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Chapter 6


Staring up at the full moon, that could be seen from the opened ceiling, that hung in the night sky C.C. stood on the tallest diving platform of Ashford Academy's indoor pool wearing the academy's one-piece swimsuit, contemplating on the fact that in her long life the moon was one of the few constants in her life, before diving into the large pool below her and its cool water. Floating back to the surface C.C. continued to stare up at the night sky with an impassive look on her beautiful face, as the immortal green haired girl recalled her short meeting with the enigmatic figure known as Kurama. For the most part C.C. was able to guess he was the heroic type, if his declaration to protect anyone no matter what their nationality on the bridge was anything to go by. Yet despite this C.C. was sure that there was more to him than what she had seen so far, something that marked him as different from anyone else she has ever met, besides the abilities he obviously possessed.

Kurama's powers were something else that tugged at C.C. curiosity. She had seen some of what he could do from the night that he and Lelouch liberated Suzaku and made their public appeareance to the world. She had also learned that he possessed something called the Sharingan, which seemed sort of like Lelouch's Geass from the little she has seen of it, that could cast illusions of some sort. Though she wasn't sure what kind of illusions it was able to cast considering it was able to put Lelouch to sleep. Kurama's powers were unlike anything C.C. had ever seen Geass being able to produce. It made her wonder what exactly the masked blonde was capable of.

Off to the side Lelouch sat on one of the pool chairs with his laptop researching what little information he was able to obtain about Kurama during the incident in the Saitama Ghetto, mostly the name Kyuubi no Kitsune and Kurama's strange looking eyes that he could remember before suddenly falling asleep. Lelouch briefly wondered if his inability to resist falling asleep was similar to what the people he used his Geass felt. So far all he had been able to pull up on the Kyuubi no Kitsune were a bunch of legends created by the Japanese before they were defeated by Britannia during the war. None of it of course helped him discover anything about Kurama, though if his Knightmare proved to have even a fraction of the power the Kyuubi no Kitsune of legend was rumored to have then it would definitely be a good idea to get the black and red masked blonde on his side in his ambition to destroy Britannia. On the other hand Lelouch had discovered nothing on Kurama's eyes; then again he didn't really expect to find anything on them anyway.

Lelouch was no fool he was sure that C.C. was keeping something from him, but he had learned by this point that it would be useless trying to convince her to tell him what it was, and he didn't want to use Geass on her in case it turned out to be something inconsequential. C.C. proved time and time again to be one of the most frustrating girls Lelouch had ever met, as she did whatever she wanted disregarding the fact that her actions could prove troublesome for him.

Either way, for right now, Lelouch had to focus on gathering up his army.

Speeding toward Lake Kawaguchi on a monorail was a train that had 3/4 of the girls belonging to the Ashford Student Council sitting inside of it. The three teen girls were excited about the short vacation they were invited to go on to the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center Hotel, though one of them was just as nervous as she was excited.

"Oh, this is so exciting." Shirley said enthusiastically, looking out the window of the compartment the girls were in, "I can't believe we're going to get to spend the weekend at the Lake Kawaguchi Hotel. This is going to be so much fun." She finished earnestly.

"I'm sure you wish that Lelouch could have come with us don't you?" Milly teased the orange haired girl from her seat; enjoying the reaction she managed the garner at the mention of the black haired Britannian from Shirley. "Don't be so shy. Tonight we can stay up all night talking, let's tell each other which boys we like from school."

"Then you will probably have a lot to talk about, right Ms. President?" Shirley muttered looking at the blonde sitting across from her.

"Who can say," Milly answered slyly.

At that moment the blonde, cerulean eyed, shinobi pilot walked into the compartment and took the seat next to Milly and across from Nina. "Sorry for leaving you three alone like that," Naruto apologized, putting his cellphone in his pocket. "Aria wanted to go over some last minute details before I arrived at the hotel."

"It's fine; we used your absence as a chance to talk about some girl stuff." Milly replied with a smile, waving off his apology, "Besides we should be thanking you for inviting us to come along on your visit to Lake Kawaguchi." The blonde girl finished.

"There's no need to thank me." Naruto said back, "I figured that we could all use a little break, even though this is more like a working vacation for me. It's just too bad that Kallen and the others couldn't make it." The cerulean eyed teen finished, referring to the missing members of the Student Council.

"Well what are you going to do? Kallen was feeling ill, Rivalz and Suzaku had to work, and Lelouch, well who knows what Lelouch does half the time." Milly said with a shrug.

"You don't think that Lulu and Kallen are meeting in secret, do you?" Shirley asked worriedly, bringing her own fears into the conversation.

"I don't think so," Naruto replied. Even if they were Naruto was sure it wasn't for the same reason that Shirley was thinking.

"Speaking of Kallen," Milly chimed in. "How do you think she would feel if she knew that Aria was working so hard to get close to 'Naruto-sama'?" The blonde haired Britannian asked with a knowing smile. "She seems to be working really hard, and doing more, then what's expected from simple researcher." She pointed out.

Naruto decided that it would be best if he ignored Milly's question. "Aria somehow heard about me needing an assistant, and has been working hard ever since to prove she can handle the job." Naruto explained, "So far she has actually done a good job."

"If you're going to be working, then shouldn't I be doing something to help?" Nina asked the cerulean eyed shinobi tentatively.

"Its fine," Naruto reassured the dark haired girl. "You are still just an intern Nina, so you should take this time to relax." He told her with an easy smile.

"What exactly is it that you will be doing?" Shirley questioned him curiously.

"The distribution of Sakuradite is very important and affects the world as a whole because of how it will affect the balance of power." Naruto began, "Learning how much is distributed to each country is a good idea, as it could determine how much power they have at their disposal and I would need to know exactly what kind of imports they will most likely require when dealing with the Namikaze Corporation." He paused before continuing. "The Britannian homeland for example would be most likely to want the latest advancements, while other countries with low economy and not that much power would be most interested in the things that would help their people, medical supplies for example." Naruto finished explaining.

"I see," Shirley said, a bit astounded at everything Naruto had to consider when it came to running a business.

"So how are things coming along for the concert that Spiraling Leaf has coming up?" Milly asked Naruto, changing the subject from something as boring as business to something more interesting.

"Well, besides having to deal with managing the practices to make sure we're ready, things are going well. We should be ready in a few weeks' time." Naruto answered.

"That's too bad," Milly said with an exasperated sigh, "I was hoping that I could still change your mind and convince you to have Spiraling Leaf play at the Ball." The Student Council President finished in fake sigh of sadness, much to Naruto's amusement.

"Hey Naruto," Shirley began timidly bringing the blonde male's attention to her. "Do you think, that maybe, I could get a couple of tickets to your concert?" She asked him hopefully.

"Oh, what's this?" Milly started, a cunning smile spreading across her face. "Hoping to ask a certain someone to go with you, my how bold of you?" The long blonde haired girl finished happily teasing the orange haired one a bit.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Shirley denied, though the blush she now sported didn't help her case.

Naruto laughed lightly at the yellow-green eyed girl's embarrassment, but agreed to give her a couple of tickets. Not long after the train entered a tunnel and Nina flinched noticeably, even though she has learned to manage her anxieties better, from her internship at Namikaze Corp., that didn't mean that they weren't still there.

Milly seeing her friends' reaction dropped her teasing persona and instead went to comfort her. "Nina, it's alright." Milly began soothingly, kneeling in front of the dark haired Britannian student and taking her trembling hands in hers. "There are lots of Britannian tourists at Lake Kawaguchi, so security is fine. Don't be afraid it's not the Ghettos. We will be with you the whole time; we won't leave your side for a second." She told her glasses wearing friend assuredly.

"Thanks," Nina replied, appreciating her Class President's comforting words. "I must seem so silly, worrying about something like this, when I spend so much time around Elevens, ah I mean Japanese, at the Namikaze Corp.'s R&D division."

Naruto frowned slightly at Nina's slip at referring to the Japanese as Elevens, but he couldn't expect her to change what she's been taught from an early age after only a short time working for the Namikaze Corporation. "It's not silly." Naruto refuted, "You are afraid and it's perfectly understandable, so don't worry about it." The blonde shinobi told her, getting a nod from Nina.

"Naruto I just noticed this," Shirley said, "But you don't have Kyu with you. Where is she?" The orange haired girl asked curiously.

"Yeah, it's rare to see you without her." Milly added.

"Kyu seemed a bit ill this morning, so I'm having her rest back at my apartment." Naruto answered.

At Naruto and Amami's apartment

Lying back in her bed was Amami with a stuffy red nose and waded up tissue paper surrounding her, her hair slightly messy from tossing and turning the previous night.

"How can I be sick?" Amami asked speaking out loud to no one, "I am a century year old being constructed of pure chakra with enough power to level mountains." The redheaded vixen continued, pausing to blow her nose into another tissue, "I can regenerate limbs in a matter of minutes." She stated not too humbly. "So how the hell do I have a cold?!" Amami shouted out to the empty apartment.

After a minute of silence, except for the continuous sneezing coming from Amami.

