knightmare reacts to the Britannian Sutherlands." The black haired Britannian finished transmitting the last of his commands, getting an affirmative from the Yamato Alliance member.

Kurama watched steadily as four Sutherlands approached his position from straight in front of him.

"By order of Viceroy Cornelia you are to surrender at once!" The voice of one of the Sutherland pilots came over his speaker system. "Refuse and we will open fire!"

In a matter of seconds Kyuubi stood behind the four unmoving Sutherlands in its human mode, its nine, now bladed, tails swinging behind haphazardly yet at the same time gracefully. The four pilots frozen in place were unable to move, one second the fox like Knightmare Frame was right in front of them, and the next it stood behind them transformed. Before they could do anything the Sutherlands registered the fact that they had taken excessive damage and activated their automated ejection system. Just as the pilots were ejected the four Britannian military Knightmare Frames fell apart, their heads, arms, and legs cut off from the main body.

In Cornelia's transport everyone watched as the monitor showed the Sutherlands that had reached the enemy unit first were displayed as being destroyed. What was so surprising about this was the fact that they had all been destroyed almost simultaneously of one another. While the less important soldiers were trying to make sense of what happened' Cornelia, Guilford, and Darlton were more focused on the speed that the Kyuubi had managed to display.

"Viceroy Cornelia we were able to receive some images from one of the Sutherlands before it was destroyed." One of the soldiers reported.

"Put them on the monitor." Cornelia ordered at once. Moments later a sequence of pictures appeared showing Kyuubi as it slowly shifted from its fox mode to its human mode before the tails destroyed the Sutherlands.

"What now Princess?" Guilford asked.

"Send in a few more troops; let's see what exactly our friend here is capable of." Cornelia said a hard gleam in her eyes, as her instructions were quickly followed out. "Make sure that there is an active video feed of the conflict being transmitted."

The Yamato Alliance member that Lelouch had sent out under the name P4 watched what happened to the enemy Sutherlands with his mouth agape in astonishment. Not only was he amazed by how quickly the Crimson Knightmare took out its four enemies, but also because of what it looked like before it attacked. "That Knightmare Frame it looks like the Kyuubi no Kitsune." He muttered out loud.

'Kyuubi no Kitsune?' Lelouch wondered being able to hear what the man said through the communicator that was still on. Then he noticed how the alliance member was moving toward the mysterious Knightmare. "P4, what are you doing? I told you to stay back!"

"Hey come on man." The resistance fighter replied, dismissing Lelouch's worry. "This guy just destroyed four enemy Knightmares, there is nothing to worry about." The resistance captured Sutherland made its way toward the Kyuubi, but before for the Japanese resistance member could offer a greeting Kyuubi fired one of the Slash Harkens mounted on its arms, almost impaling the Sutherland's head, as a warning shot. "Hey what are you doing? We are on the same side!" P4 shouted at Kurama, if a Knightmare could stumble backwards this one would have.

"I don't know that." Kurama replied offhandedly, "All I know is that you are piloting a Sutherland and could be acting like you're not part of the Britannian military."

"I'm not," The man replied, ignoring Lelouch's orders to pull back, opening the cockpit to his stolen Knightmare and stood up in clear view. "See!" He finished referring to his lack of uniform and clear signs of his heritage being Japanese.

The next moment the Japanese man had one of Kyuubi's clawed hands inches away from his face, the wind blowing his hair back. "Idiot," Kurama muttered.

"What are doing?!" P4 demanded fearfully, barely keeping himself from falling over, and off the Sutherland, from the shock.

"In a battle you don't want to expose yourself like that. It could get you killed." Kurama lectured before noticing the approaching enemy units, at least ten of them. "Now leave I don't need you serving as a distraction for when the enemy arrives." He stated evenly.

"What?! I don't have to listen to you?!" The man replied his fear turning to anger at being so quickly dismissed.

"I'm not giving you much of a choice." Kurama told him, having two of Kyuubi's tails cut off the stolen Sutherlands arms off. "Now leave."