"I was looking forward to going with Naruto to the Lake Kawaguchi Hotel too. This is so unfair, why'd I have to get sick now?" She mumbled quietly to herself. "Naruto, this isn't fair~!" The Kyuubi no Kitsune whined loudly hoping that somehow her former Jinchuuriki would be able to hear her, as she stretched out the final word.

Back with Naruto and the others

"Oh that's too bad, I hope she is alright." Shirley said a concerned look on her face. "You didn't leave her alone did you?"

"She'll be fine it wasn't anything serious." Naruto reassured, "And Kyu is more than capable of taking care of herself when I'm not there." The sapphire eyed shinobi finished just as they came out of the tunnel and got their first view of Lake Kawaguchi.

A few hours later Naruto was helping the three girls with all the shopping bags they had, after spending the last few hours exploring the convention center, by dropping it all off in the room the girls were staying in.

"You girls seriously bought a lot of stuff." Naruto said after entering the girls' room, which was next to his.

"Oh, don't complain." Milly told him, chiding him lightly, with a smile on her face. "It's not like we made you buy us anything."

"Not from the lack of trying." The blonde muttered quietly to himself, though loud enough for Milly and the other two girls to hear as they started to giggle softly.

Just then Naruto could feel multiple people with hostile intent entering the hotel building. Normally Amami's empathetic ability to sense the negative emotions of other people, and as a result of once being her Jinchuuriki also let him sense them, would have warned Naruto ahead of time of their approach, but because he never needed to use the ability without Amami nearby to help he hadn't sensed the groups approach until they were inside the building and started firing, if the gunshots were anything to go by.

"Stay here." Naruto instructed seriously. "I'll see what's going on and be right back."

"Wait Naruto," Milly started to protest the blonde's plan, but Naruto had already moved towards the still open door and peered outside to make sure everything was clear before exiting the room.

The hotels design made it possible to see the lobby from the floors above, so when Naruto exited the girls' room he moved toward the end of the empty hall, using all his stealth training to keep from making any sort of sound while listening for any approaching enemies at the same time. All of the other guests were in their rooms most likely preferring to stay in their rooms rather than go and investigate the source of the gun fire. Reaching the end of the hall, Naruto moved carefully to look down at the lobby and saw the Britannian security force being slowly overwhelmed by a group of Elevens that wore the uniform of the disbanded Japanese military, and that was now the uniform for the Japan Liberation Front.

From the difference in numbers alone Naruto knew that it wouldn't be long before the group of radical Elevens killed all of the security members and moved to gather the hotel guests. Quickly the blonde shinobi returned to his friends' room without being seen or heard.

"Terrorists are taking over the hotel." Naruto informed them, there was no point on beating around the bush in this situation and they didn't have the time for it.

"What do we do?" Shirley asked fearfully, this was the last thing she expected to happen in her trip outside the Tokyo Settlement.

"First of all we have to stay calm." The sapphire eyed Knightmare pilot instructed firmly. "The terrorists will probably be rounding up hostages, when they come here we have to do exactly as they say, and not panic." Naruto stated stressing the last bit out to make sure the three girls understood its importance, the girls nodding their heads trusting Naruto's judgment. Naruto then focused his attention solely on Nina, who was looking more frightened then Naruto had ever seen her. "Nina I promise everything is going to be fine." Naruto started by reassuring her before continuing, "I'm also going to need to borrow your hat." He finished.

"Why?" Nina asked, she and the others confused by Naruto's request.

"I don't want you all to think I'm a coward." Naruto began, "But I can't let the terrorists know who I am."

"It's understandable." Milly said speaking in an oddly, for her, serious tone of voice. "Out of the four of us, you're the most important person here. If they knew that they had the owner of the Namikaze Corporation as a hostage then they would make even more serious demands, then the ones they would have already made, for your safe return." Milly said, clearly seeing what the problem was.

"But what about when we checked in? Wouldn't they have your name from the guest list?" Shirley questioned.

"I had Aria register me under an alias; I still don't like drawing attention to myself so I had her make my reservation under a fake name." Naruto answered, as Nina gave him her brown hat. "Thanks Nina," He told her putting on the hat, covering his hair and lowering it so it covered a good portion of his face. "The terrorist will be here soon, I'll have go wait in my room, remember stay calm and everything will be okay." The former Jinchuuriki reassured them one last time.

"Right, be careful." Milly said with a nod as Naruto walked out the door, closing it softly behind him. Looking at her two friends Milly noticed that they both looked pretty scared Nina most of all, walking toward her the blonde Britannian once more took Nina's hands in hers like she did earlier. "Don't worry Nina, it's like Naruto said if we stay calm everything will be fine. And if they are terrorists than it won't be long before the military sends someone to rescue us, we just have to be patient." Looking toward Shirley, Milly noticed that the orange haired girl seemed just a bit calmer.

Nina just nodded her head reassured by her friend's words, but still deadly afraid of what was going on.

Lelouch waited for the group that was led by Ohgi inside what would be the group's new hideout, which he had acquired, in his costume of Zero. The hideout was actually a mobile base that had all sorts of modern necessities and a second floor. When the door to the mobile base opened up it revealed Ohgi and the other members of the resistance waiting inside of a parking garage. "What are you waiting for? Come in." Zero said inviting the members inside. "As of now this place will be our hideout." He informed them relaxing on one of the sofas inside the mobile base.

The members of the resistance were awed by the luxury of their new hideout, it being more extravagant then most anything they had in a long time. Zero assured them that their hideout was gift and they didn't need to worry about anything else concerning it. While exploring the base Minami found a flat screen TV mounted onto one of the walls of the movable hideout and turned it on, showing the image of a newswoman.

"I'm here in front of the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center Hotel." The brown haired newswoman reported, the hotel being able to be clearly seen behind her. "The hotel-jackers have identified themselves as the Japan Liberation Front. Members of the Sakuradite Allocation Meeting, most notably, Chairman James, were taken hostage as well as several tourists and hotel employees." The image changed to show the captured hostages, "This footage was taken by the perpetrators; in it, you can clearly see Chairman James, including some students. The leader of the group claims to be Lieutenant-Colonel Kusakabe of the now defunct Japanese military." The news reporter continued to prattle on, though no one was really paying much attention anymore as they were all focused on the image of the hostages.

Kallen could see her fellow female members of the student council, and though she was concerned for them, most of her attention was focused on the individual that wore a large brown hat on their head. She would have dismissed it as simply another tourist, but she could just barely see the person's blonde hair under the hat, and what could only be Naruto's unique whisker birthmarks on one of their cheeks. "Naruto," Kallen murmured in concern.

Zero was able to catch what Kallen said and turned his attention to the screen and saw his captured friends being held at gunpoint. Shortly after he got a call on his phone with the caller id showing that it was Rivalz that was calling him, Lelouch knew what Rivalz was calling him about but couldn't answer him in this situation.

At Ashford Academy C.C. watched the news from the TV in Lelouch's room, with an apathetic look on her face. She recognized the girls as friends and classmates of Lelouch, but like Kallen her attention was focused on the person who had a majority of his face hidden. It was faint and barely noticeable at all, but C.C. could feel something affecting her in the same manner that Kurama's genjutsu affected her back in the sewer. When C.C. focused her attention on one of the other hostages the feeling of the genjutsu working on her would disappear only to reappear when she turned her attention back to the blonde haired individual. The power behind the genjutsu only seemed to get stronger when C.C. realized that the blonde teen was Naruto Uzumaki, another classmate of Lelouch's.

With her gaze focused solely on the blonde student C.C. tried to determine if Naruto and Kurama' were the same person. But everything she came up with that showed that they shared something in common she would immediately dismiss, telling herself that it was simple coincidence or impossible and that they weren't the same person. And yet the mere fact that she could feel the genjutsu working on her at that moment told her otherwise, keeping the suspicion alive.

"Well," C.C. to murmured, "This is interesting."

Back in the hotel all the hostages were being held in one of the larger food storage rooms that the hotel had. Surrounding them on all sides were soldiers of the disbanded Japanese military with their leader standing in the doorway, a katana in his hand. Naruto sat next to his friends on the ground, ready to attack the gathered soldiers turned terrorists in case they tried to hurt one of them. He knew that with all the soldiers surrounding them that he wouldn't be able to hold back, or risk one of the hostages becoming a casualty. If it came to that then Naruto would use his Sharingan on the hostages and hopefully be able to use the power of the cursed doujutsu to cast a genjutsu on them, so what they saw and what they remembered happening were two different things.

"I'm Kusakabe of the Japan Liberation Front." Kusakabe announced to the captive filled room. "This stand we are taking is for the freedom of Japan and our countrymen. Even though you are not soldiers you are still Britannians you are the ones who rule and oppress us." He continued angrily.

'What a simple-minded way of thinking.' Naruto thought to himself.

'Oi Naruto can you hear me?' Naruto heard Amami ask in his head, even thru their mental link Amami's voice sounded stuffy.

Naruto smirked inwardly at the sound of Amami's voice. 'Well if it isn't the little sick Benihime.' The blonde answered with a snicker.

'S-shut up, ya blonde bastard,' Amami retorted irritably. 'It's hard enough concentrating to keep this connection open because of my cold, I don't need you being annoying to make it any more difficult.'

'Fine, fine,' Naruto relented.

'So what's the situation? The news was streaming a video of you and the others being held hostage not too long ago.' The sick red haired vixen informed him.

'What you'd expect.' Naruto replied. 'We're currently being surrounded with guns being trained on us.' The blonde shinobi told her. Amami sneezed' a couple of times over the link, 'There is no way that I could get sick over this is there?' Naruto asked curiously and only half-jokingly.

'Shut up,' Amami growled before continuing, 'Any chance of getting out of there?' She asked him.

'Not without revealing my abilities.' Naruto told her, with Amami agreeing that he should hold off on taking any action unless he didn't have any other choice.

"Sit still, be quiet and you'll be fine. If you don't…" Kusakabe finished threateningly before leaving the room.

In Cornelia's Royal Transport Carrier the dark pink haired princess, along with her subordinates, was trying to figure out a safe way to rescue the hostages. She had to keep a clear head and not let the worry she felt over the fact that her younger sister, Euphemia, was also amongst the hostages, though luckily it didn't seem like the Japanese terrorists realized she was there.

"All bridges connecting to the hotel, with the exception of the main one, have been destroyed. Our attempted approaches from the air and water have been unsuccessful." One of Cornelia's officers informed his princess, turning towards her. "There is only one route left that will allow us to develop a possible hostage rescue plan. The main utilities tunnel running directly beneath the convention center hotel, basically we would go in through this route destroy the foundation block and submerge the hotel. Since the tunnel was also built to handle supply deliveries it should be able to accommodate Sutherlands." The officer explained laying his plan to rescue the hostages.

Three Sutherlands were lowered into the underground tunnel and charged forward towards the hotel. At the other end of the supply tunnel was a large cannon like weapon, standing on the legs of four modified Glasgows, which was named Raikou. Inside the modified cockpit were two Japanese soldiers, one seated behind the other, with white bandanas on their head that looked like the flag of Japan, seeing the approaching Sutherlands they opened fire.

"Super Electro Magnetic Shrapnel Cannon, fire!" One of the Japan Liberation Front pilots said firing a single shell at the approaching Knightmares.

"Evasive maneuvers go!" The lead Sutherland pilot ordered when he saw the incoming projectile, though right in front of their eyes the bullet revealed itself to be a canister that contained numerous metal spheres that pelted the three Sutherlands destroying them, much to the cheering of all the Japan Liberation Front fighters.

"They've been wiped out!" Darlton roared seeing the signal that all three Sutherlands were showing. Besides Princess Cornelia only he and Guilford knew of Sub-Viceroy Euphemia being in the hotel, so he knew just how important the successful rescue of the hostages was to his princess.

"It looks as though they've modified a Glasgow into a Linear Cannon." The subordinate answered fearfully.

"Then there's no way we can break through?!" Another soldier questioned.

"What do we do now? If we release the political prisoners as they demand-" A second soldier suggested only to be cut off before he could finish his sentence.

"We can't show weakness to terrorists!" Cornelia shouted angrily refusing to even consider the suggestion.

Bending down to whisper into Cornelia's ear from beside her was Guilford. "But, Princess Euphemia, she's…" He trailed off at the end, as he reminded the dark pink haired Viceroy of her sister's situation.

"Yes, I know." The Viceroy of Area 11 muttered.

"Thus far it appears none of them have discovered that fact." Darlton reported faithfully. "If they learn that Princess Euphemia is among the hostages, they'll undoubtedly use her as a bargaining chip. She went there just to observe, therefore she isn't registered along with the other guests." The short cut brown haired Britannian said.

"Still," Cornelia continued, "If you give into their conditions even once then you're simply legitimizing terrorism." She stated resolutely.

"Then do we use force?" Darlton asked.

"We would pursue that course of action after we secure the safety of Princess Euphemia." Guilford answered, thinking of what was most important at the moment. While Cornelia continued to look conflicted a part of her wanting to simply wipeout all the terrorists inside the hotel, the other wanting to ensure Euphie's wellbeing.

Close to the hotel Suzaku went over some system checks for the Lancelot, making sure it was ready to be sent out if the order came. The brown haired Honorary Britannian wished he could do something more to help, his friends were inside that hotel and were in danger, but because he was Japanese no one wanted to trust him with the operation of rescuing the captives. It frustrated Suzaku to think that even after everything he has done to prove himself that he still wasn't being trusted because he was an Eleven. It was that sort of treatment that made him doubt sometimes that he would someday be able to change things for Japan by working within the system. But despite it all he couldn't give up or everything he had sacrificed, and everything he had to deal with up to that point, would have been for nothing.

"Those teenage hostages are friends of yours from school aren't they?" Cecile Croomy asked the teen tentatively, worried about how Suzaku might be feeling at the moment at not being able to do anything to help. "They're still negotiating so let's not give up hope." She tried to reassure him.

"I have faith in the system." Suzaku informed her, not once taking his eyes off the screen in front of him, and at the same time trying to convince himself' that his choice of joining Britannia wasn't wrong. "I prefer the logic of systems to individualist emotions." He finished in a detached tone of voice. Cecile continued to stare at the young man in concern, but dropped the subject for the moment to do her own work all the while making sure to keep an eye on him just in case.

Inside the room that the hostages were being held in the captives did their best not to attract attention to themselves from the Japan Liberation Front Soldiers that were around them, though after spending the last few hours being held at gun point anxieties were running high for most of the room's occupants. The door to the storage room opened and once more Kusakabe stood at the entrance.

"It seems that your government continue refuse to meet our demands in exchange for all your lives, but then again what would you expect from a bunch of Britannian pigs. They seem more than willing to sacrifice their people in order to further their own selfish goals." The Lieutenant-Colonel said with a sneer. "As such we will show them exactly what the consequences of their inaction are." With a gesture two Japan Liberation Front soldiers moved forward and grabbed one of the hostages, a male Britannian who at first struggled but immediately calmed down when a gun was pressed into his back, and was lead out of the room. "Hopefully after our little demonstration they will be more willing to listen." Kusakabe finished ominously before exiting the room, the door closing behind him.

"This is bad." Naruto muttered to himself, as everyone else in the room became even more afraid. While he didn't know exactly what they were going to do with the man, the blonde shinobi was sure of what the end result would be. At the rate things were escalating Naruto would have no choice but to act.

'What's going on?' Amami asked, being outside the seal meant that the redheaded vixen couldn't see or hear what happened around Naruto, and would have to rely on what the sapphire eyed Knightmare pilot could tell her over their mental link.

'They just took one of the hostages.' Naruto answered coolly, 'Kusakabe said something about a demonstration before they did.' Naruto didn't need to go into any more details, they both had a vague idea of what the Japanese Lieutenant-Colonel had in mind.

Subtly looking around Naruto caught the sight of a head of pink hair out of the corner of his eye. Focusing on that person, Naruto saw who could only be Euphie among the hostages, wearing yellow long-sleeved jacket over a white sundress and glasses. Naruto had to resist the urge to face palm when he realized that the pink haired princess only disguise was a pair of glasses. Of course the fact that none of the Japanese terrorists realized who she was spoke a lot of their level of intelligence, seriously what kind of disguise was a simple pair of glasses. That wasn't a bad thing though since if they realized that they had Princess Euphemia as a hostage they would most likely not need the rest of them. After all what were a few random Britannian tourists to Euphemia Li Britannia, the Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire.

In their new hideout the resistance members that had joined up with Zero were busy setting up their equipment and organizing everything. Kallen was on the second floor of the transportable hideout looking through a box that contained some cushions, and other types of furnishings, when she heard a man's voice coming from the room that Zero had claimed from himself. Walking into the room with a pillow held against her chest Kallen noticed that Zero was watching a video feed from earlier that day of, which the redheaded half-Japanese understood, was Shirley's father, who was asking, if not begging, for his daughter's safe return.

"Zero, what will happen to the hostages?" Kallen asked the mask wearing individual.

Zero had been silently wondering why Cornelia had not sacrificed the hostages yet to get the terrorists like he knew she normally would. He had just come to the reason why when Kallen entered the room. Muting the screen Zero answered her question, "Eventually, there will be no reason to keep those Britannians alive." He stated, though he wasn't about to let his friends be put in that level of danger.

"Yeah, I'm sure you're right." Kallen murmured quietly, a bit of sadness entering her voice, holding the pillow closer to her. Though the answer was obvious she had been silently hoping that it would have turned out to be something else.

At that moment Ohgi walked into the room carrying a box filled with what looked like black uniforms of some sort. "Hey Zero," The leader of the small resistance faction began, "I found these. Should I hand them out to everyone?" He asked, "I mean as far as gear goes it looks pretty hip but we're just a resistance group so…"

Zero spun around and stood from his chair, "Wrong!" He declared. "We're not a resistance group, is that clear." Zero said, his statement not coming out sounding like a question.

"Well then, what are we?" Ohgi asked confused with a raised eyebrow.