"Damn it," The man growled, closing the cockpit's hatching and reentering his Sutherland, he didn't have any other choice but to run now. Well it was that or let himself be killed.

Lelouch who could see the Britannian Sutherlands, what he figured, was Kurama's position was relieved. 'Good, while Kurama acts as a distraction I can continue with my plan.' He thought to himself before he continued to give out his instructions/orders to the remaining Japanese rebels.

The instant that Kyuubi came into the enemy Sutherlands' view they opened fire, only for every shot to be blocked. They tried to overwhelm the fox Knightmare by surrounding it and continuing their onslaught in the hope of getting a lucky shot through the Crimson Knightmare's automated defense. Sadly for them none of them came close to piercing the Kyuubi's defenses, and with each bullet deflected they came all that much closer to being sent back to their source. Seeing this two of the Sutherlands tried to move in closer, while doing their best to dodge the bullets that were redirected back at them, only to suffer minor damage each time.

The first Sutherland, once the pilot thought they were close enough, fired its Slash Harken hoping that it would get successfully get passed the tails. The pilots hopes were quickly dashed when one of Kyuubi's nine tails blocked the Slash Harken while another cut the cable it was attached to making it useless. The pilot didn't have enough time to lament about this because a second later Kyuubi stood in front of him a swirling ball of destruction in its hand.

"Rasengan!" Kurama shouted over the Kyuubi's speakers before slamming the ball into Sutherland's torso and making its back blow out.

Everyone stared in shock before the second Sutherland pilot that approached the Crimson Fox Knightmare let out a scream of fury and charged at the Kyuubi recklessly, while activating its arm blade and swinging it at the nine tailed Knightmare Frame. Before it could connect though Kyuubi's clawed hands grabbed the mechanical arm, its claws digging into the arm, before ripping it off completely and impaling the Sutherland with one of its bladed tails. Spinning around the Kyuubi swung the impaled Sutherland and let it crash into another Sutherland, bringing the total number of opponents from 10 to 7.

In an act of desperation the remaining units once more opened fire, but like last time all the bullets were being deflected, this time though they were returned only inches away from where they had originally been shot from. Instead of staying still like before Kurama had the Kyuubi rush forward towards the closest enemy Knightmare, shifting it back into its fox mode as he went, moving faster than before as its claws dug into the Sutherland effortlessly, the Britannian soldier ejecting from Knightmare Frame do to sheer panic. Four Sutherlands rushed the fox Knightmare, moving to surround it on all four sides, trying to take it on in close quarter combat only for all four of them to be impaled at once by one of Kyuubi's tails. Shifting it back into its human mode Kurama made Kyuubi spin around quickly shredding all four Sutherlands with all of its tails.

At the same time the bridge leading into the Saitama Ghetto suddenly had many explosions going off its entire length, taking a good amount of Britannian forces along with it.

"That's enough." Cornelia said from within her carrier. "Order all troops to fall back. Further damage and casualties serve no point, and from the looks of it we've acquired all the information from this Kyuubi as we can at the moment. There is no point in having those last two Sutherlands engage it in combat." She finished, as the three soldiers she had given a second chance to moving to stand in front of her in protest.

"Fall back?!"

"With all due respect we can still fight them!"

"We can't fight them like this." Cornelia replied evenly not even bothering to spare them a look, as Darlton did as she ordered.

"What no stomach for it?" Lelouch asked out loud to no one in particular, having tapped into the Britannian military communication system and heard the order that was just given to have all forces retreat behind perimeter lines, 'If I blend in with the retreating units that will put me right next to Cornelia. Have I cleared the task at hand already? It seems everything went according to my plan, even Kurama's interference proved to be a benefit in my favor.' The black haired Britannian prince thought with a smirk before he moved his Sutherland to meet up with the other retreating forces. 'Cornelia you are no match you'll lose.' The violet eyed teen thought confidently.

"Zero is no match I'll win." Cornelia said, unknowingly matching her half-brother in the amount of confidence their voices carried, and she should be confident she was the Goddess of Victory after all. She was also sure that Zero was close by; most likely in one of the Sutherlands that she had called back, now all that was left was to take care of Kurama. "Shall we go then, Guilford my knight?" She asked looking toward her side at her personal knight.

"It is my pleasure to serve and obey you, my Lady." Guilford answered bowing to the indigo eyed Viceroy before stepping out of the room.

Lelouch sat calmly within his stolen Sutherland with a smirk still on his face he was already so close to Cornelia, but with the security surrounding her at the moment it would be impossible to get to her, even with his Geass. Luckily he already had a pawn acting as a decoy and distraction, even if he didn't know it, as proven evident when he saw the Gloucesters of Cornelia's personal guard. 'I'd almost think you were desperate Cornelia, the way you are using your personal guard, if I didn't agree that the opponent they will be facing was worth it.' Lelouch thought to himself knowing that they were heading towards where the Knightmare Frame Kyuubi was located. "Just in case I think I'll give you another target to focus on." Lelouch continued speaking out load before contacting one of the terrorists. "This is Zero. N1 will reengage their IFF signal operate as a Britannian unit," He finished.

"Understood," A man's voice replied over the communicator.

In the Royal Transport Carrier, Cornelia's subordinates were trying to form up a rescue party for the Sutherland that been "captured" by the enemy.

"Send more Gloucesters and destroy it." Cornelia said in a cool unconcerned voice.

"You can't," A soldier protested, "He might be a captive of the enemy."

"I ordered all troops to fall back. I have no use for soldiers that can't follow my orders." The Viceroy of Area 11 stated. "And at the moment or biggest concern is dealing with the Kyuubi Knightmare and its pilot."

"You heard the princess." Darlton said sternly.

"Do your duty even if it costs you your life. My subordinates follow that code without question." Cornelia informed them. "Guilford, I'll be leaving the battle with Kurama in your hands." The princess told her knight choosing instead to focus on the lone Sutherland that was transmitting an IFF signal.

"I will not fail you princes." Guilford replied.

With Naruto the blonde watched disinterestedly as three Knightmare Frames, which he was able to identify as Gloucesters, quickly approached his position. He noticed that one of them was a deeper shade of purple then the other two, and with each one of them carrying a large yellow spear and wearing a cape. The Gloucester pilots didn't even try to establish a line of communications like the Sutherland pilots did and went straight for the offensive. The darker colored Knightmare lead the charge with the other two following close behind it, each one of them with their spear ready.

Kurama had Kyuubi dodge the spears that were thrust in his direction, and retaliated with having three of his Knightmare's dark red bladed tails strike at them. The three Gloucesters moved out of the way of the tails, with the dark purple one dodging completely, while the dull purple Gloucesters had their sides and shoulders slightly cut into barely being able to keep themselves from receiving more serious damage.

The Gloucester piloted by Guilford once more charged at Kurama only to jump above the Knightmare and land smoothly on its other side. Kurama kept his sights on the dark purple Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame already recognizing it as the biggest threat, as he turned his Knightmare to face it and seemingly ignored the other two Gloucesters. Guilford raised the spear that his Gloucester held and thrust it towards Kyuubi only to watch in surprise as the fox like machine grabbed onto his spear and pivoted over it, kicking at the two dull purple Gloucesters that had tried to sneak up behind the Kyuubi, and continue its arc bringing down its legs and tails at Guilford. The long black haired Britannian moved out of the way forcibly taking his spear with him as Kyuubi still had a strong grasp on the spear's tip, causing sparks to fly as it was pulled out of the grip of the Knightmare's chakra infused claws.

Continuing with his attack Kurama had Kyuubi spin around, to face the other two Gloucesters of the unnamed pilots and raising its arms, channeling his wind chakra into them, and fired the kitsune Knightmare's Slash Harkens with wind chakra running through them. The Gloucesters raised their spears to block the incoming Slash Harkens only to watch in disbelief as the Slash Harkens easily sliced through the spears and continued their course towards them, it was only their experiences as pilots that had them move out of the way in time to keep themselves from being killed, though one had its arm heavily damaged and the other lost it completely.