"What we are, what we're trying to be," Zero started, his right arm coming up and being held out at his side, "Are Knights for Justice!" He finished dramatically.

Just then Tamaki's voice was heard from the first floor loudly calling for the three's, along with everyone else's, attention. "Hey everyone come look at this!" Tamaki shouted.

Once everyone gathered in front of the screen on the first floor they all watched as a man was pushed off the edge of the building's roof. Their eyes were locked on to the man in silent horror as he plummeted towards the ground, until his form was obscured by the tall pine trees that surrounded the front of the hotel.

"Well that guy sure wasn't lucky." Tamaki commented casually. "Of course it's the sort of thing you have to expect with how things are. It was only a matter of time before the Japan Liberation Front did something like that with the hostages."

Kallen felt a little guilty over how relieved she was that the person who was pushed off the roof wasn't someone she knew. That man had a family of his own that he would never see again. But she still felt glad that it wasn't Naruto or one of the others.

"We have to do something." Nagata muttered; his eyes narrowed as he watched the screen.

"And we will." Zero stated.

"What? Why the hell should we?" Tamaki demanded angrily.

"This is the perfect opportunity to show the world exactly who we are." Zero answered.

"Does this have something to do with what you were talking about earlier, about being Knights for Justice?" Ohgi questioned the masked figure curiously.

"Yes," Zero began, everyone's attention focused solely on him as they all wondered what Ohgi was talking about. "We will show the entire world that we fight for those who can't fight for themselves, and have to suffer under the oppression of not just Britannia but anyone with power, those who would otherwise just become another casualty of this war." He finished his words inspiring the resistance members slightly.

The small group of Japanese, and one half-Japanese, freedom fighters were' awed a bit by the masked man's words. They were still a bit unsure about what exactly Zero intended for them to do, but for now they would follow him and listen to what he said.

"Our demands have gone unanswered. Therefore, we will throw one hostage from the roof every thirty minutes until our terms are met. For the sake of the hostages negotiations better be in good faith."

That was the message sent from Kusakabe to Cornelia' forcing her compliance or risk another hostage's life. With a different hostage's life in danger every thirty minutes the dark pink haired Viceroy was being left with little options. It was either continue to ignore the Japan Liberation Front's demands and sacrifice another hostage and risk revealing Euphemia's presence within the hijacked hotel, or give in to the terrorists demands, neither of which were something that Cornelia wanted to do.

Back inside the hotel Milly was holding Nina close, as the dark haired girl's anxieties were starting to get the best of her, it didn't help that the Japanese terrorists made sure to let all the prisoners know exactly what was in store for them if the Britannian military didn't come through with their demands.

"An Eleven," Nina found herself unintentionally murmuring when one of the soldiers walked close by the Britannian students. Naruto seriously wished Nina had worked through the habit of calling Japanese Elevens; especially since it seemed that the man heard her if the way his face contorted in a mask of rage was anything to go by.

"What did you say?!" The Japanese man demanded angrily, pointing the gun he held at Nina. "Not Elevens! We're Japanese, dammit!"

Milly pulled the whimpering Nina closer to her while glaring at the angry terrorist as best she could, "Yes we're aware of that. Just lay off her." She said defiantly not willing to allow this man to scare her. Naruto was sincerely impressed by Milly's bravery, but he also wished that she hadn't chosen that moment to be rebellious

"Then correct her, we're not called Elevens." The man demanded, still pointing his gun at them, as another couple of soldiers walked closer.

"Fine, we'll correct her!" Shirley shouted at the man, unwilling to let her friends face any threat by themselves, and simply another reason that Naruto wanted to face palm as they were only making the situation worse by provoking them.

"How dare you speak like that to me?" The former soldier now terrorist snarled, "You three, come with me to the next room and I'll teach you a real lesson." The look that the man was now giving the three teenage girls, along with a few other soldiers, made it clear what his intentions were.

Naruto knew that at that moment that the time of waiting was over and that he had to act. The blonde shinobi was silently furious by how all the other hostages in the room were ignoring what was going on, though considering it would most likely result in them getting shot Naruto really couldn't blame them for not doing anything. Well he could blame them a little for being a bunch of cowards. Snorting loudly the blonde shinobi made sure to draw everyone's attention to him. "Really you're nothing more than a rabid dog." Naruto said evenly. "Barking at everything you come across without just cause." He finished, as the three Britannian students were grateful that Naruto had interfered.

"What was that?!" The Japan Liberation Front soldier challenged lividly, turning to point his gun straight at the concealed blonde.

Naruto stood up, his face still hidden by Nina's hat, unconcerned of the gun that the man had pointed at him, or the ones that the other soldiers now had focused on him. And with the angle the guns were currently pointed in it would be impossible for the other hostages to get hit. "When Japan lost its freedom I didn't think that you all lost your honor and pride." Naruto said in a disappointed tone of voice, which worked to simply infuriate the gathered soldiers.

"What would you know of pride or honor you Britannian scum?!" The man questioned with a sneer.

Naruto smirked as he grabbed the front of the hat he had on with one hand. "I know that by killing innocent civilians all your' proving is that you are desperate barbaric terrorists, who are only resorting to these sort of tactics because they know just how hopeless your cause is, instead of the noble resistance fighters who are fighting for their country and people." The blonde shinobi started causing some of them to growl, while others looked like they might be ashamed of their current actions.

"It is easy to say that when it's not your people who being killed and oppressed every day." The man retorted with a scowl on his face, who was losing what little patience he had for this punk kid who was getting in the way of teaching those three girls a good lesson. "Now unless you want to die you'll shut up and sit back down."

"That's not going to happen." Naruto replied his smirk turning to a frown as he sensed that man's intentions had not changed toward his three friends. "I'm not going to let you hurt my friends." He stated.

"And who are you to stop me?" The man questioned arrogantly.

Pulling off Nina's hat Naruto revealed his spikey golden hair, sky blue eyes, and whisker marked face. "I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, owner of Namikaze Corp., half-Britannian and half-Japanese." Naruto said, shocking the Japan Liberation Front soldiers and the other captives with his identity.

"Y-you, y-you're," The current main antagonist stuttered before his face contorted to show even more hatred than before. "You've got some nerve to show yourself to us, you who are Japan's Ultimate Disgrace." He mocked the half-Britannian.

"Ah, so my reputation precedes me." Naruto said, seemingly brushing off the man's insulting remark, with a relaxed smile. His three female friends, along with Euphemia, wondered at the Japanese man's hostile reaction to the half-Japanese when Naruto was usually so well received.

"You know what? I'm glad you're here because now my friends and I can put you in your place." The man said threateningly, a few of the other soldiers looking excited to put Naruto in his place as well.

"That's enough," Euphemia declared loudly standing up and drawing everyone's attention away from Naruto and to her. "I will not let you continue to threaten these people."

"Who the hell are you?!" The man roared angrily, he was seconds away from just shooting the pink haired bitch and being done with it.

"I demand you take me to your leader right now, understand?" Euphemia said seriously, leaving little room for argument, as she glared at the man with her violet blue eyes.


"You're addressing Euphemia LI Britannia. The Third Princess of the Britannian Empire," Euphie reveled, taking her glasses off, all eyes in the room on her. "Are you all alright?" Euphemia asked kindly turning her now soft gaze to Naruto and his classmates.

"We're fine Euphie." Assured Naruto casually, surprising some people by how nonchalantly he was speaking to the Third Princess, and getting a softhearted smile from the pink haired Britannian princess.

"I'm glad." The Sub-Viceroy of Area 11 said honestly.

The Japanese man actually looked like he was thinking the situation over once he realized who Euphemia was. "Alright then," He finally said. "You two will be coming with me." The man told them. After the Japan Liberation Front man called a few other soldiers as back up to help with escorting the two important hostages, making sure that there were enough soldiers to keep an eye on the other prisoners, out of the room.

As Euphie and Naruto were being led away from the other hostages, soldiers surrounding them from all sides, the blonde shinobi started up a conversation with the pinkette.

"It is nice to see you again Euphie." Naruto began in a whisper, as not to bring to much attention to themselves from their armed escorts, with a somewhat sheepish smile. "Though it's too bad it had to be like this." He finished.

Euphie couldn't help the small smile that appeared on her face at how Naruto wasn't talking to her formally, even though he knew who she really was, and was instead talking and treating her like he did when they first meet in the Shinjuku Ghetto. As two friends who were equal to one another without there being anything that affected their friendship. "Yes it is." Euphemia said back to him in regards to both of his statements.

"It was a very brave thing you did back there, standing up like that." Naruto commented, "But that was also very reckless of you, putting yourself in danger like that."

"I could say the same thing about you." Euphemia replied in an amused voice.

"You got me there." Naruto admitted restraining himself from scratching the back of his head like he normally would, or risk making things worse by giving the terrorist the idea he was reaching for something. "It's just that I couldn't let my friends-"

"Be put in danger." Euphie said finishing Naruto's sentence sending a smile his way. "I think that, that is a very admirable quality Naruto, putting yourself in the line of fire for the sake of your friends." The pink haired Sub-Viceroy told him honestly, a light blush appearing on Naruto's face at the beautiful princess' praise, "Even if it is a little reckless."

"That's enough talking," The soldier that started all of this ordered, cutting into the two's conversation. Looking around the two captives noticed that they were standing in front of a door of a random hallway. "Alright, you'll be going with these guys to meet with Lieutenant-Colonel." The man said to Euphemia, and gesturing to a couple of soldiers, before turning to face Naruto with a smug grin, who looked completely unconcerned, "It's about time we get to teaching you where you belong."

"What?" Euphie gasped in surprise, "But."

"You didn't think we actually forgot about everything he said, did you?" He asked them rhetorically. "Now get moving."

Euphemia looked like she was going to protest, but Naruto cut her off before she could get started. "Its fine Euphie, I can take care of myself. Go with them, I'll be alright." Naruto reassured her. Euphie still didn't look all that convinced, but wasn't given much of a choice on the matter when the other soldiers escorting her started to forcibly lead her away.

Stepping through the doorway Naruto walked to the middle of the room, with a total of four soldiers walking in behind him, with his back to them as the door closed behind them resulting in the room being left with minimal light.

"I'm definitely going to enjoy this." The Japan Liberation Front soldier said arrogantly while cracking his knuckles, having released hold of his gun and let it hang on his side by the strap across his chest, as he approached the blonde half-Britannian menacingly.

Euphemia was led to a different room that had a couple of soldiers standing outside the room. When Euphie entered the room she noticed that the lights in the room were turned off and the only reason it wasn't totally dark was because of the light coming from outside. Looking out the window towards the distance Euphemia could see Britannian military vehicles and some Knightmare Frames waiting on the other end of the bridge, she was sure that her elder sister Cornelia would also be there. Euphemia ended up standing across from the Lieutenant-Colonel, who was sitting down on a couch in the room with his katana held in his hands.

"Ah, Princess Euphemia, well isn't this a pleasant surprise." Kusakabe began in a sly voice. "If I had known of your presence among the others I would have treated you more cordially and offered a better room for you to wait in." He finished, though there was little honesty in anything that he was saying.

"Please," Euphemia began in a reserved tone. "My friend, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, is being held in a different room by some of your soldiers with the intention of causing him harm. I ask that you have him brought here." She pleaded.

"Yes, I heard reports from some of my men about Uzumaki being here as well." Kusakabe commented uncaringly before smirking at the Third Princess of Britannia. "Tell me princess do you know what the people of the country you tyrannize call that boy?" The Japanese Lieutenant-Colonel asked her.

"I can't say that I do." Euphie admitted her voice a bit stronger than before, which caused Kusakabe's smirk to widen all the more at her answer.

"To the people of Japan that child represents something many of them have not had in a long time, hope; as such they call him the Child of Hope. Hope that one day they will be able to escape the miserable lives they live and be able to get back what they've lost or never had at all." Kusakabe started, the grip he had on his katana becoming stronger the further he went on until his hands started to shake from the force he was exerting and his knuckles turned white, before he visibly relaxed.

Euphie at first smiled at the Lieutenant-Colonel words but it disappeared with his change of demeanor.

"But that is not how everyone sees him that is not how we see him. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze is nothing but a coward." He began again angrily. "The Japan Liberation Front once contacted Uzumaki asking him for his support in our aim to defeat Britannia, but he denied giving us any sort of support in this war. He said he didn't want to support anyone who would use the resources he gives to kill others. He is a coward he refused to stand for his country and defy Britannia! But what can you expect from a filthy half-breed?!" Kusakabe paused to catch his breath before continuing, "Uzumaki represents the worst possible aspects of what was once a proud country. Uzumaki is a child of sullied blood who, even though he has achieved much, refuses to help liberate his home and instead chooses to bend to the will of Britannia, whom chooses to work alongside the enemy, instead of against them like he should. To us Naruto Uzumaki is best known as Japan's Ultimate Disgrace, others call him the Child of the Falling Sun, or the Child of Black Sun. That is how we see him and who Naruto Uzumaki really is. He is no savoir to the people he is a coward who refuses to stand up and fight." Kusakabe finished.

"But Naruto created the Namikaze Corporation to help better everyone's lives even, now he is working to rebuild Shinjuku." Euphemia said attempting to defend the blonde shinobi. "How can you say Naruto is a disgrace when all his effort goes to helping others?" The princess asked Kusakabe.

"Because we don't need someone who fixes the little things that are wrong, what Japan needs are people willing to lay down their lives to liberate it from its tormenters." Kusakabe replied his voice filled with conviction, actually believing everything he has said. "Someone willing to help right the wrongs."

Their conversation was interrupted when a soldier burst into the room.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Kusakabe demanded, glaring at the man who entered the room uninvited.

"Sir, I apologize for the intrusion, but I thought you'd like to know that we have reports of Zero coming towards the hotel." The soldier replied, giving the Lieutenant-Colonel a hasty salute and apology.

"Zero you say?" Kusakabe repeated intrigued.

Cornelia rushed towards the bridge inside her custom Gloucester, with Guilford and Darlton behind her in their Gloucesters, stopping right in front of the bridge and cutting Zero off, who was standing on top of a news van, from going any further. Opening the cockpit of her Gloucester she stood up and looked right at masked killer of her half-brother. "Well, well we meet again Zero. Are you a member of the Japan Liberation Front? Or perhaps you intend to help us? Regardless, our concerns take priority over yours at the moment. And so," Cornelia began, pulling out her long bladed gun and pointing it at him before continuing. "For the death of my half-brother Clovis, I shall take my revenge right here." She finished preparing to pull the trigger and kill Zero right there.

"Cornelia," Zero said plainly before Cornelia could fire. "Which would you choose: Clovis, who is dead, or Euphemia, who is alive?" He asked her, surprising the Viceroy by mentioning her younger sister. 'My suspicion's confirmed.' Zero thought smugly, 'The first task at hand is completed. You've always doted on sweet little Euphemia. That's why you won't take aggressive action; your emotions are getting in the way.' Under his mask Lelouch could clearly see the conflicting emotions playing across Cornelia's face. "It's within my power to save Euphemia for you." He told her.

"What do you mean?" Cornelia asked him, her out stretched hand shaking, acting oblivious to the truth. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She denied.

"I said that I am able to rescue her." Zero restated clearly.

In the end Cornelia chose to let Zero pass, because even though she hated him Euphemia's rescue was far more important, but that didn't mean that she was just going to let him go.

"Viceroy what are we doing?" Darlton asked his princess.

Cornelia answered without even looking at the brown haired man that stood not all that far away. "I believe that by letting Zero go in, we can buy some time before the next hostage is executed. So, this is our chance. We can hit them both at the same time." She told him, reentering her Knightmare.

"Wonderful! I want to thank you for that lovely order." Lloyd said giddily and finishing with a cheerful laugh from close to where Lancelot was standing. Turning to face said Knightmare Frame and its pilot he continued. "They said you've got the green light, Lancelot. You've orders to charge right into the Linear Cannon in the tunnel." The silver haired scientist said in the same excited tone, not minding the danger he was potentially putting Suzaku in.

"Wait a minute," Cecile cut in, "You mean they're using him as a decoy to make an opening for them?" The blue haired woman asked in concern.

"Yep," Lloyd replied, "Seems like they'll use the confusion to send in the Royal Guard." He informed the concerned woman.

"Seems like?" Cecile said incredulous, "But Lloyd-"

The concerned woman's protests were cut off by the same person she was worried for. "Miss Cecile, I'm ready. Please let me do it," Suzaku pleaded with conviction. "If Lancelot and I are needed, and we're able to give the hostages an opportunity to be saved, then I'll do it, even if it means being a decoy." The brown haired Japanese teen said thinking solely of his friends that were inside the hotel.

Once Zero and his still unnamed group were let through by the Britannian military they separated. Zero going to meet with Kusakabe, while everyone else went off to fulfill designated instructions given to them by Zero. When Zero reached where Kusakabe was waiting he was slightly surprised to see Euphemia outside the door surrounded by Japan Liberation Front soldiers, the princess having been asked/forced to wait in the hallway while the Lieutenant-Colonel talked to Zero with only a couple of his soldiers. Walking into the room Zero ended up standing across from Kusakabe in the same spot that Euphemia was standing in earlier.

After making some idle chit chat Zero came to a single conclusion. "You have no intention of joining me." It was more of a statement rather than a question.

Kusakabe didn't see the point of answering such a lousy question, so he didn't. "Remove that mask and reveal your real face to us." The Lieutenant-Colonel commanded. "It's disrespectful not to." The Japanese man finished.

"I understand, but before I do, I'd like to ask you something." Zero replied before continuing. "What exactly do you hope to accomplish by this action?" The masked Britannian asked with just a hint of curiosity.

"Gain attention." Kusakabe replied instantly. "I want this country and the world to know that the Japanese aren't dead yet, that we all haven't rolled over for Britannia." The last bit was said with a bit more resentment than anything else.

Zero raised an unseen eyebrow at the display of emotion by the Lieutenant-Colonel, but pressed on anyway. "How stale," Zero stated dryly. "You people are obsolete, there's no saving you."