"Both of you pull back and provide support from afar." Guilford told the two pilots that were with him. The two extra Gloucesters immediately backed away, far enough not to get in the way but close enough that they could help if it was needed. Once his subordinates were a safe enough distance away Guilford turned his attention toward Kurama, "I must admit that you are a much better pilot than I had expected, but you cannot win."

"Who says I've been trying to win?" Kurama replied.

"What?" Guilford gasped.

"Let me show you exactly what I'm capable of when I am trying!" Kurama roared, pushing the crimson Knightmare to perform to its best capabilities. Guilford brought up his spear to help block the clawed swipe of Kyuubi's hand, the spear being damaged further but still functional. The black haired Britannian didn't have the time to wonder how it was possible for Kyuubi's claws to be to cause his spear damage because he had to instantly get out of the way of the follow-up strikes from Kyuubi's blades. The bladed tails had a much easier time cutting into Guilford's Gloucester despite the man's excellent piloting. And they should since Naruto made them to be High Frequency blades that performed better than Kyuubi's chakra infused claws, though not as good as when Naruto infused the claws with wind chakra.

The extra two Gloucester pilots did what they were supposed to by firing the machine guns that were mounted on their Knightmare's torso. Though the bullets were reflected the pilots made sure to be positioned in a place where Kyuubi couldn't reflect them at Guilford.

Moving in close Guilford thrust his spear forward one more time extending the prongs that were on the spear as he went. Shifting into Kyuubi's fox mode Kurama dodged under the spear and charged forward, just as quickly turning back it back to its human form, once he was inside Guilford's defense, with the blonde pilot channeling wind chakra into its claws. Slashing upwards Kyuubi's claws cut severely into the Gloucester's torso, but not enough to hurt the pilot inside. In his cockpit Guilford stared wide eyed as his system froze a single thought in his mind, 'Impossible.'

"Sir!" The two pilots shouted from within their Knightmares, as they rush toward their helpless superior.

"I think I've done enough for now." Kurama mused to himself, hitting a switch and activating a smoke screen.

When the smoke eventually cleared the Kyuubi Knightmare Frame, and its IFF signal, had disappeared leaving just the three damaged Gloucesters.

Lelouch was shaking in his Sutherland in pure unadulterated rage, along with some shock. Everything had started off going exactly how he expected, his plans turning out perfectly, even Kurama's appearance hadn't affected his goals and had made things easier for him. But now everything was ruined the terrorists he convinced to fight for him had all failed and Kurama had disappeared. "Beaten this easily, but that's not how the game is supposed to go." Lelouch muttered to himself clutching his phone in his hand, hearing his last piece be destroyed by the enemy. "This, this is what real organization can do." He realized.

"Mission complete, all forces take formation number 4." A female voice announced over the P.A. system.

"This didn't work out like it did in Shinjuku, Zero." Cornelia declared with a smug smirk. "So are you still masquerading as one of us? We'll discover who you are shortly." The dark pink haired princess continued, "Attention all Knightmare pilots open your hatches and reveal your faces. I repeat all pilots open your hatches and show me your faces." She finished relaying her instructions to the remaining Sutherland pilots, which included Lelouch.

'Cornelia!' Lelouch snarled being able to clearly imagine his half-sisters smug face at her apparent victory. He couldn't let his face be seen because that would instantly reveal that he was an imposter, but Lelouch couldn't think of anything that would actually allow him to escape without being instantly attacked by the gathered soldiers and their Knightmares, not even his Geass would prove useful in this situation. It wasn't long before it was Lelouch's turn to open his hatch.

"Zero's been sighted!"

That announcement had shocked Lelouch more than anything else that day, but he could clearly see it for himself. There standing on top of a destroyed building was Zero drawing everyone's attention in an instant, and giving Lelouch the chance to escape. A chance he wasn't going to hesitate to take.

Abandoning his stolen Sutherland Lelouch quickly made his way into the sewers, so that he could escape. He hated the concept of running away almost as much as the act itself; by running away he admitted his defeat at Cornelia's hands and his incapability to face her in battle.