Kusakabe glared at the masked man as he took a proper hold of his katana. "Zero, there's no point talking anymore!" The man shouted, leaping up with his katana drawn, just as piece of Zero's mask retracted revealing his left eye with his Geass activated.

Zero gave out a single command calm and completely unafraid of the man leaping at him with a sword. "Die."

Outside the room the Japan Liberation Front soldiers heard the sound of gunfire and carelessly entered the room resulting in one of the soldiers being shot in the arm.

"Calm yourselves." Zero instructed. "The Colonel and the others committed suicide when they realized how meaningless this operation was." He revealed before focusing his attention solely on Euphie. "Euphemia, you were willing to sacrifice yourself for the commoners. You haven't changed." The mask man commented.

In another part of the hotel Naruto was surrounded by the bodies of the soldiers that planned on, "showing him his place," all of them knocked out cold. Considering that these were the same men who looked eager to force themselves on his three female friends Naruto didn't feel all that inclined to hold back, he didn't go so far as to use jutsu on them, but he did leave with them with a few broken bones and most likely a concussion. Changing into his Kurama gear Naruto summoned two Shadow clones, one in his Kurama disguise and the other wearing his civilian clothes of dark orange jacket, white t-shirt, and black pants.

"Alright you two head back to the others, while I go after Euphie." Naruto instructed, getting a nod from both clones before they separated, as he sensed for the closest group of negative emotions that wasn't from the same direction that the cerulean eyed teen knew the hostages were located.

Moving through the hallways Kurama knocked any Japanese soldiers he came across before they even knew what was going on. When Kurama got close to where he was sure Euphemia was being held he noticed a second group wearing black clothes pointing their guns at a small group of Japan Liberation Front soldiers, one of them evidently injured by the way he was clearly holding his bleeding arm. Throwing a smoke bomb he obscured everyone's view before moving to incapacitate the Liberation Front soldiers, leaving the one who was injured conscious, quickly entering the room Kurama closed the door to the sound of the group in black wondering what had happened.

The two Shadow clones dashed back toward where they knew the other hostages to be located, when they reached the room it would be up to the one that looked like Kurama to take care of the soldiers that were guarding the prisoners. There were two guards stationed outside the food storage room that the captives were being held, but because it was just the two soldiers both Shadow clones could attack without having to worry about the keeping Naruto's abilities secret.

Opening the door to the storage room the Kurama clone entered, throwing a few kunai that hit all the soldiers in the room guns, and knocking them out of their hands because of the power behind them. Moving to the closest terrorist on his left the Kurama clone punched the man in the stomach knocking the wind out of him before grabbing ahold of him and throwing him at another terrorist across the room, the man barely diving out the way of the incoming body. The remaining soldiers moved to pick up their dropped weapons but a few kunai and shuriken stopped them mid-step, one didn't turn out that lucky when a kunai pierced his hand.

Another soldier, who was closer to the door, noticed that things didn't seem to be going that well for them, so he moved to take a hostage and force the masked blonde to submit, which just happened to be the Naruto Shadow clone.

While the clone definitely couldn't go around throwing kunai and shuriken that didn't mean that he had to act helpless. The kick to the man's side was barley block, and by the look on the terrorist's face his arm was nearly broken, but quickly pivoted around with a punch to the man's head that left him on the ground, reminiscent to the way Sakura used to hit his head back when he lived in Konoha. At that moment the door to the food storage room opened again revealing four more people wearing the black clothes and visor that hid their faces, three of them holding guns and a fourth female behind them.

"Alright, uh, nobody move?" One of the people dressed in black instructed unsurely. The four of them were surprised to see Kurama standing there with the hostages and uncertain about his involvement with what was going on.

The Japan Liberation Front soldiers seeing that they were now outnumbered, and out gunned, held their hands up in surrender. While he couldn't see his face the Kurama clone had no trouble recognizing Ohgi's voice, and behind him the disguised Shadow clone recognized Kallen hairstyle. With the knowledge of who they were the clone could guess that the long black haired mail was Nagata, and the other male with short brown hair was Yoshida.

"Who are you?" The Kurama clone demanded in a quiet voice, as he acted as if he didn't know who they were, and stepped forward threateningly while drawing another kunai. The self-called Knights of Justice panicked a little inside as they knew what the fox mask wearing man was capable of and didn't want to be seen as a threat by him.

"Hey take it easy we were sent here to rescue the hostages and escort them to safety." Yoshida said.

"Is that so," Kurama murmured, making them sweat a bit for the fun of it, truth was he already knew they weren't going to do anything unwarranted to the hostages or he would have sensed it by now. "Very well then," He continued, "Then I'll leave them in your care." The Shadow clone finished, going up in a cloud of smoke and sending the memories back to the original, leaving the other clone to watch over the others.

Kallen watched the Kurama clone, not that she knew it was a clone, go up in a cloud of smoke. With him and Naruto in the same room it made her take note of a few similarities between them, like their similar height, but most noticeably their similar sun kissed blonde hair. Yet Kallen just dismissed it as a coincidence since it was impossible for Naruto to be Kurama given the fact they were both just standing in the same room. But they stood for similar ideals, protecting others without discrimination, something she was starting to admire about both of them.

Euphemia found herself alone with Zero in the same room she was in earlier of Lieutenant-Colonel Kusakabe, now he along with two of his soldiers were dead their bodies not too far away from where she stood. The pink haired Britannian princess did her best not to think about that.

"I heard that you're the Sub-Viceroy now your' Highness, Princess Euphemia Li Britannia." Zero said starting their conversation.

"It's not an appointment I'm happy with." Euphemia replied with a steady voice while glaring at the masked figure.

"No, it's because Clovis was murdered. That was my handiwork." Zero admitted without a shred of regret for his actions. "He begged pathetically for his life to the very end. He pleaded with the same tongue that ordered the deaths of Elevens." He finished accusingly.

"So is that the reason that you killed my brother?" Euphie questioned him.

"No." Zero answered.

The answer surprised Euphemia, "Then why?" She continued to question him, wanting to know his reasons.

"Because Clovis was an offspring of the Britannian Emperor, which reminds me," Zero said, as if just realizing something. "You're one of his children too, aren't you?" The black mask wearing man asked pulling out a gun and pointing it at Euphie, who took an unsure step back.

Before Zero could pull the trigger door to the room was thrown open and immediately closed afterwards, Kurama now in the room standing protectively in front of Euphemia Akashini drawn and held defensively.

"That is quite enough Zero." Kurama said harshly, "I will not let you hurt Princess Euphemia." He told his masked counterpart.

"You!" Zero gasped lightly in surprise, mentally cursing his subordinates for not being able to keep the masked blonde out of the room. While he didn't show it outwardly beneath his mask Lelouch was nervous and definitely not happy to see Kurama, especially considering that the last time they met resulted in Kurama learning what he really looked like. "So we meet again, Kurama." Zero continued calmly. "Tell me why would you choose to protect Euphemia when she is a daughter of the Emperor?" He asked Kurama.

Euphemia was genuinely interested in hearing Kurama's answer. From what she had heard from Cornelia about the masked person standing between her and Zero, Kurama had on more than one occasion fought against Britannia. So it stood to reason to assume that Kurama wouldn't fight Zero and actually help her half-brother's murderer.

"The sins of the father shouldn't become the sins of the child." Kurama answered.

"No, in the end the child commits their own sins." Zero replied evenly, lowering his gun a bit so it was no longer pointing at them. "Clovis ordered the massacre in the Shinjuku Ghetto and Cornelia then went and ordered the one in the Saitama Ghetto. What is the point of defending them when in the end they will just commit such heinous acts?"

"I can't speak about the things that Clovis or Cornelia have done or will do." Kurama stated, still holding his sword defensively, "But from what I've heard Princess Euphemia is different from her siblings. Be they Britannians or one of the Numbers from one of the Areas that Britannia has taken control of, she treats everyone with kindness and compassion." He continued his voice filled with the respect Kurama had for the pink haired Sub-Viceroy. "As long as this aspect of her doesn't change I will protect her from you, or anyone else who wishes to do her harm." The blonde shinobi stated, as a light blush appeared on Princess Euphemia's cheeks at Kurama's declaration. "And that is not about to change, is it?" Kurama finished by looking over his shoulder and directing his question to Euphie.

"U-uh, ah no," Euphie stammered lightly, surprised at being addressed by the fox mask wearing man.

"How noble, yet naïve." Zero said, once more pointing the gun at them. "Or have you forgotten I'm the one with the gun, how do you expect to stop me?"

"You also seem to have forgotten how useless that is against me." Kurama retorted, shifting Akashini a bit ready to deflect any bullet Zero might fire, "Or that between us I'm the one who is more powerful." He finished his Sharingan's tomes spinning ominously.

Looking at the Kurama's crimson orbs with black tomes Zero knew exactly what he was talking about. Zero also knew that he couldn't really threaten Kurama with the gun in his hand considering what he had seen the blonde do back on the bridge. Luckily Zero was saved from having to come up with a response when the entire hotel started to shake.

Lancelot was lowered into the service tunnel with Suzaku inside of the Knightmare Frame, a gun attached to the back of its waist, being briefed on his mission.

"Warrant Officer Kururugi," Suzaku heard Cecile's voice coming over his red and white headset that was on the left side of his face. "Here is a guideline for your mission. According to prime search the hostages are located on the hotel's middle floor and believed to be locked inside a food storage room. Advanced prototype weapon Z-01 Lancelot will use the utilities tunnel to move under the hotel. Once on site you will destroy the foundation block and submerge the building. The area with the hostages should hold out for 8 minutes. Hostage rescue and mop up of the terrorists will be handled by other units. You will be using the VARIS to destroy the foundation. Set the Impact Rail to Anti-Material Level 3." Cecile finished giving out Suzaku's instructions.

Lloyd's voice took the place of his assistant's. "The only variable in this is that pesky Linear Canon waiting for you in the tunnel. Space is tight in there; the Lancelot will only have a 47.8% evasion rate." He informed the Japanese pilot.

Suzaku understood that it meant that there was more than a good chance that he would end up being hit by the Linear Cannon. He also understood that many would consider this a suicide mission to some extent, but he wasn't concerned about that fact. All he cared about, and what he was focusing on, was that his friends from the Student Council were inside that building and he could do something to help rescue them. Once Lancelot was lowered into the utilities tunnel Suzaku got it ready to go full blast once he got the all clear by putting in the same position he did when he first used Lancelot back in Shinjuku.

The all clear came soon enough, "Lancelot, now launching!" Cecile said clearly, signaling to Suzaku that he could proceed with the mission.

Lancelot blasted off once the word was given, surprising the Raikou pilots by the sheer speed that the Seventh Generation Knightmare possessed compared to the Sutherlands that they had faced before. Though surprised, and secretly a little afraid, they didn't let it stop them from defending their position and ensuring the Japan Liberation Front's continued to have the advantage over the Britannian military.

"So what if it is twice as fast, it'll end up like the rest! Super Electro Magnetic Shrapnel Cannon, fire!" The Japanese Raikou pilot shouted, unleashing another blast just as powerful as the last one.

Suzaku and Lancelot proved their worth as a pilot and a Seventh Generation Knightmare when they avoided the barrage that was heading their way, the speed it possessed with its landspinners even allowing it to move along the tunnels ceiling, a high pressure air current being created behind it, which burst out of the tunnel's opening with some debris. Moving into a crouched position Lancelot pulled out the VARIS and held it at its side.

"Yes, it can take this level of destructive force." Suzaku muttered to himself, his eyes focused on the enemy ahead, with the Blaze Luminous forearm shields activated blocking more of the attack.

"That thing broke through salvo number five. I can't believe it." One of the Japan Liberation Front pilots said fearfully.

"Just don't panic!" The other pilot ordered. "Deploy the quad-link free-fire arm gun, batteries too. We'll shield this final defense with our lives." He declared, his voice filled with pride and resolution without any signs of doubt or uncertainty. "Use maximum output! I don't give a damn if it destroys the guns. Be prepared to die defending this spot. Smash him!" He finished preparing the Raikou to fire its strongest attack yet.

"Ms. Cecile, it's time for me to use the VARIS," Suzaku the blue haired woman over the communication system.

"No, you could get killed!" Cecile shouted back worriedly.

"There's no room for me to evade. I'll risk getting blasted to take the shot." The brown haired Japanese pilot stated determinedly, he didn't care if he did die as long as his actions proved beneficial in saving his friends then he wasn't concerned with what happened to him. Bringing up the blue riffle Lancelot held it steady as it took aim, as it quickly approached the Raikou, the barrel extending further out.

The blasts were fired at almost exactly the same time from the two machines. The Raikou's a bright yellow that tore up the ground beneath it, and Lancelot's VARIS a pale blue that flew through the air at a faster rate than the Raikou's Shrapnel Cannon. When the two attacks met the pale blue tore through the canister, the metal spheres being disintegrated just by coming close to it, before it entered the barrel of the cannon causing it to blow up. The explosion reached the surface providing the Lancelot with a means to get out of the tunnel.

Now on the other side of the bridge Lancelot once more took aim before firing a few times destroying the foundation block and completing his mission.

"It's the Eleven." Cornelia murmured astonished both the pilot and what a Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame was capable of, "He really did it." The dark pink haired Viceroy said and then remembered what the Lancelot's accomplishment meant. "Guilford!" She yelled to her knight.

"Right," Guilford answered, also recalling the next part that the plan called for.

Through the monitor in the Lancelot that showed Suzaku what was in front the White Knightmare, the forest green eyed pilot spotted Zero standing in front of one of the windows of the hotel, as Lancelot fell back toward the ground.

Inside the hotel Zero looked out the window just in time to see a White Knightmare to appear high in the air with a riffle in its hand.

'The White Knightmare from before,' Zero thought remembering the Knightmare Frame from the first time he saw it back in Shinjuku.

From his position in front of Euphemia Kurama could also see the White Knightmare, unlike Zero though he knew who was inside piloting it. 'Suzaku,' Kurama thought before spotting something in Zero's hand.

In his hand Zero held a small detonator to a few explosions, which he had members of the resistance place in strategic spots throughout the hotel when they first separated before they were tasked with finding the hostages, and escorting them to a safe escape route. With the hotel sinking it was time for him to set the explosions off, Zero was sure that he had given the others enough time to lead the captives to where they needed to be. Pressing the button Zero turned around, as smoke obscured him from view to the outside world, and was about to suggest that Kurama and Euphemia follow him to safety when Kurama rushed passed him with Euphemia in his arms in a bridal carry.

When Kurama recognized the fact that what Zero held in his hands was a detonating device, he sealed Akashini before quickly spinning around and grabbing the shocked Sub-Viceroy. "Time to go princess," He said taking her into a bridal carry, not giving her time to respond, just as Zero hit the button on the device and explosions started to go through the hotel. Running past Zero Kurama jumped out the window, being extra careful to make sure none of the glass shards hurt the pink haired Britannian princess in his arms as the glass shattered. While still being hidden by the smoke Kurama channeled chakra into the red crystal on his hand, making it shine brightly.

When the Britannian military saw the explosion many feared the worst none so more than Cornelia and Suzaku.

"Euphie!" Cornelia shouted, unconcerned at the moment with how people might view her reaction as.

"My friends!" Suzaku's voice carried over from the Lancelot's speakers, as made the White Knightmare jump toward the crumbling hotel building, faintly registering in the back of his mind Lloyd's voice telling him not to, but not listening. A streak of red light flew by the Japanese pilot that looked almost like a shooting star. Looking back Suzaku watched as the Kyuubi Knightmare Frame appeared from the light, in its fox mode, and landed on the ground its tails waving gently; much different from the fast and chaotic, yet still managing to be controlled, way they moved during battle. While Suzaku was on the verge of an emotional break down at thought of his failure he concentrated on the fox Knightmare ready to attack in case it proved a threat.

Yet before anything could be done a ship emerged from the rubble of the hotel, life boats surrounding the ship with hostages safely in them. All over Area 11 Zero's masked face appeared on every T.V. screen, and his voice over every radio, using the equipment from the stolen news van, as his voice was amplified by a few speakers.

"My dear Britannians have no fear. All the hostages from the hotel are safe and sound. I, Zero, return them to you unharmed." Zero announced, his voice capturing the attention of everyone that could hear him.

"Of all the brazen audacity" Cornelia muttered with a harsh glare thrown in Zero's direction. "If we attack you those people will quickly become your hostages, won't they?" The dark pink haired Second Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire questioned out loud. While she was saying that Cornelia was also desperately looking for any signs of Euphemia. She had also not forgotten about Kurama and made sure a few soldiers kept an eye on him and his Knightmare.

Lights suddenly came on, on the ship illuminating Zero and the people behind him dressed in black outfits with visors that hid their faces, "People!" Zero continued. "Fear us, or rally behind us as you see fit. We are the Black Knights!" The masked enemy of Britannia said, announcing the name of the army he created to all of Area 11 and by extension the world. "We of the Black Knights stand with all those who have no weapons to wield. Regardless of whether they be Elevens or Britannians. The Japan Liberation Front cowardly took innocent Britannian civilians hostage, and they mercilessly executed them."

Zero's statement horrified the Britannian civilians who heard him, with the few people who had someone dear to them at the hotel silently praying for their safety and hoping that they were in one of the lifeboats.

"It was a wanton and meaningless act, therefore they have been punished. Just as former Viceroy Clovis was punished for ordering the slaughter of countless unarmed Elevens, we could not stand by and allow such cruelty to be carried out, and so we made him pay for his actions." Zero declared, receiving mixed feelings from the Britannian people. "I will not repudiate battle on fair and level field, but neither will I tolerate a one-sided massacre of the weak by the strong. The only ones, who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed! Wherever oppressors abuse their power by attacking those who are powerless, we shall appear again. No matter how mighty how formidable our foe may be."

'Knights… for Justice?' Kallen wondered staring at Zero's back.