The banished prince suddenly came to a stop when he saw the person wearing the guise of Zero standing in front of him. "Why did you rescue me?" Lelouch asked, already having a good idea of who was standing in front of him. That's why he wasn't even mildly surprised when the person took off the mask to reveal long light green hair and golden colored eyes.

"I told you already." C.C. began, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "I can't have you dying."

"I wouldn't have lost if the conditions were equal!" Lelouch claimed angrily.

"You sore loser," C.C. replied tauntingly, turning her back on him and tossing the helmet like mask up and down. "If you're really that good you should be able to set up the conditions the way you want." The immortal stated.

"That's what I'll do then, I'll set them up." Lelouch declared just as C.C. looked back in his direction, but not necessarily at him. "I'll raise an army that can't lose to Britannia, a People a Nation!"

"Do you really think it is that easy?" A voice asked from behind the black haired Britannian teen, causing him to spin around and face a still disguised Naruto, and the person that had C.C. attention, with wide eyes. "Hello, Zero." Kurama said looking straight at Lelouch with his Sharingan eyes.

"What? I'm not…" Lelouch started trying to act innocent.

"Don't bother denying it." Kurama cut him off. "I've known your identity since the incident on the bridge."

Lelouch scowled at the news there were only two things he could do in this situation, hope he could convince Kurama to work with him so he'd keep his secret or use his Geass on him. The choice was really quite easy since no matter what Lelouch couldn't risk his secret identity getting out, plus this offered an opportunity that he couldn't waste. Activating his Geass Lelouch stared directly at Kurama. "I hereby order you to do whatever I say!" He announced loudly his voice reverberating off the walls.

The three people stood still for a moment no one saying anything; Lelouch waiting to see if his Geass worked, as he usually received some sort of confirmation from his target, while C.C. just looked on curiously. Just as a smirk started to appear on Lelouch's face he was suddenly hit in the face with a banana cream pie, followed by him hearing laughter coming from Kurama.

"There is nothing like the classics." Kurama said still laughing; C.C. couldn't help but agree as she did her best to stifle her own giggles.

"What? How is this possible?!" Lelouch demanded furiously wiping away the pie that was on his face, "Why didn't my Geass work on you?!"

"Geass is that what you call that ability of yours?" Kurama asked with a shrug of his shoulders showing he didn't care about the answer one way or another, while Lelouch frowned a bit at giving away that piece of information, although it wasn't all that important if he only knew the name. "Anyway as to why it didn't work on me… Well that's a secret." The blonde mask wearing teen finished with fox grin that went well with his mask.

Lelouch seethed at the answer, not only did his Geass not work on the blonde, but he didn't even know why that was.

C.C. on the other hand had a small smile on her face at the irritation Kurama was causing Lelouch. But she was also curious why Lelouch's Geass had no effect, she could see that the fox mask wearing individual was being honest when he asked about what Geass was called, so she knew that he had never heard about it before. That still left the question about Geass not having an effect on him, and at the moment her best guess to what the answer might be were his unique looking eyes. A part of her wondered if she had meet him back then, with his ability to ignore the power of a person's Geass, then would things have turned out differently.

Before Lelouch could say anything else, Kurama appeared right in front of him, their faces close enough to one another that Lelouch could see the spinning tomes of Naruto's Sharingan. "Sleep," Kurama commanded in a soft yet firm tone. Lelouch did his best to stay awake and ignore the order, but he could feel his strength quickly leaving him as his eyelids became heavy and in no time what so ever he was falling over unconscious, only being kept from meeting the hard cold ground because Kurama caught him and set him down against the wall. "Well, I guess that my Sharingan still works on him." Kurama mused out loud perfectly aware that the green haired girl, that he still didn't know the name of, could hear him before turning toward her.

C.C. had her gaze focused completely on him trying to understand the person in front of her. She had been alive for a very long time and for the first time in just as long she has finally found something/someone that proved to be a mystery to her, and she was curious. Kurama wasn't the first person she's meet that wasn't affected by Geass, but C.C. knew that Kurama didn't fall under the conditions necessary for him not to be influenced in that regard. Then there were his abilities C.C. had never seen them before, and she wanted to know more about them.