"Those of you with power fear us!" Zero strongly proclaimed, thrusting his left arm out from underneath his cape as he spoke. "Those of you without it, rally behind us." He continued by thrusting out his right arm just like he did his left. "We, the Black Knights, shall be the ones who stand in judgment of the world!" Zero finished giving out his speech.

"That was quite the speech, Zero." Kurama's voice came over the Kyuubi's speakers, everyone turning their attention to the fox Knightmare, the cameras still possessed by the Britannians turned in that direction as well. Area 11 got its first clear view of the Crimson Fox Knightmare, they all watched spellbound as it transformed into its human mode, with it facing Zero. "But tell me Zero you claim to stand for those who can't fight for themselves, then how do you justify threatening to shoot Princess Euphemia?" He questioned opening the hatch to his cockpit to reveal himself and the aforementioned princess standing beside him, he wasn't all that afraid of someone from the Britannian military trying to attack him because they would risk Euphemia's safety as well.

"Euphie," Cornelia said in a relieved voice, though now she had to worry about how she was going to get her sister away from the other masked individual.

Everyone close to a T.V. watched the following proceeding with the screen split in half, on one side was Zero and on the other Kurama, as the two seemingly faced off.

"You claimed you were going to kill her simply for being the daughter of the Emperor. How is that justice? You would kill an innocent simply because of who their parent turned out to be." Kurama revealed, causing Lelouch to scowl beneath his mask, "What of me? I have power greater than yours, and use it to protect others, but at the same time I refuse to follow behind you?" He questioned wanting to know what Zero's response would be.

Many were shocked by what Kurama said, as they had all, or at least many, believed that they would be working together. The two seemed to appear wherever the other was, so everyone logically assumed that they were working together to some degree.

Kallen was also taken back by Kurama statement, she was sure that Kurama would have chosen to join them to fight for Japan, yet it seemed like the opposite was happening right in front of her. She wanted to talk to Kurama, he had saved her and her friends, she had felt secure the couple of times she meet him, and Kallen couldn't imagine what it would be like to fight against him. Because while Zero had done some impressive things they didn't compare to what Kurama had done.

Zero also knew how dangerous it was to have Kurama as an enemy, possibly better than anyone there, so he had to think of something quick to turn things around in his favor. As calm and cool as ever, that didn't reveal any of his inner troubles, Zero answered Kurama's question. "It was never my intention to harm Princess Euphemia." Zero started off, "I was simply making an observation along with a warning of what others might be willing to do to her because of her parentage." The Leader of the Black Knights said doing his best to seem convincing. "As you said she is an innocent who cares about the wellbeing of others."

"Is that so," Kurama replied in a whisper, not believing Zero completely. When he entered the room he had felt some of the aversion that Zero felt toward Euphemia it wasn't outright hatred, but it was enough to let Kurama know that Zero would have no trouble shooting Euphie with only some minor regret.

"I asked you to join me before Kurama, and I'll ask you again will you join me now that our goals are the same?" Zero asked him masked counterpart. "You said that you fought to protect the people of Japan, without surrogating them based on nationality, to protect this country. For that same reason the Black Knights has been formed therefore there is no reason for you not to join us."

"If what you say is true," Kurama began after a moment of silence, causing a bit of hope to appear in Zero, Kallen, and the other members of the Black Knights. "Then I have no reason to fight against you." His statement relieved the Black Knights, but caused the Britannian military to tense up in worry, especially considering that he still had Princess Euphemia standing by his side. Said princess was merely looking at Kurama curiously. "But I still won't join you, or at the very least not yet." The blonde fox mask wearing shinobi finished.

"And why is that?" Zero inquired curiously. While he wasn't happy that Kurama hadn't outright agreed to join him at least there still existed the possibility of it happening someday.

"I told you our goals are only similar to one another's they are still different." Kurama replied evenly. "Don't forget that I know exactly why you decided to create this army of yours." The blonde with red eyes said, hinting at what he knew and what he heard from back in the sewer.

Lelouch once more scowled underneath his mask. He definitely had to find something, anything, which could help him when it came to facing Kurama.

"But like I said," Kurama started again, helping Euphemia down from Kyuubi once Cornelia and some Royal Guard approached him tentatively to retrieve the Sub-Viceroy. "As long as you fight for the sake of others then I won't go against you." He finished, entering back into Kyuubi and moving towards the water opposite of where the boat and all life rafts were located.

When everyone noticed that the Kyuubi was heading toward the water and they had assumed that Kurama was being stupid, that is until they watched Kyuubi jump onto the water and not fall in. Dumbfounded everyone watched Kyuubi move on the water as if it were land until it was out of sight, once more making them all wonder what exactly Kurama and his Knightmare were capable of. With everyone momentarily distracted Zero used that the opportunity to make his own escape, and with the military busy retrieving all the hostages the Black Knights wouldn't have any trouble getting away.

On the boat Kallen was confused on what to think. Kurama had said he wouldn't join them but had also said he wouldn't fight them as long as they were fighting for the sake of others. What exactly did that mean? If they met on the field of battle could she count of the blonde to fight with them? And if it did come to them having to fight each other how could the Black Knights possibly compete against his Crimson Knightmare when the thing could stand on water. The redhead also knew that it could also match up against the other White Knightmare.

Nagata was also confused by the situation. He owed Kurama his life, and while that was important, and a debt that he hoped to someday repay, Nagata wasn't sure he could side with Kurama especially if it put him against his friends.

The next day everyone was back at Ashford Academy happy and grateful that everything turned out okay and that they were all safe. After such a grave experience it only made sense to Naruto that the others, especially the three female members of the Student Council that experienced the incident with him, would want to do something that let them relax and enjoy the peace. Too bad for the blonde company owner that wasn't what he was experiencing.

"What were you thinking?!" Milly shouted at Naruto, who was cowering under the wrath of four different girls, and one fox but Kyu was just mad because he left her behind.

"Yeah, that was really stupid of you Naruto!" Shirley yelled heatedly, she had been really worried for her friend when the terrorists escorted him, and the princess, away.

Nina was also angry with the blonde, though she wasn't as vocal about it as her friends. She understood that Naruto put himself at risk for her sake, and while she was grateful to him for it, she still thought that he shouldn't have gone to such extremes.

"I was only trying to keep you all safe." Naruto replied fearfully, hands held up in surrender, as he watched the three girls carefully. The former Jinchuuriki could stand up to a lot of things, but one of those things definitely was not righteous female fury.

"By putting yourself in danger," Kallen retorted with her hands on her hips, after the other girls had told her what Naruto had done the redhead had become incensed with the blonde teen with sky blue eyes. "And you made it worse by antagonizing them." The redhead continued scolding the blonde. "What would you have done if they had shot you?" She said a bit of fear entering her voice at the last thought. "You could have died." Kallen finished in a whisper. Being part of a war Kallen had thought she had accepted the possibility of people she knew dying, but somehow the idea of Naruto dying affected her worse than nearly anything else, only what happened to Naoto being worse.

"It wasn't that bad." The blonde shinobi defended.

"You called them a rabid dog." Shirley said bluntly, still finding it hard to believe that Naruto had said that, but Naruto just shrugged his shoulders like it wasn't a big deal.

Milly crossed her arms under her chest at Naruto's unconcern. "It looks like just the four of us won't be enough to get through that thick head of yours about not being so reckless." The blonde Britannian observed. "Rivalz, Suzaku, grab him and take his phone." The Class President instructed, the two male members immediately complying, as she pointed at Naruto.

"Hey what are you doing?" Naruto demanded as the two male students grabbed a hold of his arms, keep him from moving, and started to search him for his cell phone. Of course if he really wanted to he could easily escape their hold, Naruto just didn't feel like trying.

"Sorry Naruto," Rivalz apologized, though he didn't sound sorry. "But you know how the President gets when you don't listen to her." He finished with a grin on his face. "I don't want her mad at me too."

"I'm still just happy that everything turned out alright." Suzaku said the relief clearly evident in his voice, not at all explaining why he was listening to Milly's orders.

"Traitors," Naruto spat before turning his head toward his last hope, "Lelouch!" The cerulean eyed shinobi shouted desperately to the raven haired Britannian, only to see the violet eyed boy making his way towards to door.

"I think I should go check on Nunnally." Lelouch said without even turning to look at Naruto, not wanting to be brought into what was happening, leaving with a wave.

"Coward!" Naruto shouted at the dark haired Britannian just as the door closed, and the other two found his phone and handed it to Milly. "What are you going to do with that?" The former Konoha-nin asked warily.

"You'll see~," Milly answered playfully, as she brought up the contact list. "Hello, Aria? This is Milly Ashford…" Milly started conversing with the light blue haired girl before explaining why she called and what Naruto had done the other day.

"Naruto-sama you idiot!" Aria screamed at Naruto over the phone once she learned what Naruto had done.

When Milly and Aria were done talking Naruto had to deal with five angry girls, one over the phone, and one angry kitsune while Rivalz and Suzaku watched on from the sidelines. Naruto had no choice but sit and listen as every girl pointed out how stupid and reckless he was, as he apologized meekly after every comment.

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