"Sharingan?" C.C. began curiously, "Is that what's affecting me and keeping me from figuring out your secret identity." She asked and from the way he stiffened visibly she was right. "Don't worry its working just fine, I have no idea of who you are." C.C. the assured him hoping to get some answers.

"I'm surprised you can tell that the genjutsu is affecting you at all." Kurama told her honestly. "It should keep you from realizing anything is going on at all."

"Genjutsu," C.C. mumbled the word to herself. The word was Japanese and translated into something like illusionary technique, but that's all she could get about it, as she had never come across something like it before, simply another question without an answer. "If it works like I believe it does then I'm the only one who will notice its affects, though like I said before just because I know it's there doesn't help me recognize who you are."

"And why exactly is it that you can tell and no one else can?" Kurama asked.

"Now that is my secret." C.C. replied with an amused smirk.

"Is that so," Kurama said with an amused smile of his own. "You know we've been talking for the last few minutes and I still don't know what you're name is." He pointed out.

"You can call me C.C." The golden yellow eyed girl said. "And I suppose I should call you Kurama." She stated more than asked, and getting a nod in reply.

"I guess, I'll see you another time C.C." Kurama said, as he turned around and started to leave. 'So what do you think of her, Amami?' Naruto asked his partner that was within the seal, having chosen to come along with Naruto this time.

The inside of the seal had changed from its sewer like appearance to an exact replica of the two dimension hoppers apartment, so that Amami could be in the copy her room whenever she was in the seal. 'She's different from anyone else we've met since coming here.' Amami answered, having seen and heard everything Naruto saw and heard through an HD television that was in her room and surround sound system. 'The energy she is putting off is the same as the kind Lelouch uses for that Geass of his, except whole lot more. It would be like comparing the chakra capacity of a Genin against that of a Kage. Not to mention she seems to have about as much control over it as you did back when you graduated the academy, in other words none at all.'

Naruto did his best not to react to the blatant jibe at his chakra control and continued with the conversation. 'If she has so much of that power is it possible that she is the one responsible for giving Lelouch Geass?'

'It definitely a possibility, but at this point it's impossible to tell without any more information on exactly what Geass is.' Amami told him, 'Though there is one that's clear.' She continued, pausing for dramatic affect and rousing Naruto's curiosity, 'She seemed to be very interested in you.' The kitsune said.

'W-what are you talking about?!' Naruto asked just a bit flustered.

'Don't tell me you couldn't tell, the moment you appeared she couldn't take her eyes off you.' Amami said teasingly. 'It could be that she's just curious about your Jutsus and Sharingan, but who knows, it could be something else.' The redhead finished with a shrug.

Naruto didn't say anything back choosing to instead to grumble some words incoherently.

Back with C.C. after Kurama had left she spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out a way to wake up Lelouch. "Hey, just how much longer are you just going to lie there?" She asked pinching one of Lelouch's cheeks and stretching it out.

"Ow!" Lelouch shouted, waking up and rubbing his cheek, before remembering the situation he was in. Looking around wildly and after not finding Kurama the violet eyed Britannian turned his attention to C.C. "Where is he? Where is Kurama?" He demanded.

"Gone," C.C. told him simply. "He left."

Lelouch wasn't exactly happy with the news, as he was left with many questions and no answers. "Were you able to figure anything out about what he can do?" He continued with the questioning.

"No." C.C. answered aloofly. She had finally found someone that drew her curiosity, she wasn't about to let Lelouch ruin something that could finally be interesting. If he wanted to know anything then he would have to figure it out for himself, like she would. "Shall we get going?" She asked though it wasn't much of a question since she immediately turned around and started to leave.

Lelouch watched the girl walk away for a second before following after her. Today for the second time Lelouch Vi Britannia had met Kurama and just like last time things had not turned out like he had expected them too, in fact they might have turned out even worse than when he rescued Suzaku. He silently wondered if this would be the same result that happened anytime he encountered the fox mask wearing enigma.

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